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Otoko Nara Ikkokuichijou No Aruji O Mezasa Nakya, Ne? - Chapter 271


Chapter 201 - (Chapter 271): One Day In Capital

Year 7446, Month 10, Day 6

We returned from the dungeon.

Miduchi is wearing the {Elven.Chainmail} and Giberuti is carrying the rubber armor she was wearing up until now in one of his open bags. There's several reasons she's wearing it. The first is because it stands out too much.

The {Elven.Chainmail} is a strange {Magic.Item} and if an elf or anyone else is fine but if they equip it then changes into what appears to be slightly worn-out normal chainmail. Of course, if they take it off again it changes back to having a radiance as if it was brand new chainmail.

However, if the user isn't an elf, when they enter the sight of other elves and they can instantly recognize that it's a very powerful and familiar {Magic.Item}. At the same time they'll feel a strong sense that something is about the one equipping or holding the {Elven.Chainmail}. However, in the case the one equipping it is an elf(or dark elf) then there's nothing like that.

It's the same in the case that no one is equipping it but in Miduchi's words, the moment she recognizes that the one in possession of it is Toris and those sort of off feelings weakened(it seems they don't completely disappear). Also, as long as it doesn't enter their sight..for example, if it's put into a bag or something so it can't be seen..then there's no problem.

Then we should just put it into a bag, and some might think it would be fine if we throw it into one of Giberuti's bags, but with that a different problem came to light. It's no problem at first but if you try to carry or hold it like that and it feels like weight gradually increases. In the case you aren't wearing it, it normally has a weight of just about 15 kg but after carrying it for about 1 hour the weight will feel double that to the one carrying it.

In that case it would be better for Toris or Miduchi to wear it. If Toris wears it then we'd have to take apart his bandedmail and carry that so in that case Miduchi's rubber protectors were overwhelmingly lighter so they're easy to carry. For those sorts of reasons we have Miduchi wearing it to carry it for the time being.

Also, in regards to the size but since it's a size so even a person with a large build can wear it, whether Toris or Miduchi put it on it's still baggy, so it's necessary to fix the size. As a matter of fact fixing the size of chainmail isn't all that difficult. If they just have some guts then it's possible even for an amateur. This is just a matter of it not taking any special technique to fix the size.

If you just have a dedicated tool like radio pliers and patiently do the labor then it's possible for anyone to do it. When I was still little I saw while maintenance was being done on chainmail belonging to the squires of Bakuddo a number of times and when the head of household is handed over I saw them change the size for the new head a number of times as well. Slaves were made to do the work but putting aside the maintenance it took 2~3 weeks to change the size. When the rubber armor was first introduced they were released from that sort of labor and more useful in a different more productive labor.

By the way, in regards to this size changing as well, when Miduchi and Toris wear it themselves, it seems they understand where the line of chains needs to be taken off to fit them as well. Everyone else including myself had no clue. That's why rather than just leaving it to slaves, it's probably more efficient to have Toris the user join in on the work as well. Of course the majority of the work will still be done by slaves though.

I'll try showing my face in Ronslail's store later on. The delivery of the 20 slaves for the sausage factory is already finished but it should be fine even if it increases by another couple of people right. Zulu and Angela have training as well and resting their bodies is a part of their job. Giberuti has jobs like developing new menu items with Basutoral and recently I've been sending him on errands to my company in the capital when he goes to inspect the cleaning job of the factory so he doesn't have that sort of time.

We ended up returning just a bit early so the {Butchers} and {Exterminators} don't seem to have returned yet. We decided to go ahead in cashing in the magic stones and return to our inn, then come back to the entrance plaza after that.


After we finished dinner, when Ralpha returned we discussed the new {Magic.Item} and just as expected, she wanted to look at it. In regards to the armor she understood that it stands out too much in a bad way if someone other than elf wears it so she didn't want to use it. Great. However, in regards to the {Earth.Amulet} while she didn't say anything about it, it seems she felt reluctant to let it go. It's got considerably delicate and beautiful carvings made in it so if you wear it then it does look like a considerably refined accessory after all~

After all she's a woman in that sort of way.

Come to think of it I still haven't left a {Magic.Item} in Ralpha's care yet. Particularly Toris, it's the second one I've left him in a short period of time, so I thought, ’’I screwed up here’’ but it's too late now. However, this {Earth.Amulet} is no good. I want to sell it, No, I want to try selling it. The next time one that seems useful and you can use appears I'll pass it around to you with priority so..Ah, that's right.

’’Ralpha, I'll hand this over to you. If you have the cahnce then make good use of it.’’

