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Overlord (WN) - Chapter 88.1


Chapter 88.1

Overlord First Half Chapter 88: Talks Part 1

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Talks Part 1

Translator: Frostfire10

Editors: Greenfish, Redbaron



 The 9th Floor of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick.

 This floor was unlike the others, the extravagance of the passageway alone surpassing that of any palace, lending a dreamy air to the surroundings. Such a place was being traversed by two people with unsuitably frantic footsteps.

 Anyone rushing in this place would be gazed upon with disdain and be chided, for this place is the private quarters of the rulers of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick, the 41 Supreme Beings. There was no way that such an irrespectful act would be permitted in such an important location. If it were not an NPC but a simple subordinate, they might be sentenced to death.

 But this time, no one stopped the two people.


 On the contrary, on seeing the figures, Cocytus' guards on patrol the bodyguards that looked like stag beetles, the <Guardian Knight>s, stood to the sides. Without moving a muscle, they waited for the two intruders to pass.


 The NPC maids were the same.

 Their heads were bowed, themselves not moving even a single inch from their location.


 Everyone maintained the highest etiquette and expressed their loyalty.

 This was natural.

 To be honest, no one in Nazarick is able to scold these two. One of them, perhaps: ifit were the Head Maid Pestonya Wanko, she might have the authority to chide one of them. However, it was completely impossible to take such a tone with the other person.

 In Nazarick, if that person pointed at black and said it was white, then black would be white. If that person was scurrying, scurrying would become the proper method of movement on the 9th Floor.


 That person is the master of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick and the leader of the 41 Supreme Beings, Ainz Ooal Gown. Together with the butler Sebas following him, there was no one capable of chiding them.




 Ainz and Sebas continued their heated discussion.


’’I do not believe that there is a need for Ainz-sama to meet them directly though?’’


 Ainz continued walking straight ahead and made no indication that he was going to answer to Sebas' repeated questioning. Keeping to his right, Sebas tried to read Ainz's expressionless face.


 As they passed by another door Sebas recalled it to be the room of one of the 41 Supreme Beings, Nishikienrai Ainz slowly replied.


’’....I believe there is.’’


 The reason why the two of them were hurrying was extremely simple.


 A few minutes ago, Ainz had received a <Message>from Yuri Alpha who was in the loghouse.

 It stated that the messenger of the Kingdom had arrived and wished to meet with Ainz.

 Upon news of contact from the Kingdom they had been waiting for, Ainz ceased all his previous activities and moved out in a panic. If this went badly, all his calculations might be thrown off.

 However, it was true that he was not adequately prepared.

 There was no way he could meet them in his actual appearance, and his clothes were untidy as well. He had no clothes in his item box either.

 For that reason he was hurrying with Sebas to his private quarters for a change of attire.

 Originally he could have used the Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown to teleport, but unfortunately Ainz's own room was not tagged and he could not teleport directly inside. Left without options, he hurried along.


 Sebas knew this but could not understand the need for Ainz to meet directly with the messenger.


 Of course, Sebas was not looking down on the messenger.

 Since the symbol of the Kingdom hung from the messenger's carriage, he fully understood that he should treat the messenger as if he were the Vaiself Royal Family of the Kingdom.

 However, what displeased Sebas was the messenger's unannounced arrival.


 Had they been polite enough to send another carriage earlier to inform them beforehand, then they would have gladly welcomed them with their best. However, the act of abruptly arriving prior to any notice was just extremely disrespectful .

 In addition, Sebas believed that such a sudden arrival was only due to their belief that Nazarick was incapable of adequately welcoming them even if notified.


 Since they were looking down on Nazarick, there was even less reason for Ainz to meet them.



’’For what purpose?’’


 Sebas asked again, and Ainz replied without looking at him.


’’....Before I reply.... This is from when Demiurge was sent as your backup.... There seemed to be a Shinobi.’’

’’I have heard.’’



 Hearing Sebas' reply, Ainz shook his head several times.

