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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 544


Chapter 544

Mei Xue Yan couldn't help but heat up with impatience as she recalled that scene . Her face was burning hot, and her heart was filled with rage . She felt as if there was a huge hand on her buttocks . And, that hand was massaging her buttocks without a care in the world . . .

"Let's forget about it since you don't wish to share . It doesn't matter,"Jun Mo Xie sighed . He seemed somewhat bored . It seemed as if he didn't have much to talk about . So, he spoke while attempting to change the topic, "Oh, that's right… Allow me to tell you something interesting . I saw this tiny thing the last time when I was in Tian Fa Forest…"

He closed his eyes to recall . He spoke while making gestures with his hands, "It was long ago… it was a very small thing . Its entire body was snow-white, and it had pointed ears . Ah… its nose was pointed and somewhat red . And, its black eyes looked like gems . It had fine red hair on top of its head… It was so adorable… Her buttocks were particularly to my liking . And, it felt so good to rub it… I remember that I had rubbed it for a long time… It had felt so good… It had seemed that the little thing was suffering from some internal injuries . But, I didn't know what kind of a heartless person would do this to such a cute little thing . Please help me in take caring of it when you return . And, don't forget to grab that thing for me if you're able to find it, okay? I want to play with her buttocks every day . It was so much fun . That small thing looked something like Xiao Yi's Little White . But, is buttocks were a little bigger and better . And, it was far cuter too… I had even told it that I would put inside the crotch of my trousers . Ha ha ha…"

The Snake King clearly heard someone draw a firm but cold breath when Jun Mo Xie spoke till here . She couldn't prevent herself from looking towards Mei Xue Yan in bafflement . [Don't tell me that she's this tiny animal?]

The Snake King hastily lowered her head . However, her mind had spiraled into a shock;[Oh My God! He isn't referring to Elder Sister;is he? I've finally understood why Elder Sister hates Jun Mo Xie so much . So, this is how he managed to offend her… This is what happened! Oh God… how can this be possible?]

[It's hard to imagine that he rubbed Elder Sister's buttocks… This is very… shocking!]

Mei Xue Yan was extremely angry that this guy had dared to say this out loud . Moreover, he had even asked her to help him in catching that little animal! However, she was most annoyed with the fact that he still remembered what he said at that time — [Small thing, you should follow me . I will massage your buttocks every day, and you will like it…]

Moreover, he had then said that… he wanted to stuff that little animal in his pants… However, the most important thing was that the Snake King — Mei Xue Yan's younger sister — had heard this…

Mei Xue Yan wanted to choke him to death for running his mouth!

[I'm so furious!]

Jun Mo Xie noticed that her face had turned red . So, he couldn't prevent himself from asking out of curiosity, "What happened? Why has your face turned red? Is this sudden increase in your strength not suiting you? Someone with your cultivation shouldn't have had a problem, right?"

Snake King finally couldn't prevent herself from letting out a 'he-he'. It seemed that she had forcefully held her laughter from erupting out…

"Shut up!"Mei Xue Yan fiercely roared . In fact, it seemed as if she was ready to swallow someone whole .

Jun Mo Xie shrank his neck, and obediently stayed mum… [I can't bear this . What should I say? He has said what he shouldn't have! He mentioned that topic all over again . And, I've now heard everything I didn't wish to… And everyone else has heard it as well…]

Mei Xue Yan's stomach was on the verge of blowing up from excessive rage . [Damn this guy…]

Suddenly, a strange shout was heard as Big Bear abruptly jumped . Big Bear's eyes were opened round, and he had look of disbelieve on his face . Then, he turned and twisted his buttocks at speed which couldn't have been captured with normal eyes . He then burst into laughter and said, "This is wonderful! This medicine is super awesome . My speed of Primal energy's flow has upgraded very significantly . Is this a dream? Ha-ha! It has increased more than three times in one go! Wa Ha Ha Ha… Now, this Eldest Bear can finally taste the feeling of being invincible and unrivalled in this world! What's that Third Crane's standing in front of me now? I can beat him to a bloody face and a swollen nose now . This Eldest Bear won't be called Third Bear after that . In fact, I will become Second Bear… Ha ha…"

