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Otoko Nara Ikkokuichijou No Aruji O Mezasa Nakya, Ne? - Chapter 272


Chapter 202 - (Chapter 272): Challenge Right 1

Year 7446, Month 10, Day 13

On the 9th floor of the dungeon, I was hoping that the halls we were walking down lead to the large space in the center of the floor while using the teleport crystal in the dead end of the halls a number of times. This time Miduchi and Angela are away from the {Slaughterers}.

’’Hey~Hey~, the next a troll or something big appears in a room I'm going to use the bracelet. I can use it once every day so let me use it for today's portion.’’

Ever since the first day we entered the dungeon Ralpha has been wanting to use the {Bracelet.Of.Dead Body.To.Water}. There's no helping it so I'm enduring but honestly speaking seeing a corpse turn to water in an instant and I certainly can't ignore how useful it can be.

Ah~ certainly this is useful~

If I have Miduchi use it in the future then it's ideal for assassinating an enemy.

In the first place Miduchi's received plenty of training as an assassin and if we choose the target then I'm sure the success rate is high as well.

And then without even leaving the greatest evidence that is the corpse, it's possible to dispose of it without taking any time.

It's because I think like this that I didn't want to bring it.

However, depending on how I think about it, leaving it with Ralpha might have been the correct answer.

If it's her she's stingy so once she's gotten her hands on something once even if I tell her return it I don't think she'll let go of it so easily. Additionally she's an idiot so it wouldn't be strange for her to think it's something she received from me. Though I say that, the way she asks me every single time she wants to use the bracelet's ability means she might be aware of the fact that I was just lending it to her.

’’I guess so. Then the next time a big one comes out you can use it.’’

After I said that giving her permission and her nostrils started flaring as she was breathing heavily.


’’Here~ I go~! Nurehiki!’’

Ralpha was touching the 4 {Cave Beetle} corpses pile on top of each other after we took the magic stones out and chanting the command word.

The troll corpse that was together with them on the side changed to water in an instant and with a bash~n splashed all around.

’’Ho!! Awawaha!!’’

I wonder what in the world is that fun? The instant it changes to water she jumps back as far as she can in order to not get wet, and in the end still gets wet taking water all over her lower body. I'm sure no water gets inside of her combat boots but her pants are soaked.


Zenom said that apologetically but Ralpha is already at a good age, so there's no need for the parent to feel that much responsibility. I think it's a problem with the individual. Yeah.

’’It's fine. Hey Ralpha. I'll dry you off.’’

While laughing to herself as Ralpha approached I touched her wet pants while using the spell {Dry} and dried them off. Ah, is she asking for permission for me to use the spell {Dry} on her?

’’It's fine to enjoy yourself but do you get it? When we return there's member change matches you know?’’

I don't think there's any meaning but I just wanted her to get a bit more tense.

’’Nn~ it would be good if there's a person willing to challenge me.’’

I'm sure there isn't anyone~ Certainly.

Since there's not much meaning in overwriting the first measurement stamina test we did at 1 hour, 23 minutes, and 40 seconds so the {Slaughterers} already aren't running anymore. But, if she's letting her guard down she might be challenged and get overtaken. The most likely contender to be challenged is Basutoral and then next is Angela, followed by Zulu. I've heard that everyone is making all sorts of strategies on their own. There's some doing it on their own and others planning to challenge in groups of two or three as well.

This time other than Rokko and Kevin everyone's declared that they're participating in the challenge for the replacement match. Though I say that, it seems that the two of them haven't given up either. On my way back returning from the capital the other day, I saw the two of them running above the outer crater. They just simply don't have the confidence they can clear the stamina test yet I'm sure.


Year 7446, Month 10, Day 17

The next day after returning from the dungeon that is yesterday was a day off. And then today is the greatly anticipated day of replacement matches. It's not strange to express it as something people have been waiting for. Furthermore, Basutoral appears pretty nervous and doesn't seem to have slept much yesterday.

I think several challengers will appear. However, challenging Basutoral, I wonder if they can fight and win against ogres? Up until now Basutoral has experienced a considerable amount of combat against ogres and is used to it so even one on one he can defeat them considerably fast.

’’Alright, is everyone ready? Here I go..Ready...Start!’’

Excluding Rokko, Kevin, and my combat slaves the 12 of them all started running at once.

I'm sure the members observing the early areas of the course have already long since been at their posts. The ones for the latter half are departing for their posts in order as well. The only ones remaining here are Zenom and I.

’’How do you see things going?’’

After Zenom saw everyone off with his arms crossed he started talking to me.

