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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 112


Chapter 112 Teaching

In the academy's Reflection Chamber, Fang Xingjian sat cross-legged on the floor, unceasingly practicing the Nurturing techniques he had learned when he had consecutively challenged the other Prefectural Champions.

This time around, he had learned another four sets of Nurturing techniques, and with the aid of his Unparalleled Sword Intent, the speed at which he was learning sword arts had gotten faster and faster.

So much so that, as soon as he started to learn them he could master them right away, with very little required practice. In less than a day, he had brought all four Nurturing techniques to level 10. It was a pity that these techniques were overlapping with some of the Nurturing techniques he had previously picked up, and thus were unable to provide him with attribute increases.

But even so, he still continued practicing them, bringing them to the maximum level in the hope of increasing the progress of his Unparalleled Sword Intent.

Despite the fact that Fang Xingjian was in the Reflection Chamber, the academy had not reduced the food sent to him. Under the Headmaster's arrangements, a massive amount of ferocious beasts and high quality medicinal food were unceasingly brought in for him, allowing him to replenish the vital energy and blood he depleted with his training. Of course, there was also the Body Tempering Ointment won from the bet with the Tresia Clan.

All these items would raise his potential points by at least 1000 points every day, which was an absolutely extravagant number.

Just like that, everyday, he would cultivate sword arts in the morning, and in the afternoon Lilia, Jack and Anthony would rush over to the Reflection Chamber to receive his guidance on the other side of the metal grill window. Fang Xingjian would also review his own sword arts through this process.

Lilia and the other two stood a distance away from the metal grill window, continuously practicing the martial arts Fang Xingjian had previously given them guidance on. All three of them were extremely serious in their practice.

It was because time and time again, Fang Xingjian had proven that he was right. Especially after he had challenged six Prefectural Champions in a row. It stood as proof for how much authority he had in sword arts.

Fang Xingjian's eyes were like sharp gleaming sword light, occasionally brushing over the three of them. With his Unparalleled Sword Intent, he was able to see each of their movements very clearly. In his eyes, their flaws were magnified. Each incomplete use of force, each little waste of energy, each circulation of vital energy and blood which was not as smooth as it was supposed to be immediately stood out to him.

With a flick of his fingers, sword Qis swept through the Reflection Chamber. He formed a sword with his fingers to control the atmosphere, creating streams of sword Qis that hit only Lilia's body.

The latter's body shuddered, a hint of red flush flashing across her face. At the same time, she felt an energy force enter her body. She closed her eyes to feel the circulation of the energy in her body, appreciating the sensation.

A moment later, when she started cultivating her sword arts once again, she was able to feel many sensations which she had never felt before in her sword arts.

As Fang Xingjian guided them, he would concurrently try to get used to the existence of the Unparalleled Sword Intent and to increase the experience with his Nurturing techniques, at the same time practicing the Supreme Mistwind Sword.

Lilia and the others on the other hand, could feel that after receiving guidance from Fang Xingjian for the past few days, they were progressing in leaps and bounds. They had no need to think hard in order to understand the principles behind their martial arts, only to follow Fang Xingjian's guidance, learning and simulating by appreciating the force Fang Xingjian sent into them. By doing so, their familiarity with the techniques surged crazily. One day of training this way was comparable to ten days of training in the past.

The moves in a set of martial technique was the same for everyone, but everyone's physique were different, so each person had minor differences when they performed the same move.

However, with regards to using the body itself and its strength, Fang Xingjian could be considered to be at a grandmaster level, the topmost authority, with the capability of providing guidance to get one to move towards the right direction.

Such an invigorating cultivation was very addictive, and they wished that they would be able to be next to Fang Xingjian for twenty-four hours a day, receiving his guidance at all times.

Just as they were making the most of this, Ferdinand, Zhou Yong and Carter came to the Reflection Chamber as well.

Ferdinand did not say anything, but handed him two books and said, ’’Xingjian, I've heard that you're collecting Nurturing sword techniques? Although our Aristocrat Academy is not known for its sword arts, we do have some sword arts in our collection. I've gotten someone to send them over. You can take a look to see if they are suitable.’’

Zhou Yong and Carter also walked up. They were now completely convinced of Fang Xingjian's strength, and respectively handed him the Nurturing sword techniques they had gotten, together with fifty gold coins in apology.

