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Otoko Nara Ikkokuichijou No Aruji O Mezasa Nakya, Ne? - Chapter 267


Chapter 197 - (Chapter 267): Black Topaz 6

Year 7446, Month 9, Day 10

I couldn't clearly hear sis Anderson's voice but I felt like I heard the voice of a female so a smile naturally appeared on my face.

’’I'm coming right now!!’’

After shouting that I adjusted my direction a bit while running towards the area I detected life force just a moment ago.

The trees from the forest are flying by as I go.

I jumped over a small rock the size of my chest and started running again the moment I landed.

In the gaps of the trees, about 70~80 meters or so ahead I guess?

I felt like I saw a glance of the back of a monster that seemed like an ogre.

The overgrowth of the trees is still dense so I can't get a grasp on the location of the group yet.


No matter how favorable of a light I think about it {Black.Topaz} is on the losing side.


Normally it's bad to even trip over a small rock in the undergrowth so I should lower my speed a bit.

However, right now I should leave my luck to the heavens and recklessly run ahead as if there's no undergrowth or rocks!


I can hear a woman screaming.


Almost simultaneously the voice that seems to be from an ogre.

It sounds somewhat triumphant.

Faster, faster!


Sweat entered my eyes!

I've been constantly moving since last night so I'm covered in quite a bit of sweat.

I guess I replenished too much water?

I wipe the running sweat with my left hand and run without lowering my speed.

Faster, faster, faster!!!

’’Gyappu! Goazo!’’

’’Goge!! Guggugbutto!’’

If it's not then I'm sure you can see me when I'm desperate.

I can see them!!

About 20 meters ahead, there's a place which the trees are somewhat open.

The undergrowth is there not much different from everywhere else.

One of the ogres is kneeling over with it's back at me seeming to jeer at something.

This one is the closest.

Just next to that one is another that is just the same showing it's back to me as it sits down.

About 5 meters from that is the backs of 2 ogres that are holding the clubs in their hands and making movements as if they're ridiculing someone.

And then ahead of that is the silhouette of what seems to be a member of {Black.Topaz}.

I can only see the upper bodies of three people through the standing undergrowth.

Further inside there's another 2 ogres teasing {Black.Topaz} just the same.

The number doesn't match up, is what I was thinking but right now it's a waste of time even to confirm.

It seems the ogres still haven't noticed me but the moment I start taking action it will be a fight for time.

I hid my body behind the trunk of a tree about 10 meters behinds and spent a short moment thinking which to start off with.

I wanted to use {Chain Lightning} with extra MP in it but the positioning is bad.

I used {Stone Catapult} to blow a hole through the center of the one on the left with it's back to me killing it instantly.

Immediately after I used the spell {Fumble} on the one to the right.

Ignoring the ogre that was sitting and in a hurry to turn around I used {Fire Wall} with an extended duration in front of the ogres further back to keep them in check.

It's a 20 meter wide and 3 meter high wall of flames going from one wall of the hall to the next.

I overlapped it five times after all.

The depth of the flames should be about 1 meter.

With this things should be fine for a short while.

The ogres in the back, the ogres in the front, and then {Black.Topaz} they all raised their voices in surprise.

With this I should have separated {Black.Topaz} from the ogres in the back.


The one that was closest to me on one knee, while it's attention was on the wall of flames, I stabbed my bayonet into the gap on the side of it's neck.

The bayonet didn't miss it's mark as it stabbed in with a tough recoil.

The ogre flinched taking my bayonet so suddenly from behind.

Even then I put more strength into my left hand on the fore grip and pierced through in one breath.

I'm sure the end of my bayonet pierced through into the ogres mouth.

I should have been able to destroy the medulla.

The ogre shook just a bit and then all the strength in it's body seemed to disappear.

I quickly pulled out my bayonet and charged towards the other one that noticed me and was about to stand up.



I smashed the gun-stock into the end of it's nose and ran past charging towards the one I used the spell {Fumble} on just a moment ago.

