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Painting Of The Nine Immortals - Chapter 419


Chapter 419: Silent Communication and Isolation
"I am not making a joke. I am serious. I have never been so serious. It doesn't matter if you accept or not, the moment you snatch back the Bai Clan for me, everything the Bai Clan has is yours. Including… me."

Bai Xiao Qi was expressionless and unreadable. But her tone was stern and did not allow any questions.


Ling Xian sighed deeply. He cannot deny the fact that this offer was far too tempting. He was controlling the Chu Clan, and had the Yan, Nan, and O Yang Clans indebted to him. If he could become ruler of the Bai Clan, he pretty much dominated the Trading Island.

In other words, if he took back the Bai Clan, he could become the ruler of the Trading Island!

This had been the biggest temptation he had faced in his lifetime. However, he had always seen capabilities as the most important factor and was not very interested in having control over everything.

Thus, Ling Xian merely smiled, "Oh well, I will help you take back the Bai Clan, but the seat of the ruler is a seat you should sit in."

"Like I said, it doesn't matter if you accept or not, the Bai Clan is yours." Bai Xiao Qi's face was serious.

"It is too early to talk about this. Let's destroy the mysterious force first." Ling Xian smiled, "I have already told Leader Yan that after I breakthrough, I will declare war against the mysterious House. So, you should prepare yourself as well."

"Yes, Ling Xian, do not worry. I understand." Bai Xiao Qi nodded seriously. It appeared that she had grown and was a lot calmer than before.

"We have no way out. The battle we are about to face will be a harsh one. Either we die, or they die." Ling Xian sighed. Looking at the clouds in the sky, determination flashed in his eyes.

Yes, there was no way out for him or Bai Xiao Qi. There was no way out for the other four clans.

Even though the war came strangely for him, the relationship he had with the mysterious force was not something he could change now. If his side lost, then only death awaited.

It was that simple.

Alive or death, only these two paths remain. The forces cannot exist in peace.

"Ling Xian, we will win!" Bai Xiao Qi formed a fist and waved it around.

"Yes, we will win." Ling Xian grinned and patted Bai Xiao Qi's little head. He then walked towards the Clan's palace and left behind one sentence that echoed throughout the Clan.

"From now on, I go into isolation. Do not disturb me."


It had been half a month since the Bai Clan's invasion. Everyone on the Trading Island now knew about what happened.

Then, someone smelled the scent of war.

To know that the five controlling forces have dominated the Trading Island for thousands of years. Even though the forces have had friction, there has never been a large scale war. But now, after the Second Elder took over, they invaded the O Yang Clan. What did this mean?

It means a war is coming.

What happened next confirmed everyone's guess.

In recent days, the Bai Clan frequently made moves. First, they summoned back all the descendants who were training outside the Clan. Then, they retracted their defensive line to only the core locations of the Clan. As for the land used for production or land used for trades, they were all shut down.

At the same time, the Yan, Chu, O Yang, and Nan Gong Clans made similar moves. If people still did not realize what was going to happen, then they would really be considered idiots.

Everyone on the Trading Island knew what was going to happen.

The Trading Island was in the middle of a violent war. After the war settled and the storm passed, a new ruler will be born!

It was still unknown if the true and sole victor of the war will keep the island peaceful like before. But one thing was for sure.

The war was destined to happen!


As the entire Trading Island made their respective military moves, Ling Xian's ears were like closed windows that stopped all outside news from entering. Instead, he isolated himself in a palace.

He wanted to breakthrough to the intermediate stage of the completion level.

Under a normal circumstance, every little breakthrough was very difficult to achieve after one became a a completion levelled cultivator. No matter how talented one was, a lot of time and training was needed. Ling Xian for example, had been in the completion level for half a year, yet his Qi did not improve at all.

This was when he trained daily. Thus, it was apparent how difficult it was to achieve anything after being in the completion level. But before his eyes was a great opportunity. It was the source of Hidden Territory, given by the O Yang Leader.

As everyone knew, the Hidden Territory was divided into four types, Heaven, Earth, Mystery, and Gold. They corresponded to the four levels of the original levels. The one given by the O Yang Leader was the Earth one, a treasure that can be used by a completion leveled powerhouse.

Back in the City of Qing, Ling Xian had consumed this once. That time, his Qi level jumped from level six to level nine. Thus, it was apparent how useful this object was.

This was why Ling Xian decided to isolate and achieve his breakthrough before declaring war.

