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Painting Of The Nine Immortals - Chapter 292


Chapter 292: The Mirror that Broke the Demons
The seven mountain valleys smashed down from the nine heavens, carrying with them the force of an army, and all were aimed to kill Ling Xian!

The terror of it all was enough to freeze the air and crack open the earth!

However, faced with the seemingly inescapable seven mountains, Ling Xian did not move. Instead, he extended a fist and locked onto the seven mountains.

After a loud "bang", the seven mountains finally broke to pieces!

Simple and violent!

That was the most direct feeling everyone at the scene felt. Even with their identity and capabilities, they were shocked.

To break down the Seven Destructive Mountains was something every Heaven’s Favorite here could achieve. However, to have done it so aggressively and directly, other than Di Tian, nobody could do it.

For this reason, all seven Heaven’s Favorites were now composed of nothing but shock. Even the best of the generation, Di Tian, was frowning slightly, knowing that he has underestimated Ling Xian.

The others were the same. Getting rid of their original thoughts, they no longer firmly believed that this battle was one that Ling Xian was destined to lose at. It was a battle with great unpredictability!

Additionally, it was a battle between a real tiger and dragon!

"Di Tian, what else have you got, come at me. Mere Seven Destructive Mountains is not enough to slow me down."

Ling Xian stood with his hands behind his back. His white robe fluttered softly in the wind, making him appear sage-like.

"Ling Xian, I admit that I have underestimated you. You are stronger than I have anticipated," Di Tian spoke softly. The murky gas around his was starting to vanish, and his real visage was revealed.

He was an extremely handsome young man.

His black hair was down to his back, his jawline was square, and his build was athletic and strong. Him, standing there alone, appeared like a heavy mountain.

At the same time, he appeared like an honorable immortal who descended into the mortal realm. Even though he simply stood without moving, there was something about him that made others feel like he could see and control everything and anything.

This was the prominent Di Tian!

Very few people have seen his real face. Rumor has it that when he exposes his real self, it means he was ready to use all he’s got to win against the enemy.

"Hehe, our boss has decided to show his true abilities. This will be a fun show."

"If I’m not wrong, the last time our boss did this was against the first Hidden Dragon. Even though he did not win, he did not lose by a huge margin."

"That’s right. It appears that our boss is ready to unleash one hundred percent of his real capabilities. No matter how strong this person is, there is no way he can fight against our leader!"

The seven Heaven’s Favorites spoke as they confidently stared at the now visible Di Tian.

Displaying his true self was like unlocking a chain. An unchained Di Tian was without a doubt, far more powerful than before!

"Ling Xian, I have shown my true self. This means I will now fight with my real abilities. You can now die without regrets." Di Tian’s gaze was heated. His strong build was like a masculine demon who had no opponents in this world.

Ling Xian’s expression froze a little as he felt the increasing threat from his opponent. However, he remained fearless. "Good. Then I look forward to defeating you while you are in your best condition."

"The throne I sit on is above the nine heavens. If you want to defeat me, then you must have the wings to fly above the heavens." Di Tian grinned tauntingly.

"Sadly, I do not believe you have the pair of wings that can get you up there."

"No, you are wrong."

Ling Xian was calm, "Ever since I began cultivating, I was equipped with the wings to fly above the nine heavens. The only difference is that back then, they were not strong enough. In fact, my wings today still are not strong enough. Despite that, it is enough to beat you down from your throne."

"Then why don’t you try? I will help you define what it means to know your own limits." Di Tian coldly sneered. His black hair danced wildly in the wind. A terrifying demeanor poured out of him.

In the next second, he crouched down and dashed over like a tiger. Between each movement, a borderless amount of heavenly light exploded!

Another battle begins!


Unafraid, Ling Xian swung his right arm up and lifted up an entire mountain peak. Then he smashed it towards Di Tian!

Everyone gasped. Did he lift an entire mountain peak? How strong was he?

"You are seeking death!"

Di Tian’s eyes shot out two streams of heavenly light that shot through the mountain peak.

Then, he inhaled deeply and howled an ear-piercing howl similar to the sound made by a White Tiger Beast.


The Heaven Swallowing White Tigerl!

Another powerful and well-known technique was used by Di Tian. It became apparent how good and experienced this person was.

When the silhouette of a white tiger emerged, his demeanor became more and more terrifying. After another loud howl, the space quivered, and everything around him was in shock.

"Not a bad move."

Ling Xian frowned as he felt the blood boil in his body. He called out the Armor of the Royal Spirits and blocked out the horrible sound vibrations. Then, his eyes flashed, and the Halberd of the divine Warrior appeared!


After a cold shout, Ling Xian flung himself off the ground. The Halberd of the divine Warrior emitted a dazzling amount of heavenly light, aiming directly at Di Tian’s throat.

"Hmmph, if I can destroy this weapon once, then I can destroy it a second time!"

Di Tian clasped his hands together and formed a mysterious seal. An infinite amount of light became a barrier of his that pushed out the Halberd of the divine Warrior and disallowing it to move forward, nor backward.

The God Inhibition Spell!

Then, he unclasped his hands at lightning speed as energy poured out of him like waves and headed for Ling Xian!

The Deep Ocean technique!

Within this short period of time, Di Tian has unleashed two dominating techniques. It was obvious that he has seen a lot, learned a lot, and has deeply rooted fundamentals.

