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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 115


Chapter 115 Rationale

TL: Yukidaruma

ED: NoriPixel

Facing the concurrent attacks from the three longspears that were akin to three shots of stinger missiles, Fang Xingjian creased a series of cold light everywhere with the longsword in his hand, as if it was a counter-missile system, pointing respectively on each of the three longspears at the very last moment.

The longspears rushed in his direction, their speed comparable to that of stinger missiles;the circulation of force from the tip of the spear was akin to flower buds, trembling unceasingly and causing the enemies to mistake where they would be landing.

The whole process tore through the air and brought about a tremendous sound wave attack, as if they would overthrow an ordinary man with a strong build just from the trembling.

It was as if these three spears had transformed the moves into dishes, bringing both the appearance and taste to their limits.

It was as the saying went, ruling a big country was like cooking a small fish the control over every step in the process was very important. And now, these three had brought their level of cultivation in their spear arts to the stage where every single detail was carefully controlled. Such prowess and achievements were truly astonishing.

Lilia, Ferdinand, and the others stood at the side as they gazed upon the scene, each of them feeling that it was an extremely dangerous scene. If they were in Fang Xingjian's shoes, they would not even be able to dodge any attacks, let alone fend them off. It was because these three spears were too dangerous and violent.

These three spear attacks seemed to be demonstrated with great mastery and were fast as the blink of an eye. They trembling unceasingly and even confused their opponent with sound waves. However, Fang Xingjian could, in the blink of an eye, pinpoint the three longspears with extreme precision, scattering the forces circulated by the spears. It was done with great precision and speed.

Almost at the same moment, Fang Xingjian pointed his sword thrice and the three longspears became like tremendous dragons that had been stripped of their tendons and skin, dropping to the ground as if they had lost all their energy.

The three of them let out an astonished cry and quickly retreated, looking at Fang Xingjian as if they were looking at a freak.

One of them, a man with a beard, said, ’’You're good. You've learnt our Welkin Spear Arts before?’’

Fang Xingjian shook his head, saying, ’’I haven't.’’

Another Knight with a handlebar moustache said, ’’Then how could you instantly see through the flaw in our spear technique?’’

Fang Xingjian thought about it and said, ’’It was just right there, and I saw it.’’

The three nights turned silent and exchanged a glance. In the next moment, the tip of the spears moved again and the three of them attacked from where they stood once more, creating a myriad of cold stars with the tip of the spears that encompassed Fang Xingjian like the milky way.

Facing such a majestic and overwhelming attack, any ordinary person would panic, not knowing where to defend against. Even Lilia, Ferdinand and the others who were standing at the side could only think of retreating first and not getting involved.

However, Fang Xingjian's expression did not change. Looking into the sky that was filled with stars, he once again tapped his sword three times. With that, all but three stars disappeared, leaving the three stars to fall like shooting stars, unable to move.

The leader with the beard looked at Fang Xingjian in astonishment and said, ’’You're even able to identify the flaw for this attack?’’ With that, not waiting for Fang Xingjian to react, he shook his head, ’’Your sword is not only fast, but also firm, and it seems as if you don't have a single flaw with your muscles, bones, vital energy, blood, and internal organs at all. With such great stamina and strength, you must have quite a few sets of basic sword techniques which have been brought to the maximum level?

’’While the primary effect of Nurturing and Training techniques is to temper the attributes, they also encompass the most basic methods of force circulation required in all martial techniques.

’’And in a battle between Knights, the focus is on the Killing techniques which has two parts. First, a clash of extraordinary powers, and secondly, a close range combat. But to be strong in close combat and have firm foundations, one must fully comprehend Nurturing and Training techniques, to be able to move the muscles and bones, fine tune the activation of vital energy, blood, and internal organs, and to apply these into the close combat with Killing techniques. Only this would be truly terrifying.’’

