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Painting Of The Nine Immortals - Chapter 16


Chapter 16: The Prominent Ling Clan

Translator: Tatienne Editor: Rundi

The sun was rising, and shedding down a thousand rays of soft glory. It was warm and bright,

and the beauty of the sunrise was infinite.

On the grand battle arena, everyone was watching with their mouths open, and their minds


It was plain and easy to observe that Ling Xian had trained to level five qi. However, they could

not believe someone whom they've called a handicap for so long actually had such capabilities.

The cultivation journey was a difficult one, where each little stage needs a long time of hard

training to achieve, even during the most basic spiritual-training stage. A qi level of five could

be considered an intermediate level in the City of Qing. Within the collateral siblings of the clan,

even Ling Bai with a well-known father who provided him with unlimited resources, could not

reach that level.

A merely 14-year-old boy, with no background and nobody supporting him, has already

reached level five qi. What kind of natural talent was needed for this to happen?

Unless...unless Miss Ling has been secretly supplying him with money and training?

Many people started to link what was happening to the rumor.

Sensing Ling Xian's murderous intent, Ling Bai shuddered. However, he pretended to be strong

and calm, ’’Wow, Ling Xian, it seems like you have no trouble taking advantage of a woman. You

only have today's achievement because you have been leeching off of Miss Ling, am I right?’’


Frowning, Ling Xian glanced over at the watching crowd. He wasn't sure what was going on,

but he had a bad premonition.

’’It seems like I am right, you are a man toy who leeches off women!’’ Ling Bai face was filled

with disdain and a trace of jealousy.

From his point of view, there was no way a notorious handicap could be stronger than him. The

only way it was possible was that Ling Tian Xiang has granted Ling Xian some sort of treasure,

that allowed him to practice and speedily reach level five qi.

That was the only reasonable explanation!

Ling Bai grunted, the flame of hatred in his heart was flaring up.

’’Leeches off women?’’ Ling Xian's face turned cold as level five qi began pouring out, shaking

and engulfing the entire arena.

The murderous atmosphere sent shivers down everyone's spine.

’’Ling Bai, you better explain yourself. What did you mean by that?’’ Ling Xian stared at him

heartlessly, anger was rising in his chest.

’’Explain what? What's there to explain? You are a handicap who relied on Miss Ling to achieve

this level of training. There are no other ways to explain you having a greater achievement than

me!’’ Though Ling Bai was a bit taken aback by the ferocious atmosphere, his anger

outperformed his fear. He sarcastically mocked, ’’You are a leech! I am number one in the Ling

Clan. Even if you are one level higher than me, you are not good enough to be my opponent. I

will beat you today until you beg me to stop. I will show Miss Ling how worthless you really


As he spoke, he waved his hand, a three-foot-long sword appeared out of thin air.

He was very arrogant. Even though Ling Xian was a level higher, when he thought of the sword

his father spent a fortune on, he could not help it but to be smug. Laughing hysterically, he said,

’’You leech, if you admit your wrongs and kowtow to me, I will spare you. If you don't, I will

torture you until you beg me to kill you!’’

Ling Xian remained silent. His stare turned colder.

It was obvious that what Ling Bai said had provoked him.

To be identified as someone who leeches off women would have angered anyone. Ling Xian was

no exception. He marched forward one step, his robe dancing. His presence swallowed the

entire arena and made everyone shiver in fear.

’’Ling Xian, die!’’

Ling Bai yelled loudly as he waved his sword. Slits of lights pierced the air, brightening the

earth and the sky. Entrenched with his spiritual mana, the sword attempted to slice Ling Xian.

The Tidal Sword Technique.

This was a technique that behaved like sea waves, where each strike was stronger than the

previous, and each strike begins before the previous one ends. When one strike lands, one

cannot block the rest of the strikes due to their fast speed and immense strength. This

technique was one of the top divine techniques treasured by the Ling Clan. The previous owners

have used this sword and this technique to defeat two high-level Masters.

Ling Xian froze a little. He did not know what this technique was, but he could feel the

powerfulness of it. From the bright light the sword gave off and the overlapping strikes, the

technique was giving off an overwhelming demeanor!

Closing his eyes for a second and then opening them again, the Eyes of Execution appeared. The

pair of black and white eyes were flowing with mysteriousness. Instantly, the rapid strike of the

sword slowed down infinitely from his point of view. It was slowed to the point where Ling

Xian could pinpoint the track and predict the direction of the strike.

’’This way!’’

Between the endless rays of sword strikes, there was one ray that was not as fast as the

previous one. This hint of delay was the Tidal Sword Technique's tragic flaw. If one could break

this strike, then the entire technique would fall apart, as the waves that were supposed to come

after it will be interrupted.

Ling Xian began to draw out his spiritual mana and formed a shield before him to block the

strike. Then, with his fist, he punched!


Converging all his strength into that punch, he counter attacked the strike and in a flash, the

ray after ray of light evaporated into thin air. The entire demeanor of the technique was killed;

the waves of strikes stopped.

The Tidal Sword Technique, the famous technique in the City of Qing, was so easily destructed

by Ling Xian!

