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Painting Of The Nine Immortals - Chapter 245


Chapter 245: The Perfect Medicinal Dan
To judge the quality of a medicinal Dan, there are three major criteria people seek for.

One is the rank. The higher the rank, the stronger the medicinal composition.

Two is the effects. Some spiritual Dans can have the lowest realm but have the most extreme effects.

The Luxury Dan for example, delivers insane results. Even though it belonged to the sixth-realm, its effects were comparable to Dans of higher realms.

Three is the rank of the Dan. The rank indicates just how much the Dan composes of medicine, which is particularly important.

As everyone already knows, medicinal Dans have miraculous effects, such as fastening cultivator’s training and healing internal wounds. However, very rarely do geniuses decide to consume medicinal Dans.

This was because every time medicinal Dans takes its effect on people, a small trace of poison is also released. If this poison is not expelled, it will stay within the body and slowly build up. As a result, the cultivator’s natural talent will be harmed, and their future becomes dim.

For this reason, no cultivator with extraordinary talent would lavishly consume medicinal Dans. After all, nobody would choose a temporary moment of success over a bright future with endless possibilities.

Of course, only one type of Dan is harmless for all, and that is the perfect tenth ranked Dan. However, to the Taoism community right now, this Dan has become a myth.

In the past few thousand years, nobody has been able to brew a perfect Dan!

Even the grandmasters who belonged to the first realm have not been able to achieve such feat. It did not mean that their alchemy skills were lacking, it was that they could not manipulate and infuse the spiritual medicines to perfection. Therefore, they have been unable to make a tenth ranked Dan.

From this, one can see how difficult it is to brew a perfect medicinal Dan.

Now, Ling Xian was about to attempt a perfect Foundational Dan. If successful, he would not only make the Immortal of Alchemy proud, his name would also rattle the world and leave an imprint in history.

It was exactly noon. The Sun was at the highest point.

White fog hugged the mountain peak, making everything appear hazy.

Ling Xian sat, unmovingly, in a lotus position on the ground, allowing the wind to blow on him.

Before him was a purple cauldron that was half a human tall. On it, were delicate art carvings of flowers, birds, fishes, insects, the Sun, the Moon, and other small patterns.

Placed beside the cauldron were 12 types of dazzling spiritual medicine. They were the ingredients needed to brew a Foundational Dan.

In reality, in those three years behind closed doors, Ling Xian has brewed the Foundational Dan several times. However, the best he’s done was an eighth ranked Dan. From this, it is obvious that the perfect Foundational Dan, to him, was a very difficult test.

However, he had confidence that he could make the perfect Foundational Dan.

Because he had the Essence of Herbalism and knew every ingredient by heart.

According to rumors, the first owner of the Essence of Herbalism was the legendary Shen Nong Shi.

This person spent his lifetime caring for the common people. Risking his own life, he collected and tasted hundreds of spiritual medicines and eventually became knowledgeable of all herbs in the Taoism community. From there, the Essence of Herbalism was born – the first of its kind in the mortal world.

This Dan Essence is incomparably magical. Every time the owner sees a spiritual medicine, all the information about it will appear in their brain. Acting as the encyclopedia of herbs, it was a treasure all alchemists desire.

The reason why Ling Xian was able to brew a seventh rank Dan the first time he ever tried was because of this Essence’s help.

Without the Dan Essence, there was no way his alchemy skills would grow so quickly. Within a short few years, he has achieved more glories than most alchemists ever could in their lifetime.

It was because of this Dan Essence that he has the guts to try brewing this now.

Why has nobody been able to brew the perfect spiritual Dan?

It was largely because nobody could manipulate and infuse the spiritual medicines to perfection. Even the grandmasters from the first realm could not achieve so.

However, the owner of the Essence of Herbalism, Ling Xian, can!

Not only does he know all the information regarding the spiritual medicines, but he could also maximize the effect of them and form the perfect combination.

From there, brewing the perfect Foundational Dan was not impossible.

Of course, this also did not mean that he will definitely make Dans of this caliber. Achieving that also required the perfect manipulation of soul, meticulous control of the flames as well as an extensive amount of alchemy experience.

Only when the combination of these four things reach an optimal point, could this feat be achieved!

Without a doubt, Ling Xian already possesses the most important aspect. As for the other three, only fate can decide.


Ling Xian exhaled a breath of murky air. Staring at the purple cauldron before him, he muttered to himself, "If I can brew the perfect Foundational Dan, Master would be really proud."

"Master, are you really going to attempt the perfect medicinal Dan? This isn’t a joking matter, you shouldn’t try," Yun Meng was worried that Ling Xian would not be able to deal with the failure.

"I understand your worry. Do not think too much. What kind of person am I? Even if I fail, I will not blink twice," Ling Xian gently laughed, assuring Yun Meng.

Then, he slowly closed his eyes and attempted to adjust his body to the best condition it could possibly be at.

After a while, he suddenly opened his eyes wide. His mentality has been prepared, and it has now reached a peak it has never been before.

"Bring it on. Let me, Ling Xian, challenge this legend and break this unchanging scenery that’s been here for thousands of years!"

The corner of Ling Xian’s lips lifted. His eyes were sparkling, brimming with confidence.

Spinning, he flapped his sleeve and the Flame of Purity "whooshed" out of him and entered the cauldron.

