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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 546


Chapter 546


Big Bear shouted in an uncanny sound as he was sent flying like a rocket . He then crashed into the chair he had originally been sitting on . It must be mentioned that he had been trapped in the World Cage when he was kicked out . Therefore, he hadn't had any means to offload the momentum of his fall . Consequently, his fall was rather severe, and he was left to feel dizzy .

Mei Xue Yan's face had turned red, and her eyes were radiating with the splendor of anger .

"This guy genuinely doesn't know how to talk! What's the difference between sleeping in the same bed, and getting into the same blankets? Isn't this nonsense? It would be weird if Elder Sister and Brother-in-law didn't get into same bed… Aaah…"Earth Cracker had started to stroke his whiskers while rejoicing in Big Bear's misfortune . His mouth was still filled with the balmy fragrance of the pill . He had been shaking his head whilst thinking that he was still succeeding in flattering his elder sister . In fact, his expressions made it seem like he was very pleased with himself .

However, he hadn't realized that his flattery hadn't deviated very far from what had gotten Big Bear a beating…

It could be said that Big Bear had failed in buttering his elder sister . And, he had received a kick-back from the horse instead . However, Earth Cracker had tried to add oil to the fire . But, his attempt had instead attracted the raging fire onto his own body…

Therefore, his 'have the Old Bear beaten up to save the Old Tiger'policy failed this time . And, the two brothers ended-up in the same place as a result .

"You also get lost! World Cage!"Mei Xue Yan was extremely agitated .

"Bang Bang!"

Earth Cracker let out a miserable shriek as his throat was half-chocked from the back . His limbs seemingly started to dance as he was sent flying in the air . He soared into the clouds whilst riding on the mist . His head knocked against the Elegant Fragrance Courtyard's door . However, he knocked down the gate, and continued to fly outwards . Then, he eventually knocked against the opposite wall, and bounced back . His mind had spiraled into a state of confusion, and he felt as if he was seeing stars in front of his eyes . In fact, he felt as if he was seeing the entire galaxy . He shook his head in confusion as he fell headlong on ground… It must be said that his condition was far worse than Big Bear's…

Mei Xue Yan furiously brushed her sleeves, and returned to her room .

Jun Mo Xie touched his nose . [I can't take any more advantages since I have no excuse . Plus, this isn't looking good right now . After all, there's a chance that this 'World Cage'will fall on my head next . ] Therefore, he decided to leave .

The Snake King watched Jun Mo Xie's back profile as he walked away . The expressions in her eyes underwent a minute fluctuation as she let out a soft sigh . There was a faint hint of sadness in her sigh…

The Jun Family finally held the grand adoption ceremony two days later . It must be said that they had been preparing for this ceremony for a while now .

The ceremony meant for adopting a daughter wasn't something one would invite so many people over on normal days . Moreover, it wasn't even Old Man Jun Zhan Tian who was adopting a daughter . Instead, it was Jun Wu Yi . Therefore, such a great fanfare seemed somewhat strange .

However, Guan Qing Han's status had become very sensitive in the society . Moreover, the chaos caused by those rotten scholars had made things worse . Therefore, these events had led the Jun Family to conduct this adoption ceremony at a scale which could be considered at par with the founding ceremony of a country!

It could be said that these many influential people hadn't arrived even when Tian Xiang was founded as a country!

The Emperor and Empress came from the Royal Family's side;even the three princes and the princess also arrived in-person to congratulate the Jun Family . The lords of every powerful family in the capital had also arrived for this ceremony . Numerous officials and officers had also arrived from all over the country…

Moreover, various influential Xuan Families also showed up!

Situ Family, Sikong Family, Baili Family, Duanmu Family… The Master of Ceremonies gradually announced the names of these famous personalities . And, the people in the crowd could only exclaim… It must be mentioned that these people weren't celebrated officials in the secular world . But, all of them were renowned and legendary personalities nonetheless . Moreover, these people had showed-up from all over the country for something as trivial as an adoption ceremony wherein Jun Family's Jun Wu Yi was accepting a daughter . What did this mean? And, what did this indicate?!