’’Since Kamu and Ginger ended up not participating as a team after all..I guess the same for Kimu as well. If they were to team up it would have been pretty interesting.’’

I'm definitely sure Kamu, Ginger, and Kimu, the three of them will clear it. After that is..the only one I can say for sure is Jeru I guess. Among them only Kamu and Kimu are supposedly challenging as a two-person team so it's speculated that their team will definitely obtain the challenge right.

Ginger is challenging as a group of three with Jeru and Misu while Sanno and Ruttsu are doing it as a two-person group. Binsu and Hisu are each doing it alone and it seems Rodrick is challenging together with his combat slaves Denda and Karimu. It's said that among those the only one with a chance of acquiring the challenge right is Ginger's group depending on how much effort Misu puts into it.

’’Hmm. After all Kamu and Kimu are strongest contenders right.’’

’’I think so too.’’

’’However, I'm sure it will be difficult for Kamu and Kimu..’’

He~ After all Zenom thinks so too huh? Kamu's skill with the bow is first-rate. It's not at the level of Bel but I'm sure that's a special case. She also has courage and I think her instructions to her allies are precise as well. However, the problem is having Kimu handle the ogres at the front line. The spear she uses is considerably long and if she uses it skillfully she can keep the ogre from approaching as Kamu turns it into an arrow pin-cushion I'm sure. However, she'll probably end up having her hands full just restraining the ogre and it'll be difficult for her to find an opening to do any major damage with the spear. In other words, we can assume it'll take them a considerable amount of time to deal with the ogres.

Other than those two there's the three person group lead by Ginger but just the same they're leaning a bit too much towards attacking though it's possible for Ginger or Jeru to grab the ogres attention while the other attacks and Misu uses magic from the rear. Especially Ginger's skill with the spear is extremely high and it's believed she can take on an ogre alone with it. You could say that their ability to wipe out the enemy is overwhelmingly higher. Rokko and Kevin both have the same level or even greater skill at the front line but I'm sure they won't meet the minimum line for the test.

Though I say that, since the ones being challenged have the same number of people I think there's merits and demerits to it. Particularly Kamu is just the two of them, it seems like it would take some time for them to defeat it but there would be two people from the {Slaughterers} being challenged just the same. If they designate Angela and Basutoral who are said to have relatively low abilities then they must think they have a sufficient chance of winning.

However, both Angela and Basutoral can already defeat ogres one on one and they can even deal with a situation where they have to fight one versus multiple. Which is why I can't help but think it'll be difficult. In that case the ones who have the highest power to wipe things out should speak the loudest, so Ginger and the others are believed to have the higher chances at in any case just overcoming them in the amount of time it takes to defeat the ogres.

I think the reason she isn't challenging it alone is because her only experience against ogres is the little bit she got during the rescue job for {Black.Topaz} the other day. Even that the only time she actually took on an ogre was the last time when we were beating them all to death so I think she just doesn't have any confidence in it.

’’I think the same..If Ginger was teaming up with Kamu then, otherwise if she was alone then I think the possibility would have been high.’’

’’I guess so..By the way Al, how far do you think everyone else will hold out?’’

’’I'm sure it's still difficult for everyone else..’’

I haven't properly measured their time but just guessing based on their condition while running in the morning. I think Jeru is barely alone the minimum line but I can't imagine everyone else can make it to the minimum.

’’Out of Kamu and Ginger which do you think will return first?’’

Hmn, that's a difficult question.

’’Kamu I guess?’’

I remember the whorl of Kamu's head when I talked to her for just a bit under the tree I was keeping lookout on the 7th floor the other day.

’’Ho? I've heard that Ginger is faster?’’

’’Certainly that's true. But I think Kamu will put quite a bit of effort into it this time. I think it's possible she'll cut 1 hour and 20 minutes.’’

’’Hmn, bet..Don't make that sort of face. Sorry about that.’’

That's right. I don't like using people giving it their best as the subjects of a gamble.

Including making fun of them during the middle of that as well.

If it's during training or after the results of the main thing come out then laughing or being laughed at can't be helped.

Right now, they're seriously giving their best effort not on the daily training but on the main thing.


Sure enough, the one who first returned was Ginger just as expected. Her time more than exceeded the minimum line at 1 hour, 17 minutes, and 30 seconds. Kamu and Kimu came back cutting just before 1 hour and 20 minutes. And then, a bit unexpectedly even Jeru returned in 1 hour, 22 minutes, and 30 seconds, surpassing the minimum time by over 1 minute. That comes out to Ginger and Jeru earning over 7 minutes in time. With this if Misu can surpass 1 hour and 31 minutes then their three-person group will have obtained the challenge right.

