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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 548


Chapter 548

Jun Mo Xie smiled and said, "There's obviously a problem . I think that they could be here for three reasons . First, they might be here regarding the issue with the Silver Blizzard City . Secondly, they might be here to assess the relationship between the Jun Family and Tian Fa Forest . In fact, they might be interested in learning about your whereabouts . Thirdly, it might not be wrong to say that they are here for the mysterious pills and the alchemist behind them . These problems may seem quite intense at first, but it won't be difficult to deal with . It is possible that my assumptions may be wrong . After all, they might be here for some other purpose entirely . But, I believe that they're only here to do some recon;they won't kick-up a storm at this time . And, that's because their current strengths aren't enough for that . In fact, I believe that Old Falcon is enough to deal with them . "

Mei Xue Yan added with a faint smile, "That's correct! They need to have enough strength even if they are dreaming about kicking-up a storm!"

Jun Mo Xie laughed heartily;Big Bear and Erath Cracker also began to laugh .

This was a world wherein the clenched fist was the strongest argument;this was the unwavering truth!

Jun Mo Xie had decided upon enhancing the strengths of these four individuals from Tian Fa after much consideration . However, he didn't know why he was constantly somewhat scared in his heart . It was important to know that Jun Mo Xie and Tian Fa were guaranteed to be victorious since Jun Mo Xie was providing them with a massive amount of miraculous pills . In fact, failure wasn't even an option! However, Jun Mo Xie had still been feeling as if these two Beast Kings weren't strong-enough to make their return trip with assurance of safe-travels . He felt it wasn't enough…

These four Beast Kings had already taken the three magical pills — Heavenly Vitality Pill, Vitality Congregation Pill, and Vitality Linkage Pill . This meant the Jun Mo Xie didn't have any other suitable medicinal supplement to offer at the moment . It could even be said that additional medicinal supplements wouldn't have been much use to these Beasts Kings at the moment . After all, using medicinal supplements could never be as dependable as hard work when it came to enhancing strength . [These people can only depend on other things now that the extent of my 'helping-abilities'have reached their limits . ]

"I will provide each one of you with a suitable weapon for self-defense . This would also be a farewell gift for Bear King and Tiger King,"Jun Mo Xie contemplated for a while before he finally spoke up .

Mei Xue Yan and Green Hunter noticed that Jun Mo Xie had spoken this after much consideration . And, they couldn't help but tremble as a cold shiver ran down their spines . It's important to consider that those three pills were nothing short of unnatural . However, Jun Mo Xie had given them away without any thought . But, he was clearly hesitant while talking about giving away these weapons…

This indicated that these weapons were clearly superior to those so-called 'divine weapons'. In fact, they were likely to an existence which could only be described as 'super-natural'. One could easily assess that by taking Jun Mo Xie's 'Blood of Yellow Flame'as an example . In fact, Mei Xue Yan had introspected on this subject… However, she had only realized that she wouldn't be able to prevent that weapon from slicing her body into two in case the wielder was as strong as her .

However, Big Bear and Earth Cracker shook their heads in arrogance, "Why would we Beast Kings need these weapons? Moreover, these so-called 'divine weapons'of the human race are very fragile in our eyes . And, they're quite difficult to use as well . So, there's no need for this . "

"I'm giving these weapons to you… whether you like it or not!"Jun Mo Xie smiled in a manner that made it seem as if he had already guesses this reaction . He didn't hesitate anymore since he had already made-up his mind . He extended his right hand, and a long sword suddenly appeared in his hands out of nowhere;it was sitting motionlessly in its sheath . In fact, it seemed as if this sword had been in that spot for a while . However, no one had been able to make out how this sword had appeared…

Even Mei Xue Yan didn't have the slightest idea about it even though her strength was far above everyone else's…

The sword had managed to put a slight pressure on Jun Mo Xie's arms after it had appeared . So, it was evident that it wasn't light-weighted!


Jun Mo Xie lightly pulled on the hilt of the sword . The sword made a soft sound as it was half-unsheathed . The magnificent brilliance of the sword left everyone's eyes to dazzle as their faces were struck with its cold aura .

