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Ototsukai Wa Shi To Odoru - Chapter 26


Chapter 26: The Pressure of Giving Up

My training continued.

During the last seven days, Tameiki-san kept interfering with me without fail, but I protected her nonetheless.

The most difficult situation was with the Poisoned Butterfly's scales.

Because Tameiki-san went by herself to inhale the poisonous scales, there was no way to avoid it.

During these seven days, I had to intervene with an antidote three times. About the third time, maybe she developed antibodies or something, but Tameiki-san wasn't in such pain anymore. Her symptoms softened instantly.

That's why I declared to her that I will absolutely not treat her the next time she does this on purpose.

There are two more days left of this training which only messed with my sleeping time.

I find it rather difficult to continue now.

Besides, since that mouth-to-mouth antidote feeding, I have the feeling that Tameiki-san had been awfully clingy......

Having said that, when our eyes meet, she turns away, and she enters weird moods without any clear explanation.

This feeling.......Did she perhaps fall in love with me?

........Well, as one would expect, that is not the case.

Tameiki-san would never fall for a kid like me, and there was nothing to fall in love with in the first place.

Not much time passed since we actually met each other. And it's not like we have a strong relationship either.

Tameiki-san, did you perhaps fall in love with me?

If I were to ask her such an arrogant thing, she would definitely knock me off my feet.

On the other hand, I only need another push and she'll snatch my heart away.

Tameiki-san's mature charm is too harsh on an unpopular guy like me. It's a menace.

It makes me misunderstand stuff.

However, through our relationship as master and apprentice, I can perfectly feel the love she pours into me as my master.

I am confident that, having to survive for this long, I have certainly become stronger.

I managed to increase the scope of things I can do with my ability and, above all, I boosted my endurance and my mental strength.

Maybe it's only natural to become like this when forced to play with death all the time.

Anyway, my body is thoroughly worn-out.

Because Tameiki-san won't let me rest, I can't recover my strength at all.

My body feels so heavy that I find it difficult even to walk;in any case, my strength now is very low.

Anyway, I have two more days of the third stage, then, after one day of rest, the fourth stage will start where she'll make me do something again, but after that we'll return home.

In short, my training will be over soon!

I did it......

Still, there are many things to feel anxious about once I go back.

First, I neglected all the promises to go out with Tsurugi and the others, I left my home without saying anything for an entire month.........and I didn't finish most of the homework I had to do this summer.

I hope the Boss did the proper arrangements in this area though.

Also, what I mustn't forget about is Roll's existence.

Roll is dangerous.

After I promised her that I'll go visit every day, I left without saying a single word to her.

Even I would get angry in that situation.

I tried to steal Tameiki-san's phone several times in order to send a message to Roll, but it didn't work.

But I will return stronger, so Roll will probably be pleased about it too.

And maybe she's already been told that someone selfishly tool me along to train me.

Anyway, I decided to think about my apology to her while I still had the time.

Roll will surely forgive me.

Well, this training damaged me in all such aspects.

I have to try my best a little more! Right when I started to feel enthusiastic about it, it happened that my training stopped two days before ending the third stage.

I thought that we would halfway finish with the third stage and enter the fourth one right away, but it wasn't like that.

The training itself was over.

’’No, no, I will stay here and continue with my training.

I hate doing things half-heartedly.

I want to decisively complete it!’’

’’You can't. The training is over.’’

At this time, I clang to a large tree and didn't let it go.

’’I'm telling you, this is unreasonable! Why don't you go back by yourself, Tameiki-san!’’

’’Then, I won't have to come back and pick you up once you finished, right?’’

’’Damn.......That's mean!’’

’’Be quiet and follow me.’’

This was the situation.

In the middle of the third stage, Tameiki-san's phone's unsuitable ringtone resounded inside the sea of trees.

It was a call from the Boss.

It was about a mission request.

A unit, from one of our branch offices, accompanying a car which transported some goods was attacked by the SDF.

If the goods which were supposed to arrive at one of our development bases were to be destroyed now, it would mean a hard blow for Anonymous and on top of that, depending on the situation, there's a high change that our development base would be discovered as well.

Therefore, Tameiki-san must give urgent reinforcements and she has to go escort the car and the goods.

The difficulty degree is S+.

Tameiki-san is a fundamentally free person, so she only takes on missions upon request. She herself said that she never goes to pick missions by herself.

Also, she never does missions lower than A.

I obviously believed that I would be nothing but a burden to her during this mission, so I invited her to go do it by herself as I continued with my training, but Tameiki-san shaded me;I actually don't understand what she was thinking about.

Still, it was less a shading and more of a forceful taking along.

’’Really now, please give me a break.

I actually want to finish with my training, you know?

I don't like being half-hearted.’’

’’Then the last stage will be 'Come with me on my mission'. What do you say now?

There's no problem this way.’’

Ah, she'll take me with her no matter what.

Sigh, it's futile to oppose Tameiki-san.

’’........All right. I'll just come along then.’’


We'll go back to the camp house first.’’


Once we returned to the camp house, both Tameiki-san and I took a quick shower, then we changed into new tuxedos.

Tameiki-san immediately finished her preparations and collected all the stuff into one big attache case.

’’The battle front where the branch office unit was apprehended is the mountain trail on Mt. Jesa. It's right after we cross the desert.

It's probably a guerrilla warfare situation. We're the closest to the branch office, so we will be their reinforcement.

There are others coming to the rescue as well, and I believe they'll be arriving soon, but we should also expect that they'll be completely under suppression by the time we get there.

We complete the mission by either securing the goods before reaching the tunnel at the end of the mountain trail, or by completely exterminating the SDFs.’’

’’Right. I'll leave those things to you.’’

’’Are you stupid? You're the one who'll do everything.

In a guerrilla warfare situation, there's no one better than you.

It's more efficient than my way.’’


She grasped my arm firmly and we took a great leap in the sky. I could see far ahead, and I immediately discovered Mt. Jesa.

Nevertheless, we're falling now. Did she point the gravity vector in that direction?

But this doesn't even shock me anymore. It's just Tameiki-san's acrobatic floating ability.

’’Don't worry. If it gets extremely dangerous, I'll help you.’’

’’Please help me before it gets extremely dangerous!!’’

’’I'll start moving if any obstacles in completing the mission show up.’’

’’As I said........!’’

Tameiki-san increased the speed.

Taken by surprise, I clang to Tameiki-san's waist.

Damn it!

As always, it's like she doesn't even hear me!

Besides, the wind is awful!

But Tameiki-san is wearing goggles;What the hell, give me a pair too!

Shit, I can't keep my eyes opened.

All I can do now is to bury my face in Tameiki-san's abdomen.

I'll sniff her just to show her.

’’After taking that shower, you smell really good, Tameiki-san!’’

Covering my face, I breathed in and out into Tameiki-san's abdomen.

She shivered a little.

’’Stop it. It tickles.’’

I didn't. Moreover, I increased my sniffing speed.

As one would expect, she hit me because of that.


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