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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 119


Chapter 119 Thrilling

The momentum of Zadeh's spear was completely powered by the strength of his body and his Reduced Force Field. Although it had not reached a level where he could execute the strike with extraordinary strength, the power was exceptionally ferocious. It was extremely terrifying, especially within such a short distance...

Faced against this move which had come with extreme ferocity, Fang Xingjian could feel a sharp sensation gushing towards him. All of his nerves tightened as a sense of impending doom flooded his brain.

It could be said that, despite having gone through so many spars and exchanges in the academy, this was the only fight which had made Fang Xingjian felt threatened by death. From this, one could see how powerful the level of cultivation Zadeh's spear arts had reached.

However, Fang Xingjian's speed was unrivaled and he had comprehended the Unparalleled Sword Intent as well. How could it be possible that he was not even able to defend against a single spear strike from Zadeh?

Sword light continuously flickered as if there were seven beams of laser shooting towards Zadeh's large spear, breaching through the seven points of his force exertion and causing Zadeh to instantly feel that his spear was being obstructed.

To be able to see the flaws in his spear arts in just an instant, even attacking such flaws with a longsword... How precise was Fang Xingjian's vision and sword arts?

The sharpness in Zadeh's gaze intensified as though the sharp rays of cold light were going to leap out from his eyes. Since his longspear faced obstruction, he decided not to pierce directly anymore, but instead, moved the longspear along with the flow of force that it was being subjected to from the attack. The spear's tip cut across the skies like the trajectory of a shooting star, slashing towards Fang Xingjian's stomach.

Not only was this attack unrestricted by the earlier obstruction, it even borrowed the energy of the counterattacking force to boost it. This proved that that Zadeh's spear arts had already reached the standard at which he was able to move it as he desired, being able to freely control it.

This strike, with two consecutive forces combined, was sufficient to slice Fang Xingjian's lower body apart and even pulling out his large intestines.

Faced with such a ruthless and sinister strike, Fang Xingjian was unflustered as he took his time to move his body backwards while simultaneously using his longsword to tap against the spear's body. He then pressed the spear down with violent strength.

Now, not only was the sword pressing upon the weakest point of the spear, it had a stance akin to the overbearing weight of Mountain Tai, causing the air in the short distance to erupt and release explosive crackling sounds.

WIth extreme speed, they clashed twice, and as the spear and sword slammed against each other, they released relentless explosive sounds. The speed and strength from both sides even caused a string of fiery sparks to fly from the two weapons.

Under these circumstances where his strength was weaker than his opponent, Fang Xingjian depended on his Unparalleled Sword Intent and unrivaled speed, targeting his opponent's flaws and negating Zadeh's spear arts.

Zadeh's narrowed his eyes even more, looking at the longsword which was pressing down against his spear. He did not summon strength to resist, but rather, he followed through with the force applied by Fang Xingjian, allowing his own spear to be pressed down towards on ground.

If he resisted, he would have to fight against an incoming force from above, allowing Fang Xingjian to take the advantage. On the contrary, if he allowed his spear to continue to be suppressed, he could borrow the springing force of the longspear and turn the defeated move into a killing move.

An explosive sound thundered out as the spear's tip was pushed to the ground under the combined strength from both parties. The might of that attack shattered a large piece of the earth and even started bending the spear's body.

One must know that Zadeh's spear was as thick as the arms of an ordinary human.

To be able to bend this spear's handle that was manufactured from steel... How violent was the power exerted? When such a power borrowed the momentum of the springing force and rebounded up, then incorporated with Zadeh's own strength... How ferocious would it be?

Almost within the blink of an eye, a muffled sound resounded in the air as if someone was using a large hammer to pound against mercury.

The longspear had reached the extreme limits of speed and strength. It had yet to even straighten fully when the spearhead ferociously stabbed towards Fang Xingjian's face. The friction created when the extreme speed came into contact with the air actually created a burning sensation.

Faced against such a terrifying attack, Fang Xingjian kept his mental cultivation method circulating, remaining calm and unflustered. The longsword in his hand resembled a peacock fanning out its feathers, creating a three feet wide barrier with his sword as he soared skywards and borrowing upon the energy of the longspear's attack.


