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Ototsukai Wa Shi To Odoru - Chapter 30


Chapter 30: Destructive Rotation

For the last summer vacation day, since I finished my homework yesterday, Roll and I promised to go for shopping (have a date) in the shopping district.

The meeting place is the usual café. I was dressed in better clothes than normally, as I walked towards this place.

These clothes are my favorite. Rin always said that they looked out of fashion, but you can't really trust her taste.

'Sorry. Come to my room please. A troublesome person is here.'

A troublesome person is here?

What does she mean? Don't tell me Getsuri-san came back or something!? 1

If that's the case, then it truly is troublesome.......Well, I'll know once I get there.

I put my phone back in my pocket, then I descended to the basement and walked towards Roll's room.

Once I arrived at her room, I saw that, excepting Roll, there was another girl there.

Roll's room was terribly disordered, and you could see traces of a battle.

The table fell to the side, the bed was upside-down, and there were now a few holes in the wall.

I moved my eyes to look down at the unknown girl who seemed to have battled Roll.

She has brown hair kept in two pony tails and.......Roll pinned her down to the floor and keeps her there by the arm.

’’I'll introduce her to you, Shion. She's Destroy-chan.’’

Roll pressed down the girl's head as she said this.


’’Right. Everyone calls her Desuko 2 though.’’

She has such a striking name, and I bet she got it from the Boss.

Which reminds me that I actually saw a 'Destroy-chan' in my contact addresses when I first checked my work phone.

Since she was registered as 'Destroy-chan' and not simply 'Destroy', I remember it catching my attention.

Even though I joined the organization more than two months ago, there are still many, many people I haven't met yet. Most of these people don't match their names at all.

’’And so, what are you two's circumstances?’’

’’Look at us and you'll get it. I am pinning her down.’’

Destroy-chan was held down by Roll and she was letting out some painful moans.

’’No, no, no, I definitely can't take in the situation.’’

I said, and suddenly, Destroy-chan escaped Roll's grip rather smoothly and jumped in my direction.

’’Shion-kun, save me! Roll is bullying me!’’

However, before I could touch her, Roll caught her again and bent her down on the floor.

’’You don't move.’’

’’It hurts!’’

With her small physique and her childish face, Destroy-chan was definitely younger than us.

And since Roll doesn't show any sign of mercy towards this little girl, I can guess that she's quite the problem child.

’’Urrrm, and why is Destroy-chan in your room then, Roll?’’

’’She selfishly entered my room then started acting violently. Besides, she just returned to the headquarters this morning.’’

’’Is that so?’’

Does that mean she came back from a branch office? Or maybe she returned from a long-time mission?

’’Even though I said she came back, Desuko was actually taken captive by the mafia, so she didn't actually work.’’


’’Due to the fact that Desuko picks fights at many levels, she's often abducted. Her life is often targeted as well.’’

Roll bound both of Destroy-chan's hands at her back as she said this.

’’Well, she always comes back, and because she kind of has something like an insurance, no one goes to rescue her.’’

’’This is rather cruel.’’

With both hands and feet bound, and rope rolled around her entire body, Destroy-chan looked really funny.

She was like a caterpillar with her twin tails looking like antennas.

I asked myself whether it was really necessary to restrain her to such an extent, but Roll didn't seem satisfied enough and attached a piece of tape on Destroy-chan's mouth as well.


’’Wai, Roll.......You're overdoing it......’’

’’I am not.

I'll let you know beforehand. Desko's ability is called 'Mind Read', and if I am to put it in simple terms, she can read the minds of the people around her.

She has many conditions to fulfill first, but her ability is way too depressing. Letting her speak would never amount to anything good.’’

As she explained, Roll placed Destroy-chan in a push car she picked out from one corner of the room.


A mind reading ability......Are there people with such strong abilities too?

It truly is a troublesome ability. Besides, if she can read minds, this means that she knows all the important information about the organization.

Is it really all right for such a girl to be abducted? Her existence itself is kind of troublesome.

’’Even thought she looks like this, she's one of the organization's executive staffs. Besides, she's Tameiki-san's partner.

Also, as for her age.......’’

When Roll was about to say this, Destroy-chan suddenly rolled out of the push car so fast that eyes couldn't follow her.

She rolled towards a wall and slammed into it, and the rope binding her loosened quickly as if it had a mind of its own.

Roll already started to move in order to catch Destroy-chan, but the girl quickly took off the tape on her mouth and stopped Roll right away.


’’Da-damn it......!’’

Roll immediately stopped in place, like her body was suddenly paralyzed.

Destroy-chan approached Roll slowly and crawled her hand on Roll's hip.

Then, with a truly satisfied expression on her face, Destroy-chan moved her fingers excitedly.

What's that.......Wasn't her ability about reading people's minds?

