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Painting Of The Nine Immortals - Chapter 288


Chapter 288: A Deal
Heaven and Earth shattered open as the world rattled. The entire Medicinal Garden of Immortality was immersed in this strange force.

Lu Chao Xian and Fang Yun were weaker in capabilities. Thus, they were both puking blood as they sunk into the ground until half of their bodies were buried.

Ling Xian was the most capable. Despite that, his face was pale as the blood in his chest boiled. It was apparent just how overwhelming this force was!

"I cannot just do nothing and get hurt like this!"

Ling Xian gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. When they reopened, all four transformative qualities were now around him.


The Sword and the Halberd howled as a gush of terrifying Qi rolled out in all four directions!

Sadly, he was defeated.

The two transformative weapons alone were not enough to break this strange inhibition feeling. This force felt like a real Immortal had made a move and decided to lock down this place.

"What is going on? There is no way cultivators inside the Palace of Fortune could summon a technique this strong." Ling Xian frowned. Glancing at Lu Chao Xian and Fang Yun, he noticed that they were puking blood and cannot endure much longer.

"Dammit, they can’t hold on much longer." Ling Xian’s face changed color. Even though under this pressure, he felt his organs shift, his life was not in danger in the short term.

However, Lu Chao Xian and Fang Yun can no longer hold on. Their lives were hanging by a thread.

"Hold on!"

Ling Xian shouted, alerting the two people who were drifting in and out of consciousness. Then, he summoned the Burnished Mirror of Spirituality!

However, just as if he was about to unleash the eternal light, he felt his entire body relax. The stress he was feeling disappeared like smog. It was as if nothing had happened.

"F*ck, are you joking with me?"

Ling Xian held onto the Mirror and stood there dumbfounded. Despite his personality, he couldn’t help but curse.

However, this was not the time to be pondering over what had happened. He turned around and quickly pulled Lu Chao Xian and Fang Yun up from the ground. Then, flickering his fingers, he forced two spiritual Dans into their mouths.

Then, he used his own spiritual energy to help them digest the medicine.

"Phew… Thankfully, your lives aren’t in danger." Ling Xian breathed out deeply. Looking at the two barely conscious people, he said, "Luckily the strange force dissipated all of a sudden. Or else you two would’ve died here."

"Aye... I don’t know what happened. That force came fast and left fast, this Medicinal Garden sure is eerie." Ling Xian sighed. Recalling the feeling of being completely useless against a violent force made him feel weak.

Just as he pondered over what exactly happened, a crisp voice rung.

"Do you wonder what had happened?"

Immediately, the hair on Ling Xian's neck stood up. He glanced all around and screamed, "Who is it? Come the f*ck out!"

"Don’t be afraid. I have no ill intention."

The gorgeous voice filled the air again. Then, Ling Xian saw a scenery that he would never forget in his lifetime.

A lady beautiful enough to bring down an entire nation walked towards him in midair. Her white robe fluttered in the wind, like an immortal from the ninth heaven, her temperament was extraordinarily stunning.

Of course, Ling Xian has seen many magnificent looking ladies in his life. If that’s all she was, then it wouldn’t be enough to stun him.

What really shocked him was that when the lady appeared, the Essence of Herbalism transferred information to him!

Remember that the Essence of Herbalism will only speak to Ling Xian after seeing a medicinal herb. But at this moment, Ling Xian’s brain was flashing him with information about this spiritual medicine.

What did this mean?

Could it be… this woman was transformed from a spiritual medicine?

When he thought about this possibility, Ling Xian’s head tingled. He stared at the woman defensively and sneered, "Stop right where you are. If you come any closer, I will make a move."

"If I wanted bad things to happen to you, you would’ve died a long time ago." The lady in white revealed a faint smile that dimmed the beauty of flowers and the shine of the moon.

Ling Xian frowned. Faced with someone he couldn’t read made him afraid to be reckless. He hesitated. "If I am not mistaken, you are the transformed form of a spiritual medicine aren’t you?"


The lady in white raised an eyebrow. She appeared very calm, but in her heart, there were an never ending amount of waves that were crashing into every corner of her body.

She never thought, and she never believed that someone would disclose her identity in one statement!

"So you really are…"

Seeing her strange expression, Ling Xian breathed out a breath of murky air, "How unbelievable. You really are formed from spiritual medicine."

For a spiritual medicine to acquire a human form was something impossible. At least, it was something he has never heard of.

Pay attention now. It is specifically spiritual medicine taking the form of a human, not the elf kind.

When Ling Xian first saw the Purple Dwarf, the Essence of Herbalism did not relay any information. It was because the Petal of Enlightenment has become a spiritual being, and was no longer considered a herb.

But now, before this extraordinarily looking lady, the Essence of Herbalism revealed information. This meant she was not an elf kind, but an actual spiritual medicine!

"I cannot believe you correctly guessed my identity."

Nobody knows how long this lady in white has lived. She has always been calm, and nothing shocks her anymore, not even the sky falling.

But at this moment, her collected self was feeling the emotion caused by giant tidal waves.

This was all because her identity was seen through by Ling Xian.

To her, this was unbelievable!

"Do you find this hard to believe?" Ling Xian bitterly smiled. "I rather not know your identity. This was something impossible. I have never heard that a spiritual medicine could take a human form."

"There is nothing that’s impossible. There are too much mysteries in the world. Just because you haven’t heard of it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist."

The lady smiled and pushed away the shock she felt. She stared at Ling Xian with interest. "I am curious. How did you know my identity? Under a normal circumstance, even cultivators with better training than you cannot see through my identity right away."

"That is a personal matter. I cannot disclose," Ling Xian whispered.

Hearing this, the woman frowned in silence, "That’s okay. If you do not want to say, then I won’t force you."

"Thank you for that."

Ling Xian was relieved. "Now I am sure that you really do not have ill intentions towards me. Or else you would not allow someone who knows your identity live on."

"You can know all about me. Even if you tell everyone in the external world, the Palace of Fortune is not a place anyone can just enter."

"That is true. Even if a lot of senior cultivators are interested in you, they cannot enter." Ling Xian nodded and asked, "Tell me, why did you decide to appear right before me?"

"I like people who are straightforward."

The lady in white grinned. "I am before you now because I want to make you a deal."


Ling Xian became intrigued, "Tell me more."

"I need you to do something for me." The lady in white had a serious expression. Looking at the handsome youth, she spoke a statement that was impossible for Ling Xian to decline.

"As for payment, I can give you a spiritual medicine of your choosing from the Medicinal Garden of Immortality."


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