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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 547


Chapter 547

"But, I'm very interested in knowing something… How did you upgrade your strength?"Feng Juan Yun gazed at him without blinking . He was martial arts maniac . So, the various methods of upgrading strengths were of utmost importance to him .

"I've consumed a magic pill,"Solitary Falcon groaned as he replied . It seemed as if he was harboring a bellyful of frustration . [I've told him the truth . But, will he even believe me?]

"I believe you!"Feng Juan Yun solemnly replied in an authentic tone . [How could he have upgraded his strength so speedily without the help of some mysterious pill?]

Solitary Falcon was left dumbfounded by this… [This guy is very clever!]

The two Great Masters entered the back lounge of the hall . However, the other guests were bustling with excitement inside the hall . They turned their eyes to look at Jun Zhan Tian and his son . However, the expressions in their eyes were entirely different at this time;[How great is their reputation? One Great Master is watching over their house . And, another Great Master has arrived here to congratulate them…]

Song Shang's trembling voice was heard again at this time, "The Great Master of Life and Death — Shi Chang Xiao has arrived to congratulate Third General Jun on adopting a daughter . He has also brought a jade Ruyi to express that he wishes good fortunes!"


Another surprising turn of events!

The other guests looked no different from chicken which had been scared witless by a clap of thunder . They were looking-on in daze, and had no idea as to what they were supposed to say…

Great Master Shi Chang Xiao walked in with a broad smile on his face . Jun Zhan Tian personally greeted him inside the hall in an affable manner . It must be said that Old Man Jun had been calm and unflustered throughout his life . However, he couldn't help but feel somewhat proud at this moment .  

[Who has such a reputation in the entire Empire?] Old Man Jun suddenly felt as if this was the brightest day of his entire life!

[Moreover, all of this is happening because of my grandson! What more could a man want if he has such a Grandson?] Therefore, Old Man was feeling somewhat smug . In fact, the smile on his face had already stretched beyond his ears…

 Then, suddenly…

"Cold-Blooded Great Master Lei Wu Bei has come to congratulate Third General Jun on this momentous occasion of adopting a daughter . He has presented a precious sword as a gift,"Song Shang's lips stuttered and his eyes nearly jolted out .

[I hadn't expected this cold-blooded madman would also show up . Moreover, he has also brought a gift?]

There was pin-drop silence in the hall .

Everyone present in the hall had started finding this increasingly difficult to believe;[Has this world lost its mind?! Is it possible that the Eight Great Masters have arrived here to attend a meeting? Why are these people arriving one after the other?]

[Four of them have already arrived by now!]

[This is the Jun Family's reputation! Fu*k! And, those rotten scholars had thought that they could bring down this family… Did they even know what they were messing with? They only had a little bit of strength… And, they wanted to take-on this family? They were blind! They brought that disaster upon themselves…]

Everyone had suddenly started to look at the Jun Family's members with expressions of awe and respect in their eyes . The volume of their internal discussions had suddenly changed to whispers . It seemed as if they were scared that speaking in a loud voice might provoke those four deadly Great Masters who were seated therein! [That would be terrible . Each of these four Great Masters can deal with an ordinary influential family with ease! In fact, they can kill one off in no time!]

The Emperor was seated in the first row of the main hall . However, his expressions had suddenly become very complex . The heads of every big-shot noble family had been given seats of importance . And, the same was true for the people from the influential Xuan families . In fact, they had been left with no scope of making a complaint . However, everyone still had serious and complicated expressions in their eyes . It was hard to tell what they were thinking about . . .

The Emperor faintly sighed after a while . Then, he said, "It turns out that the Jun Family has a great reputation . He he… it makes us somewhat envious!"He had clearly spoken this in a joking tone . And, everyone had laughed out with him . However, everyone knew evidently knew one thing in their hearts;[His Majesty didn't mean these words as a joke . ]

[A Great Master is the kind of personality even an Emperor will have a hard time in inviting over . In fact, even an Emperor might not succeed in inviting one over . So, having four of them over for a celebration is something the Emperor can't even dream of . However, these four have arrived at the Jun Family even though they probably weren't invited . After all, it seems that they invited themselves . What does this indicate? Isn't the indication rather obvious?]