Furthermore, Basutoral can't exceed the minimum time either but even then he should be able to cut 1 hour and 30 minutes now. There was a complicate expression on his face. Cathy doesn't seem to get it very well but it seems she can understand her husband is nervous.

About 6 minutes late for the minimum time Rodrick came back with an expression as if he may die at any moment. The Misu of attention still can't be seen. Ginger and Jeru were staring at the road nervously. In comparison Kamu and Kimu went into the Boil Manor to borrow the shower and wash away the sweat.

The next one to return was Binsu.

His time was 1 hour, 32 minutes, and 10 seconds.

So Misu was no good huh?

This time was unfortunate.

And then, Misu, Sanno, and Denda came back shaped like a sweet dumpling.

Their time was 1 hour, 33 minutes, and 30 seconds.

Ginger and Jeru went to comfort Misu who broke down in tears.

Following that Ruttsu and Karimu returned and finally Hisu came back and fell over barely able to to breath.

Hisu's time wasn't all that bad. She cut off below 1 hour and 50 minutes after all.

It's a surprisingly level of progress compared to one year ago.

For the sake of their muscles, after a short break, I had them do some simple stretches.

’’Now then, the ones who obtained the challenge right were Kamu and Kimu. Who are the two you want to challenge?’’

I asked the two when they returned from their shower.

Although, it seems the two had long since decided already.

’’We'll challenge Saji and Maurso.’’

Kamu replied.

’’Kimu are you fine with that?’’

Kimu hides her overflowing fighting spirit as she nods.

’’Alright, got it. The day after tomorrow we'll enter the dungeon. The members are Kamu and Kimu. Basutoral and Angela. Also, Miduchi, Gwine, Zenom, Toris, Giberuti, and I. Everyone else get some rest until we return. I think we'll be in the dungeon for 4~5 days.’’

We split up there.


Year 7446, Month 10, Day 18

The day of our overall combined training.

It goes without saying in regards to Kamu and Kimu but Basutoral and Angela were putting some fierce spirit into it as well. During the break time these four were each in their own groups as they whispered discussing things.

Just from the area I can clearly hear Basutoral and Angela seem to be going with the orthodox method where Angela acts as the front and while she's dealing with things Basutoral looks for openings with his spear or uses magic.

’’First off I'll hit them in the face with an arrow. Then I'll quickly throw aside my bow and cut in. You make use of that opening with the spear and..’’

’’If it goes well then we might be able to earn time but that's dangerous, sister. We can't afford any mistakes. Here I'd like to you have faith in my spear.’’

’’But, that's lacking in decisive power.’’

’’Wasn't that something we already were prepared for right. We need to fight three consecutive matches with ogres right?’’

’’..I guess. It's no good getting impatient.’’

’’Yeah. Let's do what we're both used to without making any mistakes. Maruso is quite something but after all I think the neck of their side is Saji.’’

’’Certainly..if it's a one one one practice match then he can't win against Ginger after all.’’

’’Against me either.’’

’’That's right.’’

’’I've dealt with 2 ogres before as well so I won't lose to Saji.’’

’’I'm depending on you.’’

’’Yeah, I'll show you I can precisely deal with them. That's why sister you also properly hit with the bow.’’

’’Yeah, leave it to me.’’

They were talking about that. Additionally just like I did once upon with the Rindobel couple in the former {Sun.Ray} on the 7th floor, they were discussing things using rocks on the ground to plan things out.

When I suddenly noticed it even Basutoral and Angela were writing something on the ground with serious faces as they discussed it. Their strengths are the accumulated combat experience against ogres and Basutral's magic. In comparison Kamu and Kimu have shallow combat experience against ogres but they've got an incomparable level of experience as adventurers in the dungeon and it's possible for them to reasonably deal with any opponent. And then, they have a larger means of long range attacks than Basutoral.

All of the other members were taking a break a bit of distance away so as to not get in the way of their strategy making.

However, obviously the topic of discussion is whether or not the Kimu and Kamu group can overcome the Basutoral and Angela group. Furthermore, Zenom, Miduchi, Toris, Bel, and I were all collectively looking over both groups. I mean, I'm sure they're making bets over it after all. I don't want to hear it.

Zenom was making an uncomfortable face while trying to call out to Ralpha but I stopped him.

Just look at those lively and overjoyed expressions Ralpha and Gwine have on their faces, I'm sure they're already beyond recovery.

If it's done in a place where I can't hear about then I'll just ignore their enjoyment. It's because I can feel progress in the fact that they're able to cope with just that much, it's fine.


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