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Painting Of The Nine Immortals - Chapter 5


Chapter 5: Menace of the Inner Eyes

Translator: Tatienne Editor: Rundi

The short man's face drooped in dissatisfaction. He stared at Ling Xian coldly, ’’I may have ignored your existence until now. But with a qi level of three, how dare you anger us? Are you tired of living?’’

’’You two alone aren't enough to kill me,’’ Ling Xian said confidently. He truly believed that he can easily slaughter these two using merely a fraction of the power his Eyes of Execution could offer.

’’You don't have a lot of training under your belt, yet you are so arrogant,’’ the tall man peeked at Ling Xian through his peripheral vision, ’’it isn't easy being a hero. You need actual skills and experience.’’

’’I am well-aware that it isn't easy being a hero. I am someone who doesn't like getting involved in things. If you didn't trap me with these pillars and threatened to kill the lady over here, I wouldn't be having thoughts of killing you right now,’’ Ling Xian chuckled ruthlessly.

’’Young man, you sure are conceited,’’ a murderous expression loomed onto the tall man's face. Qi from the sixth level began to pour out of his body. He looked at Ling Xian and said, ’’don't blame me when you enter the underworld. If you want to blame something, blame your miserable fate.’’

’’Don't waste so much time talking to someone so worthless, big brother. Watch me kill him with one move,’’ the short man grinned atrociously. His fingers moved rhythmically, commanding a spell. This time, seven fireballs in the size of fists appeared out of thin air. At the speed of light, they moved toward Ling Xian.

The Seven Star Electric Fire Technique.

This technique was considered to be a strong technique due to its fast speed and the extent of the damage it could cause. However, because the short man was obviously not properly trained yet, the fireballs he summoned had no electric current running through them. Therefore, its speed and damage were nowhere near what it could be if they were perfectly casted.

Ling Xian's expression turned serious. Simultaneously, one of his eyes turned black, the other turned white. He has unreleased the fourth ranked Inner Eyes, the Eyes of Execution!

Suddenly, the seven fireballs seemed to have slowed down. Their flight paths became clear and predictable to Ling Xian.

This was the Eyes of Execution's first ability. They could slow down the attack formed by the opponent, allowing the user to pinpoint the opponent's weakness.

Ling Xian began to move his feet, dodging from left to right. His movement was graceful, like a butterfly flying through a flower bed. Just like that, all seven fireballs missed him.

’’What...’’ The short man's eyes widened. He couldn't believe it, ’’how is it possible... dodging my Seven Star Electric Fire Technique?’’

Ever since he learned this technique, there hasn't been a single monk who dodged them. Even the high leveled monks could only cast other spells to try and counterattack. Seeing someone successfully dodge the attack was fascinating for him. He shook with nervousness.

Ling Tian Xiang was also in awe. Unlike the two brothers who were shocked at Ling Xian's ability to avoid the attack, she was captivated by the pair of black and white eyes he had. After all, she was the eldest daughter of the Ling Clan and has witnessed and experienced much more than the two brothers had. But his eyes still caught her off guard. Though unsure of the specifics, she was certain that they were one of the legendary Inner Eyes!

The Inner Eyes that could only be awakened by those with true talent!

Ling Tian Xiang's mind was blown. When did the City of Qing acquire an extraordinarily talented, yet spiteful young boy?

’’The Seven Star Electric Fire Technique, not as good as I thought it would be,’’ Ling Xian placed his hands behind his back. His body language alone made the brothers feel threatened.

’’Dammit, young man, don't be so cocky. You were simply lucky. Try avoiding me again if you dare!’’ the short man squinted his eyes. Using all his strength this time, he again summoned seven fireballs and directed them towards Ling Xian's direction.

Dong! There was a loud rumble. Almost immediately, a heavy gust of dust filled the air. Ling Xian walked out of the thick cloud of dust nonchalantly. His white robe not at all dirtied from the attack.

The short man's face whitened as if he had seen a ghost. All the blood drained from his face as he realized that successfully dodging the fireballs might be luck the first time, but succeeding a second time meant he has definite skills!

’’My turn now,’’ the corners of Ling Xian's lips curved up. In his eyes, you could see the sunrise, the sunset, the earth splitting, and the sky crackling. Waves of dust and fog started to rise and form around him. Slowly, the dust gathered and solidified into a blood-stained and majestic looking sword.

The Sword of Extinction!

The sword was one of the nine transformed forms of the Eyes of Execution. Formed out of fog and dust, it could slice through the heavens and pierce the underworld. It was known to be indestructible. The legends had it that it was a valuable treasure of the gods.

It had been 12,000 years since the Sword of Extinction has appeared. As if grumpy to be woken up from a deep sleep, the sword emitted surges of ice cold killing aura. It displayed violence and blood to its audiences, forcing them to watch murderous and destructive scenes one after another. In one scene, there was a man with red hair dressed in red. He held the sword as he stood on top of a mountain and heartlessly stared at a pile of blood drenched dead bodies. It was an image of what hell would look like.

The brothers shook with fear, their organs were bursting with terror. They were overwhelmed by the strong killer presence of the sword. Their hands and feet turned cold, and they've forgotten how to move.

’’When the sword holder has the will, he could lead the battle in any direction he wants,’’ holding tightly onto the sword, Ling Xian felt a gush of emotions and he believed then that he could take over the world.

His qi level was also rising fast, escalating from the third level to the fourth, the fifth, and then finally stopping. It was another ability the Eyes of Execution brought him - an instant increase in qi levels. Though he has too undertrained to unlock the eyes' potential fully, his current state was enough to raise his qi by two whole levels!