It seems the undergrowth in the areas of this one is low at around 20~30 cm.

It's looking over here with a surprised face.

In a hurry it held it's club but it's unsteady.


I stabbed my bayonet into it's right flank and after quickly pulling it lowered my posture while turning to the right then turned in a way so my bayonet stabbed into the back of it's right knee.

When the ogre's posture collapsed and it dropped it's club I kicked it in the back of the head with all of my strength, then immediately put my left hand to it's back before bracing my legs and firing {Air Blades}, once, twice, three times. Thanks to that my glove is covered in ogre blood.

I quickly turned around and after jumping into the 1 meter high grass once more, faced off against the ogre who's nose I broke.

The ogre was sitting down and it started swinging it's right hand holding the club with a surprising speed for it's broken nose.

As expected I can't carelessly approach a club swinging horizontally.

After all, it's swinging almost as if the grass doesn't exist.

Doba~to and it was almost as if the grass was involved in a small explosion as the areas in front of the ogre opened up.

The ogre was arrogantly not even standing as it remained in a posture with it's club while still on one knee.

As expected of it excelling at close combat.

If it had continued the movement to stand up just like that then it would have taken my attack to the leg or abdomen.

Up against one like that and I need to remain cautious.

Seeing me keep an eye on things the ogre licked it's bloody nose before grinning with a sneer.

Since my height is low compared to the ogre it must think I'm an easy to beat midget the same as {Black.Topaz}.


I can hear delighted voices from the direction of {Black.Topaz}.

Just shut up and watch!! My power as the one who leads the true top team!!

The edges of my lips raise up.

I'll decide it with the next move!

I glare at the ogre from below the visor of my helmet and after slightly lowering my posture prepared to charge at it once again.

The match begins the next time it tries to stand up.

The wall of flames will still last for easily over 1 minute.

The ogre wants to stand up seeing an opening of mine.

I want to intentionally show an opening and aim for when it stands up.

Though that's the case, if it's too obvious then it will see through the fact that it's a trap.

While we were both mixing in feints I started moving in a circle around the ogre.

The ogre showed movements as if trying to keep that in check.

It seems {Black.Topaz} is calling out to their injured allies but I can feel the presence of several approaching my side.

They're probably trying to back me up.

Then I guess I'll make use of them huh?


Watching the timing I went to switch to charge at it.


It was that moment, along with a roar a Laios came charging in like a hurricane and cut through the ogres head from the side with his sword.

The large sword embedded halfway into it's skull as the ogre died.

Zulu kicked the ogre while pulling out his sword and looked at my for orders.

He took my scene.

He must have been ordered by Miduchi.

’’There's 2 of them inside of the flames. Get into formation!’’

I make a bitter smile while ordering Zulu and I ignore the members who came to back me up while standing between the wall of flames and {Black.Topaz}.

And then the members of the {Slaughterers} gradually gathered on the battlefield.

The 2 remaining ogres are already nothing more than extras.

Everyone's used quite a bit of stamina and worn out but as expected they've been training on a normal basis.

Even if you can tell they're exhausted from their expressions they're moving briskly.

I'm sure there's no problem leaving it to them.


’’Gu...Thanks. You saved us again.’’

’’Thanks for coming.’’

’’uu...I thought we were goners..’’

’’Thank you.’’

’’Eh? We're saved...’’

When the survivors of {Black.Topaz} understood the danger had gone they each started thanking me.

However, other than Rotto there were two other casualties.

Gary(Gary.Bagumaia) and Marin(Marin.Rukkima).

The surviving five of them were all half-dead half-alive with serious injuries but including the sub-leader Kaku(Kaku.Dankel) there wasn't a single one unharmed.

The leader Anderson has an open bone fracture in her left arm and Roru(Roreiru.Naruzomerin) has a broken right leg as well.

The one who looks to have the minor injuries Baru has a pale face and seems to have four broken ribs and Vikkusu(Vikkensu.Barukemi) some considerably severe bruises as well.