With that, he shook his head, ’’But it's a pity that we've only understood this rationale a year ago, while you've already gone so far ahead of us. It's a joke that everyone thought the reason you're able to throw your weight around is because of the unparalleled speed that comes with the Windstorm Sword Hero.

’’But only when you slow down would we then be able to understand how terrifying your sword arts is.’’

That was truly the case. Fang Xingjian's speed in his past battles had been simply too fast, and in the battles which was fast as lightning, his opponents tend to not be able to understand what had happened before they were already down.

And now, he was using the pretext of guiding others in their training to collect sword arts, he would naturally slow down his movements to exemplify the level of cultivation of his sword arts.

A slight considering expression appeared in Ferdinand's gaze. While he understood that Fang Xingjian's Interlinked Forces was very strong, he could not explain what was so great about it. Only when the bearded man said this did he then understood.

The Knight with a handlebar moustache said, ’’To be able to see through the flaws in our techniques with just one look, your level of sword arts cultivation is truly amazing. We would also like to exchange pointers and train in our spear arts together with you.’’

Fang Xingjian nodded, ’’You're very welcome.’’

Lilia pouted unhappily, ’’Why are there more people now? Wouldn't this mean that the time that teacher has to guide me will become shorter and shorter? Does these people not have their own teachers?’’

Ferdinand smiled, ’’Lili...’’

’’Don't call me Lili.’’ Lilia shouted as if she was a young tiger baring out her teeth and claws. Seeing that Ferdinand was not bothered, she pouted and smashed her fist towards his stomach.

Ferdinand had not thought much of Lilia's punch at first. After all, she was not even a Knight, so how much strength would she have?

But at the next moment, seeing the strong winds that started blowing, his expression immediately changed. However, as Lilia was really too close from him, he could not react in time to block with his hands, and could only display the Reduced Force Field, encompassing Lilia's fist like a spider's web.

That small delicate fist seemed as if it was made from jade, but when it hit Ferdinand's stomach, he felt as if a maniacal elephant had knocked him down.

Ferdinand let out a weird cry, his face green, and his eyes bulging as he looked at Lilia in disbelief. He felt as if his intestines were torn.

'What on earth did Kirst's City Lord that old bastard feed his daughter with? A dragon?'

It was thanks to his good physique that he could receive this punch when he was unprepared. If it was someone else, the person would probably be smashed into pieces.

Jack and Anthony snickered. It was not the first time they had suffered from Lilia's monstrous strength. Seeing that Ferdinand was experiencing the same thing as they did, they could not help but gloat.

Lilia let out a cold laugh, blow on her fist and said, ’’If you call me by weird names again, I won't be hitting the same spot next time.’’ She then threw a glance towards the area below Ferdinand's stomach.

Ferdinand broke out in cold sweat, while Jack and Anthony also subconsciously felt that cold on their lower part of their bodies.

Ferdinand coughed a few times to cover up his embarrassment, ’’Lili...’’ Looking at that murderous gaze, he immediately changed, ’’Miss Lilia, although I don't know why he is doing this, I've only brought up the suggestion of him providing guidance in martial arts to gather people here because I saw that your Master wishes to collect sword techniques. This would not only allow him to collect sword arts manuals, he would also be able to learn and benefit from others'strong points.

’’While I don't know what's his reason was for doing so, I feel that it might be because your Master has reached some sort of a bottleneck in his sword arts and would like to take a look at the sword arts from other factions as a reference.

’’Of course, there's a greater possibility that Xingjian wishes to establish his powers, confirming the powers in the academy...’’ However, Lilia was no longer paying attention to what Ferdinand was saying.

’’Oh,’’ Lilia suddenly slapped on a thigh and said, ’’There's plenty of sword techniques in the library we have at home. I'll bring them to Master at once.’’

Ferdinand on the other hand, gasped as he dropped to the ground. He touched his thigh and asked, ’’Why did you slap my thigh?’’

Lilia rubbed the back of her head, laughing straightforwardly, ’’Sorry, sorry. You guys wait right here. I'll go get the secret manuals from the library at home.’’


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