’’This is impossible! How could someone break the Tidal Sword Technique! What kind of

witchcraft are you using?’’ Seeing the rays of light disappear, Ling Bai was in shock. He

screamed uncontrollable as he plunged into disbelief - more disbelief than when he realized

Ling Xian had a higher qi level than him.

The crowd fell into an idle state at first, then the babbling started.

’’How could the number one technique of the Ling Clan be defeated so easily?

’’Oh my heavens, am I seeing things right? Our ancestors used this technique to defeat two

amazing Masters, how could it be broken? Am I developing eye sight issues?’’

’’Unbelievable! Seeing that Ling Xian outpowered Ling Bai was not that shocking, after all he is

one qi level higher. However, his ability to see through the weakness of the sword technique

was ridiculous!’’

The pair of black and white eyes disappeared, and Ling Xian's expression returned to normal.

Defending himself against the Tidal Sword Technique was casual and easy. The technique that

was famous in the City of Qing, when compared to the legendary set of Inner Eyes, was


The Eyes of Execution was the fourth-ranked Inner Eyes. The ability to see through a Taoism

technique was its very basic function. The Tidal Sword Technique was nothing.

’’Impossible, this is impossible... ’’ Ling Bai mumbled to himself, as if he had lost his soul. He

spent a good ten years on this technique and he barely mastered it. He has been dreaming of

using this sword and this technique to terminate everyone that stood in his way. The technique

he spent his life on, the technique the entire clan was smug about, was so easily destroyed by

Ling Xian. Ling Bai's dreams were shattered, and his mentality and energy were greatly


’’Nothing is impossible. Every technique has a weakness. If one pays full attention, one can find

the flaw,’’ Ling Xian said softly.

’’I don't believe you! How could someone who depends on a woman, break a family technique? It

must have been good luck! Yes, that must be it.’’ Ling Bai lied to himself. His pupils brightened

again as he summoned his spiritual mana and prepared to swing his sword at Ling Xian again.

However, he only had enough time to raise his sword up when Ling Xian darted before him.

Wrapping his right hand in spiritual mana, he grabbed the sharp blade of the sword.


Ling Xian tightened his fist. The sword creaked, cracked, and crumbled to the ground.

’’If you apologize now, I will forgive your past misdeeds,’’ Ling Xian's stare was bleak.

’’You are a handicap! You think you can do better than me because you use Miss Ling? In your

dreams!’’ Ling Bai snickered and challenged, ’’So you are a level higher than me. So what? My

dad is a deacon. If you hurt a single hair on me, I will make sure your life is a living hell!’’

’’You think I'm scared to hurt you?’’ Smirking, Ling Xian crisply kicked his stomach, broke his

spiritual barrier and lunged him into the sky.

Without any hesitation, Ling Xian pressed his right foot to the ground. Like an arrow departing

from a bow, he launched himself above Ling Bai's body and grabbed his ankles. Aiming towards

to the ground, he threw him down hard!


After spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood, Ling Bai felt that his bones had become detached.

He screamed in pain, ’’Dammit, Ling Xian you handicap! You dare to hurt me, I will kill you!’’

’’You want to kill me? Then I will kill you first,’’ Ling Xian's eyes were ice cold. First, Ling Bai

decided to provoke him for absolutely no reason. Now, he was already beaten to half-death, and

still threatens to kill him without any hints of regret. He really did deserve to die!

’’Dammit!’’ Feeling Ling Xian's overwhelming murderous resolve, Ling Bai's heart was

shivering with fear. He forced himself to stand up, ignored his wounds, and summoned all his

spiritual mana into his right palm. Instantly, his right palm turned bright red and sent out a

swamping wave of heat. He pushed forward.

’’Flame Palm!’’

’’A fire technique?’’ Ling Xian's eyes narrowed. He too, pushed forward his right palm. Because

he had no knowledge of any techniques, the only thing he was releasing was the fifth level qi.

Despite the ordinariness of the energy, it was overpowering and threatening.


The two palms met. An explosion of air ballooned the arena. Ling Xian's right hand was

thunderous and charring. When he pushed forward, there was no stopping of his fist. First, it

dispersed the flame extended out of Ling Bai's hand, and then, it harshly hit his chest.


Ling Bai staggered backwards, by ten steps, before he threw up more blood. The way he looked

at Ling Xian was full of terror.

The arena was dead silent.

Nobody could move; nobody could make a sound; nobody could think straight.

’’Defeated! The number one member, Ling Bai, was defeated with one palm from Ling Xian!’’

’’This is not that strange. Ling Xian was level five qi, and Ling Bai was only level four. There was

too much of a difference between their level of training. The only thing I am surprised by, is

Ling Xian's ability to see the flaw in the Tidal Sword Technique.’’

’’First defending the Tidal Sword Technique, then defeating the number one collateral sibling;

oh heavens, this handicap is rising!’’

The crowd was watching Ling Xian with their eyes and mouths wide open. In their eyes, there

were astonishment, jealousy, and even passion.

They believed that after this battle, Ling Xian's name will not only resonate with the whole

collateral family, even the direct Ling descendants will be shocked!

All this was caused by Ling Xian seeing through the Ling Clan's cherished Tidal Sword


’’Standing before undeniable dexterity, all struggles are futile.’’ Ling Xian was composed and

calm. Looking at horrified Ling Bai, he whispered, ’’Now, can you explain to me what is going



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