 He suddenly recalled that Sebas was there right next to him, after the problems in the Kingdom had ended and he was asking Demiurge if something had happened.


’’Before this Shinobi appeared, Demiurge battled with a masked magic caster. Her name was Evileye.’’


 Sebas said nothing but nodded his head.


’’Sebas, I have received your report. Evileye is the person who might be able to defeat one of your subordinate maids right?’’



 Sebas had reported as such to Ainz.

 The repost also contained the appearance and related information of the person known as Evileye and the adventurers related to her. And this Evileye was judged to be an existence who could possibly defeat one of the battlemaids, who were each above level 50.

 However, that judgement was now doubtful.

 Ainz did not notice that Sebas seemed to have lost confidence and continued talking.


’’It was my mistake for forgetting to inform Demiurge despite hearing your report. Forgive me.’’

’’Not at all. Despite having the opportunity to speak to Demiurge, I forgot to inform him as well....’’

’’Well, let's talk about this later. We have troubled Demiurge.’’


 Returning to Nazarick, the first thing Demiurge did was to express his displeasure at Sebas' failure to inform him of Evileye. When this issue was raised, his master, Ainz, had lowered his head to him.

 The face that Demiurge made in the instant that he learned his displeasure was directed towards his master- and his following reaction- everyone present at that moment would not be able to forget that scene for a while.


’’About the earlier conversation ’’ Ainz looked over his shoulder at Sebas. ’’ Could you answer my question? ....Sebas, your senses cannot tell what level your opponents are at right?’’

’’Yes. I can only roughly estimate it.’’

’’I see.... Then it's still a mystery.’’

’’What is?’’

’’It's simple, Sebas. How accurate your senses are.’’


 Sebas' had a slight expression of confusion on his face. He could not grasp what his master was saying.


’’Unless levels can be expressed numerically, if it is only a rough estimate, it is not accurate. There is ample possibility that your estimate is incorrect right?’’

’’True.... I cannot say that it is absolute.’’


 Sebas had one uncertainty, which stemmed from when he heard the details of Demiurge's battle.


’’However the chance of your senses being accurate also exists. Regarding the being known as Evileye, that is.’’

’’....However Evileye had no reservations releasing <Dragon Lightning>. She might be beyond the range of understanding of my senses.’’


 Sebas looked down slightly, and answered.

 This was Sebas' unease.

 For example, one of the maids, Narberal, was a spellcaster, but she could use up to the 8th Tier of magic. Then with that as a reference, what level was Evileye who used a 5th Tier spell with confidence?

 Purely by calculations she would not be far from the battlemaids. However Sebas believed that she could rival one of them. This was a large gap.


’’No, that is a hasty assumption, Sebas.... Since she defended against Demiurge's curse of commandment, she might have had an item that nullified mental attacks, used some defensive magic, or is a being above level 40. Thus you might not be wrong.’’


 Items that could completely nullify mental attacks were of a high level. However, items that responded only to either mind control or charming were not. But, without knowing of Demiurge's existence, it was difficult to assume that she had predicted with pinpoint accuracy and prepared countermeasures against mental attacks.

 If she was above level 40, what was the reason that she could use the 5th Tier with confidence?



’’It was true that when she used magic, she used the 5th Tier A pathetic attack magic, but when she fought with Demiurge in close combat, she had used her fists.’’

’’This means?’’

’’Ah. Evileye does not use weapons, for example a dagger, but her fists. She definitely is confident in them.’’


 Sebas nodded.

 That was just the case. The act of fighting unarmed instead of a bladed weapon was something one could not do without plenty of confidence.


’’I believe that is possible.’’

’’Therefore I believe that Evileye is both a spellcaster and a monk.’’



 Sebas let out a cry of surprise.

 He felt that it was reasonable. Embedded in his cry was a feeling of amazement- of how his master could deduce so much from such little information.

 That voice raised Ainz's spirits, and his speech quickened.


