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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 121


Chapter 121 Waiting For Someone

Fang Xingjian's powers soared again. His attributes became:

Name Fang Xingjian
Age 16
Occupation Windshadow Sword divinity
Level 10
Strength 56+5
Agility 89+5
Reaction 55
Endurance 49
Flexibility 51
The attributes above come into effect once the Sonido Sword Zephyr Waves is activated
Due to Perfect Muscles, +5 in strength and agility (10% of the endurance attribute)
Nurturing Sword Techniques 79 sets
Training Sword Techniques 12 sets
Supreme Mistwind Sword Level 25
Radiant Light Sword Technique Level 6
Specialities: Genius Swordsmanship,

Elementary Survival Instinct,

Internal Healing,

Internal Training,

Sword Specialist,

High Agility Motion Vision,

Heightened Reflexes,

Perfect Muscles

Elementary Berserkness

Unparalleled Sword Intent (75/100)

Potential 11,000 point increase/day
Waves Level 5 Sonido Sword Zephyr Waves
Mental Cultivation Method Level 3 Ice Age Meditation Art

Now, to become even stronger, there were three things he could do.

First was to temper his attributes and raise the level of his Waves, thus firming up his foundation even more.

Second was to pick up sword techniques, raising the the mental state of the Unparalleled Sword Intent.

Third was to bring his Supreme Mistwind Sword to the maximum level. By doing so, his damaging prowess and maximum speed could be once again be raised.

Another five days passed as Fang Xingjian devoted most of his efforts into cultivating the Supreme Mistwind Sword, finally bringing it to the maximum level of 30. Other than the three feet sword light and the two way control between the sword and the air currents, the level 30 Supreme Mistwind Sword brought about another special effect.

It was able to control the strong currents in the atmosphere, allows one's sword Qis to be condensed and dispersing only after a hundred meters away.

Fang Xingjian's sword Qis could only reached out to over ten meters away and would reach at most over twenty meters away. Now, with this sword Qi condensation effect, he could directly attack a target which was a hundred meters away, the powers greatly magnified. It had the effect of an impacting wave and increased the prowess of his attack, which made it similar to switching from a gun to a cannon.

However, now that his Supreme Mistwind Sword had been brought to the maximum level, there was no way that he would bring it a notch higher anymore. Now, he could only rely on tempering his attributes, Waves, and mental cultivation method to increase his abilities. The other thing was to cultivate more sword techniques in a bid to strengthen his sword intent.

On this day, there were over thirty Knights cultivating martial techniques together outside the Reflection Chamber, and occasionally, a ray of white light would flashed across the sky, hitting on their body like a flying sword.

Each Knight who was hit would stop their movements, revealing a contemplative and appreciative expression. Not long later, they would once again return to their training with excitement and joy reflected upon their faces.

The ones closest to the grilled window was Lilia, Jack, and Anthony.

Their progress during this period of time had been terrifying. Under Fang Xingjian's guidance, it was as if they all had talent comparable to Kaunitz. To think that they had, within a short over twenty days, each brought one of their martial technique that they had been cultivating previously to the maximum level, level 10.

This made them even more excited, and everyday, they were almost always the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Lilia simply got her servants to set up a tent outside the Reflection Chamber, spending her days there, even when eating or sleeping. From this, one could tell that she had determined character. Although her talent in swords art was mediocre, with the guidance of an expert like Fang Xingjian, she had the chance to soar into the skies.

Lilia had on a serious and solemn look as she waved the longsword in her hand. Every hack and slash caused tremors in the air, releasing a sound akin to thunder.

She had fully comprehended the force exertions for the whole set of the sword technique, twisting all the energy from all over her body and unleashing them out in a instant explosively.

The effect of this method of training for her Nurturing techniques was exemplary. If she were to use this method of channeling force in close combat, it would be terrifying.

It was a pity that Fang Xingjian had offended Renault, Xiu Yi, Rota, Hamil, and a few other classes. Now it was already considered quite good that over thirty Knights had come to learn from him.

But just as everyone were extremely focused in their training, some noises came from afar.

Charlie gulped, walking over in Fang Xingjian's directions. Behind him, there were two members of staff from the association who were clearly on guard.

When the students in the area saw Charlie, emotions of despise, hatred, and fury flashed in their eyes.

This investigator from the association, who had taken away Fang Xingjian for interrogation and caused him to fall into a coma, had become the male lead of the scandal in the academy recently.

It was just that, the students now seemed to be bounded by a common hatred. In addition, all of them had received from Fang Xingjian the kind favor of guidance in their martial arts recently.Now, all of them hated Charlie.

Of course, facing the people from the association, they did not dare to have to actions that were too radical. However, if it was just to glare at him with vengeful gazes, everyone dared to do that.

Charlie seemed to completely ignore these vengeful gazes, smiling as he approached the stone chamber. But when he got near, he was stopped by Lilia, Jack, and Anthony.

Lilia pointed to his nose and scolded, ’’You still have the face to come? Have you not harmed my Master enough?’’ With that, she raised the greatsword in her hand, shouting, ’’You better scram! Don't force me to raise my hands against you!’’

Jack and Anthony also looked at Charlie with animosity, having no intention to let him pass through.

Charlie's expression was a bit stiff. In the past, as a Conferred Knight, as well as a Class One Investigation in the association, when did he ever need to consider other people's thoughts? Dashing through them would be easy.

But now, he could only cup his hands together and say, ’’I'm sorry, I've very important matters that I need to speak with Fang Xingjian. Could I trouble you to make way?’’

Lilia let out a snort, waved her greatsword as if she was about to do something when Fang Xingjian's voice sounded out, ’’Lilia, let him come.’’

Lilia looked at Charlie and said unwillingly, ’’I'll let you off this time around. You better be careful!’’

Charlie let out a bitter smile, walking into the room. The two members from the association also followed after him.

In the darkness, Fang Xingjian was seated cross-legged in a corner, the white colored sword light in the surroundings unceasingly slashed through the air, encompassing his body as they moved about.

It was many streams of heavily condensed sword Qis, each of them were as if no different from a normal metallic longsword, and it was as if they would be able to pierce through a person just by casually brushing against him.

Seeing this scene, Charlie's eyes twitched slightly. Fang Xingjian's rate of progression was simply terrifying.

But he knew that this was not the time for him to think about this. He took a look at the two colleagues beside him, saying, ’’Could I trouble the two of you to step out for a moment? I have some things to discuss with Xingjian.’’

The two of them hesitated. Just then, Fang Xingjian spoke up, ’’It's fine, the two of you can step out for a moment. While he's a Conferred Knight and is stronger than me, there's still no way for him to kill me within a short moment of time, even if he wishes to.’’

The two of them exchanged a glance, nodded, and said, ’’Then we...we'll stay outside the room. If anything happens, just call out for us.’’

After the two of them left, Charlie immediately used the Reduced Force Field to condense the air near the window and door to prevent their voices from being overheard.

Seeing that there were no problems, he looked towards Fang Xingjian and said, ’’Aren't you afraid that I'll kill you now?’’

’’You can't kill me.’’ Fang Xingjian waved his finger, saying calmly, ’’So if you wish to negotiate, then stop wasting time here. I've been waiting for you for so many days. You're finally here.’’

’’Speak up. For your future, what can you offer me?’’


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