Mei Xue Yan and her companions blurted out in unison, "That's a good sword! This is an amazing weapon!"

Jun Mo Xie slowly pulled the sword out of its sheath with a faint smile . One could see that the sword's surface was as clear as water . It won't be wrong to say that it appeared as lustrous as gold, and as pleasing to the eyes as silver . This sword was only one meter long;the same as any ordinary sword is . But, it was wider than an average sword by a margin of about four fingers . It had turned out to be a rarely seen broadsword!

Jun Mo Xie turned his wrists, and the long sword slowly turned in a circular fashion . Then, he slowly pointed it downwards . After that, it gradually descended and fell towards the stone table…


A light sound sound was heard as an unbelievable scene took place in front of the four Beast Kings… The sword penetrated the stone table in the same manner a red-hot knife goes through a slice of bitter . It penetrated the stone table without a pause, and went sliding through up till its hilt!

Mei Xue Yan couldn't help but breathe a huge mouthful of cold air .

[I was aware that Jun Mo Xie's 'Blood of the Yellow Flame'is a rarely seen divine weapon . But, I had never thought that he would have another one of such weapons at his disposal . Moreover, he's supposed to be taking out more weapons for us . And, I reckon that each one of them must be at par with this one in terms of quality…]

[Wait… Jun Mo Xie said that he would give one weapon to the each of us four individuals . So, I can assume that their quality will be similar . Could it be that this world's process of forging metallic weapons has advanced to such an astonishing degree? What is point being proud of these Xuan Beast bodies we've been depending on? I haven't come out of Tian Fa for a long time . Is it possible that this has limited my knowledge of the world's developments?]

However, she figured the truth the moment she thought about it again . After all, the Tian Fa would've been destroyed a long time ago if these weapons were being produced around the world . Mei Xue Yan couldn't help but rejoice as she realized this . [He's the creator of these divine weapons . Thank god it's him!]

Mei Xue Yan slightly patted the table's top with her palm . And, that sword bounced back from the backward force even though it had been inserted deep into the stone table . The sword swirled in the air before Mei Xue Yan grasped its glossy hilt . However, she couldn't prevent herself from being startled…

[This longsword appears like any other sword . The only difference is that this one is slight wider than the usual . However, this one's weight is around 50 Kgs more than the usual ones . Moreover, it's important to note that an ordinary sword weighs about 3-4 Kgs . In fact, even a sword that has been specially built for a battlefield doesn't surpass the weight of 7 Kgs . ]

[This sword's weight is unnatural;it is in clear defiance of common sense!]

[Swords need to be agile and light-weight . After all, a person needs to be quick and skillful with them . The weapon's stability and agility may be affected by the weight if it's too heavy;so much so that the wielder's posture, skill, and Xuan strength will go waste . And, that would be very disadvantageous . Therefore, I'm afraid that not many people from the human race can be good at using such a heavy sword . However, such a weapon is tailor-made for us Beast Kings…]

"There's no doubt that this is a great sword! But, it is a bit too heavy . I can use it, but I might not be very skilled at it!"Mei Xue Yan gently caressed the sword's blade with her a slender finger . And, this suddenly gave rise to the sound which is issued when a dragon soars dragon soars into the sky in spirals! Moreover, this sound continued to echo for a while;this reflected the sword's durability!

Mei Xue Yan had said that she wouldn't be able to use this sword very efficiently . However, she still continued to fiddle with it as if she was reluctant to part with it . Then, she eventually passed it over to Big Bear .

Big Bear could barely wait to get his hands on it after he had witnessed its might . It must be said that he didn't need such weapons, but that didn't mean that he wouldn't mind using them . He had only come across ordinary weapons until now . And, they had been nothing more than embroidery needles in his eyes;they had been too weak for his use . This is why he had always refused to use such weapons!

However, he had taken a liking to this sword as soon as he had seen it . He only realized its weight when he held it hilt in his hands . However, he inwardly exclaimed with extreme joy! [Oh! This is exactly what I had always wished for! Our brother-in law is amazing… He's indeed worthy of being our brother-in-law!]

