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Paradise Of Demonic Gods - Chapter 102


Chapter 102 Respective Reaction

In the ward, Fang Xingjian's consciousness was extremely active. Countless sword moves were demonstrated in his mind, and an indescribable aura churned around in his consciousness, making him focus like never before, and keeping him unconscious, unable to bring his infatuated consciousness back to awareness.

At the same time, on his Specialty Window, the words 'Unparalleled Sword Intent'got increasingly clearer, as if it would be fully completed in a few days' time.

Now, Fang Xingjian's consciousness was condensed into this Unparalleled Sword Intent. when he woke up, the level of cultivation for his sword arts would once again reach a new height, and his powers would surge at a greater scale.


In another place, in an extremely splendid manor which was three times bigger than Fang Xingjian's villa. A silver-haired neat-looking man who gave off a feeling similar to mountain spring water was seated at the dining table, eating and casually replying, ’’Is that so? That Fang Xingjian has been crippled?’’

This man was the Prefectural Champion from Class 248 of the Knight Academy, the great genius Hamil. He was also known to be the strongest amongst all students, with high hopes of getting through the Regional Selection in another one to two years.

Hearing his words, his steward said, ’’That's right. It's said that he might have lost his consciousness forever, never to wake up.’’

’’It's such a pity. I originally wanted to defeat him fair and square before everyone, and let everyone know who is truly the strongest in Kirst Academy. To think that he could not even get through a small interrogation. It just shows that he can only go so far.’’

Hamil shook his head, ’’No matter how talented a Knight is, without a strong will, he will never be able to accomplish great things.

’’It's a pity, it's a pity. I'd thought that it would finally be more exciting in this academy. To think that he fell before he even started rising.’’

With that, Hamil inhaled deeply, his tone filled with extreme loneliness.


A barefoot Knight was feeling the earth with his skin as he continued to sense the tremors in the ground. Baring his upper body, he waved his sword again and again in the air.

With each wave of his sword, a tremendous amount of perspiration appeared all over his body, completely drenching his feet.

This person was Class 249's genius, Ralph, who was just a tad weaker than the academy's strongest student Hamil.

He was also equally talented, a swordsman with a will as firm as rock. He went through tough training sessions day and night, which ensured him an extremely strong foundation.

’’The body is one's capital.

’’A person's physique and attributes are the crux.

’’Because, regardless what skill or Killing technique it is, one needs high attributes to fully display it.

’’One's attributes determine one's future.’’

Beside him, a younger Knight who was practicing sword arts with him nodded furiously at his words, and started putting even more effort in his training.

After a while, a servant came in, handing the Knight a letter.

With a casual glance, he threw away the letter and continued his practice.

That young man glanced over curiously, unable to hold it in and asked, ’’Elder Brother, what is it?’’

’’Fang Xingjian has been crippled.’’

’’Ahh, that sixteen year old Windstorm Sword Hero? I heard that he's a hot favorite in this year's inter-class competition.’’

Ralph snorted coldly and said, ’’He's just a chap who relies on his talent and job speciality to bully novices, a genius made by flattery. Even if he had not been crippled, I would have definitely defeated him.’’

The young man smiled and said, ’’That's true. Elder brother's goal is Hamil, after all. After defeating him, you'll have the confidence to participate in the Regional Selection, right?’’

’’Regional Selection?’’ A faint gleam flashed in Ralph's eyes.The Regional Selection was his actual goal. Those whose goals were the inter-class competition and getting into the academy could not understand how far his goal was.


Five hundred meters away from Kirst Academy, in an enormous active volcano.

The whole volcano was making slight tremors every now and then. Thick smoke came out the top of the volcano, as if it would explode at any moment.

In this extremely harsh environment, deep in the volcano, a man was training completely naked, revealing great chunks of muscles as large as slabs of marbles.

Countless light flickers from the fire around him shone on his body, tempering his physical body just like it would temper steel, and making his physique increasingly stronger, increasingly terrifying.

The man abruptly opened his eyes wide, and blood-red light surged from their depths. He suddenly stretched out four arms from his back, each of them covered with black scales, brimming with a strong evil aura, as if they were the hands of demons coming from the very depths of hell.

