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Painting Of The Nine Immortals - Chapter 39


Chapter 39: Boisterous

Translator: Tatienne


Ling Tian Qing was silent. He did not understand why the Elder before him was being so

friendly and what his intention was. After some consideration, he shook his head. ’’Thank you

Elder, but I will pass on that offer. A Revitalization Dan is useless to me.’’

’’As long as you have made a decision.’’ Ling Xian nodded.

’’He can have it if he wants, but...’’ Ling Tian Qing's eyes glimmered as he laughed. ’’I won't

make it easy for him.’’

As he spoke, he stood up, stared right at the hot faced Leader Fang and yelled out, ’’I bid 30,000

spiritual stones!’’

Leader Fang's face fell. He looked up at where Leader Ling was and shouted sternly, ’’35,000!’’

’’40,000!’’ Qing Tian Qing responded immediately.

’’Alright, alright,’’ Leader Fang said. He really wanted to give up on the Revitalization Dan and

leave. However, to accomplish his clan's grand plan of overtaking the City of Qing, he needed to

acquire the Revitalization Dan. For that, he tightened his fist. ’’I bid 50,000 spiritual stones.

Ling Tian Qing, if you have the guts to offer more than that, then the Dan is yours!’’

’’Alright, 55,000!’’ Ling Tian Qing sarcastically snickered and teased. It was as if he didn't care

about the money at all.

The two clans have been butting heads for way too long. After fighting against Leader Fang

both under the table and openly, he knew of his habits and his plans. He was completely aware

of the fact that Leader Fang needed the Revitalization Dan. Therefore, he was not at all afraid of

the empty threats Leader Fang expressed.


Leader Fang was enraged and shot out of his seat. His spiritual energy was creeping out of his

body. Like a raging tornado, it instantly wrapped around the entire auction ground.

Half foundational level!


A long hum pierced the silence room. Then, Leader Fang's spiritual bubble deflated like a

balloon. He stepped backward for four to five steps as his cheek flushed red.

’’Leader Fang, if you plan to follow the regulations of the auction and bid on things accordingly,

I won't interfere. However, if you want to show off your half foundational level of training then

I must ask, do you see me as a decoration?’’ Ling Xian's face was calm, but a storm was brewing

in his eyes, sending chills down everyone's spines.

Leader Fang forced himself to swallow the mouthful of blood. Despite his humiliation and

outrage, he did not dare to show his true emotions. Instead, he lowered his head and said, ’’I

have been irrational, and I apologize that I have offended you. I hope you will be able to forgive

a small character like me.’’

In the cultivation community, there are many unwritten rules. To demonstrate vigor before

someone stronger is a huge taboo and is considered very offensive. If this taboo were breached,

then nobody would pity the weak one even if he gets killed.

This was the cruelty in the cultivation community!

The strong ones have the rights to be unreasonable!

’’I'll let it go this time. If this happens again, I will not let it slide so easily,’’ Ling Xian spoke

softly. He didn't really know about this unspoken rule, and he merely wanted to stand up for

Ling Tian Qing. After all, he belonged to the Ling Clan, how could he just do nothing?

’’Yes, thank you, Elder, for your generosity,’’ Leader Fang felt more humiliated by the second. He

was the leader of the Fang Clan and was one of the five most important figures in the

community. Everyone had to lower their heads and call him leader when they walked by him.

When has he ever had to deal with this much degradation?

He wasn't allowed to speak the words on his mind nor move his body the way he wanted to.

Leader Fang was bathing in anger, yet he could not express any of his emotions. Before him,

was a cultivator in the completion level. A simple hum from him caused him to a mouthful of

blood. He did not want to imagine the consequences he would have to face if he angered that


’’Does Leader Fang want to raise the bid? If you want to stop competing, then I will be taking the

Revitalization Dan for my own pocket.’’ Ling Tian Qing smiled at Leader Fang. He was trying

hard to suppress his satisfaction with the situation. In the past, the two of them fought a whole

lot, but because their capabilities were similar in level, there never was a clear winner in each

fight. This time, however, using the Elder's abilities, he was obviously winning. Why would he

not be satisfied?