Bear King burst into laughter . He then leapt up and raised the sword above his head . The courtyard suddenly resounded with a clear and loud cry of tigers and dragons! It appeared as if the sky had been lit-up with fireworks, and snow had started to flutter over the landscape . The sword's glare was so magnificent that one couldn't even see anyone's silhouette in the vicinity!

The other sword Jun Mo Xie brought out had a similar size and shape . Earth Cracker couldn't resist himself, and picked it up . His face also beamed with joy . Such kind of a sword had been nothing more than a false illusion to them in the past . The Beast Kings had the ability to change into human forms . However, it must be mentioned that they had always envied the humans . After all, humans could use weapons, but they could only fight with their physical bodies . That's because the human weapons weren't suitable for their use . Therefore, they had longed to hold such a weapon for many years . And, they had suddenly gotten this chance now . How could they not be ecstatic? The quality of the weapon was secondary to them . They mere appropriateness of the weapons had made them extremely valuable in their eyes .

Earth Cracker leaped up with a whistling sound . And, bang bang bang sounds started to resound as he got into a ping-pong-like sword match with the Bear King . The two swords whistled through the air… They were even giving rise to the faint sounds of wind and thunder…

The swords'lights were merging into the sky like snow!

A long time passed before the two individuals finally lowered their sword . They then walked over while smiling . However, they were holding their swords in their bosoms for the fear that someone might steal their prized possession . It appeared as if the swords had suddenly turned into their most beloved objects . One look at the scene was enough to determine that they weren't ready to part with the swords…

"This "This sword is awesome!! Ha ha… I declare that this one is mine!"Big Bear was smiling so ridiculously that his eyes and eyebrows had merged together . However, Earth Cracker had lowered his head while Big Bear was making his announcement . In fact, the Tiger King was wiping his sword clean with the front of his jacket's lapel . His movements were extremely cautious and careful . It could be reckoned that he wouldn't have been this attentive even if his wife had given birth to a little tiger .

"Don't you think you should thank Young Master Jun for giving you these swords as a gift? Do you think these priceless treasures can be yours because you merely said so? Why are you two so illogical and stupid? Do you want me to look bad because of your actions?"Mei Xue Yan's eyebrows shot up as she shouted in anger . The beautiful Mei thought;[I've lost my reputation ever since these two have arrived here…]

[These two are indeed stupid!] Mei Xue Yan sighed as she thought .

"Big Sister, is shouting like this a way of thanking someone? What's so wrong about our brother-in-law giving us gifts? After all, we're his wife's younger brothers! So, what's the big deal if he were to give us these two swords as gifts? Isn't that, Brother-in-law?"Bear King opened his big mouth . He even laughed heartily .

One must acknowledge this guy's shamelessness . After all, he was hundreds of years old . However, he had openly hailed a 17-18 year old youngster as the older sister's husband . Moreover, he had even called himself the younger brother-in-law of the said-individuals! And, it must be noted that he had spoken these words very normally… without any shame or anxiety .

Even Earth Cracker nodded in agreement with a similar expression on his face . So, it was evident that this guy also felt the same way . The only difference was that he was more conspicuous about it . In fact, it seemed that he knew he shouldn't dare to say it out loud .

Mei Xue Yan's face was reddened out of anger, "Shut up you fool! How can you speak so shamelessly? Didn't you learn anything from yesterday? Was that lesson not enough for you? Do you want to spar with me once more now that you've gotten your hands on a new sword?"Her eyes emitted two sharp and cold rays of light;it seemed that she was ready to roar into action .

The Bear King instantly wilted under the pressure . And, he didn't dare to utter another word . In fact, he had suddenly turned into an obedient bear cub! Earth Cracker also shrank his neck without daring to utter anything . One could even say that the Tiger King had turned into a tiny and obedient kitten .

Jun Mo Xie was overjoyed in his heart . So, he spoke-up with a smile on his face, "That is obvious . After all, these are merely two swords . So, there's no need to get so serious about this . Xue Yan, I have to say something to you — You are only going to succeed at scaring them if you keep behaving like that . Besides, they've only spoken the truth . It's reasonable for a brother-in-law to give gifts to his wife's younger brothers… Is it a sin to speak the truth?"


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