"Hmmph, you sure do know a lot of techniques. Sadly, they are nothing against my capabilities!"

Ling Xian sneered. The black halberd swept all around him and dispersed all the clouds and wind!


The Halberd of the divine Warrior tirelessly destroyed the endless amount of pressure from the two techniques.

However, just as the Halberd destroyed the second move, Di Tian summoned a third technique!

His left hand formed a fist, and his right hand remained flat on top. Immediately, sand and debris were blown off the ground, and the heavens changed colors.

A gigantic round Sun emerged, emitting burning heat. The high temperature could seemingly boil the ocean and char the sky and set everything on fire. Following it was a cold and aloof moon that unleashed enough coldness to turn this entire place into a frozen hell.

The Spell of the Sun and the Moon!

Forced to be in-between the world of ice and fire, Ling Xian felt an insane amount of pressure. A flash of red light passed by and the Sword of Execution materialized in midair. Alongside the Halberd of the divine Warrior, they sliced towards the Moon and the Sun!

Booom, boooom, booooooom!

A series of earthshattering rumbles woke up the sky. Ling Xian mercilessly made his moves. Using both the Sword and the Halberd, he was ready to break down this technique!

"Very good. You broke down three of my techniques. Sadly, you cannot fight against the gods!"

Di Tian screamed. His black hair was now flying wildly in the wind. Turning more and more into a demon-like creature, the energy he exuded was getting more hellish as well.


An infinitely amount of heavenly light shot through the cloud as silhouettes of ancient beasts began to appear behind his back. Dragons were flapping their tails, phoenixes were fluttering their wings, white tigers were howling, and more and more ancient beasts continuously emerged.

Above the sky and below the ground were flooded with silhouettes of these beats. They were all growling as they tightly garnered the attention of everyone!

Without a doubt, this was another legendary technique!

Tens and thousands of beasts were moving aggressively, shaking the world and shattering the heavens. All with the aim to kill Ling Xian!

"Enjoy being a part of these beasts’ feast."

Di Tian, watching these beasts attempt to slaughter Ling Xian without pausing and became rather smug. It was as if he was certain that Ling Xian will now die.

In the next second, however, his prideful smile froze on his face.

"You think silhouettes of beasts can stop me?"

Ling Xian shouted. The Halberd of the divine Warrior and the Sword of Extinction both emitted heavenly light and slashed at the groups of beasts!


A golden goose flew over using her steel like wings.

However, before it could even attack, Ling Xian had sliced it into pieces that dyed the sky red.

Then, a one-sided rampage started.

Whether it was a dragon, or a phoenix, before Ling Xian, they were without status, without name!

None of them could even make it through one attack!

Before long, all the silhouettes in the sky vanished, and peace was restored.

"Di Tian, die!"

Ling Xian angrily screamed. Like a godly monkey climbing a tree, he appeared before Di Tian at an astonishing speed. The black Halberd slashed across like a lightning bolt that was aimed directly between the opponent’s brows.


"God damn, you broke my Endless Sea of Beasts." Di Tian, for the first time, became emotional. He once again clasped his hands together in midair, as if trying to combine heaven and earth. Then, under the force, the entire space became twisted and chaotic.

In an instant, the Halberd was frozen in mid-air!

"Hmmph, to make a move I’ve already seen is not something to brag about!" Ling Xian coldly sneered. The Halberd once again shone brightly!


As soon as he spoke, the space quivered. Di Tian was now bleeding from both hands as he suddenly staggered backward.

However, Ling Xian followed him closely. Pointing his Halberd before him, he locked in his killer instinct.

This Di Tian was a once-in-a-lifetime opponent and he did not dare to be reckless. He will not grant him a chance to take a break. Instead, Ling Xian must kill him while he has the chance!

"Ling Xian, you have pressured me to do this. You should be proud."

Di Tian’s expression was heavy. Forming a hand seal with both hands, heavenly light once again sprung across the sky!

Wave after wave of scripture readings passed by, strangely rhythmic and powerful. Carrying with it, a strange power that startled everyone.

Gold lotuses began to bloom in mid-space. The green sky was suddenly raining flowers. All types of phenomenon began to occur that filled the area with heavenly light and rainbows.

Following that, a tall and stocky figure appeared in midair. Carrying the ghosts of three thousand demons, his temperament was unprecedented and shocking!

"Ling Xian, to be able to die from my god given technique is an honor of yours."

Di Tian’s face was matter-of-factly. His god given technique was his strongest technique, and was one of the best in the world!


Di Tian shouted, three thousand demons all fixated their gazes onto Ling Xian before screaming out loud!


Three thousand demons, three thousand yells. The terror of this all changed heaven and earth’s color!

"Haha, finally, it’s here. Three Thousand Spiritual Demons, our boss’ strongest move!"

"This person is dead for sure! Even the first ranked Hidden Dragon puked blood after going up against this move!"

"He deserves it. He was the one who dared to challenge our boss. Death is his best fate!"

After the summoning of the three thousand beasts, everyone finally calmed down. Their tone was full of confidence and certainty that Ling Xian would not get out of here alive.

However, Ling Xian did not think he was going to die. Even though this move was astonishing to everyone, did he say he has run out of cards to play?

After a flash of heavenly light, the Burnished Mirror of Spirituality appeared!


Shooting out a pillar of eternal light, it greeted the three thousand demons!

Instantly, the world was silenced.

The mirror broke the demons!


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