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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 109


Chapter 109 Discuss

About a few minutes before Fang Xingjian started to move, in the villa of Rota, the Prefectural Champion from Class 251 (the class who had enrolled five years before Fang Xingjian's class), four silhouettes were seated down quietly.

Sitting at the head was naturally Class 251's Prefectural Champion, Rota, who had transitioned into the job Spear of Death. She was amongst the strongest three in the academy and lost out only to Class 248's Hamil and Class 249's Ralph.

It was a beautiful lady with black long hair hanging down like a waterfall, and eyes blue as the sea's water. Her skin was snow white, her legs long and slender, and her every movement revealed a mysterious charm.

She was Class 251's Prefectural Champion, Rota. She was both a Prefectural Champion and an aristocrat, allowing her to nourish her body with an overwhelming amount of resources.

Her four limbs were all slender and strong from the many years of cultivation, and she had a wonderful figure. Countless medicinal cuisine and essence had made her skin to be extremely exquisite, smooth and silky like milk. Each of her slight movement had exuded an astonishing seductiveness and charm.

And respectively, the three people before Rota were the ones who had lost to Fang Xingjian.

Renault was from Class 252, possessed archery that transcended the speed of sound. So was Tresia's Xiu Yi.

Claude from Class 253, had grown up in the Netherworld Valley since young, yet was not skilled in poison arts. He had transitioned into the job Death Vortex.

Amongst those present, aside than Rota, they were all Knights who had all been defeated by Fang Xingjian. Although, Xiu Yi was not exactly defeated by Fang Xingjian. He originally had the confidence to defeat Fang Xingjian since he had the Ring of Lightning, but to everyone, he had undoubtedly lost to Fang Xingjian. This was also something which had pissed him off even more.

Moreover, the Ring of Lightning had already been taken back by Rebecca.

Seeing that everyone had remained silent and were quietly sitting there, the one with the biggest physique, Claude, shifted in his seat and caused the chair to let out a creaking sound.

Seeing that no one had still spoken up after a few minutes, he impatiently clenched his fist and became the first to break the silence.

’’Rota, you're truly very beautiful, but we are not in the habit of having three people against one. If you've nothing to say, then I'll be taking my leave.’’

An hint of annoyance flashed past Rota's eyes as she said coldly, ’’You're mouth has really gotten increasingly stinky, Claude. Of course there's a reason that I've looked for you guys today.

’’The three of you had all been defeated by Fang Xingjian, right?’’ Rota said unhurriedly. ’’Don't you guys wish to win back against him? Or are you going to treat it like nothing has happened, letting people look down on you and point fingers behind your back?’’

Fang Xingjian had defeated students of a higher seniority and thus, had received countless commendations and admirations. On the contrary, those senior students he had defeated were seen as useless and received malicious treatments.

Claude and the other two were all proud talents in their own batch, and each of them had on an air of arrogance. How could they be content with this result?

But when Fang Xingjian had displayed the sword technique which transcended the speed of sound, it eliminated all thoughts they had of it being just a fluke.

Even Xiu Yi, the one who had the most confidence amongst the three of them, was also well aware that if he did not rely on the Ring of Lightning, it would have been impossible for him to defeat Fang Xingjian.

Hearing Rota's words, Renault said with a hypocritical smile, ’’Fang Xingjian has transitioned into a Windstorm Sword Hero, being able to transcend the speed of sound despite not having reached the maximum level for the first transition. How fast will he become after he has reached the maximum level in a few years time?

’’Of course I want to defeat him. I want to step over him!’’ Renault said viciously. ’’I want to see him begging for mercy on his knees, begging me to forgive him. But it's enough to just think about it. I know my own talent. I'll be hard for me to catch up to him in this lifetime.’’

Saying this, he laughed coldly again, ’’And now that Fang Xingjian has been taken for investigation, e's now crippled. He has also offended a member of the royalty. He can't even save himself now. Why would I need to make things hard for a dead person?’’

’’Haha, Renault, if you really think that Fang Xingjian would let that hold him down, I can only say that you're too childish and that I've overestimated you.’’ Seeing the fury reflected on Renault's face, Rota could understand his feelings. ’’A sixteen year old Windstorm Sword Hero, a sixteen year old Warrior who had transcended the speed of sound... How could those important figures give up on him so easily?

’’Moreover, I have someone working in the wards and have just gotten news that he has already woken up.

’’Therefore, I'm pretty sure that regarding the matter of Fang Xingjian being brought away by the association, he is not only fine, he will even be released without a scratch. By then, there would probably be no one in Kirst who could be able to hold him back.’’

