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Ototsukai Wa Shi To Odoru - Chapter 4


Chapter 4: The Sound of Growth

I got permission to enter the room then made a general self-introduction.

It's true that her room was in a disorder, but it also had a somewhat girlish feeling.

The blond girl sat down on her bed, constantly flapping her legs.

She made me sit on a chair right in front of her.

It appeared like we were truly facing each other.

’’Hmmm, so you're Shion.

How should I put it? That guy's naming sense is the same as always.’’

’’.......Err, what's your name?’’



Since using your real name was prohibited, this was most likely a code name.

But it also felt like it was her real name, since she was clearly a half 1.

’’Nice meeting you. Roll is a code name, right?’’

’’Ha? Isn't it obvious!?

Still, I don't have any other names but this one.’’

She doesn't have any other names?

Does that mean she doesn't have a real name?

Anyway, this wasn't the type of talk that you could get to the core of on the first meeting.

Therefore, I changed the subject.

’’Do you live here, Roll?’’


’’I see........’’

Since she's living here, does that mean she doesn't have

’’For the time being, we'll go to the training room.

As you are now, you're like a bomb. And since I'm in charge of you, my body is in danger too.

If you go on a rampage here, at the very least I will most certainly die.

That's why this is also a request from my part.’’

Roll stood up and said.

I first thought that this was too sudden, but it appeared that she was willing to act like a real partner.

As Roll said, we didn't know when I could lose control over my ability. I have to concentrate more.

I wonder why the Boss picked up someone as dangerous as me.........

I looked at my phone to verify the time;the clock hand pointed a little past 12.

Are we gonna train at this time?....... But I have school tomorrow.

If we do this now, I won't be able to be at school in time. I wonder when can I go back home?

I knew it wasn't the time to think about such things, but, in all honesty, I was really tired after going through all these events. And getting some rest was my real motive.

’’Hey, what are you doing? Let's go already!’’

’’.........Are we really doing it now?’’

In the end, I revealed my complaint.

I thought she would get angry at me, but her words were in fact calm and steady.

’’If you don't get accustomed to your ability right after your manifestation, it will take you a lot more time to learn to control it.

I am doing this especially for you, so shut up and follow me.

Or, how should I put it, you must become aware of the strength of your ability asap.’’

’’Yea, yeah......’’

I gave a vague answer as I stood up as well.

It was an unexpected realization that she might actually be an honest person.


'How is it? Can you hear me?'

’’Yes, I can. I think that even without you using the microphone I can still pick up your voice.’’

I was inside a completely white room that was locked from the outside. This was the training room;and it was enhanced with sturdy walls.

I took off the control ring for this training. I also left my phone back in Roll's room.

I could see Roll, holding the microphone, on the other side of the ultra-strong glass window.

Her face looked a bit displeased.

She put the microphone away then moved her lips.

’’This good-for-nothing fool.

So? This place is completely soundproofed. There's no way you can hear me, right?’’

’’........I can hear you.’’

What's with that 'good-for-nothing fool'? She has a nasty tongue, this girl.

'Then repeat what I just said.'

’’Good-for-nothing fool. That's not really nice, you know?’’

'Oh wow, that's amazing. But it feels out-of-place so I'll keep using the mic.'

She said calmly.

I answered with ’’Roger’’.

'Do you feel anything now?'

Roll was operating the machines inside the observation room.

’’At certain frequencies I get ear buzzings. Also, I can hear all sorts of sounds.’’

The noise and buzzing are really annoying.

I hope that once I learn to control my ability I'll get rid of them.

'Hmmm. Well then, try doing something.'

In case she would've asked this earlier, I would've most certainly thought that she was asking the impossible.

I might've told her to stop talking nonsense.

However, as I feel now, I somehow understand. I can instinctively feel how my powers work;I can feel it flow into me.

I manipulate.......sounds.

Yes, I use the sound.

It's unrealistic, but I can picture it just fine.

In an instant, the locked room shook with the sound of an explosion.

Fine cracks appeared in the ultra-strong glass window.

When I heard the glass crack, I panicked and restrained my ability.

'Power level're a monster, aren't you?

Since this training room can't be used anymore, we'll go next door.'

’’Are you serious.......?’’

Did I really manifest such an unthinkable ability........?

We exited that training room and entered the other one right next to it.

This room appears even sturdier than the previous one, and seemingly it can't be broken easily.

I entered once again the white room.

This white room was two times larger than the other one.

Once I entered it, the door closed and locked by itself.

Why has it to be locked, I wonder?

I had a bad feeling about it and looked towards Roll, who was sitting on the other side of the glass screen.

'Normally, if you have a trigger-type ability, you must at least learn to switch it on and off, otherwise you won't be able to live properly.

When it comes to sound, you are always in contact with it, so I personally think that you'll get used to it rather fast.......

And after seeing you earlier, it seems that it's actually better for me not to instruct you.

It's better to not let other people know too much about your ability in the first place.

Things like what you can do and to what extent, you know? And also, when you have to inform others about your ability, if the situation allows you, you lie. You'll be underestimated.

Then the other party will think ’’He has this ability so he can't actually do that’’;they will make light of you.

Nothing good comes out of people knowing about your ability.