Suddenly, there was uproar in the crowd…

"Master Feng Juan Yun has arrived here to congratulate the Third General Jun for adopting the Young Lady Guan as his daughter!"Song Shang had been entrusted role of the Master of Ceremonies . He was a Sky Xuan peak expert . However, his usually calm voice had somewhat shivered as he announced this . After all, Feng Juan Yun was a legendary man . Moreover, he had been newly appointed as the Eighth Great Master . However, even he had arrived here in person…

The hall suddenly fell silent!

Everyone in the crowd saw that a man dressed in black robes walked in . He looked like an unsheathed sharp sword, and he had a cold and detached expression on his face . His face was outlined with smooth and strong lines, and his gaze was as sharp as a knife . In fact, people felt as if a sharp sword was piercing them even if he merely gazed towards their direction!

Feng Juan Yun!

Jun Wu Yi was pleasantly surprised by this . And, he personally came out to welcome him . The words that Feng Juan Yun had spoken to him on that day when he was in a desperate situation were still ringing in his ears —'Jun Wu Yi! We will drink wine and talk freely if you survive this day! I — Feng Juan Yun — see your tragedy and helplessness . I wish good fortune to the Jun Family for the days to come . But, I must bid my goodbye for now!'

These were the most touching words that Jun Wu Yi had heard before the battle .

"Third General Jun, this Feng Juan Yun took the liberty to pay a visit to drink a glass of wine with you . I hope Third General Jun won't mind me!"Feng Juan Yun flashed a rarely-seen warm smile when he saw Jun Wu Yi .

"You are flattering me . This Wu Yi is immensely grateful! Please, please, he he… Why are you calling me Third General Jun . There's no need for that . Please call me by my name,"Jun Wu Yi replied in an enthusiastic manner . He held Feng Juan Yun's hands as he welcomed the man into the hall .

All the families had stepped forward to extend their greeting to Feng Juan Yun . His name was at the last spot amongst the ranking of the Eight Great Masters . However, no swordsman apart from the Cold-blooded Great Master Lei Wu Bei could dare to provoke him . In fact, anyone doing so could only be considered as suicidal . It was nearly impossible to contend against this man .

Feng Juan Yun merely nodded at them as he walked past . However, he didn't even reply to the Family Lords of these noble families . Everyone forced a smile in dejection . But, everyone was aware of Feng Juan Yun's temperament and prideful nature . Great Master Li Jue Tian had been unrivalled when they had gathered for the battle outside the Tian Fa Forest . No one present had the capability of matching his strength . However, Feng Juan Yun had still dared to unsheathe his sword . In fact, he had nearly killed Li Ju Tian's only son… [That boy was the only heir to one of the most powerful factions in the world . Moreover, he was the son of one of the most powerful Great Masters . So, where do we stand in the eyes of a man like Feng Juan Yun?]

Besides, everyone had already gotten a few shocks when they had arrived at Jun Family's function this time . It must be said that the Jun Family wasn't regarded as a very powerful family in-itself . However, they had the Solitary Falcon to keep a watch over them . Therefore, nobody had dared to look down on them . Moreover, these people had soon realized that Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi had been hiding some crucial information . After all, this father-and-son duo had ascended to the Spirit Xuan Level!

This news had been enough to shock these people .

The Tian Xiang Empire had never had a Spirit Xuan expert in its court . However, it had suddenly seen the emergence of two Spirit Xuan experts! Moreover, both of them belonged to the same family!

Most importantly — they hailed from a divine military family!

It must be mentioned that the Jun Family hadn't been in the limelight over the past few years . However, people had still been collecting detailed information on them the entire time . After all, the Jun Family was still the top military family of Tian Xiang . Their information sources had stated that Jun Zhan Tian was at the Sky Xuan Level . So, how had he suddenly become a Spirit Xuan expert? They knew that Jun Wu Yi had shown unexpected promotion in his strength in the past as well . After all, he had managed to become a Sky Xuan expert even when he was handicapped . But, how had he suddenly become a Spirit Xuan expert? Moreover, his disability had also been cured…

Everything about these matters had been sudden, mysterious, and unfathomable…

"Ha-Ha, Feng Juan Yun! You've finally arrived here, Old Boy . I've been looking forward to meeting you for a long time . And, you've finally showed . Let's go to the backyard and play-around later on . Maybe you'll still gain some benefits from it,"A complacent Solitary Falcon walked out with a burst of laughter . His body-language made it seem as if he was hoping for a fight .

