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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 120


Chapter 120 Victory Or Defeat

As the spear left his hands, Zadeh immediately wanted to grab it back, but he discovered that over ten streams of sword Qis were charging over and targeting the flaws throughout his body.

These attacks were aimed at spots that Zadeh definitely had to protect. If he were to ignore them and continue to executing his Reduced Force Field to grab his longspear, he would definitely be pierced by the high speed sword Qis.

Because the sword Qis were simply too fast and too close.

Left without a choice, he could only unleash his Reduced Force Field, using it to first block the sword Qis.

With a boom, Zadeh was left without his longspear and the Reduced Force Field was unleashed, directly smashing the condensed sword Qis in the air.

Just when he was thinking about grabbing back his longspear in the next moment, the Reduced Force Field erupt forth again with another boom, only to grab thin air.

It was because, as he was blocking the streams of sword Qis, the other streams of sword Qis had directly slammed onto Zadeh's longspear, sending it further away from him.

It could only be said that Fang Xingjian's attack was way too quick. Zadeh only suffered setback from a single move, but it had resulted in him being suppressed by Fang Xingjian's continuous attacks.

Since he could not get back his long spear, Zadeh chose to attack instead of retreat. His whole body felt as though it had transformed into a longspear, charging and thrusting towards Fang Xingjian who was surrounded by layers of sword Qi.

With a howl of rage, Zadeh directly released his Reduced Force Field with no intentions of holding back, vibrating the countless streams of sword Qis in front him into pieces.

With a strength attribute which was far higher than Fang Xingjian's 92 points, if Zadeh were to perform Reduced Force Field and suppress Fang Xingjian, he would be able to gain an even greater advantage in such a setup where they were having close combat in a circle.

But if he were to emerge victorious just by overwhelming his opponent based on his attributes and disregard the profoundness of his techniques, he would surely be mocked by others for the unfair victory.

However, with his longspear currently knocked out from his hands, it was not the time to talk about manners. At this moment, Zadeh depended solely on his Reduced Force Field and strength attribute to face off against Fang Xingjian with a direct suppression. All the sword Qis were smashed off by him through space as he followed up with a punch, enveloping Fang Xingjian with his Reduced Force Field and slowing him down.

Zadeh then violently thrust out with his arm that was akin to a steel longspear, penetrating through the air and piercing towards Fang Xingjian's body.

Zadeh's series of attacks were totally dependent on using his strength to suppress others rather than using the profoundness of his moves.

In a real battle, this was the tactic a majority of the Knights would use when they fought against enemies weaker than them. They would only talk about the profoundness in techniques if they came across opponents who had attributes at a similar level as theirs.

But just as Zadeh's lips curled up into a smile and his spear-like hand was about to pierced into Fang Xingjian, his smile abruptly froze in place.

Under the violent onslaught of energy, he could not help but retreat three steps before coming to a stop. At that moment, Zadeh was already out of the circle.

'Afterimages? His speed is actually this fast?'

Zadeh inclined his head and saw Fang Xingjian standing quietly in the circle. However, Zadeh did not continue his attack. If this was a real combat, it would not be considered his loss yet. But according to the agreement of their spar, he had already lost since he had stepped out of the circle.

Shaking his head, Zadeh coldly remarked. ’’Fang Xingjian, your sword techniques are profound indeed. If I didn't use my strength to suppress you, it would truly be tough to win against you. However, don't be too smug. If we were to be engaged in a real battle, as long as I can get within ten meters near you, I can have you killed within ten moves if I were to use my Reduced Force Field and Killing technique to suppress you right from the start.’’

Fang Xingjian remained silent. He quietly stared at the longsword in his hand as though he had silently acknowledged Zadeh's words.

Lillia, who was at the side, unhappily stated. ’’Old fellow, how long have you cultivated for? To think that you want to bully my teacher who had merely transitioned less than two months ago? How shameless can you be? Just one word, do you concede or not?’’

’’Hmm, based on the conditions of the spar, it's naturally considered my loss since I've stepped out of the circle. But if in an actual battle I would surely have won. Hence I'm not convinced.’’ Zadeh pointed to Fang Xingjian as he spoke, ’’Fang Xingjian, what do you say? Shall we compete for another round?’’

If they were to fight again, Zadeh decided that he would not show any mercy, and would instead crush his opponent with brute force right from the start. He would rely on a higher strength attribute coupled with his Reduced Force Field to defeat Fang Xingjian in an instant, not allowing him any chance to execute his advantage in speed or sword techniques.

Lillia angrily retorted, ’’Damn it, old fellow do you still have any face?!’’

Ferdinand also furrowed his brows, planning to speak up.

But when Fang Xingjian heard this, he shook his head, revealing an expression of disinterest. He turned and walked back, saying, ’’You're not my match.’’

Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, the rage on Zadeh's face intensified. He took a single step forward and was about to rush up, ’’Fang Xingjian, don't you dare to compete with me again?’’

But before he finished his words, just as he took this one step forward, crisp sounds of tearing echoed forth from his body. The Knight attire he was wearing was instantly shredded, turning into tens of fragments, lying on the ground.