Renault was silent. Xiu Yi frowned and said, ’’What are you trying to say? If Fang Xingjian is really released, then all the more we can't do anything to him. If such a genius was done in by someone else, the Knight Association would definitely investigate it thoroughly.’’

’’Who said that we're going to do him in?’’ Rota smiled, saying, ’’Don't you guys understand? As long as Fang Xingjian remains in this academy, he would naturally pose a threat to our status. Similarly, he would also be a source of pressure.

’’You guys have been living too carefree of a life. Now that there's such a strong opponent, why don't we use him to encourage ourselves to attain new breakthroughs? Breakthroughs which exceed our own limits.’’

Claude said impatiently, ’’What on earth are you trying to say?’’

Rota continued, ’’Originally, our classes are all competitors. But now that Fang Xingjian has appeared, the pressure that he brings should be sufficient to unite us all together.’’

Claude, grabbing his chin, said, ’’You mean that we should gang up on him and give him a thrashing?’’

’’Idiot.’’ Rota reprimanded. ’’What I mean is, we can form an alliance and exchange our resources and martial arts experience, progressing together.’’

She looked towards Claude and said, ’’Claude, you're able to get the secret medicine from Netherworld Valley at a cheap price, right? I know that quite a few of the secret medicine in Netherworld Valley are only provided to internal members. Not only can they increase one's potential, it can also hasten one's vital energy and blood flow, allowing one's body to undergo a second growth stage and increase in attributes once again.

’’And you, Xiu Yi. Tresia Academy's Body Tempering Ointment has always been an extremely valuable and highly sought after product. I also know that there are a few secret Nurturing techniques which can be used to temper the internal organs, as well as circulate one's vital energy and blood just by knowing the approach, even if one is not trained in the path of the sword.

’’Renault, your clan has always been secretly running a business with regards to weapons and equipments, right? They can even connect to black markets outside of our country to buy or sell, or even to forge Remains divine Weapons.’’

Rota looked at the three Knights before her and said, ’’It's because there's Fang Xingjian acting as an external source of pressure that we can thus unite together. Or would you rather to be tortured by him every month in the following inter-class competition, losing face before the other students?

As long as we can consume even more medicine vials and ferocious beasts, even be equipped with Remains divine Weapons, would we still not be able to defeat Fang Xingjian with ten members in each of our classes?’’

Renault smiled coldly, saying, ’’You make it sound so easy. How much interests are involved in this? Are the Elders in your clan agreeable to this? And what about Hamil and Ralph? They have even more good stuff. Why aren't you getting them to take those out?’’

’’Those two idiots are too arrogant.’’ Rota said. ’’People like them, before they experience defeat from Fang Xingjian, they would not admit that they were no match for him. That's why I haven't invited them at all. Wait till they lose to Fang Xingjian next month, then we can go and approach them.

’’As for our clans'opinions, how would it be more important that improving our own abilities? Fang Xingjian is a threat, but he is an opportunity as well. It will therefore make it easier for us to get more stuff from our clans than usual. As long as we unite together, we'll be able to get multiple folds more resources than before. Our attributes, Waves, Killing techniques, and armors would all be able to improve by leaps and bounds.

’’And Fang Xingjian is just one person alone, with only the academy supporting him. I heard that even the Empire's divine Weapon he had applied for has been rejected. Therefore, as long as we unite together and share our resources, it's not impossible for us to attain new breakthroughs, or even defeat him.

’’The greater the pressure, the greater the rebound.

’’I'm sure all of you wish to be promoted and become Conferred Knights. If you don't strive for breakthroughs under Fang Xingjian's great pressure, the chances of being promoted would be even less.’’

After voicing her thoughts, Rota looked at the three people in front of her, observing their tempted expressions. A smile curled up at the corner of her lips, and as she gave a look of calmness and great intelligence, her charms increased even more.

Following that, the four of them began to discuss the details regarding the exchange of resources and experience. Over ten minutes later, a strong gale swept by, and the entrance to the villa was knocked opened with a boom. Fang Xingjian held onto Lilia and walked in.

Seeing the four of them, he smiled lightly, saying, ’’Not bad, not bad. All four of you are here. Saves me the trouble of looking for you one by one.’’

He looked at what was nearly a 10% worth of experience points in increase for his Ice Age Meditation Art after he had challenged two people consecutively, calmly saying, ’’Come together with me. The instructors are after me. I have at most half a minute for you guys.’’

Defeating many great Warriors in the academy, Fang Xingjian's aura grew increasingly strong. His mental cultivation method circulated increasingly faster as well.

He had felt that all the haze in his mind were cleared. It was the first time since he was born to be in such a state, coming and going as he wished, uninhibited at the least.


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