In your case however, because of the possibility of you harming us, it is necessary for us to know your ability.

.......And so you have it. For the time being, try spending an entire day here. While trying all sorts of uses for your ability, all right?

If you press that button in the back of the room, food and the like will be delivered to you.

Well then, good night.'

She's the worst partner ever.

She only said what she wanted to say and was about to leave the observation room when I hurried to stop her.

’’Hey, an entire day? What about school!?’’

'Skip it?'

I don't know whether there are classes tomorrow or not, but on the surface Kamiya Kazato is missing.

Also, they are still chasing the guy with the above the norm manifestation: me.

If I end up exposed, it'll be awful......

'Ah, I know what you want to say.

You fear being exposed and lose the right to live on the surface, am I right?'

’’Yeah, that's right.......’’

'If that really happens, you'll just have to cast away everything.

School, friends, family included.'

’’What are you.....’’

'If your secret identity leaks out and the SDF comes after your life, I will risk my own life to come rescue you. Everyone here will do the same.

Here, in Anonymous, we will risk our lives even for the lowliest underlings.

Anyway, that guy or Shido-san 2 will do something about your circumstances on the surface, like school and everything.'

What's wrong with this girl!?

Isn't her way of thinking strange? She's actually serious.

My first impression of her is not really that good, and she's short.

But she's still living here, with such a strong resolution.

'Lastly, even though it might be a little too early for you, who lived in such a half-hearted world.

For example, let's suppose I have a close friend for about 10 years.

If I'm told that I can only save either you or my friend, I will unmistakably choose you.

What about you in this case? Can you still choose me, you partner, assuming you're in the same position? Impossible, right?

Hurry up and come to where I'm standing, buddy!'

Roll declared, with an excessively oppressive attitude, and disappeared behind the automatic door.

Someway or other, Roll seemed to actually think about me.

Or maybe it was only my desire to see it like that.

Still, I somehow felt motivated after our exchange.


This happened about 12 hours since then.

I was concentrating on my training, when a man entered the observation room.

It was the Boss.

He picked up the mic and sat on a chair inside the observation room.

'How are you feeling, Shion?'

The Boss' low but steady voice resounded inside the white room.

’’I got considerably used to it. I don't think I will lose control again if I'm wearing the ring.’’

'Oh! In such a short time? That's amazing.'

’’However, I still can't control my ability.

I mean, I can't seem to be able to go easy on my target........It just won't do the way I want it to.’’

'That's inevitable. If you give yourself a little more time, you'll manage to handle it.

I'd rather say that it's already amazing you managed to get this far in such a short period of time.'

Is that really true?

Aren't you overrating me a little, Boss?

As I am now, if I must fight alongside other members, I will only end up involving them too.

'Now, it seems that Roll abandoned you. However, we finished with your school and home arrangements.'

’’Th...thank you.’’

I wonder what they did and how.........

As my expression started to stiffen, Boss' voice resounded once again.

'Well then, let's get down to business. I'd like to measure up your current fighting strength, so are you up to it, Shion?'

’’Yeah, I don't mind. But how do you intend to measure it?’’

If he says something like fighting against him, then I'll have to refuse.

I can't possibly win against him, considering that he killed a colonel class fighter in an instant.

However, I was already aware that my ability was fairly strong too.

It's certain that I now have a little more self-confidence.

'You will fight this guy.'

I heard something in the back of the room and turned around.

Having done so, I saw a hole gradually opening in the back wall of the white room, and I could hear some sort of sound coming from inside.


Was that a roar?

And then, the owner of that roaring voice showed up from inside the hole.

'I shall make the introductions. This is my pet, Wolff.'

What was unfolding in front of me now was a beast with silver fur that shined so brightly, illuminated by the lights coming from the observation was a wolf, five times bigger than me.

’’A magical beast........!’’

'It's a Silver Wolf with a danger level of 5.

A C Rank ability user should be able to somehow defeat it.

Wolff is a little stronger than that though.

But you can rest assured since he obeys my words.'

I looked at Wolff, who seemed to want to attack me at any time, and I swallowed my saliva.

'If it gets dangerous, I'll stop him. So what do you say? Wanna give it a try?'

..........Honestly, I'm scared.

But the other party is an animal with ears.

This will probably be a one hit match. If those fangs reach me, it'll be over, so I must attack first. If I manage to do that, I might have a chance.

’’.......I want to try.’’

The Boss grinned broadly.

'It's been a long time since a newcomer accepted to do this.

Most of them get frozen in place when confronted with such an immediate huge threat, no matter how strong their powers actually are.

I'm looking forward to your growth, Shion.'

The Boss continued.

'<Get it>Wolff.'

What am I, his treat.....!?


In an instant, Wolff made an assault, his fangs incredibly sharp.

And then, I snapped my finger.

That pleasant sound transformed into an explosion.

Wolff was shocked by that sound and ran back to the hole, yelping like a puppy.

In short, the match finished in an instant.

I could hear the applause coming from beyond the glass screen.

'This is more than I expected, Shion.

Why did you limit the power of that explosion sound?'

’’I thought that I shouldn't kill the Boss' pet.’’

'What the heck!?'

The Boss' laughter resounded in the white room.

And then, he told me to get some rest, and released me from the training room.


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