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Painting Of The Nine Immortals - Chapter 139


"Stop it, Yue Lian Han, your opponent is me."

A calm voice filled with murderous desires pierced through the air. Along with it, rose a horrifying amount of energy that engulfed the entire forest.

Ling Xian’s black hair was in disarray and his white robe was floating behind him. Slowly, he stood up from the rock he was sitting on. His stance was divine like an ancient dragon that once ruled the world and the monstrous and miraculous energy circulated around and stretched out for 10 miles wide. Even the cloud changed colors under the insane pressure!

Instantly, Mo Qing Fu and the other broke out with joy. They fully believed that as long as Ling Xian woke up, all the problems could be solved.

Though this was a form of blind trust, Ling Xian would never disappoint them!

He has achieved the foundational level and under the aid of the Drunken Immortal Brew and the Petal of Enlightenment, he straight away entered the intermediate phase!

Under a normal circumstance, a new foundational Heaven’s Favorite could out-compete regular cultivators in the intermediate phase of the foundational level. Now that Ling Xian has entered the intermediate phase as a Heaven’s Favorite, he can easily slaughter those in the advanced foundational level fearlessly!

This was Ling Xian’s true combat ability!

Among those in the foundational level, only cultivators at the peak of their training and other Heaven’s Favorites could cause Ling Xian some stress, all others at this level could be slaughtered by Ling Xian with only one hand!

"I guess you've had your breakthrough."

Peeking at the vicious looking Ling Xian, Yue Lian Han did not show a single trace of fear. Rather, her face was brimming with contempt. Chuckling, she said, "This is even better. Now you won’t die with one hit. Sadly for you, there is no difference in the result regardless of your level of training. You are only extending the time you’ll be in pain."

"Oh really? We shall find out after we fight." Ling Xian was calm and composed. His stare was aggressive and his white robe continued to hover behind him. He had a temperament that was extraordinary and Immortal-like.

"The ending will be the same whether we fight or not. After becoming one with the Golden Pages, I am not someone you, an ant-like insignificant being, can hurt," Yu Ling Han arrogantly claimed. She smiled confidently and made it clear to everyone here with her tone that she did not think anything great of Ling Xian.

"Why don’t you try and make a move then." Ling Xian remained collected but his stare was getting more and more cold.

"If you are in such a rush to die, then I will grant you your wish."

Yue Lian Han faintly smiled and began to march forward step by step. Every step that hit the ground strengthened her demeanor. By the end of her walk, the sky was filled with clouds, and the wind has gotten so strong the ground was shaking!

"Such ant-like creatures dare to challenge me. So what you reached the foundational level? I can squish you with my palm without even trying!"

Yue Lian Han created an atmosphere that was threatening and shocking. Slowly extending her hand, an infinite amount of energy exploded from her palm. She pushed forward, aiming at Ling Xian’s head.

The simple movement and the nonchalant attitude she had was like she was stepping on an ant rather than trying to defeat a foundational leveled cultivator.

The light and soft hand came down on Ling Xian like a thousand-mile-tall mountain! Her intention to kill Ling Xian with one move was clear.

"If this is your real capability, then why don’t I crush you with my hand instead."

The corners of Ling Xian’s lips curved up. Fearlessly, he swung around his hand, creating just as much light as Yue Lian Han did. Like a Buddha’s gigantic hand, it smashed down and flattened all that was living within the three thousand feet radius!


The moment the two palms came in contact with one another, wind blew, cloud converged, and rocks flew!

In the next moment, Yue Lian Han’s face changed. In the short amount of time it took her to take a breath, she could no longer handle the overwhelming pressure. Ling Xian’s hand out pushed hers and landed on her chest. She pounced backwards uncontrollably.

After spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood, Yue Lian Han’s face turned stiff. She felt humiliated and she did not understand why she was just beaten. Merged with the Golden Pages meant that she was now a real foundational powerhouse who was better than all the Heaven’s Favorites in Yunzhou!

To be sent flying by Ling Xian was extremely humiliating and something she did not expect even in her dreams!

One hit!

Maybe she was uncareful or miscalculated her move. Regardless of the reason, reality was right in front of her. Yue Lian Han, who claimed to be undefeatable, was sent flying by Ling Xian with one move!

"Haha! This is so satisfying! Beat her up for me!"

Tang Thirteen shouted from afar. She jumped up and down out of excitement and waved around her Crazy Soul Crushers, gesturing for Ling Xian to teach Yue Lian Han a lesson.

Yue Lian Han stabilized herself and glared at the white robed young man. She snickered, "Alright, so I underestimated you."

"Less talking, more doing. I have other stuff to do." Ling Xian stood tall in midair. The way he moved was not arrogant. He simply looked like he didn’t care.

He really did not care.

Originally, Ling Xian wanted to have a blood dripping battle to test how much his capabilities improved. However, his opponent did not energize him nor did she excite him. When their energies clashed, it made Ling Xian realize that Yue Lian Han was only in the early phases of the foundational level. If he was also in the early phases then maybe the battle would be a challenge.

Pity Ling Xian was now in the intermediate phase.

In other words, if this fight were to occur, it wouldn’t be a battle, it would be a slaughter.

Yue Lian Han’s anger was burning up. Her messy black hair was crazily hanging down her back and the Golden Pages were still above her head, releasing heavenly lights and blinding those who dared to look directly at it.

Rays of golden light draped down. The mysterious pages emitted an astonishing amount of energy. In midair appeared flowers, birds, fish, insects, grass, wood, mountains, rocks and all other phenomenon. As if the sky and ground were being split open, but at the same time like two universes were converging into one, the pages told the story of the creation and destruction of a world.

"Its terrifying power is not something you can easily imagine. To make me feel the need to use this treasure is something you should be proud of." Yue Lian Han sneered. She once again found her arrogance and started to behave like a Goddess who was in control of all that was alive on land.


Ling Xian frowned, feeling the astounding amount of energy from the Golden Pages. "These pages are really strong. I don’t deny that. But it is an object, it can’t be considered your capability."

"It is in my hand, thus it is my treasure. As long as I can kill you, so what if it’s not with my own physical abilities?" Yue Lian Han’s face was dark. After that rebuttal just now, she no longer denied Ling Xian’s cultivation achievements. She knew they were not on the same level.

Therefore, she has to use this treasure to kill Ling Xian!

"I originally was looking forward to having a bloody battle with you. I did not think that you would still be so weak even at the foundational level. You have resorted to using things that don’t belong to you. Oh well, if you are so confident about the Golden Pages, then I will break it down and destroy your source of confidence."

Ling Xian shook his head in disappointment. One of his eyes turned white while the other turned black. Bands of murky gas surrounded him. However, this time, there was no Winged Blitz and there was no Sword of Extinction. They were replaced with a long black halberd and a golden armor.

Halberd of the divine Warrior.

Armor of the Royal Spirit.

divine Warrior meets Royal Spirit, an ideal pairing of complementary powers.

These were the third and fourth of the nine transformative qualities of the Eyes of Execution!

After Ling Xian has achieved the foundational level, these two astounding weapons have finally been awakened from their deep sleep!


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