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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 87


Book 1, Chapter 87 - Getting to the bottom of the mystery

Jun Mo Xie calmly patted off all the dust on his robes as he slowly got up and sat down lazily on the chair. The injuries he suffered were practically insignificant to him and they really weren't even worth mentioning. The Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune was running at full power and rapidly healing him. After all, Guan Qing Han did not really mean to injure him or attack with killing intent. The injuries he suffered were just superficial.

Suddenly Jun Mo Xie felt something and looked up to find his Third Uncle, a veteran of countless battles, looking at him up and down with a shocked manner! His eyes betrayed how horrified he felt and if one looked deep into them with scrutiny, they would find that they contained a hint of fear, a trace of surprise and even a flash of awe!

’’...In the is this possible...?!’’ Jun Wu Yi stared with his eyes almost popping out and continued, ’’Who was the one that taught you such skills, a person of the legendary Supreme divine Xuan Rank?’’

Jun Mo Xie was startled for a moment. Then, he understood what had actually happened and broke into laughter. After a long while, he raised his cup to drink the wine in one go and said, ’’To have honed such a skill, one must have the heart of a killer!’’ Jun Mo Xie said smilingly. ’’Third Uncle, is the real question you are trying to ask how many people I have killed to reach my current state?’’

From the look on Jun Wu Yi's face, Jun Mo Xie understood. His shrewd Third Uncle already had seen through his instinctual actions. Even though they had been suppressed in a timely manner, there would still be an action no matter how small it was. Perhaps Guan Qing Han could be fooled. Her strength was too limited and her insight was very lacking. But who was Jun Wu Yi? With his high level of Xuan Qi cultivation, experiences from numerous battles, and the opportunity to observe the fight from a third person's perspective, how could he not see the truth?

Jun Wu Yi grunted and snapped at his nephew, ’’Mo Xie, during war, in the battlefield, enemies take each others lives and that's the natural course of order. But have never joined the army and were still able to learn to kill in such an effective manner. How is this possible? This ability of yours is not possible unless your hands are completely drenched in the blood of countless people...’’

Jun Wu Yi's trembling voice became angrier, ’’You have always been inside the Royal Capital...did you use civilians to achieve this...?

’’Third Uncle, you've experienced countless life and death battles and hence seem to think in such a way. It is not necessary to kill and slaughter to hone a killing technique to such a level’’, Jun Mo Xie calmly continued. ’’In fact, as long as you can truly familiarise yourself with and understand the human body: its every bone, every joint and every nerve, then this would all come to you naturally.’’

Jun Mo Xie closed his eyes and said, ’’The human body, irrespective of se*, has two hundred and six bones. That is to say, there are also two hundred and six joints from the body over the thighs, both around, up and down! A fierce blow to any of these places can be extremely deadly to the existence of a person! And, no matter how a person moves and how well they defend, there would absolutely be some place that would be left completely defenseless!

’’To fight would involve the usage of bones and the movements of joints. While using maximum force at some points of the body, the other part which is not being used becomes a flaw, a fatal flaw! Once you find this flaw, then the part that he is using also becomes a part of the flaw. Since all these details on your enemy becomes apparent, it would become quite easy to find a countermeasure against him. I had told Grandpa that I'm unable to fight. The truth is, I'm unable because if I did fight, there would be only one result. Sister-in-law's death! In fact today, she could have died numerous times, over a hundred times at the least! I wonder if Third Uncle was able to count all of them!’’

Jun Mo Xie, his eyes glittering and teeth showing while he grinned said, ’’I have to admit that I've become accustomed to this instinct of placing my blows at the weakest links in a human body. In this world, the best understanding of the human body is possessed by doctors, but Third Uncle, you would have rarely seen doctors who are killers because most of them only learn how to cure and heal!

Jun Wu Yi stared blankly and was stumped for words. He then angrily said, ’’You're just twisting words to force logic!’’

