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Painting Of The Nine Immortals - Chapter 275


Chapter 275: A Sea of People
In the sky, the glorious Palace of Fortune floated in place while releasing a halo of heavenly light. Its presence was ancient and eternal.

The Palace itself was pure gold, bands of Yin and Yang energies swirled around it. Its ambiance was antique and mysterious, like a place where Immortals themselves might live.

This was the eternally standing Palace of Fortune.

The moment it materialized, it exuded a sense of prosperity and caused the Heaven and Earth to quake.

In the next second, a rainbow formed and lotuses grew out of the soil. All sorts of phenomenon occurred one by one and lingered in space. Like a dream, like a fantasy, the entire scenery was magical.

"This is… the Fortune of Palace activating!"

"Haha, the rumor was true! I am here to snatch all the fortunes and pave out a path as someone powerful!"

"Treasures, techniques, and weapons… All kinds of fortunes are in this palace! I must go in!"

"The Palace of Fortune is inches away, what is everyone waiting for!?"

Countless people stared at the golden Palace with greed written on their faces.

In the next second, those who set up base in the Zi Yang House made their moves and flew towards the Palace of Fortune. They were terrified that if they were too late, the Palace of Fortune would shut its door.

The many many nomadic cultivators outside the Zi Yang House behaved just the same. They fought each other off as they edged themselves closer to the Palace.

Because the news of the Palace of Fortune opening in the Zi Yang House has spread all over the 36 islands, every single political force sent a representative to the Zi Yang House just to wait for the opening of the Palace of Fortune.

Therefore, the second the Palace of Fortune materialized, countless number of cultivators surrounded the golden palace.

The backdrop of it all was spectacular!

"The Palace was Fortune is finally opening its door." Yan Ning Zhi gawked at the golden palace as heat flashed across her eyes.

Ling Xian curled his lips, his eyes full of anticipation. "Let’s go and check out just why the Palace of Fortune is so legendary."

Then, he flipped into the air and arrived roughly five hundred feet away from the Palace.

Yan Ning Zhi followed him closely and stood shoulder to shoulder with him.

The Palace was hanging in midair and was now emitting an infinite amount of heavenly light that was blinding and dazzling.

A countless number of cultivators circled the Palace of Fortune. Looking from afar, the number of heads there was endless.

There was a sea of people.

It was apparent just how attractive the Palace of Fortune was to people.

None of these cultivators headed straight into the Palace of Fortune however. Because according to ancient records, not everyone can get into this place. Only those in the foundational level of training could enter.

In other words, those who are below the foundational level cannot enter, nor can those above it. Even after they enter, they must pass the Palace of Fortune’s test before they could really go in and acquire fortunes for themselves.

These cultivators were waiting, waiting for the Palace of Fortune’s test.

"I wonder what kind trial it will be this time," Yan Ning Zhi stood closely by Ling Xian and muttered softly.

Ling Xian frowned, "The test is different every time?"

"Yes. According to ancient records, the last time the Palace opened its door, it only allowed in those under the age of 30." Yan Ning Zhi glanced at Ling Xian strangely. This was something everyone on the 36 islands knew, why wasn’t he aware?

"I see." Ling Xian nodded softly.

"Do not worry. no matter what test it is, with your capability, you will be able to enter." Yan Ning Zhi brightly grinned, her voice highly encouraging.

"I sure hope so." Ling Xian returned her smile. Staring at the eerier golden palace, his gaze was highly passionate.

The Fruit of Mystery was something he had to get for himself!

Just as the two were having their conversation, the Palace of Fortune suddenly began to shake as the image of the Palace solidified even more. Layers of golden light grew and expanded, and circled the cultivators who were close to it.

"It is the Halo of Convergence. The Palace of Fortune is finally being activated!"

"Haha, endless amount of fortune, here I come!"

"How lucky of me to encounter the Palace of Fortune that only shows itself once every few centuries? This is a God-given chance!"

Showered with golden light, a minority of those here were feeling more and more relaxed as the rest were drowning in enjoyment.

In the next second, the sky quivered!

The cultivators who were touched by the halo felt their worlds spin. Under the mysterious pull of this strange power, they vanished.

Those people were not accepted into the Palace of Fortune right away. Instead, they were teleported to a place they’ve never been before in preparation for the Palace’s trial. Only those who pass the test have the privilege of entering the Palace itself.

Then, another layer of blessing light draped down, sending the second wave of cultivators into that world.

Very quickly, the Halo of Convergence sent all the cultivators to the other world until only the last circle of cultivators left. This was the area where Ling Xian was standing.

"Is this the beginning?"

Ling Xian curled his lips as he finally felt the strange pull. He did not resist but instead, welcomed the Halo of Convergence to unleash its power on him. Then, he felt a rush of dizziness as if he drank a mouthful of poisoned soup and forgot all about his current life.

Perhaps it was only in the blink of an eye, or perhaps a century passed. But when he woke up, he found himself in a vast and borderless world.

He was surrounded by whiteness, and all he could see was a vague fog. It was impossible to figure out the exact environment he was in.

Just then, a stone paved path appeared right before his eyes. On top of the little road was another thick layer of murky air. Step by step, the road ascended and led towards an unknown future.

Soon, Ling Xian found shadows of people standing up around him. There were at least tens and thousands of cultivators who have been teleported here with him.

Noticing the stone road, all these people began to chatter.

"This is no Palace of Fortune. This is a place where we are being tested."

"That’s right. Only one road is shown. This means it’s all a test."

"I agree with you. Perhaps the Palace of Fortune want us to take this road?"

Everyone debated and voiced their guesses about the meaning of it all.

Ling Xian frowned slightly. Using his Qi, he tested out that rocky road and felt a rush of power that was as profound as tea. It made him feel strained as if a tall mountain was falling on top of him.

Just as everyone continued to guess, an emotionless voice suddenly echoed in everyone’s eardrums.

"Climb the rocky road before you. The cultivators who can ascend in three hours pass the test and can enter the real Palace of Fortune. Those who fail to do so are deemed unqualified and will be dejected back to the external world."

"Time starts now. Please manage your time wisely."

The cold voice, though emotionless, exploded in everyone’s mind like a bomb.

After a short pause, everyone flung themselves towards the paved path.

However, the moment the first cultivator touched the first rock step, he felt an overpowering force of resistance that threw him backward.

Following him, a series of pained screams pierced through the air. All the cultivators who touched the first step of the path were pushed backward. Those on the weaker side even vomited blood.

This has shocked everyone!

Those who were slow in getting themselves to the path were now staring wide-eyed at the ancient looking path.

"This sure is strange."

Ling Xian frowned and said, "The Palace of Fortune’s test sure is not easy."


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