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Painting Of The Nine Immortals - Chapter 33


Chapter 33: Qing Hua Dan's Miraculous Effects

Translator: Tatienne


Ling Xian was speechless. He's heard that people owed others spiritual stones and favors, but

never heard of owing questions.

’’Um... alright, then I will leave first,’’ Ling Xian thought about it for a while and ended up

accepting Lin Qing Yi's request. It was just answering two questions.

’’Then it's a deal, don't back out.’’ Ling Qing Yi smiled like a blooming flower. Her curled up lips

made it clear that she was ecstatic.

Ling Xian nodded before turning and left the cauldron room to go to Ling Hu's.

Ling Hu was pacing around in his house and mumbling, ’’brother, why aren't you back’’ and

’’hurry up’’ to himself.

’’Ling Hu, don't be impatient. If he can save my life, then he can. If he can't save it, then that's

ok too. I knew this day would come since three years ago.’’ Despite being close to death, Ling

Hu's mother's face remained composed and calm. There was no trace of fear.

’’Mom, don't say things like that. You still have to wait for me to get married and hold your

grandchildren.’’ Ling Hu walked forward and grabbed her hand. ’’Don't worry mom, brother is a

valuable alchemist now, and he definitely will found a way to save you.’’

’’I know, son. Ling Xian is skilled now, but I still don't want to hold too much hope. If he had a

way since the very beginning, he wouldn't have given you those 20,000 stones.’’ Looking at the

gloomy Ling Hu, Ling Hu's mother became nostalgic.

Ling Hu froze. Remembering about the 20,000 stone, he became enraged. He was not pleased

with Zi Zhen Pavilion.

’’Aunty, I'm back.’’

Ling Xian marched in with long strides. Looking at the barely breathing aunty, he took out a

Qing Hua Dan from his pouch and smiled. ’’Aunty, I brew the Dan that can save your life. Here,

take it.’’

’’Really?’’ Ling Hu grabbed Ling Xian's arm and exclaimed, ’’Can this medicinal Dan save my


’’When have I ever lied to you?’’ Ling Xian smiled and didn't say more. He flicked the Dan with

one finger. The Dan transformed into a ray of light and entered Ling Hu's mother's shocked and

slightly opened mouth.

Qing Hua Dan has been lost for a long time. Before, it was used to cure those with a lack of

spiritual energy and help boost damaged spiritual blood. Due to its properties, the moment the

Dan entered Ling Hu's mother's body, her cheeks became redder.

’’Uh...’’ Ling Hu could not believe his eyes. Did it take effect this fast?

’’Can you feel the energy, mother? This medicinal Dan seems to be really effective!’’ Ling Hu was

exhilarated, he almost started dancing.

To cure his mother's illness, he worked his entire life to earn spiritual stones, and he tried

various methods to heal her. However, to no avail, he could only watch her body get weaker

every day. Now that he finally saw some improvements in her, how could he not be excited?

’’It does seem effective. I feel like my bones are now stronger. Am I dreaming?’’ As the medicine

diffused into her body, she noticed the effects more.

All these years, her body worsened day after day. Even though she was not in a lot of pain, she

could only lie in bed and act like a vegetable. All these years, she could only watch her young

son work outside every day for a mother who couldn't do anything in return. How could it have

been bearable?

Many times, she thought of ending her life. However, when she pictured Ling Hu's pained face,

she could not bring herself to do it. Now all of a sudden, Ling Xian brings her a medicine that

could cure her, she saw hope, but she was more in disbelief.

’’Aunty, you aren't dreaming. If I weren't confident, I wouldn't have come back.’’ He waved his

arm and a soft spiritual power shielded and warmed her, speeding up the diffusion process of

the Dan.

’’Aunty, hold your breath, let me help you!’’

Ling Lu's mother nodded and closed her eyes. She focused on the Qing Hua Dan that she just


Ling Xian had a serious expression on his face. His spiritual mana swelled and spewed out from

his body and went into hers.

The Dan completely melted within her, and an energetic feeling flowed through her bones and

limbs. Her natural spiritual energy and blood were nourished.

It was apparent that color was returning to her face, and her breathing was becoming more

rhythmic. The illness that she's had since giving birth the Ling Hu was completely cured due to

the effects of the Qing Hua Dan.

Ling Hu mother's face was bright. Energy returned to her weak body, and everything was

improving. The Dan completely tackled the root cause of the disease!

Ling Hu watched nervously on the side. His hand subconsciously turned into a first. Happiness

and worry took turns being expressed on his face.

He was happy because he saw a chance of curing his mother. He was worried because he has

been disappointed many times over the years and was deeply scarred by them. Every time he

saw hope, he would worry that another disappointment would follow.

This time, however, he over worried.

