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Painting Of The Nine Immortals - Chapter 114


"Fella, if you apologize now, it is not too late. Looking at your skinny frame, I can smash you dead with one hit from my hammer!"

Tang Thirteen’s features were delicate and unsurpassably beautiful. Her hair was in two pigtails, and the two giant hammers were tightly held in her hands. She purposely made a ferocious expression and gawked at Ling Xian angrily with her big eyes.

Looking at the adorable girl before him, Ling Xian shook his head and laughed. "Thirteen, I have no intentions to fight you. Also, this entire dispute is not my fault. You sister was the one who started attacking me. I was simply defending myself."

"I don’t’ care. Fiends are always unreasonable. I am the biggest fiend in the world so I can act irrationally. I don’t care who’s fault this is. You hit my sister, I hit you!" Tang Thirteen put in a lot of effort to fake a wicked face. Sadly, she was too naturally cute to be associated with being a fiend.

Ling Xian was speechless. In the lost century, they battled each other during their first meeting. Now, in reality, they have to fight like a dragon and a phoenix again?

Seeing that Ling Xian was not talking, Tang Thirteen hissed. "Hehe, fella, you can apologize, I’ll spare you. You shouldn’t wait for me to make a move."

As soon as she finished talking, she waved around her hammer and smiled proudly. "See this? Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This hammer is named Crazy Soul Crusher. This baby here can smash a mountain into rocks with one hit. With your body made out of flesh and bones, I guarantee you that you cannot handle this."

"Thirteen, are you certain you want to fight? You better not cry if you lose." Ling Xian chuckled. He reminisced about the bits and pieces of their various encounters and felt warmth in his heart.

"You are the one who will cry. Watch, by the end of the fight, you will be searching for your teeth on the ground and begging me to let you go," Tang Thirteen’s face was flushed. She formed a fist and tried to act tough to threaten Ling Xian.

"You never know until you try. If you want to fight, then I will humor you," Ling Xian extended a hand to welcome Thirteen’s attack.

"Fella, I have given you your chance. Since you don’t accept my niceness, then don’t blame me later." Tang Thirteen giggled. Her big eyes were flashing with excitement. The hammers in her hand were emitting an infinite amount of blue light and creating a terrifying atmosphere!

The Crazy Soul Crusher!

The face of the hammer was icy blue and was about one foot in width. The shape of it was round with nine thick thorns placed around it. It had a mysterious appearance.

This weapon was no treasure, but it has similar supernatural abilities as the Sword of Extinction. It was formed based on the Laws of Heaven and Earth, and it has the ability to crack mountains and rivers and shatter the moon and the Sun.

There were many supernatural powers in the cultivation community. The Inner Eyes was one of them, and Supernatural Talent was another one of them. When Tang Thirteen was born, she was born with a strange force in her body. This force, once activated, calls out to the mountain splitting and sky shattering hammers, and transforms them into solid objects!

Supernatural Talent was an umbrella term used for all those who can activate forces and call out to weapons, people, or even techniques. Only geniuses who were blessed by Gods have this Supernatural Talent, there were no exceptions.

Without questions, Tang Thirteen stood out from the crowd. When she was born, there were colorful clouds above the continent and lotuses grew in all rivers, a phenomenon that bewildered the entire Yunzhou. After she had started her cultivation journey, she displayed all signs of being a genius and confirmed her extraordinariness. Being only 13 years-old, she has surpassed Qi level of 10. This fast speed was God-defying!

Her background was even more outrageous. She was the daughter of the Tang Clan Leader. Her parents were notably high ranked powerhouses in Yunzhou. Growing up, she was widely loved and spoiled. She asks for rain, and she gets rain, she asks for clouds, and she gets clouds. In other words, she was the perfect mix of good looks, capabilities, and natural talent.

"Crazy Soul Crusher, I did not expect to see you again…" Ling Xian muttered to himself. The way he looked at Tang Thirteen was complicated. In the lost century, during their first meeting, Tang Thirteen also held these hammers and asked him to battle.

"Fella, you defeated Sister Lian Yi, which means you are not weak. I haven’t met a worthy opponent in a long time. I am happy just thinking about the fight we are about to have." Tang Thirteen’s mood seemed to be good. The way she looked at Ling Xian was getting heated, it was a sign of eagerness.

Though her appearance was innocent and cute, her bones screamed for good fights. She always sought after fights for no reason. It was like she gets uncomfortable when she doesn’t fight in a while. This was why after coming to the Vast Mountains, she started finding beasts to battle with and separated from Shui Lian Yi as a result.

"It seems like you enjoyed fighting ever since you were young. It’s expected. You have the Tang blood flowing through you after all. The entire Tang Clan is crazy." Ling Xian grinned. His white robe was spiraling after him. "Alright, let me see how strong you are at the age you are now."

"If that’s the case then I won’t hold back!" All Tang Thirteen could think about was how to defeat Ling Xian. Therefore, she ignored the phrase 'let me see how strong you are at the age you are now'.