’’....And she is probably above level 40. If your belief is correct, given given that there is no way that the maids can lose to a level 40 being, she should be at least be around level 50.’’

’’I see!’’

’’I also believe that Evileye may be around level 60.’’


 Sebas waited for his master to explain the leap in logic.


’’May I ask for your reasoning?’’

’’I do not mind.’’ Ainz made a small chuckle and spoke with confidence. ’’The Shinobi Demiurge met. One usually becomes a Shinobi when they are thieves above level 60. The Shinobi, together with Evileye who is impervious to the curse of commandment, makes me believe that A+ Adventuring party Blue Rose is comprised of level 60 beings.’’


 From the information Narberal gathered, it was normal for adventurers to form teams with members of similar ability. It was the same in Yggdrasil.

 Then rather than the Shinobi being the only one with a high level, the probability of all the members of Blue Rose being of the same strength was higher.

 However, Sebas felt that there was something off about Ainz's declaration.


’’....These are just my thoughts, Ainz-sama.’’ Sebas felt that Ainz's silence indicated that he should continue, and he spoke. ’’I have observed Blue Rose from afar and I did not feel that they had such strength.... Of course, if my senses were accurate.’’


 Sebas had felt that only Evileye was strong. He felt next to nothing from the other members of Blue Rose.

 Ainz's pace slowed slightly.


’’That.’’ Ainz thought to himself and spoke. ’’That is where the question of the accuracy of your senses comes out. Is it possible for Evileye's to not be wrong, but instead the other members?’’

’’....I am not sure.’’

’’Right. However, a Shinobi might have methods that can obstruct your senses right?’’

’’I.... cannot say that it is wrong.’’


 While there was none in Yggdrasil, it would not be strange for such a skill to exist in this world. As a new secrecy-type skill.

 Ainz sighed in his heart. He had asked Shalltear's subordinate, Brain, about it, but he did not have much information on Shinobis. He had thought of asking Arche, but he had no desire to open up that can of worms.


’’I had believed that we had collected enough information.... But it seems to be full of holes.’’


 The knowledge gained from the game Yggdrasil. The knowledge from this world. The problem was that they had not reconciled with each other and there were many loose ends.


’’Then do the humans of this world have their power levels raised when in battle, like a certain manga? No, Narberal mentioned nothing of the sort so A+ Adventurers might be of that level.’’ It was scary how he could not say that it was not impossible. ’’Well, that's fine. Anyway, I believe that Blue Rose is comprised of level 60s.’’

’’....Including the other members?’’

’’Yes. The possibility of them simply not giving their 100% right now still exists right?’’



 Sebas did not understand, but he nodded.


’’Well, that's how it is. About your first question, whether or not there is a need to meet them, they might be from a country that has level 60 adventurers. If we make enemies of them it might become troublesome, no?’’

’’That is.... Perhaps....’’


 Even if Ainz's speculations were correct, and Blue Rose did consist of five level 60 adventurers, they still would honestly be no match of Nazarick's. They would not be able to defeat even one Guardian.

 In addition, the Kingdom only had two A+ Adventuring parties. Taking all that into account, Ainz could be thought of as too cautious.

 While Sebas thought that, Ainz took another step and fell into deep thought.

 Shinobi was a class one had to be over level 60 to use. That was the lowest possible, but her actual level was probably higher, and it would not be strange for the Kingdom to have a trump card stronger than her.

 He had reason to believe that they could not be level 100 since they could not defeat Demiurge.

 But since it was unclear what was happening, it would be best to be as friendly as possible.


’’Well, about the information about Camila. We have spread information that can become our hidden ace. They will probably not accept any direct information we give them.’’


 Ainz had heard from the Shadow Demon that had infiltrated the Mayor's office that he had sent a messenger to the Capital in a panic. Considering the amount of time that had passed, he should have delivered the information about the magic caster known as Ainz.

 The mayor understood that the imaginary vampire called vampire called Camila was a strong enemy. Then Ainz's position would naturally rise.