Guan Family's Lord — Guan Dong Liu's mouth had remained open throughout this entire time . In fact, his smile was so broad that it seemed as if there was a red line drawn between his ears . Every hair on his body had seemingly stood up in excitement . After all, he had never even dreamt of such a grand occasion . In fact, he couldn't even dare to think about it .

After all, the entire Guan Family had lost their face after that matter about Guan Qing Han's affair had become public . In fact, people had even started to say that the Guan Guan Family's moral education wasn't very stern .

Even the servants of the Jun Family were feeling honored and glorified . They were walking around the aisles with their chests out and heads held high . Even their waists were straightened… [This is our reputation! Three Great Masters have arrived to congratulate our Third Master!]

Li You Ran was also seated amidst the crowd . However, his face had turned pale when he had watched his master entering the hall . In fact, his heart had filled with agony! [I've suddenly realized that the disparity between me and Jun Mo Xie has become as massive as the one between heaven and earth…]

[I'm afraid that it's useless to hope that I can catch-up on this massive disparity!]

[This guy was busy with cock-fighting when I was training and studying with full devotion . This guy was busy enjoying with women when I was planning strategies to improve my financial position! Everyone used to praise me . So, I obviously thought that this guy was nothing in my comparison . So, why haven't I been able to make any headway while this guy is taking his family to the top? Why?]

[How can this even happen?]

[I've suffered so much to follow my dreams and to fulfill my desires . I've endure the kind of loneliness an average person can't even hope to bear . I've even ruined my own love-life . However, I've suffered such a massive blow at a time when I thought that I was close to attained success!]

[Have my efforts gone in vain?] Li You Ran's mind was filled with doubts;[Have I been mistaken in making such efforts? One doesn't need to rely on hard work to attain success? Can enjoying women and cock-fighting also lead a person to success? Who in Tian Xiang City has ever seen Jun Mo Xie working hard?]

Li You Ran's mind had started losing balance .

Li You Ran waved his hand to summon a servant of the Jun Family . He then asked, "Why is your Third Young Master Jun Mo Xie nowhere to be seen? Why is he absent on such a lively occasion?"

The servant respectfully replied, "The Third Young Master is busy in entertaining the guests . He's in the backyard with the other guests . He might take some time to come here . "

[With guests in the backyard?]

[What kind of guests is he entertaining in the backyard?]

Li You Ran's mind began to flood with a myriad of thoughts;[What kind of guests? Are they even more important than the four Great Masters?]

[Can Jun Mo Xie dare Xie dare to ignore the Emperor of Tian Xiang? He can go as far as not meeting the big-shots of the Imperial Court? Moreover, he didn't even show up to greet the Great Masters?]

[How can you even say this?]

This question-answer dialogue had happened inadvertently . Li You Ran had only asked this question in a casual manner . He hadn't harbored any malicious intentions . And, the servant had also answered the question without thinking about anything . However, this unintentional dialogue had left Li You Ran's mind to wander off…

Li You Ran's heart had been rendered at a loss as looked at these jubilant celebrations and the magnificent atmosphere at the Jun Family . [I paid my respects to the Cold-Blooded Master Lei Wu Bei since he was next-to an immortal . I had believed that nothing will be difficult for me as long as I had this Great Master in my support . It was a flawless strategy . However, it failed and ended in a loss . Eight of my fellow disciple died one after the other . In fact, their lives had such dark endings that nobody ever got to know who murdered them…]

[The fact that I've always looked too highly at my master makes me greatly resentful now!]

[But, look at this Jun Family instead… Everyone is here to flatter them . They've merely held a trivial adoption ceremony . But, three Great Masters have arrived here to congratulate them…]

[This is the disparity!]

