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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 117


Chapter 117 A Contest

A Knight who was holding a longspear nodded, suddenly rocketing off as if there was a galloping horse under his foot. The tremendous force from his four limbs gathered to his longspear, as if a stream of shooting stars formed from electricity and fire, thrusting towards the instructor with a goatee in a straight line.

Although this attack could possibly pierce through an armor plate, the longspear the instructor with a goatee was holding seemed to have bloomed, drawing a semicircle, slashing through the air, and creating a sound that seemed to be like the wails of ghosts and howls of wolves.

It was also like a falling meteor from the skies, creating a protective barrier.

In the next moment, two spears collided as if Mars had crashed with Earth, creating a series of loud sounds as if a temple's bell was knocked repeated. The student's attack was pushed aside and he was pinned to the ground. The instructor with a goatee then followed with a kick, sending the student flying.

’’B*stard.’’ He said with a furious expression, ’’The Galactic Stance requires one to consecutively taps with the spear's tip to become like the milky way. How many times have I said that? Do you think that these feint moves are useless? Is that why you decided to simply incorporate all your strength to complete a simple thrust?

’’You're really ignorant and incompetent. This stance is not for you to use against your enemies, but it is for to be used for your training. Only when you can truly connect them to form a series of stars, releasing at least nine cold gleams or more, would it then show that you've fully grasped the control of your longspear. Only then would it prove that you are able to circulate the force from your body unceasingly and achieve the effect of tempering your muscles, bones, and skin.

’’How many times have I said it? The spear technique that I'm teaching has been passed down for generations, and are the stances that must be repeatedly trained and polished. Every detail and every movement comes with complicated rational and principles. You're not allowed to change anything at all.

'Go practice this stance a thousand times. You're not allowed to leave before you're done.’’

While that student appeared to be a bit scared, he still braved it and said, ’’But instructor, when I went for Fang Xingjian's class, he said that stances which are tangible are more inferior while superior stances focus on one's consciousness, and the body only moves after the consciousness.’’

’’When one first starts to practice martial arts, the initial focus is on the accuracy of the movements, to set the foundations.

’’For people like us who had been training for very long, after we've gotten the ideal movements down, we need to revise them gradually, slowly changing them to our own.

’’It's because everyone's body is different. So when one performance various stances, regardless of whether it's the strength exertion or it's the training to nurture the body, they must all be adapted based on the individual's condition.

’’Only when one calms his soul and thrust out the attack based on his inspiration would one then be able to circulate vital energy and blood through one's thoughts. To control the body's vital energy and blood, as well as the great strength from the internal organs, it doesn't require one to intentionally pursue the minute differences in the stances.’’

This speech seemed very reasonable and there were even some students who nodded, as if they had felt that it was very true.

However, the instructor with a goatee glared, his eyes like two lightbulbs, as he said furiously, ’’Alright, alright, alright. It's Fang Xingjian again. You're saying that he can do a better job than me, and even give me guidance to my spear arts?’’

That student was shocked and immediately lowered his head, saying, ’’I wouldn't dare.’’ He had no intention of wanting to instruct the instructor with a goatee, but it was just that he felt that what Fang Xingjian had said and demonstrated the day before seemed very reasonable. That was why he had wanted to verify with his instructor to see what he thought about it.

However, it was apparent that he was too naive and was lacking in worldly wisdom.

It was because martial arts was something which was hard to be explained through words. Even if an instructor had a hundred mouths to explain his rationale, there would still be those who did not agree with what he says.

What would one do when encountering a contradicting rationale? Most people would naturally fight it out. The winner would be the one who was right.

And if the instructor was not able to settle this case at the speed of lightning, he would probably lose his reputation amongst his students and would no longer be able to teach in the future.

In this case, Fang Xingjian was not directly engaging him when he said this, and if the instructor was unable to refute, who would listen to his teachings in the future?

This was not an act of snatching his job, but rather, smashing his job, stopping his path to earning riches.

At that moment, the instructor with a goatee looked at this student before him with so much anger that he was smiling coldly. He felt great hatred for Fang Xingjian in his heart.

'Fang Xingjian, you're good. You're really arrogant. If I were to let you go on like this, the rest of us won't be able to make a living.'

