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Outaishihi Ni Nante Naritakunai!! - Chapter 39


Chapter 39

Chapter 39 - The Childhood Friends 2 (Freed POV)

「Alex!! Aaa, that was uncalled-for!!」

Glenn clung to Alex, binding his arms to his back to warn him not to say more unnecessary things.

It's the Knight's Leader's brute strength. There was no way for him to escape that hold but, Alex warded it off easily as he laughed.

「Haha! Fighting isn't compromised of only strength, you know? The movement of your opponent's muscle joints and things like that, if one is to deeply comprehend those things he would be able to take on even someone like you!! 」

As Alex easily evaded Glenn's arms, he then proudly and swiftly explained his movements. Glenn frustratingly gritted his teeth in response.

Glenn's unsuccessful streak against Alex has also been that way since we were young.

「Still the same as ever......So, specifically telling me Will's unrequited love, I wonder what's your intention? If that's your way of harassment then you have some poor taste.」

A muddled sensation keeps accumulating in the pit of my stomach. From my conversation with Lidi this morning, I instantly understood Will's fondness for her. And from it, her indifference as well.

For that fact be thrown at me straightforwardly however, gives me unbearable feeling of sickness.

Immediately beside Lidi was someone that has feelings for her and it was a guy other than me. That reality gave me a burning sense of jealousy.

And for him to boldly feed Lidi as well made me remember the anger I couldn't lash out.

Nevertheless, I am aware that it was only my compulsive outburst of anger. But, I still could not help it.

Alex raised the ends of his lips as he amusingly surveyed my state.

「Solely for you and to ascertain just how serious your feelings are for Lidi. But I never would have thought you'd actually show a face twisted in jealous rage......You're really serious, aren't you?」

I glared at his gleaming amethyst eyes.

I would not deny the feelings I have for her (Lidi), even if it's in front of her brother.

「That's what I said. Hereafter, Lidi is the only woman for me.」(T/N: What about men hmm?)

As I proclaimed so, Alex laughed and replied with a 'is that so'.

But, he then turned a piercing gaze towards me.


「If you're going to say that much then it's fine. I'll believe you. So, let me hear it. From the one year period of my absence, what happened?」

With his eyes that was permeating the desire for truth, I was wide-eyed. Alex raised his eyebrow.

「Did you think I was not aware? You, who did not have at least one fragment of interest towards women, suddenly started having alternate relations with various half a year ago. Why is that?」

「Alex, that was my......」

A flustered Glenn raised his hand to refute but Alex completely disregarded him.

「Shut up. You should keep quiet. The one I'm asking right now is Freed.」

While his gaze fixated on me, he warded Glenn off. As I observed his eyes I realized that he perhaps, already know everything.

I then remembered that Alex has been that kind of person since we were young.

「......How far have you investigated?」

「Are you going to make me say it. Well, it doesn't matter. I wasn't told to keep it a secret from you anyway. In truth, it was by His Majesty's command. Roughly three months ago, my old man passed information about a request for me. 'Freed's magical control is in disarray. Is there an effect in his usual life as well? Investigate it privately' is what it said.」

「Father did......」

I expected his awareness of the matter but I would have never thought he'd he'd actually commission Alex. (T/N: He* in this sentence is His Majesty, the King~)

「As the person most involved, you already know the results of the investigation, right? Several months before, participated in masquerade balls. Day after day, accepts and sleeps with any woman that comes his way. The first time I heard the report, I had thought you went insane.」


「After all you're still a man. I just thought you changed beliefs or something, but, as days passed, you steadily became gloomy and dejected. It's natural to think that something happened when you hear that, right?」

「......What did father say?」

Without even confirming where his statements were truth, I reflexively asked a question.

Alex continued to speak indifferently.

「When he heard the report, His Majesty said『So it was impossible for Freed as well. If that is the case, I have to hasten the engagement preparations』Afterwards, concerning the masquerade balls『There is an unavoidable circumstance behind it, therefore, feign ignorance on the matter for now』is what he said.」

Hearing this, I understood the reason behind Father's coercive engagement offers.