[So this is what real capabilities can grant you. Respect, fear, admiration, and not a trace of

disdain.] Ling Xian thought to himself. Other than exclaiming, he was also enjoying himself a

whole lot. The usual influential figures he had to behave carefully around were acting like little

sheep. They were choosing their words cautiously, trying hard to make him laugh while not

angering him. This sure was funny.

’’I offer 60,000 spiritual stones!’’ Leader Fang glared at Ling Tian Qing. In his head, he was

thinking, [If you bastard, raise the bid again, I will give up on the Dan! I want you to pay for

something you don't want!]

Just as everyone was anticipating for Ling Tian Qing to raise the bid, he sat right back down on

his seat and teased, ’’Heh heh, 60,000 spiritual stones... Leader Fang sure is rich. The Ling Clan

isn't as lavish and well-developed as your clan. I will no longer fight you for it. You can take the

Revitalization Dan.’’

Leader Fang's face remained dark. He predicted that Ling Tian Qing was playing against him

since the beginning and did not really want the Dan. However, to fulfill his plan of overtaking

the City of Qing, he had no choice but to be knowingly ripped off. When he thought about the

fact that he paid 60,000 spiritual stones for a Revitalization Dan, he felt a pinch of pain. Even

though the Fang Clan was famous for their richness, this amount of spiritual stones was a bit

too much to bear.

’’Alright, since nobody else is willing to make another bid, then I now announce that Leader

Fang has acquired the Revitalization Dan for 60,000 spiritual stones!’’ The middle-aged man on

the stage slammed down his little hammer.

The auction hall instantly got boisterous. Everyone in the room could hear the taunting.

The Revitalization Dan was very precious. However, to be bought with 60,000 spiritual stones

was a little excessive. There were only two types of people who would buy it at this high price.

One would be a cultivator whose life is hanging by a thread. Two would be a man who got

ripped off and couldn't complain.

Leader Fang was the latter. He thought those sarcastic cheers were knives to his ears. So he

merely glared at Ling Tian Qing and left.

’’Haha, he is angry from embarrassment.’’ Ling Tian Qing was very joyous and did not mind the

anger Leader Fang directed at him. The two of them have been battling for a long time, and this

wasn't the first time something like this happened. With their hatred as deep as the sea, there

will come other opportunities where they will try to kill each other.

’’Thank you, Leader Ling, the Qi Zhen Pavilion made a lot of profit because of you.’’ Gong Suo

Xin smiled and unintentionally seduced everyone in the room. Everyone gasped at her beauty.

There was an old saying that says the third party always benefits from the tussle. In this case,

Gong Suo Xin was definitely the third party. A Revitalization Dan in the market was only 30,000

stones. However, because there was never enough supply to meet the demand, it's worth a lot

more at auctions.

She would've been satisfied with 40,000 spiritual stones and did not expect at all that Ling Tian

Qing would end up helping in raising the price to 60,000. She was very content, and thus her

smile was very natural and enchanting.

’’Manager Gong, you are too polite. I simply do not like that bastard.’’ Staring at that lovely face

of hers, Ling Tian Qing appeared to be a little infatuated. The next second, however, his head

cleared. He did not dare to provoke this woman. Based on the fact that she did not hesitate to

tell off a completion level cultivator and how she punished herself so cruelly, he knew that this

was a woman he should not irritate.

As the two continued chatting, the middle-aged man took out the fourth auction item. He

smiled. ’’This item is the long lost Qing Hua Dan. It cures those with poor blood flow and

reverses the damage to one's spiritual energy. If there are anyone here who has or has friends

and family with spiritual energy issues, then this is your chance.’’

The crowds became rowdy right away.