He let out a cold smile as the longspear trembled in his hand, releasing a thunderous bellow, ’’Alright, since you feel that Fang Xingjian's words are reasonable, then I'll look for him right now and fight it out. We'll see who's the one who's right.’’

This instructor really was one with bad temper. He carried a large metallic spear on his shoulder and left just like that, rushing at the speed of the wind towards Fang Xingjian's location.

In that instant, the remaining students all burst into commotion.

’’Teacher Zadeh will be fighting with Fang Xingjian?’’

’’Quick! Let's go and have a look! We can't miss out on this battle!’’

That was right. The number one spear arts instructor in Kirst Royal Knight Academy against the Windstorm Sword Hero, who was a rare talent, hard to come by even in a hundred years, who had challenged six Prefectural Champions in a row. Just the mere thought of this battle would instantly caused the blood of those present to boil.

Both parties could fight at supersonic speed and were extremely profound in their respective sword and spear arts. They were both first transition Knights with abilities greater than Hamil and the others. How exciting would this battle be?

Thinking about this, everyone could not wait and ran in the direction of the Reflection Chamber.


Outside the Reflection Chamber, there were over ten students who were Knights sitting on the lawn, demonstrating different moves respectively. Occasionally, there would be streams of sword Qis hitting on them from the Reflection Chamber's window, correcting their moves.

The most eye-catching on amongst them was Lilia, who stood right at the very front swinging her greatsword.

The tip of the girl's nose was filled with perspiration;her ponytail swung about unceasingly each time she waved her sword;her slender but muscular long legs continued to unleash great powers, creating large dents in the ground.

The scene of a young girl who was exercising let out a unique charm, and it had attracted the gaze of many male Knights.

However, in the next moment, the ground seemed to tremble as dust over hundreds of meters away flew in the air. Grass and plants swaying about, as if there were ten thousand horses galloping at once or countless groups of beasts charging over together.

That overwhelming and terrifying aura was reflected into everyone's heart, causing them to stop in their tracks and become fully guarded against the person who was heading in their direction.

At the next moment, a human silhouette shot over like a sharp arrow. There were neither amazing steps nor any fanciful moves. It was just repetitive steps taken in a straight line, but with unparalleled speed, causing for the person to appear before everyone in the blink of an eye.

It was Instructor Zadeh, the number one in spear arts in the Knight Academy. Alone with a spear, he had the disposition of ten thousand galloping horses. If such a person was in ancient China, he would be able to fend off ten thousand enemies and would have an existence in the army akin to that of a god.

Sweeping a cold glance across everyone, Zadeh let out a low bellow. His chest was pumping and his throat was trembling as sound waves were sent gushing out.

’’Hmph, what a foul atmosphere. Fang Xingjian, get out here right now!’’

Ferdinand furrowed his brows, smiled and said, ’’Teacher Zadeh, why have you come? Fang Xingjian is now in confinement and is not able to come out for now.’’ The other party's seniority was very high and was top notch in spear arts amongst those in the first transition. He had even guided Ferdinand on his spear arts before, and thus, Ferdinand knew well that he was not a person to be trifled with.

Zadeh cast a cold glance at him, then took a look at the others who were still training. He let out a cold snort and said, ’’Ferdinand, this is no place for a junior like you to talk.

’’Where's Fang Xingjian? I heard that he has something to say about the way I teach spear arts? I must really have a good, long interaction with him.’’

Ferdinand's heart sank. Just as he was still thinking of how he could pacify Zadeh, Fang Xingjian's voice came from the stone chamber.

’’I wonder how Teacher Zadeh would like to interact?’’

Zadeh let out a cold laugh, sweeping the big spear in his hands as if it was a sharp sword which could cut through gold and slash through jade. It was splitting through the air, creating a big circle in the ground with a diameter of five meters.

Pointing the tip of his spear to the circle, Zadeh spoke out, ’’Since we're exchange pointers in spear arts, it would naturally be a sparring session with the spear. Both of us will stand in this circle, each with a spear in hand. Whoever is killed or steps out of the circle would be considered to have lost.

’’Fang Xingjian, if you were to lose, you must admit that your level of spear arts is below mine, and you'll be forbidden from misleading the others astray and from teaching any students any spear arts.’’


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