Big Bear had seen many enhancements in the last half-a-year . He had first taken a Ten Years'Pill, and upgraded his strength once as a result . After that, Jun Mo Xie had helped him in making a successful breakthrough from his bottleneck . His strength had been stagnant for some time before that moment . However, it had suddenly increased by a very considerable margin . And, he had taken a dose of the Heavenly Vitality Pill now . This had given his strength a boost of fifty years . Then, he had taken one dose of the Vitality Linkage Pill . And, that had increased his speed three-fold!

The Bear King was repeatedly blasting his energy to show his strength . How could he not be bursting with confidence at this time?

"Old Bear! Shut up with your stupidity!"Snake King knew that her elder sister wasn't in a good mood . So, she hastily shouted at the Bear king with good good intentions . However, it seemed that it was already too late for that . And, that's because Mei Xue Yan had already turned her head . Moreover, her eyes had frozen at Big Bear's body!

Big Bear felt an indescribable urge to retreat in the face of her irresistible strength . However, he then suddenly recalled that his strength had upgraded . [It would be better to verify the extent of my progress . I know that I can't match up to Big Sister . But, I can hold my own for a while . ] He couldn't help but feel pleased with himself . So, he smiled and said, "Elder Sister, I wish to spar with you…"

Green Hunter buried her face in her hands . She had covered it completely…

People's joys often turn into extreme sorrow when they get dizzy with success . It seems that this wasn't merely applicable to men alone… Even Xuan Beasts had this tendency…

[What be considered as 'stupidity'? This!]

[That was stupid . In fact, it was extremely stupid…]

[This stupid Bear seems very pleased with himself . He thinks that he has become tyrannical today . But, he will soon suffer the consequences of his actions…]

"Very good! I also wish to spar with you… Let's spar! You rarely take this initiative on your own… So, I must be very careful… in sparing with you!"

Mei Xue Yan clenched her teeth . She had been holding-in a belly full of anger since she didn't have a means to vent it out . However, she had suddenly found herself a sandbag . Moreover, this sandbag had willing showed-up . It was as if he had dropped from the heavens . Moreover, it was rough-and-tough sandbag . She coldly swept her glance over him . Then, she started to walk out of the courtyard . She said as she walked, "Come out! Don't you wish to practice with me?"

This poor Big Bear had barely opened his eyes after absorbing the medicine's efficacy . Therefore, he had no idea as to what had happened in the outside world . Consequently, he thought that this was merely a normal matter . Therefore, he followed Mei Xue Yan in high spirits when she started to walk out . In fact, he even grinned in joy the entire way . After all, he was still dreaming about the increase in his strength…

It must be said that this Fourth Bear couldn't be blamed for his boldness . He and the Third Crane had broken through their bottleneck with the help of Jun Mo Xie's heavenly aura a few months ago . And, their strengths had increased substantially as a result . It could be said that they had reached the peak of the Great Master Level . In fact, they had only been a step away from reaching the level above that of the Great Masters . Therefore, their strength was far beyond the other Beast Kings .

Big Bear's strength had again taken a giant leap since he had digested the Heavenly Vitality Pill and Vitality Linkage Pill today . This meant that Third Crane, Snake King, and Tiger King were no longer capable of matching up to him . Therefore, it could be said that his strength was already at the top when it came to the Beast Kings of Tian Fa Forest if Mei Xue Yan wasn't counted . This also meant that Mei Xue Yan was the only person who could teach him a few things…

It was true that Fourth Bear's strength had increased tremendously . But, Mei Xue Yan was still far stronger him . There was no doubt in this regard . In fact, Big Bear still dreaded his elder sister . But, his own strength had forged ahead vigorously . Though, it would've been very annoying for him since would've had no way of confirming his limits… This was the reason why he had put this proposal forth .