With a sweep of with his sword fingers, all four manuals were brought before him, encompassed by over ten sword Qis. The manuals flipped very quickly with the blowing wind, and after a short half an hour, he had already learned all the sword arts written in the books. Another four sets of Nurturing sword techniques appeared on his Stats Window.

Ferdinand looked towards Lilia and the others who were receiving guidance from Fang Xingjian, an envious gaze reflected in his eyes. He tried to gather his courage and asked, ’’Xingjian, can I also get you to help give me guidance in my martial arts?’’

He was not envious of the rapid progress Lilia and the others were going through because he was not aware of the effects of Fang Xingjian's guidance. He was just envious of how close they were with Fang Xingjian.

Now, in the academy, even a fool knew that Fang Xingjian had a bright future before him.

After all, he did not have only extraordinary talent. He had also transitioned into a Windstorm Sword Hero, had even transcended the speed of sound, and had managed to obtain the backing of many important characters. Even the Royal Knight Association was helpless.

Ferdinand thought to himself, 'Now is exactly the time for Fang Xingjian to rise. With his talent, even if he's unable to become a divine level character in the future, he is bound to become a major pillar of the country, and to attain at least level 29 of the second transition. He would be of a status similar to Governor Devitt's.

'If I find a chance to forge a good relationship with him now, I'd be able to profit greatly ten years or more down the road.'

Fang Xingjian threw him a glance, and then Zhou Yong and Carter, saying, ’’That's fine. You guys can go tell everyone in the academy, that anyone can come to receive guidance from me. But everyone must bring at least a sword technique, regardless if it's Nurturing techniques, Training techniques or Killing techniques.’’

Fang Xingjian knew that the Unparalleled Sword Intent took into consideration sword techniques which were at the maximum level. Even though he wished to gather even more Nurturing techniques to increase the amount of potential points he could accumulate each day, he did not have any qualms about learning other sets of sword techniques to improve his sword intent.

It was a pity that although Fang Xingjian had sent news out, the next day, other than Lilia, Jack and Anthony, only Ferdinand had also come.

Zhou Yong cultivated sword arts to begin with and, naturally, was willing to try out Fang Xingjian's guidance. Even if the guidance was ineffective, it could relieve the tension between them. However, he belonged to Tresia Clan, and bringing the secret manual the day before was already the limit for him. How could he possibly look for Fang Xingjian to provide him guidance with his sword arts?

As for Ferdinand, he was purely there in a bid to get closer to Fang Xingjian. His clan had already spoken with him, requesting him to do his best to build a good relationship with Fang Xingjian.

Similarly, after bringing the manual yesterday, Carter did not come by again. He cultivated spear arts and furthermore, he found it too embarrassing to attempt getting closer to Fang Xingjian. In other words, he could not set his pride aside.

After all, they were all youngsters, and everyone was young and aggressive at this age. How many people were able to admit their inferiority to others when they were not even at the age of twenty?

Only people like Ferdinand, who had been brought up to be the successor of his clan, and was well-versed in the ways of the world, would be able to do something like that.

Seeing how Lilia, Jack and Anthony had started to practice their martial arts and that occasionally, sword Qis would shoot out from Fang Xingjian's fingers, hitting on their bodies, Ferdinand smiled and said, ’’Xingjian, what do you say? Do I do the same as them, while you use your sword Qis on me?’’ Ferdinand originated from an aristocratic clan in Kirst, and appeared very gentlemanly with his fair skin and white clothes alongside his Knight attire.

When he smiled like that, he appeared even more friendly.

Of course, although he appeared so, Ferdinand did not feel that Fang Xingjian was actually able to give him proper guidance. After all, he was training in the longspear, while Fang Xingjian was training in sword arts.

It was just like a boxer attempting to give guidance to a wrestler on Earth. The latter would naturally ignore the former, and the two might even end up in a fight.

Looking at Ferdinand, Fang Xingjian nodded. He was also considered the second generation of a renowned clan back in Demonic City. And even though he was not thought highly of, he had come across many outstanding youngsters who were of similar status. He had to admit that at least Ferdinand looked very outstanding in appearance.

Especially when compared to Jack, Anthony or even Lilia, Ferdinand appeared to be very polite, with good disposition and appeared to be well-bred.

Wearing a suit of white, he had the disposition of a fine gentlemen, but the longspear he was carrying on his back had a hint of killing aura, making him seem more like an intelligent warrior in the battlefield.


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