Jun Wu Yi had taken the Heavenly Vitality Pill a few days ago . And, his strength had successfully promoted to the Spirit Xuan Level as a result . Then, the three men had taken the Vitality Congregation Pill at the same time . Moreover, Jun Wu Yi had also taken a Vitality Linkage Pill . Consequently, the three men had seen an enormous advancement in their respective strengths . This wasn't a trivial progress either . In fact, it would've been outrageous if their strength hadn't advanced after this!

Solitary Falcon had been feeling very happy of late . After all, he had never imagined that his strength would increase so drastically in less than a year because he had contracted his services to the Jun Family over a bet! He had made great progress in his martial techniques . Moreover, his speed had also increased to an unimaginable level .

His strength had improved by at least two levels . In fact, even the unattainable levels which hovered above the Great Master realm seemed somewhat within his reach now!

Therefore, Solitary Falcon had been feeling as if he was living a dream of late .

Getting no money at the end of a day's labor is like wearing a nice dress to parade in the dark of the night . His strength had seen a massive enhancement of late . So, wouldn't he feel like he had out on a beautiful dress to parade in the dark of the night if he didn't get to flaunt it to his age-old rival? It would've genuinely spoilt his fun…

However, the greatest rival of his life — Feng Juan Yun — had suddenly arrived . Therefore, this was like a heaven-sent gift as far as Solitary Falcon was concerned .

Feng Juan Yun stared at Solitary Falcon for a long time . Then, there was a sudden burst of astonishment in his eyes . Solitary Falcon's Xuan strength had always been excellent . And, his techniques had also been great . But, Solitary Falcon's overall strength had still been nearly at par with him . This guy had beaten him outside Tian Fa Forest a few months ago after using a very strange technique . However, Feng Juan Yun hadn't been convinced with his defeat . In fact, Feng Juan Yun had eventually grasped the chink in that technique after some contemplation . Therefore, he had also harbored some intent of challenging Solitary Falcon when he had decided to visit the Jun Family .

However, Feng Juan Yun suddenly discovered that this abominable Solitary Falcon's strength had reached new heights when they came face-to-face . In fact, Solitary Falcon was giving him a strong sense of oppression even though he was merely standing there…

Even the incorporeal air around his body felt somewhat thicker…

Feng Juan Yun was very familiar with this kind of feeling . [This feeling of having your hands and feet tied together only arises when you are facing an opponent you can't match up to . Am I genuinely that far behind him?]

[But… this man is the Solitary Falcon! How is it possible? Even the Master of Life and Death — Shi Chang Xiao — and cold-blooded master Lei Wu Bei don't leave me feeling such a strong sense of frustration! How did Solitary Falcon achieve this enormous increase of strength in such a brief period? Has he already surpassed Shi Chang Xiao? It seems like he's close to Li Jue Tian's level!]

Feng Juan Yun revealed a bitter smile for a while . He stared at the Solitary Falcon without even blinking . Then, he eventually let out a sigh of relief and said, "Only ignorant don't understand things . We don't need to fight . I'm not your opponent anymore . So, it doesn't make any sense to fight!"

Solitary Falcon felt very disheartened .

Solitary Falcon had fought with the Tiger King after the latter's strength enhancement last night . The Solitary Falcon had superficially gained an upper hand because of his clever techniques . But, he knew that he had fallen short in reality . . .

The Tiger King's skin was extremely rough, and his flesh was inhumanly thick . Therefore, it had been useless to strike his body since it had done no harm to the Beast King . In fact, the Solitary Falcon's muscles had been hurting the entire night from the excessive strain . Solitary Falcon knew that he would've fallen short if they had gone for a second round . In fact, he reckoned that he would've died at the hands of the Tiger King in case they had fought a desperate battle of life and death . And, this had obviously left him very depressed . However, he had finally bumped into Feng Juan Yun at this time . Therefore, he had thought of giving vent to his frustration . However, this guy had straight away smashed his hopes…


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