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Painting Of The Nine Immortals - Chapter 21


Chapter 21: Three Arrayed Ancient Blood

Translator: Tatienne Editor: Rundi

Painting of the Nine Immortals was a rare and divine spatial instrument.

This internal world of the painting was not that different from the external world. There were ponds, rivers, lakes, and oceans;sun, moon, stars and time;flowers, birds, fish, and bugs;grass, forests, mountains, and rocks. The world also transforms based on the owner's mood and thoughts. The land was borderless and infinite.

The internal world was filled with spiritual energy. One day of training in this world equaled to three days of training in the external world, which was why it was known as rare and divine.

Spatial instruments were categorized into three types based on their special properties. The first type was the Blessed Land. Blessed Land had a radius of around ten miles. The land was often used to plant medicinal herbs or raise spiritual pets. The amount of spiritual energy in the area was about two times the amount of the external world.

The second area was known as Fascinating Space. Better than Blessed Land, the spiritual energy in these areas were four times the amount of the external world. The amount of area it occupies was ten times larger and had a radius of around one hundred miles. Any human could enter the world. As well, the place grew exclusive mystical items.

The third world was called Little Universe. This world continuously changed, its land was infinitely large, and it reacted and expanded based on its owner's cultivation process. This world not only contained spiritual energy that was ten times stronger than the external world, but it was also the hiding place of the Three Thousand Roads and the Rules between Heaven and Earth. These rules include concepts like time, space, and transmigration. Once the owner cultivated to a certain degree, the Little Universe turned into a tangible real world.

Additionally, as long as the owner was inside the universe, he or she would have full control over the universe. Even if an opponent who was much better trained and much stronger attacked the universe, once the owner dragged the opponent into the universe, the opponent would end up defenseless because of the favoritism the universe showed towards its owner.

These three types of spatial instruments were equally rare. Even the lowest leveled Blessed Land could easily lead to a bloody battle. In the entire cultivation community, the total number of these instruments could be counted on ten fingers, let alone the rarest one, Little Universe.

The Painting of the Nine Immortals was the third type of spatial instrument - Little Universe. This particular painting, however, only had spiritual energy levels three times the amount of the external world. That was because it is currently defective and the laws guiding the world is incomplete. Hence, the true power of the world could not be fully expressed.

Ling Xian was sitting on a giant green rock in a lotus position. His eyes were tightly shut, and he was unmoving like an old monk. Spiritual energy was twirling around him and slowly entering his body, nourishing his organs and pumping through his veins.

Every wave of spiritual energy was like the spring rain, moisturizing his body. With every exhale, his qi level increased.

After Ling Hu had left, Ling Xian entered the painting to train. He was someone with a strong personality. For that wild and far away dream of his, he had no choice but to believe, to preserve, and to treasure every second of every day.

Then, just as he was paying full attention to his training, he suddenly felt a dry heat inside his body. Every drop of blood seemed to be burning at extremely high temperatures. Like a gushing river, every drop of his mysterious blood was rushing toward one direction and eventually converged inside his chest. Everything was burning;everything was boiling.

Frowning, Ling Xian was unsure of what was happening. However, he could feel that the blood inside him was about to erupt like a volcano. His blood, like lava, was just about to explode and melt every inch of him.

’’Could this be... the majestic blood master talked about?’’

Clenching his teeth and biting away his pain, Ling Xian's entire body was evaporating at a fast speed. His skin was bright red and was starting to crack.

In the history of the Taoism community, there were only two majestic cultivators.

One was named Yue Pang Gu.

One was named Yue Hong Jun.

The term ’’majestic blood’’ was derived from these two saints.

One paved a path between heaven and earth, and one sacrificed himself to perfect the heavenly rules. This pair of ancient godly figures established the world that is today.

Majestic blood had nothing to do with who the parents of the child were. It could randomly be born within a newborn. According to ancient records, since the beginning of time, a cultivator with majestic blood would be born every few ten thousand years. The baby may be born into a mortal family, or the baby may also be born as a demon.

Rarely were people able to unlock the seals set by the heavens. Most lived their entire lives as a mortal, who kept busy but had no real purpose.

People like Ling Xian, who had the fortune of unlocking his seals under the help of an Immortal, are almost non-existent.

’’Damn, if this continues, I will be burned alive!’’ Ling Xian panicked. The majestic blood in his body was about to be completely awakened.

The majestic blood wanted to wake up. However, the other three inhibition spells inside Ling Xian's body were not agreeing. Their existence was to stop the majestic blood from awakening and not let Ling Xian enjoy the advantages of having supernatural blood.


A sky cracking noise rumbled across the sky.

A giant silhouette appeared above his head. It covered much of the sky. The atmosphere was grand and desolated.

The air turned foggy, and the world became humid. All of a sudden, there were nine jade pillars with carvings of a five-clawed gold dragon on each pillar. Because the first array was activated, the dragon turned very lively. All nine dragons were moving simultaneously, with their teeth bared and claws ready to attack. Surges of mighty forces extended downward and pressed onto the red-bodied Ling Xian.

The Immortal Trap.