’’Not bad, not bad.’’ From a distance, a man made of fire and light walked over to him, looked at Kaunitz and said, ’’You've already reached level 5 of the Inferno Indestructible Physique. With me using the divine Flames of the Earth's Core to temper your body, you'll be able to reach level 10 in this Killing technique after maximum another month.

’’By then, this coupled with your Six-Armed Asura job, and the divine Equipment I've bestowed on you will be sufficient to increase your battle prowess over tenfold.’’

Kaunitz immediately knelt before him, gleams of fury flashing in his eyes, ’’Thank you, First Prince, for your kind grace.’’ He was still harboring an inveterate hatred towards Fang Xingjian.

Seeing this, the First Prince's clone shook his head, and suddenly tossed a bottle of medicine to Kaunitz.

Kaunitz caught it, and at the next moment, he immediately sense a strong fragrance coming from it. In an instant, all the fatigue in his body disappeared, and he was once again brimming with limitless strength and spirit.

He opened his eyes and noticed that it held ten queer-looking medicinal pills which looked like glaze or stardust, simply floating in the bottle and shining bits of starlight.

’’This... This is...’’

The First Prince said with indifference, ’’These are medicine pills concocted from dragon's blood, which I've brought from the Imperial Capital. Each of them can change one's blood and marrow, completely modifying a person's physique, and allowing one to be half human, half dragon. They can raise a normal person's potential by 10,000 points.’’

’’What?!’’ Kaunitz was stunned, and at the next moment, he was looking at the medicinal pills in his hands with an extremely greedy gaze, with the strong urge to immediately take them all at once.

The First Prince continued, ’’At most, each person can take ten of these Dragon Blood Pills which can change one's blood and improve one's physique. After eating them, one will turn into a half human, half dragon being. Taking any more than that would simply be useless.

’’I've initially brought this for Fang Xingjian, hoping to nurture him quickly so that he can assist me to charge into the enemy's ranks and fight for me.’’

Suddenly, his expression turned extremely subtle, as he turned towards Kaunitz and said, ’’Are you jealous?’’

Kaunitz anxiously knelt down, ’’Your subject wouldn't dare.’’ But at the next moment, a series of horrifying cries came out from his mouth, and he fell to the ground, convulsing unceasingly, feeling as if his attributes were starting to drop.

’’Hmph hmph, haven't you learnt your place yet?’’ the First Prince coldly said, ’’After signing the Devil's Note, your each and every move is within my grasp. Any actions which go against my commands will reduce your attributes by half, and you'll experience the most painful agony in the world.

’’Defying orders, naturally, also includes lying to me.’’

As he said that, he pointed towards Kaunitz through the air, putting a stop to Kaunitz's agony. ’’This is the last time. In the future, if you do anything to cause a backlash of the Devil's Note, I won't help you again.’’

Kaunitz anxiously said, ’’Thank you, Your Highness. Your subject would not dare to do so again.’’

The First Prince shook his head, saying, ’’Take the medicine.’’

Kaunitz was stunned, and then heard the First Prince continue, ’’Fang Xingjian has already been wasted. Sigh, it's a pity. I'd originally only wanted Charlie to apply some pressure on him, making things easier in the future. I would never have thought that he would not be able to put up with such a small setback.

’’But it's good as well. Finding out that his will is so weak earlier saves me the trouble of him spoiling my future plans.’’

With that, his silhouette darted, and he entered Kaunitz's body.

’’There's going to be a huge change in this world. You better begin your cultivation quickly. This way, you'll be able to assist me in defending the Empire, and help in taking charge of the situation.’’

Kaunitz started his cultivation once again, but no matter what, he could not hide the hint of a smile on the corner of his lips.

’’Fang Xingjian, you're already wasted?’’ Naturally, he would not doubt the First Prince's source of information. It was just that he felt both extreme satisfaction and disappointment.

’’It's a pity that I could not defeat you myself. But this also proves that I'm the best!’’


A few days later, just when everyone thought that Fang Xingjian would never wake up again, his eyelids twitched, and he slowly started regaining his consciousness.


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