In the end, everything was known.

I closed my eyes for a moment. Then I faced Alex to talk.

「......Supposing you mind the circumstance stated just now, I don't mind taking an official pledge to assure my willingness to forbid making relations to any woman other than Lidi. The issue was already settled anyway.」

The『King's Flower』was given and Lidi received it.

There's no more reason to do those stupid actions ever again. Likewise, I have no want to do such.

「And that circumstance, am I allowed to ask the reason behind it?」

「It's the royalty's confidential information. Even if it's you, the details of it are not viable for discussion.」

When I bluntly said so, Alex dropped his shoulders in disappointment.

「If you say such, I can't ask anymore. Although I was curious about it about it and investigated on my own, all I got was strange stories and clouded over rumors ......」

As Alex stated his personal research, my interest was piqued.

「Such as?」

「There's no point in saying. It was all too ridiculous and is not one least believable.」

I nodded my head in response and met Alex's line of sight.

He's truly capable.

「I feel remorseful towards you however. The thing about Lidi included. That's why, as an apology, I'll tell you one thing......The ridiculous rumors you heard are probably true.」


I ignored Alex who was showing a confused face and steadily raised a question. That conversation has now ended.

「And then? Is my brother-in-law going to give me his blessings?」

As I said so, Alex, albeit reluctant, gave his affirmation.

「The engagement ceremony already ended. Moreover, the『King's Flower』is present. As if I can interfere anymore. Good grief. Performing the King's Flower Ceremony at that kind of place, are you even sane.」

Alex, who was even informed of my first interaction with Lidi, bitterly distorted his face.

「It was the heaven's command. If I didn't do it at that time, I wouldn't be able to get a hold of Lidi.」

When I honestly declared that I have no regrets on the matter, Alex then proclaimed 'When you have your eyes set on it, you go straight for it after all'. Afterwards, he stared and kept a watchful eye on me once again.

「Concerning this affair, I plan to severely reproach Lidi about it as well. She didn't want to marry a royalty that's why she went to a masquerade ball? That stupid idiot, just how did that kind of wild resolution pop in her head. It's as if we're not even related.」

「......No, I think the both of you are a pretty similar brother and sister though......」

Alex, who was in indignation at that, looked at that, looked at me coldly.

I believe their ability to disrupt and exhaust various things are exactly alike.

Likewise, their skill in swaying their surroundings to their favor is similar as well.

「Aa? Don't lump me together with that. I am seriously furious about the matter at hand. But, that's right, if Will had an ounce of your audacious nature, I think the outcome would have been different instead.」

「That name is unpleasant, could you not say that name in front of me for a while.」

As I knitted my eyebrows while I said so, Alex broadly grinned in response. I had thought that he stated his name pointlessly, but as expected it was on purpose......Still detestable as ever.

「Isn't that fine. In the end, you got her.」

「Nevertheless, the unpleasant feeling has not changed.」

When I straightforwardly said so, I was laughed at and told 'you're desire to monopolize is too much'.

It doesn't matter what anyone says.

I am well aware that when it comes to Lidi, I become terrifyingly narrow-minded.

「I thoroughly believe that you're serious and I understand why you can't explain the circumstance in detail. However, you should properly explain the situation to Lidi. She will also become a royalty. Naturally, she has the right to access those confidential information, right?」

「Certainly. I plan to discuss it to her before long.」

Alex nodded his head with a serious face.

「Then I have nothing more to say. That's right;let me hit you once in retaliation. With that, everything will be even and I will deem you acceptable.」

Alex then cracked his knuckles with a pop. My cheek became stiff for a moment but if it will make him at ease then it's a small thing.

「......Do what you want.」

I caught the sight of a worried-looking Glenn from the corner of my eye but I hurriedly closed my eyes.


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