Based on its name one could tell that if trapped with this seal, even the Immortals cannot defend themselves. It was the king of all seals, and it was created 10,000 years ago by the great seal master, Feng Qing Ming. Using the First Ranked instrument, Dragon-Pillar, as a dry ingredient and naturally formed crystal between heaven and earth as the other core ingredient, the seal master brewed them together for 99811 years, forming this array with the energy created.

At the time, the tunnel between the mortal's world and immortal's world have yet to disappear. Therefore, cultivators were able to fly from their world to the immortal's. The immortals could also use the loophole of the Heaven and Earth Rules and use unknown methods to go to the mortal world.

According to ancient records, at that time, three Immortals decided to descend to the mortal world to study the guiding laws of the world. However, nobody knows why the Immortals angered Feng Qing Ming and formed an unfriendly relationship. In the Immortals' eyes, low ranked cultivators were as weak as ants. Therefore, they simply planned to kill off Feng Qing Ming. Who could predict that instead, they were trapped under the newly created array instead?

This seal was hence named the Immortal Trap.

Feng Qing Ming, after this incident, became a well-known grandmaster of seals!

This array trapped the three Immortals for as long as 800 years. When the three of them exhausted themselves breaking the trap, Feng Qing Ming had already reached the highest stage of his training. He summoned and crystallized souls from nine demons. From there, he created a second array and slaughtered the three exhausted Immortals with one blow.

Because the Immortal Trap was perfected by energy from heaven and earth, God was able to use the trap inside Ling Xian's body. However, because the body was hollow, the strength of the trap was only one-tenth the strength of the original array. Therefore, God decided to set up three other supreme arrays.

Ling Xian's brows were tightly twisted together. The mysterious power of the Immortal Trap made his majestic blood calm down a little. Though this was only temporary. After been trapped for a full fourteen years, the amount of anger the blood had was overpowering, especially since it has been some time since the first spell was broken by Liao Cang Qiong.

Right now, the power of the majestic blood was spewing out. Its strength was earth-shattering and land-sweeping!

Ling Xian was hoping the majestic blood would wake up because that would mean he would no longer be bounded by anything and could finally free himself and rise into the sky. However, based on how the situation was looking, before the blood could fully wake up, his weak body would give out. After all, he did not have a naturally strong physique, and his level of training was too low.

Bitterly smiling and shaking his head, Ling Xian left his fate to the Gods. Despite his hatred for the three arrays, he was really hoping the seals would calm the majestic blood. He was willing for the blood to be unlocked after he slowly grew up.

Boom boom!

Noticing that the Immortal Trap could no longer contain the majestic blood, the other two arrays began to appear. Surges of fog washed toward him along with a blinding nine-colored heavenly essence. Like a giant mountain that was pressing downward, the atmosphere was suppressing and distressing!

The Sky Seal!

The Earth Lock!

The origins of these two arrays were unknown. The only rumor there was about them was that it was created in the Immortal world, its strength was indescribable, and its power was infinite. A long, long time ago, two cultivators linked their hands to activate the arrays and what they ended up concealing was not one cultivator, not a group of cultivators, but the entire Mortal world!!

At the time, the entire Mortal world was in chaos. The heaven and the earth were not cooperating, and the entire population was crying. This environment lasted as long as ten years, and became known as the God Defying era!

And now, not only were these two arrays combining their strength, but they were also working together with the Immortal Trap. They are crazily trying to suppress the majestic blood in Ling Xian's body.

One has to admit that this was an amazing honor.

The array that once sealed the entire mortal world was working together with the Immortal Trap and the God Restrict just to repress the majestic blood. This really proved the majestic blood's God-defying properties.

A lion would not waste its energy fighting with a rabbit.

The Gods decided to use four God-defying arrays to freeze Ling Xian's majestic blood. In other words, this mysterious majestic blood required four different arrays to be repressed. On top of that, they were able to repress Ling Xian blood when he was unable to cultivate. What kind mightiness did the blood have?

The mightiness of the majestic blood was Ling Xian's mightiness.

His natural talent and his potential were strong enough to make the Gods helpless.

Feeling the powerful mana, Ling Xian's majestic blood did not want to appear weak. It flared, boiled, and howled!

The force that was locked behind doors for years finally burst. At that moment, the entire internal world of the Painting of the Nine Immortals was uncontrollably shaken. The ruthless mana pierced through the sky and stirred around the wind and clouds. There was no more light!

Covered in both black and white mana, a murky silhouette appeared behind the weak Ling Xian. A giant, as if it could lift the heavens from the ground, was slowly starting to stand up. Its body covered the sun, as its size grew humongous.

Pity, because Ling Xian's training level was too low, the silhouette collapsed and dispersed as soon as it was 100 meters tall.

This time, no matter how strong the majestic blood was, it could not counter attack the teamwork between the three arrays.

The Sky Seal, the Earth Lock, and the Immortal Trap were melting into each other and draping down a mysterious round of light with an infinite amount of energy in them. Like a cauldron that could swallow the sky and earth, that can cook the sun and the moon, the cauldron summoned the boiling majestic blood and sealed it at once!


The majestic blood finally calmed down and fled to each and every corner of Ling Xian's body, as if to hide from the seals. However, to withstand the flow of this blood, it caused him great pain. Every single bone in his body was cracking and snapping as if they were breaking into a million pieces. The pain caused his face to turn sheet white. Any moment now... he could pass out any moment now.


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