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Painting Of The Nine Immortals - Chapter 75


Chapter 75: Heaven's Favorite

Translator: Sophie Editor:

The sun appeared battered and bloodied. Wind bellowed across the land.

A bloodstained sword in hand, a pair of majestic wings behind his back, Ling Xian towered above the City of Qing as if descended from the heavens.

Floating effortlessly in midair, Ling Xian pointed the Sword of Extinction directly at the heart of Fang Ming Yuan and with one shout began the fight that would end it all

This scene would find its way into history books.

Confronted with a mighty cultivator in his foundational period, Ling Xian showed neither panic nor fear. Instead, he oozed confidence as if victory was his destiny.

The Devil was in the detail. Few of the spectators who had lived a few years more than the rest were in complete awe not over his heroic image, but the changing appearance of his eyes.

The left eye was darker than ink, the right eye white as snow. Both sparked multicolored flashes of light, mysterious and somewhat disturbing.

The Eyes of Execution!

It was a name that sent trembles down a mountain range, a name that spread terror across the earth.

The origins of its power could no longer be traced. It was only mentioned once in history that some 120,000 years ago, a young cultivator of average talents unlocked the secrets of its power and used it to become the undisputed ruler of his generation.

The long lost Eyes of Execution had now reappeared after 120,000 years in the City of Qing.

The true extent of its power was well documented and widely acknowledged. Every cultivator sought it. If lucky, perhaps only one in ten thousand would find it.

Anyone who possessed its power went through life unchallenged. According to the wisdom of the older generations, only the ones pre-destined by the Heavens could unlock its power.

Therefore, how can anyone who was witnessing the events of this day unfold not be shocked at the appearance of this long lost spell?

Silence ensued. Only after a long moment of pause could gasps be heard.

’’What? My eyes must be playing tricks on me. Is this the legendary Eyes of the Execution?

’’This is unbelievable. He must be incredibly gifted to have unlocked its power!’’

’’If this is truly the Eyes of Execution, then that sword he's holding must be the mythical Sword of Extinction! No wonder he blocked both spells!’’

’’Those giant wings behind him, are they not the Winged Blitz? That's remarkable. He's so young, how was he able to tame all of these spells? How far can he go?’’

All eyes were fixated on Ling Xian, looks of envy, looks of adoration, looks of amazement.

This was the moment Ling Xian revealed the Eyes of Execution to the world.

’’This was his destiny...’’

Ling Tian Xiang showed the brightest smile to this crowd of spectators. The sight of Ling Xian's heroic deeds solidified her faith in him. She muttered to herself softly, ’’Ling Xian, you finally chose to reveal the real you to the world.’’

’’Ha ha ha, the Eyes of Execution, it's actually the Eyes of Execution!’’ Ling Tian Qing roared with laughter. He announced proudly, ’’He is Ling Xian, the most gifted pupil of his generation, and the savior of our Clan as predicted in the prophecy.’’

In the sea of people, no one noticed an elderly man dressed in black watching him with excessive interest. It took him a long time to regain his composure after Ling Xian descended on the battle and revealed his power to the world. He said to himself, in a trembling voice, ’’Who knew such a genius could emerge from this little corner of the earth. Someone like this only comes every few generations. The Eyes of Execution! After all this time! It's fate that I should witness this. I must bring him under the House of Wan Jian.’’

He was an Elder from the House of Wan Jian who was passing through the City of Qing on business matters. He had been observing the battle of the two Clans as a spectator.

The moment he laid his eyes on the Eyes of Execution, he felt it was his duty to bring Ling Xian back with him to the House of Wan Jian and help him build his legacy.

Only a true genius could awaken and unlock the secrets of the Eyes of Execution. Unless tragedy took that person before his time, there was no limit to what they could become. Who wouldn't want a protégéwith such talent?

Therefore, the elderly man vowed to himself that he would not leave the City without Ling Xian.

Ling Xian was completely unfazed by the celebrations of and adorations from the crowd. He was indifferent over the shock and interest he had invited by unleashing his true powers.

Except for the Painting of the Nine Immortals, he would hide nothing else.

He had no one to fear inside the City of Qing. He didn't care who knew about his Eyes of Execution.

Today was bound to be a bloody day and a day of mourning for the City. Death must come to one of its Clans before the day ends. There was no use in holding anything back.

His strategy had worked.

The moment Ling Xian unleashed his Eyes of Execution, Ling Yuan went into a state of shock. This was followed by sheer happiness and pride. Aside from his love for this child, Ling Yuan also felt a hint of respect.