Can she also interfere with people's hearts and control their sensations......?

That's terrible.

’’For letting your guard down, you still have many openings in your heart, Roll.

Besides, my age is a secret, isn't it?

Do you want to repeat the peeing incident?’’

’’Hey, that story is......!’’

’’Shion-kun, listen to this! It's a past story about Roll........’’

’’Aaaaaaaaaah! Forgive me, forgive me! It was my fault, all right!’’

I could only watch their exchange in blank amazement.

Leaving this aside, Destroy-chan........urm, Destroy-san is really Tameiki-san's partner? She actually had one!

........They don't go well together though.

Moreover, Destroy-san is an executive member.

I didn't think she was such an impressive person since Roll's attitude towards Destroy-san wasn't quite respectful.

But looking at Roll's docility right now, Destroy-san does have the abilities of an executive.

’’Non non. You're wrong, Roll.

When you apologize, you must say 'Forgive me-nyan'. I taught you this time and time again.’’

’’Ku, this is.......’’

’’Come now, hurry. Where's my 'Forgive me-nyan'?’’


This exchange caught my attention. What's with this advantageous development for me!?

Roll's 'Forgive me-nyan'.......I really, really want to see it happen.

’’Shion-kun wants to see it too, right?’’

’’I do.’’


’’Shion, you.......’’

’’If you don't say it quickly, I'll tell Shion all sorts of things, a mixture of facts and fiction, you know?’’

Hey, a mixture of facts and fiction?......

’’For-forgive me-nyan......’’


Feeling extremely shy, Roll said it nonetheless, and I unintentionally let out a surprised cry.

Still, Destroy-san frowned.

Was she unhappy about something?

’’Where are your ears and tail? Do it again.’’

’’Leave me the hell a.........!’’

’’Shion-kun, you know, Roll truly did.......’’

Before Destroy-san could finish her sentence, cat ears bounced up on Roll's head.

’’Fufufu, good girl, Roll.’’

Destroy-san said and stretched herself to pet Roll's cat ears.

Roll tried averting her red face, but since she couldn't move, she bit her lip.

’’Shion-kun, do you want to touch her too?’’


This is bad. I really want to touch her ears. But if I do it now, she'll definitely get mad at me later.

Hold back. Hold back, me.

’’........I'll pass.’’

’’Eeh, it's such a waste. They feel incredibly good at touch.

Good. Now Roll, try saying 'Forgive me-nyan' once again.’’

Destroy-san turn around to face Roll and said.

I gulped and looked at Roll attentively.

Roll hesitated for a bit, but, before long, she murmured it as if to ready herself.

’’For-forgive me-nyan.......’’

Hearing this, Destroy-san's face broke into a large smile, she embraced Roll and rubbed her face against Roll's.

’’Roll truly is the cutest! Shion-kun, you think so as well, right?’’

’’She really is cute.’’


Damn it. She's angry.

Roll glared at me and, as I got cold feet, I shut my mouth in an instant.

’’Shion-kun, Roll is just pretending to be angry, but, the truth is, she's extremely happy about what you said! She's just hiding her embarrassment.’’

Destroy-san grinned as she peeked into Roll's face.

’’Desuko, this is enough........I give up, all right? I give up...... Release your restriction already.......’’

’’Nope. After all, if I release you now, you'll definitely hit me.

Besides, you'll soon be able to break off by yourself, so I have to run before you break my arm or something.’’


Roll glared at Destroy-san with a sharp look, and clenched her teeth.

She was forced to taste humiliation, but for me it was a lucky incident.

Leaving this aside, being able to restrain Roll for such a long time, Destroy-san's ability is way too terrible.......

Still, it feels kind of reassuring knowing that this person is an ally.

’’I'd really like to enjoy Roll a little longer, but I should take my leave.

Then, Shion-kun, see you later.......Hm?’’

Destroy-san looked at my face and waved her hand. It seems that something caught her attention, since she approached me and peeked into my eyes.

’’.......I see.’’

What is it?

Don't tell me she's reading my mind.......It's quite impolite to just go around and read people's minds all of a sudden. It doesn't feel too pleasant.

’’Good, I can't see anything.

You don't open your heart to people you meet for the first time. This is good, very good.’’

Destroy-san said, petted my head and then left Roll's room.

I gapped as I looked at the opened door. Roll, who started to move again, rushed out of the room without saying a word and started pursuing Destroy-san.

I was left behind in Roll's room.

What about our shopping time (date).......?

  1. Remember the guy Shion fought for Roll in the first book? See Chapter 9 and Chapter 10
  2. 'Desu' comes from 'desutoroi' (destroy) in this case, but it can also mean 'death'.... 'ko' refers to child. Would've been weird to translate that to Des-child or Des-girl, so I'll just leave it as Desuko.....Better suggestions are more than welcome tho ^^


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