"Spirit Ascension Seal!"

Ling Xian’s expression was imposing as he formed a hand seal. He has unleashed an alchemy technique recorded in the Immortal of Alchemy’s inheritance.

The Spirit Ascension Seal, one of the strongest alchemy techniques created by Liao Cang Qiong. Though it was not a wildly known technique, it was very useful. It could increase the ability of the cauldron and guarantee that even if the brew of the Dan fails, the cauldron won't explode.

Ling Xian learned the Spirit Ascension Seal a long time ago, but haven’t had the chance to show it off. This was because the Dans he usually brews does not require this technique. However, since he was attempting a perfect Foundational Dan, he had to be prepared.

The purple cauldron began to glow in a depressed shade of purple that soon filled the whole area. It only calmed down after a very long time.

Seeing this, Ling Xian knew that the technique had taken its effect. Forming another hand seal, he proceeded to display two alchemy techniques.

One was the Rejuvenation Technique that enhances the success rate of Dan brewing and the other increases the rank of the Dan.

The two alchemy techniques were the proud techniques of Liao Cang Qiong. Though never made publicly known, they were capable enough to waver any alchemist’s heart.

Using those two techniques combined with the Spirit Ascension Seal has proven Ling Xian’s determination regarding today’s brew.

Remember that he has never used any alchemy techniques with any of his previous brews. But now, to be using all three has shown his dedication!

His dedication to brewing the perfect Foundational Dan and break the scene that’s been there for thousands of years.

"Let’s start."

Ling Xian was focused. Swinging his sleeve, a strange looking blue herb flew into the cauldron. Engulfed by the Flame of Purity, it began to melt.

To ensure nothing goes wrong, Ling Xian did not extract the essence of all the spiritual medicines together. Instead, he did it one by one to ensure the quality.

After about half an hour, the blue medicinal herb lost its skin and was left with only its essence. Different from its usual powder form, this time it was liquid like water and was completely wrapped by soul.

This shows that the spiritual herb has been perfectly extracted by Ling Xian.

"A perfect extraction is a good start."

Looking at the liquid form of the spiritual herb, Ling Xian nodded in satisfaction. Waving his hand, the second spiritual herb entered the cauldron.

After another half an hour, the second spiritual medicine turned into a liquid as well. Not only did this indicate a perfect extraction, but it also symbolized a closer step to a perfect Foundational Dan.

Then, the rest of the 10 spiritual herbs entered the cauldron.

A long wait followed.

By the time all 10 of the spiritual herbs have been extracted, the Sun had set and all have been transformed into a liquid form.

Without exceptions, all were perfectly extracted!

This result shocked Yun Meng, and Yun Yan and Ling Xian’s own confidence multiplied.

To brew a perfect Foundational Dan, perfect spiritual medicine was required. Without question, Ling Xian has done the first step.

Then, a flawless manipulation of the soul and the flame was required. When all three of these are achieved, the tenth ranked Foundational Dan will be born!

Looking at the twelve drops of essences, Ling Xian’s lips curled up in satisfaction, "I have finished the first step. As for the rest, I want my name to be remembered in history."

Then, he divided his soul into 12 sections, each of them cradled an essence. In the end, he combined them all together.

This step was crucial, therefore, Ling Xian was very cautious.

A droplet of sweat rolled down his forehead. He was fixated on brewing and did not dare to be careless.

After two full hours, the sun had completely set. A crescent moon hung in the night sky, draping down soft lights.

Inside the purple cauldron, a fist-sized golden Dan was beginning to form and was vibrating with an insane amount of spiritual energy. However, don’t be mistaken, this Dan has not finished brewing.

This was merely the shell of it. Whether it can become a Dan is still uncertain.

"Phew… next step is up to fate," Ling Xian exhaled deeply. Standing up slowly, he wiped off his sweat with his sleeve.

"Master… a perfect Foundational Dan… is… about to finish?" Yun Meng’s tiny face was beet red, even her voice was shaking.

Yun Yan was just the same. Staring at Ling Xian with excitement, she waited for an accurate answer from Ling Xian.

Remember that a perfect Dan hasn’t been born in thousands of years. Cultivators have even forgotten about the existence of the tenth ranked Dan.

Before their eyes however, a perfect Dan was about to be born.

To any cultivator fortunate enough to observe this, this was a huge honor!

How could the two sisters not be overwhelmed!

"Right now, it is merely the shell. I have done everything I could. Whether or not it succeeds is dependent on Heaven." Ling Xian grinned. Though he announced that he was unsure about what will happen, his tone exposed his high level of confidence.

"Master, it will succeed. I believe in your capability!" Yun Meng formed a small fist. She was both excited to see a miracle, and a little shaken up.

Ling Xian smiled and rubbed her little head. "You will see the result soon."

As soon as he finished speaking, the purple cauldron suddenly began to shake aggressively. A Dan that was emitting an endless amount of light suddenly rose to the sky!

In the next moment, a phenomenon occurred. Sheets after sheets of golden clouds converged into one as a dense Dan fragrance began to disperse throughout the entire House of Zi Yang!

The Dan rose to the sky, surrounded by the golden clouds! The aromatic smell of it has spread miles far!

A phenomenon caused by a perfect medicinal Dan!


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