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Painting Of The Nine Immortals - Chapter 379


Chapter 379: A War between two Women
The Sun had just risen, spraying down golden light rays that reflected off the tall mountains.

On top of the mountain peak, Ling Xian sat with his legs crossed and began his day of training.

Swirls of spiritual energy from heaven and earth dashed out and entered his mouth, nourishing his organs. Then finally, the energy converged at his Dantian, emitting a golden light that was loud and bright.

The golden sparkling light made Ling Xian look like a heavenly being that was grand and difficult to read.

It was as if the heavenly light that never diminished would pale next to his handsomeness.

It had been exactly 10 days since the banquet. After everyone paid their respect through alcohol, Ling Xian finally could no longer sustain himself. He left the banquet early and under the kind accommodation of the Yan Clan, he took shelter on this mountain peak.

Bai Xiao Qi followed along.

Something trivial happened amidst all of this and that was how Yan Ning Zhi was not happy about Bai Xio Qi living together with Ling Xian. For this, she fought against Bai Xiao Qi for seven days straight. The battle between the two women only ended when Ling Xian interrupted.


Exhaling a murky breath, Ling Xian slowly opened his eyes. Two light rays shot of his eyes sharply as if thunder bolts were shooting through the void.

"Just as recorded in historical records, after cultivators reach the completion level, training speed slows way down."

Getting a sense of the perfect golden Dan inside his body, Ling Xian sighed and muttered to himself, "After 10 whole days, I have not advanced in training at all. I have to figure out a way to breakthrough."

"What a pity. Opportunities to breakthrough are so rare, where do I ever find those?" Ling Xian rumbled on and sighed again.

Nobody's cultivation journey is smooth all the way and there will always be obstacles. Ling Xian went from an ordinary being to a completion levelled cultivator in six years – this transition was already hard to believe.

If this news becomes widely known, countless cultivators would be puking blood from anger. They train harshly for decades and cannot reach the completion level. Yet Ling Xian achieved this feat in merely six years. The gap between abilities is far too huge and could be described as the distance between heaven and earth!

For this reason, Ling Xian decided to let it go for a while and think about the alliance first. "Leader Yan went on his way seven days ago. It will take him around three months to speak to all three leaders. It seems like I have to be patient this time."

He then stood up to find Bai Xiao Qi to talk about the next steps.

However, the moment he stood up, a blue silhouette descended from the sky and landed on top of the peak.

Her skin clear, her eyes dewy, her hair dark and flowy, she truly looked like a goddess who was visiting from Heavens.

It was Yan Ning Zhi.

"Ling Xian."

Yan Ning Zhi called out and stared at the handsome young man. She smiled, "I wonder if you have any time right now? I want to invite you to a tea party."

"A tea party?"

Ling Xian paused, "What is that?"

"It's a typical gathering that happens on the Trading Island geared towards the younger generation. Only those with natural talent could attend. Though it's called a 'tea party', it basically is a place where people from the same generation can battle each other casually." Yan Ning Zhi explained, her eyes flashed with anticipation.

She was naturally quiet and did not enjoy busy settings. Going to the tea party was simply an excuse to hang out with Ling Xian.


Yan Ning Zhi raised an eyebrow and continued trying, "Ling Xian, let's go. There is nothing going on here anyways, it's a good excuse to get out of here. Today's tea party is a little different. Rumor has it that many strong cultivators will attend. Don't you want to go?"

"Strong cultivators of the younger generation…"

Ling Xian's eyes brightened. It had been a while since he fought and he felt like his bones were getting brittle. Yan Ning Zhi's words were somewhat convincing. He asked, "Anyone strong in particular?"

Seeing this, Yan Ning Zhi hurriedly answered, "Of course. I heard the strongest Heaven's Favorite from the Nan Gong House is going. Many other direct descendants will be going as well."

"I see. If that's the case then I can accompany you. It'd be good for me to go out and exercise." The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled out and his gaze became heated.

He did not enjoy war on a regular basis, but ever since he had his breakthrough, he hadn't fought against the younger generation. This was why he was wavering, as he wanted to go up against geniuses on the Trading Island.

"Perfect, then let us go." Yan Ning Zhi excitedly answered and led the way.

However, after she took a few steps, she heard a very annoying sentence.

"Wait for me, I will go as well!"

In the next second, Bai Xiao Qi descended from the sky. Nobody knew if she did it on purpose, but she landed between Yan Ning Zhi and Ling Xian.