This came to show how truly frightening the Eyes of Execution were!

The short man had lost all his will to live. He was arrogant over the fact that his qi was at level five. But how in hell did the third level, the young boy he looked down upon, suddenly reach his level?

’’I can't just sit and wait for death!’’ the tall man clenched his teeth together and spat out some blood. Abruptly, the ground cracked open and a 30-meter-tall giant emerged from the ground and dashed toward Ling Xian.


A giant foot stepped down and shook the entire ground. The stone giant raised its arms and formed two fists. Aimed towards Ling Xian's head, it smashed!

The whoosh of wind messed up Ling Xian's hair. Without any changes in his expression, Ling Xian lifted the sword above his head to block the fists. Streams of blood-red spirits ascended out of the sword and stabbed into the giant's body. The next thing they heard was a bang! Ling Xian bounced backwards from the force while the giant cracked from the sword's impact.

’’Explode!’’ Ling Xian said coldly. He held the sword with his left hand as his right hand drew out a hand seal. Abruptly, the giant's body cracked more and more until there was nothing left but dust.

’’Is that all you've got? Then let me send you on your journey to the dead,’’ Ling Xian's expression was unforgiving. Fog seemed to be twirling in each of his black and white eyes. The Sword of Extinction emitted a thousand rays of red light. He pointed the tip of the sword to the sky, the sky turned blood red. The threatening and violent atmosphere scared off many birds and animals, as countless trees withered.

The handsome face, the mythical blade, the suffocating atmosphere... At this moment, Ling Xian felt like he was a master of the sword, an Immortal, the ruler of all beings.

Lian Tian Xiang felt faint. Staring at the outline of his striking frame, a strange emotion flashed across her eyes.

This moment, this scene, deeply imprinted in her brain never faded for the rest of her life.

As for the other two, they were petrified. Their bodies uncontrollable shuddered and their minds filled with horror.

’’Monster! You are a monster!’’ the short man screamed.

’’Goddammit, how did we piss off such an evil being!’’ the tall one didn't understand what regret was until now. He suppressed his apprehension and casted the strongest technique he knew. An enormous yellow door surfaced from cracks on the ground and stood before the brothers, blocking them from Ling Xian.

’’Die,’’ Ling Xian pointed to the sky. Thousands of rays in the sky converged and solidified into a thick and heavy red sword. The blade it formed was simply divine.


The sword flew by and slid through the stone door with ease. It then split into thousands of bloody knives, stabbed through the brothers and left their dead bodies unrecognizable.

They never would have guessed that their lives would end in the hands of a young boy who had a qi level of merely three. Compared to their fifth and sixth qi levels, how could they have known?

’’This is my first time killing someone. It makes me a bit uncomfortable,’’ Ling Xian thought to himself as he walked forward. He took the brothers' personal pouches, then looked towards Ling Tian Xian. The woman must know about his Inner Eyes now. But him having the Inner Eyes was not something he should expose, at least not until he's trained enough to protect himself.

The tallest tree was always the first to be destroyed by the wind. It was a simple concept to him.

’’You actually won...’’ Ling Tian Xiang said cheerfully. She was shaken and impressed by the fact that Ling Xian had the Inner Eyes. She did not expect, however, that he would win the battle so easily, so crisply.

’’Thank-’’Ling Tian Xiang smiled happily. Before she could finish her sentence, she felt a shiver up her spine, ’’you want to kill me?’’

Ling Xian had placed the sword against her white neck. He whispered, ’’as the eldest daughter of the Ling Clan, you must've seen a lot. You know that I have awakened a pair of Inner Eyes, don't you?’’

Ling Tian Xiang was planning on denying it. But under the stare of those mysterious yet mortifying eyes, her heart shivered with fear, ’’you are scared that I would tell the world that you have the Inner Eyes. If that is the case, then you can kill me, slice me, whatever you want. I rather die in your hands than in the other bastards' hands.’’

Ling Xian frowned. In all honestly, he did not want to kill the woman. Though she was a high up and was respected in the Clan and he was born insignificant with thin Clan blood flowing through his veins, the two of them were still collateral relatives. Strictly speaking, he should call her Aunt Liang Tian Xiang.

’’Swear on your soul that you will not disclose what you saw today to anyone. What happened today will stay here, and that is the end,’’ Ling Xian said softly.

Liang Tian Xiang's eyes brightened. She swore on her soul as he had requested, then she carefully asked, ’’can you tell me your name? And release the seal they set on me?’’

’’Xian Ling is the name,’’ Ling Xian said, switching around the two characters in his name. He swung the sword to unleash her from the inhibition spells. He then shut his eyes. When he opened them again, they were back to normal. The sword had also evaporated into a thick fog.

’’The bans have been lifted. I assume you can get out of this jungle yourself,’’ Ling Xian glanced at Ling Tian Xiang, ’’take care of yourself.’’

He turned and disappeared among the trees.

Ling Tian Xiang's face darkened. She watched as Ling Xian left and stared after him for a long while even after he was gone. When her mind returned to reality, she dusted the white robe he left her, and coincidentally, a piece of black medal fell from the robe to the ground.

It was the identification medal that every member of the Ling Clan carried.

’’Xian Ling... Ling Xian... You are a member of my Ling Clan,’’ she giggled, ’’Ha, I would like to watch you try running away from my palm,’’ a trace of joy and excitement flashed across her glistening eyes. She then smiled brightly, causing the whole city to succumb to her beauty.


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