Zadeh, who was now half naked with only his pants left behind, was totally thunderstruck. Afterwards, he was struck with fear, feeling as though his heart was doused in ice cold water.

'He used the sword light to slice apart the Knight attire directly?'

In the lightning quick battle, when faced against Zadeh's overwhelming spear attack, Fang Xingjian had used the three-feet sword light to slice apart his opponent's Knight Attire, but yet not harming an inch of Zadeh's skin.

How fast would one's agility need to have caught the other party unaware? How precise must one's sword techniques be to be able to slice apart one's clothes without hurting him? How profound must one's cultivation be in order to see through the flaws in Zadeh's spear arts?

'If he had wanted to kill me, he could have already killed me seven or eight times earlier.'

As this thought flashed past Zadeh's mind, cold sweat drenched his head.

Without saying another word, Zadeh cupped his hands together before leaving silently. At this moment, all his thoughts about competing against Fang Xingjian were totally extinguished.

Fang Xingjian's talent and level of cultivation were already something he could no longer compete against.

Everyone in the area all gasped at this scene.

'He could even defeat him with that?' Ferdinand's eyes widened ferociously and a thought suddenly hit him. 'If even Zadeh's spear was unable to stop him, wouldn't that mean that my spear techniques appear to be like tofu in his eyes, and would be smashed with just a slight poke?' At this moment, he was extremely thankful to have befriended Fang Xingjian.

Lillia rapidly ran up and tugged on Fang Xingjian's arm, shaking it furiously, a red blush of excitement could be seen on her face.

’’Teacher, how did you manage to do that earlier? Can you teach me that?’’

The gazes of the crowd were all filled with admiration when they looked at Fang Xingjian. Now, they were all thoroughly impressed and had already treated Fang Xingjian as the authority of martial techniques.

Even Jack and Anthony started to wonder if there was still anyone in the first transition who could defeat Fang Xingjian.

Anthony shook his head, ’’I don't know. But at the very least, I don't think that anyone else would be able to defeat Fang Xingjian in our academy, other than Headmaster Jackson and Sir Huang lin.’’

News of Zadeh's defeat spread out like wildfire. Hence, with the exception of the few Prefectural Champions who were defeated by Fang Xingjian and the people from their classes, even more students who were Knights came to the Reflection Chamber to seek his guidance.

This also sped up Fang Xingjian's accumulation of sword techniques even further, and he got closer to leveling up the Unparalleled Sword Intent.

The first level of Unparalleled Sword Intent had already made Fang Xingjian almost invincible in terms of close combat. He was very curious as to what effect the Unparalleled Sword Intent may bring after it had levelled.

On the third day, Zadeh had sent someone to deliver the Empire's divine Weapon he lost in the bet.

It was an entirely silvery-white dagger, forged from repeatedly tempering the Hundred Tempered Refined Steel. This dagger was incomparably sharp was even able to slice apart metal and jade with ease.

This was also the first Empire's divine Weapon Fang Xingjian received, the first weapon that was not ungraded.

Holding the Empire's divine Weapon in hand, a Window abruptly appeared in front of Fang Xingjian, showing the information regarding this Empire's divine Weapon.

Silver Dragon: level 7

Extraordinarily sharp, able to slice through any weapons and equipments of a lower level.

Zadeh had obviously prepared this dagger for himself. During actual combat, if an opponent took him by surprise and got near him, he would use this dagger instead if the longspear was too unwieldy.

Starting from Empire's divine Weapon all the way to Inferior Remains divine Weapon, Superior Remains divine Weapon, and divine Remains Equipment, all of them were classified in levels.

Empire's divine Weapons were from level 1 to 9, Inferior Remains divine Weapons were from level 10 to 19, Superior Remains divine Weapons were from level 20 to 29, and divine Remains Equipment were from level 30 and above. All of these possessed different levels of might.

They were different from ordinary weapons. Description Windows would not manifest when one holds onto ordinary weapons, nor would they have any levels.

Fang Xingjian tested the sharpness of the dagger. Other metallic swords were all similar to paper in front of it, breaking apart the moment they were sliced through.

But daggers were different from swords. If Fang Xingjian wanted to use the Silver Dragon, he would have to wield a sword in one hand and dagger in another before he could utilize the Supreme Mistwind Sword and the Single Sword Subjugation.

Normally, he would just attach the Silver Dragon at his waist, only taking it out when he needed to use it.

Many days passed by again. Fang Xingjian's collection of Nurturing sword techniques had reached an unprecedented seventy-nine sets, and he also learnt Zhou Yong's Killing technique of Zhou Yong, Radiant Light Sword Technique.

Regretfully, the time he had was still much too short. He had not even max out all of his Nurturing sword techniques. But even so, he had improved tremendously during this period of time. The level of his sword arts cultivation also soared in parallel. He could pick up any sword techniques as if they were just at his fingertips, and any martial techniques would appear to be heavily flawed in his eyes, unable to withstand a single blow.


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