[TL: This is an idiom here]

Jun Mo Xie sighed and said, ’’In fact, Third Uncle, since I've grown from a baby to now, you've watched me grow up. Two years in between, though, we did not meet often, but Grandpa's spies were always following me every single day, every hour of the day and maintained a detailed record of every action I did. It was even to the extent of where I slept every night. Not only that, they also recorded the length of time I spent with each woman, who the woman was, her family's background and also her ancestors in complete detail! Uncle, do you truly believe that I really possess the ability to kill quietly in spite of all this? Don't you think such a thought is completely absurd?!’’

Jun Wu Yi didn't know whether to laugh or cry as he looked on utterly stumped!

[Editor: I'd probably choose to cry. Well, that's me]

’’Is there really something such as a natural killer?’’ Jun Wu Yi stammered, his mind in complete chaos. What he had just learnt completely defied his common sense, and looking at his nephew he felt completely perplexed...

Jun Mo Xie secretly wiped the cold sweat off his brows as he quietly relaxed and felt at ease. Oh my goodness! Third Uncle nearly caught me. To fool this Third Uncle really was not a simple matter as I thought it was!

[Editor: It was OMG at first. Just sayin]

’’But would you be so knowledgeable? And your achievements are also very high! This is your identity...too...’’, Jun Wu Yi did not give up and continued to ask further.

’’Uncle, ever since your nephew came to this world, I have never killed anyone’’, Jun Mo Xie said deeply and within his eyes, one could see a hint of loneliness and longing. This was a look of absolute sincerity and honesty. This expression was too real and anyone who would see this would feel that he had said the truth, the absolute truth!

This was indeed the truth! But the words that Jun Mo Xie said, ’’Ever since your nephew came to this world’’, he was not referring to Jun Mo Xie rather ’’Jun Xie’’, the ’’Evil Monarch’’!

At this point, the little loli maid walked in and bowed down cutely before saying, ’’Third Young Master, there is someone here to see you. He has told me he had to report something very important and it was urgent’’ Then she looked at Jun Mo Xie covered in all dirt and she felt pity for him. Poor Young Master, he has been abused a lot recently. He has also been very nice these past few days, so he does not deserve to get beat up this ruthlessly.

Jun Mo Xie quickly said, ’’Just let him enter!’’

Finally, it seems it is time to help Third Uncle recover.

Not much time passed when a man dressed in all black walked in with a steady pace radiating an aura of strength. His face was calm and when Jun Mo Xie looked at him, he could tell that this person's talent was not bad at all. Good. Very good.

’’General, we have identified the person who bought the Nine Leaf Grass.’’

’’Who is it?’’ Jun Mo Xie and Jun Wu Yi simultaneously asked.

’’The young master, his name is...Tang...Tang Yuan’’ The man looked up at Jun Mo Xie and was hesitant to speak the name.

’’Tang Yuan!?’’ Jun Mo XIe suddenly shouted out with surprise and said, ’’For Fatty Tang to buy the Nine Leaf Grass, has something happened within the Tang Clan?’’

’’I do not know this, sir...for now...’’

Jun Wu Yi and Jun Mo Xie, the nephew-uncle duo, both looked at each other for a long time without speaking. The messenger bowed down and quickly left the room without making a sound.

’’The information was not leaked...?’’ Jun Wu Yi mused softly.

’’I suppose not!’’ Jun Mo Xie replied. His eyes twinkling and then, he frowned. ’’But why did Fatty have to buy this herb?’’ Mo Xie thought for a moment and said, ’’Third Uncle, I remember you had said that the discovery of this herb led to three strands of it?’’


’’So, I just have to get Fatty to spit out the other two strands of the herb for my use!’’ Jun Mo Xie gasped deeply and thought. Fatty Tang had lost a lot of things during that gambling bet and he had saved his ass! If he didn't cough out these two strands of the herb, he would ensure to make Fatty run faster than a rabbit! The fat bastard would still be getting it off cheap!

Jun Wu Yi let out a faint smile as he looked at his legs revealing a faint trace of emotion. Finally I only have to obtain one last medicine: the Blazing Heart Meridian!


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