Turning around in a flash, she instantly appeared on top of Ling Xian’s head. The Crazy Soul Crasher was emitting rays of light, announcing its presence.

Crazy wind started to blow in all direction!

Before she started attacking, Tang Thirteen appeared ignorantly adorable like a little girl who does not know the real world. However, now, her entire temperament changed. Like an undefeatable war Goddess, her confidence and excitement were overflowing.

"Thirteen, I didn’t know you were this strong when you were young." Ling Xian faintly smiled. A pair of white wings appeared after a quick 'whoosh'. They then shielded him from the strike of the hammer!


The Crazy Soul Crusher was an influential weapon that could shatter the Heaven and the Earth. Even though Tang Thirteen was only at cultivation level of 10, these hammers were behaving as if they were being used by a foundational level cultivator.

The Winged Blitz did not pale in comparison. With every slight flutter, blinding godly light exploded, overpowering the opponent!

"What is this? It could butt heads with my hammer?" Tang Thirteen was a little taken aback. She knew very well the ability of her supernatural talent and weapon. Usually, when she runs into someone, one hit from her hammer ends the battle. Today, her attacks were being blocked, and she did not at all have the upper hand. This made her flabbergasted.

"Be careful. That is the Winged Blitz, one of the nine forms of the Eyes of Execution!" Shui Lian Yi warned. Watching the two in a stalemate, she was a little worried. She regretted letting Tang Thirteen fight on her behalf.

The reality was that she realized her wrongs after losing to Ling Xian. She shouldn’t have attacked him without asking him about his intentions. It was just that she was the Shui Clan’s Heaven’s Favorite. Since debuting under the title, she has not lost a fight. However, today, she completely crumbled under Ling Xian, and she was mad about it. Therefore, when Tang Thirteen volunteered to avenge her, she did not stop her.

After all, Shui Lian Yi was a young girl, she was not completely rational.

"One of the nine forms of the Eyes of Execution? What is that? Is it strong?" Tang Thirteen was confused. She was born playful and stubborn and never liked reading. Therefore, she didn’t at all know about the Eyes of Execution.

Even if she knew, it would only make her more excited and would not cause her to back down one bit. She was a direct descendant of the Tang Clan. Everyone in the Tang Clan had burning desires for good fights and were all crazy capable. None of them knew what fear was.

"Strong or not, you will know soon. Be careful, I am about to make my move!" Watching the porcelain doll-like girl, Ling Xian’s expression was playful. His white wings shook and emitted endless lights, forcing Tang Thirteen’s tiny body to stagger back.

"My move!"

The corner of his mouth lifted. Ling Xian expanded his wings and flashed before Tang Thirteen. Then, he smacked with one palm. Boiling spiritual energy exploded from his body!

"Fella, open your eyes wide. Watch how I defeat you!" Tang Thirteen was not at all afraid. Like him, she placed her palm against Ling Xian’s palm!

Boom boom boom!

They hit each other three times. Though Tang Thirteen looked skinny, she had a lot of power hidden in her. Her fists were like gold medals. Each hit could crack open mountains and rocks!

Ling Xian was not weak either. Though he did not intentionally train his physique. His majestic blood strengthened his flesh and bones. Therefore, even after getting hit three times, he did not stagger back even half a step.

"I am impressed. After three hits, you are still fine?" Tang Thirteen frowned. She raised her tiny hand, and the Crazy Soul Crashers solidified into her palm. She smashed down!

This move came fast and furious, there was little time to defend!

Ling Xian raised an eyebrow as rays of murky energy surrounded him. The pair of white wings gave off an immense amount of light again and weaved into a cocoon, tightly wrapping around him.


After the hammer smashed down, the Winged Blitz faintly fluttered, dissolving the terrifying attack.

"Thirteen, you cannot fight for much longer. Do you still want to continue? I suggest you stop. First of all, nothing will happen even if you win. Second of all, what if you lose? How embarrassing would that be? When that happens, not only you but the entire Tang Clan will be put to shame because of you." A light laughter came from inside the cocoon. Then, Ling Xian expanded his wings and distanced himself away from her.

"You- Dammit, goddammit!" Tang Thirteen hesitated. Her delicate face was full of frustration. However, after that short fight, she knew she could not win the battle against Ling Xian. She did not pursue after him.

Watching the doll-like angry face, Ling Xian bellowed and mocked, "What is this? One of the Heaven’s Favorites in Yunzhou, future Immortal, Tang Thirteen, gives up so easily?"

"You bastard! First, you tell me to stop fighting, then when I give up, you trigger me. Bastard, bastard, bastard! I will kill you with my hammers!" Ling Thirteen bit down on her lips until they were purple. She was so angry, she stomped her feet uncontrollably.

Before she could make a move, however, the purple pillar of light from afar started to shed light from miles away. An earth-shattering rumble that disturbed the entire Vast Mountains followed.

The entrance to the ancient ruins has opened.


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