Upon seeing how Fang Xingjian flew up in order to negate his killing move, Zadeh let out a cold laugh. He took advantage of the opportunity and, with a push, pierced his longspear towards Fang Xingjian who was in mid air.

The longspear created countless dots of cold light. It was the Galactic Stance that was transforming into the milky way and encompassing Fang Xingjian.

However, even Zadeh's Galactic Stance appeared to be full of flaws in Fang Xingjian's eyes.

When faced against Fang Xingjian, who had comprehended the Unparalleled Sword Intent, all feints were useless. One must apply the greatest speed, incomparably tyrannical energy, and unfathomable extraordinary strength against him face-to-face, crushing him with overwhelming force.

However, Zadeh did not know about this at all. He only heard incessant ringing sounds as countless fiery sparks flickered into existence when their weapons clashed. Fang Xingjian and Zadeh fought against each other, pitting speed against speed. Regardless of whether it was the longspear or the steel sword, both weapons attacked with increasingly greater speed. Within a short ten plus seconds, they had already transformed into a series of black afterimages.

Both the longspear and steel sword had transcended the sound of speed, attacking each other with supersonic speed. Violent sound waves swept over as the surrounding Knights felt as though a hammer was pounding in their brains every time the spear and sword clashed against each other.

A majority of the Knights had no choice but to cover their ears as they retreated, only feeling better after they had retreated tens of meters away.

In the circle, the combat between the two had already reached its climax.

Zadeh's spear was akin to a flash of black lightning, circulating slowly around the circle and pervading the entire space within it. On the other hand, Fang Xingjian was like the omnipresent air currents, his sword repeatedly clashing against the longspear despite facing its continuous attacks. He broke through the flaws in his opponent's technique time and time again, defeating the stronger force with a weak one, using slow speed to counteract his opponent's great speed, and negating his opponent's attacks.

The light in Zadeh's eyes grew colder and colder as he noticed that his continuous killing attacks had failed to defeat Fang Xingjian. Finally, with a flicker of lightning, the longspear in his hands erupted forth a continuous flow of white lightning. He had chosen to use Killing Technique - Thunder's Punishment.

Under the thunder's stimulation, his entire body's speed increased by onefold and his longspear created a trail of sparks as if a series of lightning was flashing. His longspear hacked towards Fang Xingjian.

Fang Xingjian let out a low bellow and also executed a Killing technique - Supreme Mistwind Sword. Sword Qis swept across the entire space unchallenged, as though there were over tens more of Fang Xingjian. Streams of three-feet sword lights amalgamated together within the hundreds of sword Qis, then clashed with the Thunder Longspear.

At the same time, the level 30 Supreme Mistwind Sword's special effect was activated. Hundreds of condensed sword Qis spread out over tens of meters. The over ten Knights in the surrounding who wielded longswords discovered that the swords strapped to their waist were vibrating madly, and at the next moment, the swords were all swept away by the sword Qis.

All the muscles throughout Fang Xingjian's body expanded intensely, his vital energy and blood circulating with frenzy. The longsword in his hand created a three-feet sword light, sweeping out in a incomparably marvellous trajectory, aiming for the flaws in Zadeh's Thunder Killing technique.

With a loud bang, the violent energy force Fang Xingjian's sword away, but the next sword attack encompassed the sword Qis had once again struck against Zadeh's longspear. Attack after attack from the swords pierced forth, each and every one of them locating the flaws in Zadeh's attacks, giving him no choice but to defend against each attack and devote his energy in escaping.

The series of continuous attacks left Zadeh no room to breathe. Receiving each sword attack, Zadeh's aura would grow increasingly weaker, his strength diminishing. After thirteen consecutive strikes, the power of his spear had weakened to its limits.

On the contrary, under the support of the Supreme Mistwind Sword, Fang Xingjian's speed had been enhanced by threefold.

Finally, as a crisp ringing sound echoed, Zadeh's palm loosened its grip and the longspear in his hand flew out in the air.

Zadeh let out a cold laugh, and at the next moment, executed his Reduced Force Field in an attempt to grab it back.


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