Ling Hu's mother's disease was not very severe. However, it was dragged on for too long, and

that's why she was in such a terrible state. Qing Hua Dan was a miraculous Dan that could grant

mana and strengthen blood flow. Though Liao Cang Qiang simplified it from being a sixthrealm

Dan to a ninth-realm Dan, and the effects decreased as a result, it was still more than

enough for Ling Hu's mother.

Ling Xian inhaled deeply and wiped his sweat off, ’’Aunty, how are you feeling now?’’

Hu's mother slowly opened her eyes; her face was full of astonishment. She could feel the

energy in her body, and how rejuvenated she was. She grinned while two streams of tears rolled

down her cheeks.

’’I feel great right now. Ever since I gave birth to Ling Hu, I never felt so good. I feel like I'm

back to my 20's.’’ Ling Hu's Mother had a refreshed and renewed complexion. Vitality and

agility filled her body.

’’Mother...’’ Ling Hu cried out of happiness. He grabbed her hand and just stared at her in


’’Why are you just staring at me? You don't recognize me anymore?’’ Ling Hu's mom was

bright-faced and red-cheeked. Her eyes sparkled, and even her wrinkles faded by a lot. She

really did become younger and found the beauty she had before she was sick.

’’Hehe, I really don't recognize you! You got prettier. No wonder you seduced my dad,’’ Ling Hu


’’What are you talking about, little man!’’ Ling Hu's Mother mocked. She looked at Ling Xian,

and she thanked him, ’’Ling Xian, I was able to live because of you. I will show you my

appreciation with my actions. All the favors I owe you from all these years, I will pay you back


Ling Xian waved his hand and purposely said in anger, ’’what are you talking about? If it weren't

for you a few years back, I might not be alive today. Why are you treating me like I'm not your


’’That's not what I meant Ling Xian.’’ Ling Hu's mother sighed deeply. ’’Back in the day, I saw

how lonely and unsupported you were, and that's why I brought you home to take care of you.

I've always thought of you as my own child. But I... I owe you too much.’’

’’Aunty, I've always thought of you as a motherly figure. Stop saying you owe me things. If you

keep saying that, I will really be mad.’’ Ling Xian stiffened his face purposely.

Ling Hu's mother stared at him lovingly and smiled. ’’Alright, I'll stop talking.’’

Ling Hu kneeled down with a thump and clearly said, ’’Brother you saved my mother, and to me,

that's the same as saving my life. In the future, my life is yours.’’

Ling Xian frowned and lifted Ling Hu up with his spiritual mana. ’’What did you call me?’’

’’Brother,’’ Ling Hu was a little confused, he wasn't sure why he was asked that.

’’Excellent. Since you called me brother, then your mother is my mother. Why would you need to

kneel before me? How dare you say your life is mine? What would I do with your life? Your head

is just a decoration!’’ Ling Xian shouted, and Ling Hu shuddered in fear.

Ling Hu then explained in a whisper. ’’That's what they write in books. After a life is saved, you

pay your savior with your body.’’

’’That's what women do. You are a grown man, why do the same?’’ Ling Xian laughed.

’’The same goes for men. Women pay with their bodies by dedicating their lives to being the

men's servants. Men pay with their lives too. They take the savior's last name and jump into

lava for their saviors without complaint.’’ Ling Hu answered.

’’Not bad, you learned some stuff.’’ Ling Xian wanted to both laugh and cry. ’’Alright, stop

wasting time by talking nonsense. Even though Aunty's illness is healed, she's still weak and

needs rest. You come with me and let her sleep.’’

Ling Hu's mother looked at the two lovingly and smiled. ’’Ling Xian's right. You guys go, I'm a

bit tired.’’

’’Then mom, I will go. You rest well, ’’Ling Hu said before leaving the house with Ling Xian.

’’Outside the house, Ling Xian patted Ling Hu's shoulder. ’’Hu, aunty's healthy now. It's time for

you to focus on training.’’

Ling Hu scratched his head and laughed, ’’Yes, the kilograms of heavy weight on my shoulders

is finally gone. I'm relieved.’’

’’Remember, in this world, you are the only one who can protect yourself. Only through training

will you become undefeatable, and only then can you protect what's important to you,’’ Ling

Xiang exclaimed. If he never gained the ability to train, he would only be able to watch Aunty


Fortunately, not only did he begin his cultivation journey, but he also became an apprentice of

an Immortal. His luck allowed him to achieve so much today. He could now protect himself and

protect those whom he cared about.

’’Brother, I will remember that.’’ Ling Hu solemnly nodded and then apologized, ’’my mother

was very sick these few days, and I missed the competition. I'm sorry I disappointed you.’’

’’You're being dumb again. As brothers, why do you talk in that manner?’’ Ling Xian shook his

head helplessly and took out an object from his pouch and swung it before Ling Hu's face. ’’Look

at what this is.’’


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