It was a very normal thing to look for an opportunity to learn something after making a break through . But…

Let's assume the Bear King had heard that conversation… or even a small part of it… He would've never dared to provoke Mei Xue Yan in that case;no matter how gutsy he was!

It was a pity that… he hadn't heard it .

He had committed a sin . And, sinners don't live long .

Big Bear came out . He then saw that a slim shadow was rushing over with a 'whoosh'sound . The Bear King's strength had increased moments ago . Moreover, his speed had increased by three times . Therefore, his present fighting strength was far superior to the one he had commanded in the past . Moreover, he was erupting with energy and enthusiasm as this time . So, he needed a means to release it . His self-confidence had also risen to an unprecedented height . He saw that his elder sister had attacked with a very high speed . But, he reacted quickly without flying into a panic .

Big Bear knew that he was still no match for his elder sister . But, he believed that he could hold his own for a while after this latest enhancement . Though, it must be said that Big Bear's calculations were based on the strength Venerable Mei had exhibited in that battle with the four Great Masters outside the Tian Fa Forest . However, Big Bear wasn't the only one who had taken these pills;the other party had done so as well . Moreover, the other party had seen a much better result when it came to the matter of strength enhancement…

The gap in their strengths had been rather huge at first . However, this gap had widened by now… Thus, a tragedy befell this Old Bear .

Bear King believed that his speed had undergone a substantial enhancement . This attack wasn't slow, but he felt that would be able to dodge it by using his current using his current speed . However, he wasn't able to foresee that abnormal pain which suddenly arose in his back . It was evident that his back had endured a fierce kick! He staggered a few steps while attempting to turn around . However, he suddenly experienced a sharp pain in his buttocks . The irresistible force of that attack left his body to rotate in circles . Bang Bang Bang sounds continued to arise . It sounded as if someone was beating a leather bag into shape…

Big Bear rolled out like a ball . It seemed as if a gust of wind had sent a gold ingot to roll in the ground . He continued to tumble-on for a while, and eventually came to a stop . He thought… [Didn't we agree to spar? Why am I being beaten up like this? I wasn't even given a chance to attack . Is this was what sparring looks like? Why does it feel like I've become someone's punching bag? I've made a decent progress, but why does it feel like Elder Sister's strength has seen a much greater enhancement? Oh God… how long is this Old Bear going to get thrown around for…]

[Don't tell me that I ran myself into the door again?]

He was about to open his mouth with the intention of begging for mercy . But, he suddenly felt that a heavy foot had slammed onto his chin . Big Bear was sent somersaulting backwards as a result . And, he fell to the ground thereafter . In fact, it would be more appropriate to say that he had slammed onto the ground . It was evident that it was hard for him to lift his neck at this time… He resembled a huge tortoise as he tried to stretch his neck to speak something . Then, his eyes were greeted with a series of punches . And, he was suddenly left looking like a panda instead of a bear…

Any man lying prone on the ground would quickly flip over if he were being beat-up .

However, Big Bear's head had gotten so dizzy that he couldn't even do that . So, he merely shouted, "Elder Sister, spare my life! I won't act recklessly again! Don't do this to your Little Bear!"

"You won't act recklessly again? You think that you can do that? Don't you wish to be the Eldest Bear? Don't you want to be?"Mei Xue Yan showed him no mercy . She rushed like a sudden gust of wind, and started to rain kicks and punches with 'pop pop pop'sounds . Every punch and every kick was mixed with an irresistible force . Meanwhile, Big Bear had been reduced to screaming and grumbling, "Why is this happening? Why is this happening? I never said that I wanted to be Eldest Bear . I can only be the Second Bear at best! Do you want me to become the Little Bear instead?"

[Why is this happening?] The Snake King looked at him with sympathy . [I had told you to shut up . But, you didn't listen . Then, you volunteered to take a beating . So, why are you so confused now?]

Earth Cracker awakened from a shock, and sunk into a new one the next instant… In fact, his eyeballs nearly popped-out as he watched Big Bear receiving a violent beating… [Will someone tell me what's going on?]


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