 Ainz believed that.


 However, Sebas still had doubts.

 It was the question from earlier: Why did they not inform us earlier? Was it because the Kingdom had no such customs? Or was it because of a trump card above level 60 that they did not feel that the existence of Camila was a problem?

 As Sebas thought about that, the door to Ainz's quarters came into view.


 The two insect-like monsters standing beside the door bowed deeply at Ainz and Sebas. Mildly relieved from finally arriving, Ainz raised his hand slightly in reply.

 Ainz naturally opened the door without knocking, and hastily stepped inside.

 Sebas made a deep bow and followed him.


 The first thing Ainz looked at was his clothes closet.

 He casually opened the closet door.

 Countless clothes were arranged before him. If a person of this world saw them he would be shocked, as they were all well-tailored and made of excellent materials. They were not luxurious materials like silk, but rather others Like the hair of beast-type monsters or rare metals.

 Adventurers would also be shocked, since all these clothes were enchanted with magic. Depending on the type of magic, the prices would soar. Even the lowest rank magic would raise the value of a piece of clothing by 50 times. Considering that, the worth of the clothes in front of them was simply beyond estimate.


 Ainz stretched out his hands and took out a piece of clothing in each. It was a random selection, but both had the appearance the long robe that Ainz wore daily. The single difference was the type of magic woven into them.

 Comparing them, Ainz shook his head.


’’Really, I don't know which is good.’’


 If it was a suit for formal occasions Ainz could prepare it immediately, but speaking of clothes that would be suitable for meeting a person knowledgeable of the aristocratic society, he had no clue.

 Ainz thought that it would be nice if he could wear something that would not cause him embarrassment.

 What clothes would not embarrass him? Ainz was a normal person and this was entirely out of the realm of what he could predict.

 This was not because Ainz was a fool. It is simply that such knowledge was not needed by a regular person. Would anyone bother to learn proper etiquette just because the chance that he gets transferred to another world exists?

 Ainz's gaze flickered towards the kimono with a crest and hakama.


’’Traditional clothes of this land or outfits matching this time period. No it might be best to wear the clothes of a magic caster....’’


 He then shook his head. Making a decision was usually impossible for him.

 Thus he had brought Sebas with him.


’’Sebas, which is good?’’


 Ainz placed the clothes in front of him and asked Sebas.

 The clothes that Ainz normally wore were made in Yggdrasil, pragmatically designed to boost defense. Of course, it was of excellent make, but it was unclear if it was suitable for meeting a messenger. As said earlier, he had no idea what was good.

 Thus Sebas.

 He gambled everything on Sebas' setting as a butler, and believed that if it was him, he could make good suggestions.


 He won the gamble.

 Sebas gazed at those clothes and


’’I personally feel that this one is better.’’


  Sebas took out a mantle that used white as its base. Ainz normally wore black robes so this was quite eye-catching.


’’Isn't this.... A bit eye catching?’’


 Ainz was thinking about this as if he were a member of a company about to cinch a deal. To a normal person like Ainz, this was the closest imagery he could get.

 Thinking of clothes, what appeared in Ainz's mind was a calm and comfortable suit. The colour of such a suit needed not be specified. But even in reality, while he had worn black and navy blue suits, a white one was new. His heart wavered.

 This was simply far too different from his own image.


’’I do not believe so. In front of a messenger, showing off some extravagance is better than being discreet.’’

’’Is that so....’’


 Ainz nodded without much confidence. This was so far from his usual image that he was simply unable to judge how appropriate it was.


’’....Then Sebas. I shall leave the coordination of the clothes to you.’’

’’Understood. I believe it will be best to choose items that will complement this?’’

’’U....mmm, please do.’’


 He, a butler, was left to handle the coordination of his master's clothing.

 Countless stars danced around in Sebas' overjoyed eyes.