[Is it even possible to compare myself with this man? I used to look at my peer with disdain once upon a time . No one could match me . But, I have to raise my head to look up at others now . In fact, I'm nothing in comparison . ]

Li You Ran sighed . Then, he again called for the servant . He rewarded the servant with a silver banknote, and said, "Please pass on my message to your Third Young Master . Tell him that I would like to speak with him if he has some time . "

The servant replied respectfully and cautiously, "Young Master Li, please don't worry . This lowly man will certainly bring your words to his master's notice . However, I can't accept a reward for it,"He had declined this outrageous reward with an abnormally determined expression .

Li You Ran was startled by this . He could've never imagined that an insignificant servant of the Jun Family would resist the temptation of such a huge sum of money . Li You Ran had bestowed that reward without much inconvenience . However, it must be known that the amount was five-hundred in silver . This servant didn't earn more than a dozen banknotes of silver in a year . However, he had refused such a great amount without any hesitation!

[Is this also a part of this disparity?]

The Jun Family's servant hadn't said anything false either . After all, Young Master Jun was busy accompanying his noble guests in the backyard at this time;a group of guests at that!

Young Master Jun and the Beast Kings of Tian Fa were sitting in a circle while enjoying tea in the backyard . Bear King and Tiger King were supposed to embark on their return journey to Tian Fa the next day . Therefore, Young Master Jun had decided to personally explain several things to them . After all, the mental statuses of these two individuals were rather shitty . And, it must be mentioned that Mei Xue Yan would get frantic and violent in case they neglected the important facts . In fact, even Jun Mo Xie would be left to cry without tears in that case…

Beside, the 'noble guests'who were seated in the hall didn't require his presence . They would inevitably show up with fake smiles . And, they would only say made-up words of greetings . However, those two-faced people had daggers hidden in their smiles . That's all . Such work was basically a torture for him .

Such fake meetings had always given Jun Mo Xie a big headache . That's why he had no intentions of going out . There was no need to take too many examples . After all, what kind of etiquette would a young master have to fawn in front of the Emperor of Tian Xiang? Even Grandpa Jun and Third Master Jun also felt that it would be better to not let Jun Mo Xie attend the meeting . Besides, he was from a younger generation . So, he would anyway have difficulty in mixing and communicating with older men . They were happy with this arrangement . He was happy with this arrangement . And, they anyway couldn't do much about making everyone else happy . . .

However, the news of the three Great Masters'arrival was slightly unexpected for Jun Mo Xie . [Feng Juan Yun's arrival is very unexpected . However, he is known for being an unpredictable man . But, he harbors a good impression of the Jun Family . Moreover, Third Uncle and Feng Juan Yun had developed a favorable relation in the past . Therefore, his arrival is somewhat understandable . ]

[However, Shi Chang Xiao and Lei Wu Bei's sudden arrival is thought-provoking . The Jun Family has seemingly never had friendly relations with those two . And, it doesn't stop at not having friendly relations itself . I've even killed eight of Lei Wu Bei's ten disciples . And, that's not the only thing I've done . After all, I even ruined his fight with Solitary Falcon…]

[However, these two people have still arrived here! What are they up to?]

Jun Mo Xie wrinkled his eyebrows . However, he couldn't explain their arrival no matter how many possibilities he thought of . They had only seen Jun Mo Xie when these people had gathered for that battle outside Tian Fa . Feng Juan Yun had friendly relations with the Jun Family . However, the same couldn't be said about the other two . Moreover, an event such as Jun Wu Yi's adoption of a daughter wasn't a very important matter . And, it certainly wasn't the kind of a matter two Great Masters would personally show-up to congratulate him over…

This meant that their arrival had a purpose to it .

As for what that specific purpose was…

Jun Mo Xie was pondering upon it with a calm face . Mei Xue Yan looked at him and asked him, "What is it? Are you skeptical that Shi Chang Xiao and Lei Wu Bei's arrival might be a problem?"


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