I left the treatment to Miduchi, Gwine, Misu, and Rodrick as I listened to Anderson's story.

Supposedly shortly after they split ways with us on the first day they spent it without a problem.

The problem was the next day.

Ever since they came to the 7th floor, {Black.Topaz} encountered their first group of 3 or more ogres excluding the monster room and while they somehow defeated them, Marin ended up suffering serious injuries here.

They ended up having to spend quite a bit of time and mana for her treatment.

Of course, there were other people injured besides just her as well.

They needed to leave some reserve power for the sake of combat with ogres so it was difficult to use mana just on healing.

Even then they managed to keep Marin from dying and they earned quite a bit on the 7th floor so the mood was still cheerful.

That night, Marin coughed up a large amount of blood and it was determined that her organs still hadn't recovered.

On Anderson's decision they decided to put priority on using healing spells on Marin.

Thanks to that she managed to return back to a lull state.

At this point the magicians excluding Marin still didn't have any major injuries as well.

Furthermore Anderson suggested taking the magic stone out of Rotto's corpse to move even just a bit faster but she gave up on it when all of her party members objected to it.

The Viscount Anderson family isn't all that wealthy and the territory isn't very large either.

Just as old man Viruhaima said, excluding Marin, everyone in {Black.Topaz} was born in the same village and many of them have been friends since they were children quite literally 20 or 30 years.

Not just their parents and siblings were acquaintances but they were a group where the older members even changed the younger members diapers when they were younger.

Anderson must have made the statement after quite a bit of resolve but she said she was relieved that they were against it at that time.

Kaku and Baru took turns carrying Rotto's remains while Gary and Vikkusu took turns carrying Marin.

Obviously their movement speed was considerably slow.

The number of eyes keeping lookout decreased as well.

They somehow managed to clear through the next day as well but as expected the number of injured increased and they started putting healing priority on the magicians.

If a magician remains injured then they can't use magic and their mana just ends pointless.

Marin still hadn't recovered enough to use spells.

And then the next day(yesterday).

They struggled a bit this day as well but somehow managed to make ti through.

If they continued proceeding carefully they would reach the teleport crystal in another one or two days.

Though there were some injuries, they're first-rate adventurers.

If it's just 2 ogres then they can somehow manage.

Even if it's against 3 of them there shouldn't be any casualties.

Around this time thanks to having healing spells used on her a number of times while Marin couldn't use magic she had recovered enough to walk on her own using a spear as a walking stick.

However, after all let alone fully recovered she could barely walk and in the situation with other injured people combat against ogres was difficult.

The number of injured increased again.

Though Marin can use magic, if another person suffers serious injuries the mana needs to be used for healing them.

Another night passed into today.

{Black.Topaz} ended up being attacked by 5 ogres in this forest and driven into a defensive battle.

They managed to hold out for quite a long time but before they realized it the number of ogres had increased by another 3.

The reliable front line sub-leader Kaku was rendered powerless and Gary took a club to the head and died.

Marin who gathered her strength to form a line of spears but because of her fatigue she lost her balance and took an attack dying as well.

Everyone ended up wounded and it reached the point where the ogres were playing tormenting {Black.Topaz}.

The ogres were intentionally holding back enough not to kill {Black.Topaz} and were playing with them after they had lost most of their power to resist.

That continued for 30 minutes and around the time they were falling into despair they could hear a sound like something was rupturing in the distance.

The ogres must have ordered them to go and take a look because 2 of them left the group and went.

However, among them, Anderson and Roru realized it was the sound of {Audible Clamor}.

The ones coming here are either the {Slaughterers} or {Verdure.Brotherhood}.

It was natural to think it was the {Verdure.Brotherhood} who got tired of waiting for them to return but they had no method of conveying their location.

However, they didn't give up on hope.

They tried to hang on even just a bit longer and bet on the small possibility.

When they were desperately resisting I appeared.

I looked like the Savior right?


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