"Time is precious, let us hurry."

Ling Xian mumbled to himself. Summoning, a bubble of fog appeared before him. It was the source of the Hidden Territory.

The object was very unique looking. From the outside, it looked like a bubble of fog, but gave off the vibe that it was water. When it appeared, it exuded very powerful spiritual energy. In addition, it appeared to be very pure.

"This will probably help me breakthrough to the intermediate stage of the completion level."

Looking at the hazy fog before them, Ling Xian grunted. He then calmed himself down in preparation to breakthrough.

After a while, he had dialed up his physical condition. Without any more hesitation, he inhaled deeply and the hazy fog entered his body through his nostrils and mouth.

In the next moment, the pure spiritual power turned into spiritual energy and nourished his organs and bones.

"I will now turn this energy into my own Qi." Ling Xian mumbled. He formed a hand seal and took control of the flowing spiritual energy inside him. The spiritual energy spun around the Golden Dan and was absorbed by him slowly.

Without a doubt, this process was going to be a be a slow one and time will be needed to absorb all the energy. However, compared to decades of training, this speed was extremely fast. He will reach the intermediate stage of the completion level in a very short amount of time without any side effects.

One has to admit, the source of the Hidden Territory was a great one. However, it was far too rare, very few people can get their hands on one.

"Now, we wait patiently," Ling Xian murmured to himself and closed his eyes. He continued to control the spiritual energy inside of him and waited for the moment of breakthrough.

Just like that, time passed by little by little.

In the blink of an eye, half a month passed. During this time, the environment was getting more and more tense. Everyone who lived on the Trading Island noticed this difference.

The five Clans continued to move around their warriors and placed them strategically. Those who didn't know, thought it was all preparation for war. Those who knew, knew that nobody was making a move because they wanted to wait and see who would be the first to attack.

Without a doubt, the Chu, Yan, O Yang, and Nan Gong Clans were all waiting for Ling Xian. As for the Bai Clan, they were waiting for that mysterious House.

After another five days, the mysterious House finally made its move. The moment they appeared, they made a loud statement.

The content of it was simply one statement, [All four Clans must admit defeat within five days or kill Xian Ling. If the above is not achieved, the streets will be cleaned with the four clans' blood.]

As soon as this statement was made, the entire Trading Island fell into astonishment. Everyone was in disbelief as they didn't expect anyone to threaten the four clans.

Everyone living on Trading Island also knew that without confidence, nobody would dare to challenge the four clans.

After hearing this statement, everyone was enraged and all requested to send their armies and fight the mysterious House. However, all the upper figures of the Clans ordered for silence and waited for Ling Xian to come out of his isolation before a decision was made.

This was all because Ling Xian had saved Xian had saved these Clans and they all saw highly of him. The leaders of the clans didn't dare to order their soldiers freely, but instead, wanted to wait for Ling Xian's orders.

Just like that, the little wave before the storm calmed down. However, the atmosphere became more and more nerve wrecking. The smell of war was in the air.

As the four clans waited for Ling Xian's signal, the one who had been sitting in the dark in a lotus position finally opened his eyes. In that instant, two rays of heavenly light shot out of his eyes and pierced through space.

Then, Ling Xian slowly stood up. Around him were powerful winds that caused the entire palace to rumble.

"Intermediate stage of the completion level…"

Mumbling, Ling Xian's right hand formed into a fist. As he felt the increasingly strengthening Golden Dan inside him, he couldn't help it but to reveal a smile.

After more than half a month of hard work, he finally absorbed the source of the Hidden Territory. The result, as he predicted, was that he arrived at the intermediate stage of the completion level. Also, he had formed a strong foundation in this level and he did not need to spend any more time to train.

This had saved him at least weeks of hard training!

"I bet everyone at the four Clans are impatient by now." Ling Xian's lips curled up. His dark pupils were as profound as ever. "Since I have broken through, then it's time for me to attack the mysterious House."

Then, he marched forward, carrying with him undying determination and the belief to win.

He had broken through. The war was about to start!

Even though this will be a war without one side being completely right, it was an unavoidable war. It was also a war that will come with great price. If Ling Xian wins, he will live, if he loses, he will die.

Thus, this was a war that didn't allow failure!

"Come at me, my blood has been boiling for a long time."

Ling Xian mumbled. He then sent a three thousand mile crane to the Chu, Nan Gong, and O Yang Clan Leaders. The content of his message was simply three words.

Send your soldiers!


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