On the other hand, Fang Ming Yuan and his gang instinctively took a few giant steps backward, creating some distance between themselves and Ling Xian.

Panic filled their hearts the moment they saw the return of the Eyes of the Execution.

This was the fourth most powerful spell out of the 108. This was not something they could defeat.

’’This is a great feeling! I no longer have to hide anything!’’ Ling Xian flapped his wings gently, stretched out his neck and muscles, turned his gaze back towards Fang Ming Yuan and repeated.


The tone was one of complete indifference, no hint of contempt or pretense.

Veins in Fang Ming Yuan's face swelled up and appeared on the edge of bursting. Furious, he shouted, ’’What an arrogant bastard, you think I'd be afraid of you? The mediational period is just that, you can never break the laws of Taoism, you can never fill the gap between us.’’

’’Stop with your verbal diarrhea.’’ Ling Xian frowned impatiently. With a violent flap of his wings, Ling Xian vanished and reappeared in the same moment in front of the Fang Ming Yuan. Before anyone realized what was happening, the bloodstained sword came crashing down onto his enemy's head.

Fang Ming Yuan had no time to react. Seeing the sword come down, he had no choice but to summon all his powers to his head and take the blow.


An attack from a tenth realm cultivator against a defense from an early-stage foundational cultivator, the clash produced a vicious force that sent both figures flying backwards.

’’What is...’’ Fang Ming Yuan was stunned as he saw bloodstains on his hand. ’’You are not of the foundational period, but you're not still at the meditational level, what universe is this?’’

’’Your guess?’’ Ling Xian extended his wings and in a blink of an eye reappeared in front of Fang Ming Yuan for a second blow.

A cold flash of light pierced through the air. The Sword of Extinction aimed at Fang Ming Yuan's head and struck again.

’’Little bastard, how dare you? Die!’’ Fang Ming Yuan swung his spear upwards to meet Ling Xian's sword.

’’Dang! Dang! Danggggg!’’

A string of metal on metal clashing noises echoed through the air. Within a few seconds, the weapons had clashed nearly a dozen times, sending sparks flying everywhere.

Ling Xian would not yield, swinging his sword as a heavy duty weapon instead of a soft attacking weapon. He was aiming for the kill.

Fang Ming Yuan was equally determined. His spear met every blow from above, not letting a single strike through.

He was not yet physically hurt, but it was evident that Ling Xian had the upper hand.

The crowd gasped.

’’What ferocity! Faced with a foundational cultivator, he could carry so many rounds, and he dares to attack!’’

’’He's a fierce fighter indeed. But look closely, every time he strikes at Fang Ming Yuan, he's thrown backward a few steps. Clearly, he's not at the foundational level yet.’’

’’That's incredible! He could control the pace of the battle against a foundational cultivator. Imagine how powerful he'll become when he's actually broken through to that level!’’

High above, Fang Ming Yuan was beginning to sweat heavily. At the same time, his heart was sinking faster. He couldn't imagine how this was possible, how this man was even holding his end of the battle.

Then suddenly, a thought flashed across his mind, a dangerous thought. He interrupted the battle, backed up from Ling Xian and spoke in horror, ’’ didn't...?’’

’’Looks like you just figured it out.’’ Ling Xian did not pursue. He had to pause a moment to even out his breath. Fighting a foundational level cultivator was no easy feat, even for him.

’’It's true that I have not broken through to the foundational level. But I'm not at the ninth realm either. I have indeed reached the tenth realm.’’

’’The Perfect Realm, the Ling Clan is lucky to have you.’’ Fang Ming Yuan sighed, his look hardened.

This man... has to die!

A highly gifted, exceptionally intelligent youth who has reached the mythical Undefeated Realm of Alchemy, who possesses the legendary Eyes of Execution, how can I let this child grow up?

The Elder of the House of Wan Jian had also guessed it correctly.

He is an exceptional figure in the Taoism Community, a cultivator of the completion level. His skills far exceed those of Fang Ming Yuan. When Ling Xian swung his second stroke, he had already correctly guessed where he was on the cultivation journey.

’’A peerless talent of only 14 or 15 years old, he has already accomplished a feat impossible for most. The Perfect Realm, the Eyes of Execution, where does one find another one like him...?’’ The mysterious man had seen much of life and encountered people of every caliber. He knew Ling Xian was a gem he must have.

’’Such talent is worthy of being called Heaven's Favorite!’’


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