I said that before taking the {Bracelet.Of.Dead Body.To.Water} out of a box in the room and handing it over to her and she was considerably pleased. Eas..She's an honest and good fellow. Look over there, stop looking at her like she's a pitiful child. I'm talking to you, Gwine. Isn't everyone else making a face like, that's great?

Furthermore, this time neither the {Butchers} or {Exterminators} brought back any sort of treasure that stood out.

First thing tomorrow morning I'll order another addition 2 child slaves at Ronslail's store and then just like that head towards the capital.

Also, there's something that had to be done tonight as well.

I was a bit sorry on a night we returned from the dungeon when they were tired but I had Toris, Bel, and Miduchi the three of them accompany me until considerably late. Late in the night Gwine and Ralpha came back joined in partway through but they were drunk and useless. Additionally the moment I took my eyes of them they fell over asleep on the table while still sitting in a chair in my room. It's still better just that it wasn't my bed but Miduchi and Bel were annoyed as they carried them to their rooms. While listening to their voices as they knock on the door waking up Zenom, Toris and I exchanged glances and shrugged our shoulders.


Year 7446, Month 10, Day 7

I showed my face in my company in the capital and after glancing over the account books for a bit I abducted John who was laying down in the night watch room of the factory and went to Sandak Company as well. Terry had a promise to play with a different slave or something and was out. It's better for kids to have time to play as well right. In exchange for John who I brought out, I had Rasseg's son Harris keep an eye on the factory.

It's in regards to the ring and amulet.

I accepted selling the {Ring.Of.Protection} for 140,000,000 Z and finished the discussion by having the buyer report the ability and method used to verify it by the end of the year. And then, I entrusted the new {Magic.Item} we obtained that is the {Earth.Amulet} to them and requested that they sell it.

’’{Status Open}. Hmm......(Long~).......It certainly seems to be a {Magic.Item} but, even then..Umwu..No..Mwu..’’

Even though I say it's long it seems he activated {Detect.Magic} in about 5 seconds.

Just as expected he's making an ’’unbelievable’’ expression while grumbling over it.

There was never a {Magic.Item} like this up until now I'm sure.

Or even if there was he didn't know about it.

Foreseeing this I abducted John before coming.

In order to perform a demonstration, I called for John I left at the entrance of the company and had him stand in a corner of the back yard with the {Earth.Amulet} around his neck. It would be bad if he gets afraid so I have him facing backwards.

’’No matter what don't move. Well~ I'm sure it won't hurt. No, it might hurt just a bit but I won't do anything that seriously injures you so just endure it.’’

Of course, I already tested it last night.

It's not like I'm testing it in the real thing.

I've already confirmed that the power of the {Earth.Amulet} activated at about a 50% probability.

Though I only tested attack spells about 20 times.

I tested elemental magic over 100 times.

The company president that is the grandchild of my great-grandfather's cousin on my mother's side(a stranger at this point huh?) was watching over things a bit nervously.

Of course, I've already had him clear the place of people.

’’Well then, I'll start. Starting with {Stone Gravel}..!!’’


The pebble that was fired from my left palm towards John's left hand disappeared the moment it hit John.

Oh~ it's good luck for it to work on the first shot.

John probably hasn't noticed anything at all.

’’Next is elemental magic. John, when I get the sign take a deep breath and face downwards. Cover your nose and ears with both of your hands. Alright? Then, here I go.’’

After saying that I walked to the side of John and used just a level 3, about one bucket full of dirt and poured over top of John.

Arya~ I guess it was no good this time?

John shouted in surprise, ’’Uwa~!!’’ but quickly remembered what I ordered him and was covered in dirt just like that.

One more time.

No good huh? I let John catch his breath.

One more time.

Uo, it's still no good. This time I'm not in luck.

John's already buried from just above his knees to about his thighs.

It might just be my imagine but the company president's glare seems to have gotten sharper(doubtful?) as well.

One more time again.

This time it seems it safely activated.

The last bit of dirt I poured down over John's head disappeared all at once at the point it was touching or about to touch him.

Of course, there's no influence to the dirt that I had made up until then. It remains just like that and John is still buried in his surroundings.

’’Well, something like this. It can roughly eliminate earth magic about one in every two times. However, if you mix in a different element with the earth and void magic then it can't erase it. I'm sure things around there would require more verification but putting aside {Web} and {Sleep Cloud}, as expected testing {Fire Ball} and {Lightning Bolt} is dangerous I'm sure.’’

I said to the company president while blowing the dirt off of John's head and shoulders.

’’If you're still in doubt about it then this time I'll use it myself. Then it's fine for you to have someone else use earth magic against me.’’