 Shifting to avoid contact with avoid contact with Sebas' sparkling eyes, Ainz's gaze wandered aimlessly. He still found such an outfit extremely embarrassing. However he had no intention to shoot down the suggestion.




 He sighed quietly, trying to keep himself from being heard by Sebas.

 There was no time to waste here. Regardless of what clothes Sebas chose, he had the resolution to wear them. Ainz then recalled something, which helped withdraw him from the uncomfortable reality.


’’Ah, yes. Destroy their eyes.’’


 Sebas understood, immediately stopped picking the clothes, and nodded deeply to Ainz.


’’Understood. Who shall I inform?’’


 Ainz looked upwards. Sebas did the same, but saw nothing but the ceiling. Sebas' eyes could not see past the invisibility.

 However, he could feel them. The multiple presences stuck to the ceiling.


’’Eight Edged Assassin. Can you capture them unharmed?’’


 As Ainz's words reached them, a human-sized spider wearing ninja clothes appeared. Considering how the other Eight Edged Assassins did not show themselves, this was probably the leader.


’’It depends on the target, Ainz-sama. While we are skilled at assassination, whether they are unharmed will depend on their strength.’’


 Ainz frowned even if his face was made of bone.

 Eight Edged Assassins were monsters that could turn invisible freely and fought with the sharp blades attached to their eight legs. The most terrifying thing was that they could decapitate someone in one hit. They were useful as assassins, but the condition of having them not harm someone would make it difficult for them to operate.

 How powerful was the other party?

 Eight Edged Assassins were level 49 monsters. Normally it would be fine to use them, but in this case the existences of Blue Rose plagued Ainz's mind. He was worried that the other party was quite strong.

 Considering the few other thief-type monsters in Nazarick, there seemed to be none more suitable for this job than the Eight Edge Assassins.




 If the Eight Edged Assassins die, he could use money to summon them from books, but he found this a waste. The finance in Nazarick was finite. He did not want to waste them, considering future plans.


’’Backup.... Is required. Contact Aura. Destroy their eyes. Have the Eight Edge Assassins obey Aura.’’

’’Understood. What about the defenses of this room?’’

’’There is no need. I will be leaving.... Has Demiurge still not returned?’’

’’I have not heard anything suggesting he has.’’



 When the messenger from the Kingdom arrived, a <Message>was sent to Demiurge but a reply would take time to return.

 Ainz's face fell.

 In actuality, Ainz did not want to greet the messenger himself. Firstly he had no idea what to expect or what to say. In addition, he had no confidence to not offend the messenger.

 Thus he had originally wanted to leave this to Demiurge. If that was not possible he wanted to hide his body with illusions, stand at the back and have a puppet follow his orders.


 Ainz made a small sigh.

 The pressure, similar to making it to the final interview before entering a company, beared down on him, even though he could not feel most emotions. Why did he want to escape this so much?


 Since Demiurge was not here, he had first thought of leaving it to Sebas. He also thought of leaving it to Pandora's Actor like when he was in the capitol.

 However, depending on who the messenger was, there was the possibility that important decisions relating to Nazarick's future had to be made. Thus he could not leave it to Sebas.

 What he needed was not a butler or an actor, but a being that was full of wisdom who could be trusted to decide the direction that should be taken.


  Then I definitely shouldn't be the one there.


 Ainz did not let such words out of his mouth.

 Weakness could not be seen in the ruler of Nazarick, Ainz, as any words of hesitation spoken from the master's mouth would shake the confidence of the subordinates.

 However, there were times when he wanted to say that.

 The negotiations with the messenger could determine whether the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick would gain a new ally.


  I hate this. This pressure. I want to run away.


 But there was no one here he could rely on.

 He grasped the staff with his hand. The proof of his identity as a Guildmaster. Because of this identity, he had to work hard to bring about the best results.


 Even though Ainz had no eyes, he closed them. The red light floating in his empty sockets disappeared.

 And then they lit up again.


’’....Have you finished the preparations?’’


 He spoke to Sebas- quiet, yet determined.


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