This angered Yan Ning Zhi greatly, she pushed away Bai Xiao Qi and said, "Go away. I am taking him, it's none of your business."

"Psh, how's it not my business?" Bai Xiao Qi pouted, her eyes full of disdain, "I want to go, and I will go. What can you do to me?"


Yan Ning Zhi was very annoyed. Staring at the cute and small Bai Xiao Qi, she felt like she had never met a girl more annoying.

Logically speaking, she was born gentle and kind. Meeting the cute and smart Bai Xiao Qi, they should be friends instead of fighting against each other every time they met.

The reason for this was of course Ling Xian.

Emotions between a man and woman are torturous and hard to explain.

"Hmmph, what!" Bai Xiao Qi sneered, "Don't think I am afraid am afraid of you just because you are better in training. If you aren't scared, then fight me!"

"Who's scared of who? Come at me," Yan Ning Zhi was delirious at this point. Foundational Qi poured out of her and shook the mountain valley.

Seeing this, Bai Xiao Qi did not back down. She too, unleashed her foundational Qi to battle against Yan Ning Zhi's.

Instantly, the atmosphere turned heavy.

Just as the two girls were about to fight, a stern and unhappy voice suddenly rose, forcing them to stop.

"Stop it."

The moment the voice rose, the two girls glared at each other and took control of their Qi again.

"She started it." Yan Ning Zhi said bitterly.

Bai Xiao Qi hissed and innocently looked at Ling Xian, "She didn't want me to go. Xian Ling, you have to be on my side."

"Aye, you two…" Ling Xian sighed, feeling a headache settling in.

This wasn't the first time this had happened. Every time Yan Ning Zhi came over, Bai Xiao Zhi would interfere and they would engage in a battle.

Every time they fought, he had to step out and stop them. This frustrated him greatly but there was nothing he could do. Yan Ning Zhi… it wasn't always her fault. But Bai Xiao Qi… she wasn't always fully responsible.

"Hmmph, it's always this woman. She's always pulling on my tail." Bai Xio Qi pouted and mumbled, "I don't care. I want to go with you!"

"I won't let you no matter what. What can you do about it?" Yan Ning Zhi stared her down.

Bai Xiao Qi stared back unwelcomingly, "Okay, I will scratch the life out of that face of yours. I sure want to see how you plan on seducing Xian Ling after that!"

Yan Ning Zhi's face was red at this point, "How did I seduce him?"

"You come over every day! And every day you come up with some excuses to be with him. Hearing you call his name gives me goosebumps." Bai Xiao Qi faked a disgusted expression.


Yan Ning Zhi was enraged. Angry Qi once again washed out of her. She planned on teaching this girl a lesson.

Seeing this, Ling Xian shook his head helplessly, "Alright, can you all just be quiet."

Instantly, the two girl shut their lips.

"Ah… headache."

Ling Xian whispered to himself. First he looked at Yan Ning Zhi, "Ning Zhi, Xiao Qi is still young. Let her win sometimes."


Yan Ning Zhi felt wronged. But since Ling Xian meant so much to her, she could only nod.

"Hehe, I will see how you behave in the future."

After seeing Ling Xian warn Yan Ning Zhi, Bai Xiao Qi appeared very proud. She raised her eyebrows so high that they were almost flying off her face. However, this expression didn't last long. Her joy quickly turned into sadness.

"Xiao Qi, if you still want my help, then wait here." Ling Xian glanced at Bai Xiao Qi, "Also, don't use such ugly words. Seduce? Who seduced me?"

"Okay… I understand." Bai Xiao Qi nodded in sadness.

It was Yan Ning Zhi's turn to be happy. She looked at Bai Xiao Qi threatening and grabbed Ling Xian's arm and swung it around. In an instant, they disappeared.

"What a vile woman!"

Bai Xiao Qi stomped her feet and watched as the two shadows disappeared. She cursed, "Yan Ning Zhi, if you dare to seduce Xian Ling then I will teach you a lesson!"


Inside the sky, Ling Xian and Yan Ning Zhi moved quickly towards where the tea party was.

Ling Xian, like a celestial being, walked among the cloud leisurely.

The two of them walked on shoulder to shoulder. A beautiful woman and a handsome man, they looked like the perfect pair.

After walking like that for three days, a dense green forest finally came to Ling Xian's view. It was the location of the tea party.

Ling Xian's eyes sparkled of high expectation.

"Let me witness, just how different a genius of the Trading Island is."


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