’’What! The lost Qing Hua Dan? The medicinal Dan that could cure those with a lack of spiritual


’’Hahaha, heaven did not abandon me. I must get my hands on this Qing Hua Dan. Nobody fight

with me!’’

’’Why? Your son has poor energy flow, so does my little brother. This Qing Hua Dan will be


What was the most important thing in the cultivation community?


Those with damaged spiritual energy or those with extremely poor blood flow cannot practice

Taoism freely. Not only does that mean they can no longer go on with their training, but it also

means the achievements they had before will disappear as time goes on. This was a horrifying

conclusion for any cultivator.

Unfortunately, for many reasons, it was very easy to damage one's spiritual energy, and there

were very few spiritual Dans that could cure this sickness. These Dans were also very high in

ranking. Those without capabilities cannot even see one in their lifetime, let alone purchase


Qing Hua Dan, though lowest in realm compared to the other Dans, gives superior results to

treat the disease compared to the other Dans. For people here in this little city, it was more than

enough and even arguably more suitable. When everyone heard the lost Qing Hua Dan was

brewed again, people were more than shocked!

Looking at how boisterous the place has gotten, the middle-aged man smiled. He gestured with

his hands to calm everyone down. ’’Everyone, please quiet down. There are two Qing Hua Dans

here, meaning two of you will be able to take one home. Don't hurt your friendships because of

this item.’’

’’However, before the bidding officially starts. I must make something really clear. Though Qing

Hua Dan is normally a sixth-realm Dan, today's Qing Hua Dan is only in the ninth realm.

Despite this, our very own alchemists have inspected them and can confidently declare that this

Dan has the same effects as the sixth-realm ones. These two Dans were personally brewed by

the Elder here, who is in the completion level. Therefore, I rest assure you, it is a top quality

Dan,’’ the middle-aged man added.

In an instant, every gaze focused on Ling Xian.

’’A ninth-realm Qing Hua Dan? I've never heard of it. Will it really work?’’

’’It should be okay. The Qi Zhen Pavilion is guaranteeing it. It was also the Elder who brewed it. I

don't think there will be a problem.’’

Sensing everyone's suspicion, Ling Xian was not angry. He understood where everyone's

doubts came from. After all, when the Qing Hua Dan is involved, it's usually serious. With a

beaming smile, he said, ’’Everyone, please don't worry. I can swear on my life, and on my

completion level of training that this Dan will work. If it doesn't, then I will end myself.’’

’’I, Gong Suo Xin, can also guarantee that if this Dan does not work, then the Qi Zhen Pavilion

will return you double the amount of money you pay!’’ Gong Suo Xin gracefully smiled.

After acquiring both Ling Xian and Gong Suo Xin's testaments, everyone felt more assured and

began to demand the man to start the bidding process.

’’Alright, I won't talk more then. The first Qing Hua Dan. Starting bid is 10,000 with a minimum

raise of 5,000 every bid!’’ the middle-aged man said.

’’20,000!’’ someone screamed, raising the price to 20,000 in one go!

’’30,000!’’ someone else added.

[Yes, raise the price. The more you bid, the better.] Ling Xian, looking at the rowdy situation,

was filled with pride and joy.

The Qing Hua Dan was brewed by him. If these Dans were able to create such an uproar, then

naturally he should feel proud. On top of that, whatever price it ends up being sold for will go

into his own pocket. He was happy about that.

’’Elder, look at how much they want the Qing Hua Dan.’’ There was something profound and

mysterious in Gong Suo Xin's gaze.

’’I thought I gave you three Qing Hua Dans, why are you only auctioning two?’’ Ling Xian asked.

’’Qing Hua Dan has been lost for a very long time. To have it suddenly appear in the market

again is a big deal. The Qi Zhen Pavilion needs one. But, Elder, don't worry. We will pay you for

the other Dan at whatever price these two end up going for,’’ Gong Suo Xin explained.

With relish, Ling Xian smiled. Looking at her alluring eyes, he saw right through her.

’’You want the Dan so you can try and decipher my recipe?’’


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