’’..No, that far is fine. This is..I'm sure it will settle with a considerable price. Depending on the case we might open up an auction as well..Are you in a hurry?’’

The company president replied while flipping over the {Earth.Amulet} I handed him and looking at it here and there.

’’I'm not in that much of a hurry but around how much time will it take for a price to be put on it?’’

’’..It's this level of an item. I'm sure it'll take time to announce it so I'd like for you to give it at least half a year. At least that is.’’

Ah, just that long huh? So I guess it's fine if I think of it as a year or so?

’’At least half a year huh..I understand. That's fine. I'm leaving it in your care.’’

Expensive items from Rombert Kingdom that are put up for auction aren't open to the public in a place like a market for bidding but they take the form of private bidding. Though it's the same that it's sold to the person who offers the highest amount for it. According to the company president it's possible the value of this {Earth.Amulet} will be tremendously high(several billion or so). Of course~ I'm sure that's the case.

The company president kindly let us use their well so I had John wash off and then dried him all at once before we left Sandak Company. I bought a bag of candy for John.

While seeing John back to the factory, I showed my face in Greed Company once and after that went to Tukerin's healing clinic. Of course I have a souvenir as well. The factory is on break while Cathy is away in Baldukk so it's jelly beans. It was the last in stock we had at the head office(currently we aren't transporting yokan {yomo} pre-made from Bakkudo. Just the balloons. We're filling those with the yokan {yomo} at the head office and making the completed product. Yokan is a specialty cooking of Rasseg's wife Mili as well) so I bought it up.

Yokan as a souvenir.

Somehow I remember Obon and presents to neighbors from my past life.

Mizu yokan, I want to eat it for the first time in a while~

’’..Which is why we'll have completed the tests using the Sorurisu(name of the preservatives) that your provided us by the end of the year to the start of next year and have the prospect of selling a product with a certain level of quality guaranteed over a long period of time to average person.’’

’’Oh! Baldoggie to Erurehei..How magnificent~!’’

I'm pleased as well that he'd be the happy over it. We used the mountain of preservatives he provided us with to continue making prototype products and finally managed to reach some level of completion. We leave a Baldoggie with preservatives added into it on the side of the street and setup a simple trap. If we wait just 1 hour then rats will rush at it. Occasionally stray dogs do too. Just like that we've created priceless sacrifices as we adjusted the amount to the level where the rats won't die and come up with the ratio.

I originally had guessed it was something like sodium nitrite or sodium sorbate but even if I use Identify the name that comes up in the status is ’’Sorurisu’’, and it only has written that it's waste produced in the process of purifying the poison sorira from a mushroom called Soruhoggu. That's why at first we tried both 1ppm(0.0001%) or so, even if it's sodium nitrite which has some toxicity, the bare minimum amount that wouldn't even show much effect as a preservative and about 2 grams for every 100 grams which was the single lethal dosage for an adult.

Normally around 60~70 ppm or so is the appropriate amount.

However, different from Miduchi and my thinking, even if we mixed in 2% the dog didn't die. If it's something with a smaller body than a person absorbing 2 grams all at once should have killed it. After gathering my resolve since I can use the spells {Neutralize.Poison} and {Remove.Poison}, I tried eating it as well and was fine. On the contrary if we try to mix in anymore than this it would have been bad because the texture and flavor would start to change.

Now we've established that if we mix in roughly 2,000 ppm(0.2%) then it's plenty to show the effects. In the reasonably dry and low temperature environment of the dungeon it was fine left out in the open four about 2 months, if it's the surface then it should be fine for 3 weeks(18 days) or so. If you pack it in a linen bag or something and seal that in an airtight rubber bag then we already know you can deliciously eat that over 2 months even on the surface. Right now we're slowly increasing the amount a bit at a time as we make things and testing how long it can be preserved.

I requested for Tukerin to inquire with their country by the end of the year in what period of time and how much of an amount they would want. So as to not to take too much profit, I offered it at 30% the retail. I'm sure it'll just end up a transaction once in every few months and each individual transaction will involve a considerably quantity all at once, not to mention they're selling the preservatives to us at a price close to nothing, and I'm sure Miduchi wants to show a good face to her country as well. In the first place as Greed Company we want to sell favors to Lail Kingdom as well.

Although, it's necessary to pay the government office of Rombertia a tariff of 30% of the purchase price so the amount they're paying Rombert Kingdom will end up about 40% of the retail price though.

Whatever the case there's almost no manufactured meat products other than those preserved in heavy salt that last for a long period of time transported into Lail Kingdom so he was greatly pleased.

Now then, tomorrow is some light adjustments and magic training in the dungeon and the the day after that is combined training.

I need to return quickly.


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