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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 543


Chapter 543

"Ancestral teachings…? It was considered as the golden principle hundreds and thousands of years ago when they were written . However, they've become obsolete and clichéd with the passage of time . Do you think they can curb the vanity and avaricious desires that exist in people's hearts? They can't! Only a handful of people who follow these ancestral teachings can be considered great and wise . However, the remaining people who follow such long-standing words of wisdom are merely mediocre! And, people who possess great wisdom and intelligence are wise and farsighted in their own merit . Therefore, they rarely mess with these ancestral teachings . And, the average people aren't capable of changing anything . Therefore, they have no choice but to submit…

"However, things change when a generation sees the rise of many ambitious youngsters . After all, these people are smart, and talented . These talented people are aware that these golden rules of wisdom are very important . However, they still regard them as words of nonsense . Therefore, they don't follow them . And, that's because nobody wants to renounce the glories and pleasures of this world because of this nonsense! Therefore, we can say that a smart and talented man might not possess great wisdom!"Jun Mo Xie spoke in a grim tone .

Mei Xue Yan feebly hung her head . The faith she had persisted-in since her birth had suddenly collapsed . Therefore, she gathered her strength and retorted in a powerless manner, "No! That's impossible! This is merely your conjecture . There's no evidence to support whatever you've said!"

"Their attempt to besiege and kill you was also my conjecture? Is that not evidence?

"The Three Holy Lands were openly fighting in the auction . Is that also my guesswork? Is that not evidence?

"Ning Wu Qing is convinced that you are somehow associated to me . Is this also a guess of mine? Isn't this evidence enough for you?

"The Elusive Land of Immortals and Great Golden City remained indifferent when they saw that the Illusory Ocean of Blood wouldn't be getting any additional pills . They said nothing when we insulted their counterparts . In fact, they even took pleasures in other's misfortunes . You were present on the scene . You witnessed it with your eyes . You even dealt with them . Is this also a story that I made up? Do, you still need more evidence?

"And, don't forget that time at Tian Fa . The words spoken by Rainstorm and Hurricane Masters had agitated you as well . Or was that a conjecture as well? Do, you still need more evidence?"

These five arguments exploded in Mei Xue Yan's heart like five nuclear bombs . She suddenly become deathly pale as her body shook twice!

"Big Sister, Young Master Jun has a point;you should take this into consideration . Otherwise, the Xuan Beasts of our Tian Fa would find it difficult to escape regardless of what the outcome is for the humans . We'll certainly drown in this calamity!"the Snake King's voice was heard from the side at this time . She had absorbed the miraculous pill's efficacy by now .

Big Bear and Earth Cracker stood on the side looks of resentment on their faces . They had obviously heard Jun Mo Xie's words…

Mei Xue Yan moved her lips;it seemed that she wanted to say something . But, she didn't say it in the end . Instead, she only sighed deeply .

"The Three Holy Lands have many experts . There's no doubt it that . But, I can say for sure that only a few deserve to be compared to you! In fact, I certain that ten above Great Master Level experts can't prevent you from escaping;they can only injure you at best . However, how many of those ten experts were allowed to return unharmed?"

Jun Mo Xie exclaimed, "You could've easily killed several of them with the kind of strength you possess . And, you could've easily injured the rest of them while running away . Moreover, let's not forget the amazing techniques you've mastered . I even reckon that you could've managed to kill all of them in case you had gone all-out without bothering about the consequences . And, you still would've had enough strength to retreat…

"But, you didn't . Instead, you ran away, and left those ten people alive!"Jun Mo Xie breathed a deep sigh, "They aren't plotting a trap for you because you can't defend yourself . Instead, it is because they're aware that you won't kill them even if they come to assassinate you! This is the reason they're being so bold… You've allow them to be conniving! You weren't able to achieve anything apart from this!"

"But… each successive generation of the Xuan Beast Kings have been entrusting the Battle for Seizing the Heavens to their successor . How can I pay no heed to this fact? You humans may not take your ancestral teaching seriously . But, we Xuan Beasts can't do the same,"Mei Xue Yan took a deep breath as she slowly wrinkled her eyebrows .

"That's why I said that the purity of you Xuan Beasts'nature is your biggest strength as well as your biggest weakness . You need to understand one thing very clearly — I'm only telling you this because I want you to care about saving your own life first . And then, you ought to think about saving the entire Tian Fa Forest! But, this doesn't mean that you have to withdraw from the Battle for Seizing the Heavens!"

Jun Mo Xie deeply stared at her, "You must participate in the battle! You must participate in it even if I tell you not to . But, you shouldn't exercise blind tolerance in in the face of such threats and provocation . You must kill those who wish to kill you . You must cut those who wish to cut you . And, this doesn't mean that we'll fail in the Battle for Seizing the Heavens for sure! However, you'll only fulfill their cherished dream of destroying you and all the Xuan Beasts in the Tian Fa Forest in case you allow them to kill you like this . Moreover, they might still not be able to win the Battle for Seizing the Heavens after doing this . How can this be considered the fulfillment of the duty of a Beast Lord from Tian Fa? You need to understand this point clearly! One mistake on your part can lead to the destruction of all the Xuan Beasts in the Tian Fa Forest! Will you be able to face your previous Beast Lord in the netherworld if this happens?"

Mei Xue Yan pondered . Then, two seemingly congealed awns of vitality exploded in her eyes as she slowly said, "You're right . I realize it now . I've suffered humiliation in silence this entire time . I've been patient and accommodating . But, I guess I've made a mistake in doing so! I was gravely mistaken!"

"I hope you've understood this well this time,"Jun Mo Xie smiled, "I guess you ought to keep watch while these two guys digest these Vitality Linkage Pills now . "

Mei Xue Yan smiled and nodded .

She was one of the wisest individuals of her generation . However, she was obsessed with winning the Battle for Seizing the Heavens . And, this had made her usually firm nature somewhat indecisive and irresolute . However, her issues had been laid out bare at this time . Therefore, she had quickly reverted to the usual decisive and murderous temperament of a Beast Lord from Tian Fa .

She then gave two divine pills to Big Bear and Earth Cracker . And, the two of them sat down to circulate their vitality .

Mei Xue Yan, Snake King, and Jun Mo Xie seemed to be sitting calmly . However, they weren't negligent in the least . Each of them could sense their counterpart's spirit sense spreading out . In fact, it could be reckoned that any movement made within a perimeter of several hundred meters wouldn't go unnoticed by these three . Jun Mo Xie had even gone one step ahead… He had transferred some of his own spiritual aura to assist the two Beasts Kings .

Mei Xue Yan and Snake King had been astonished by Jun Mo Xie again . [Jun Mo Xie's speed of progress is astonishing . But, he's only a Sky Xuan Peak expert . So, how can he possess such a powerful spirit sense?] Snake King even compared her own spirit sense with Jun Mo Xie's . However, she only ended up realizing that she was slightly inferior to Jun Mo Xie in this regard . She couldn't help but feel extremely strange . [Is he possibly hiding some deep secret?]

Mei Xue Yan was the strongest amongst those present on the scene . Therefore, her spirit sense was also the sharpest and most sensitive most sensitive . This meant that she could understand Jun Mo Xie's abilities better . She could sense which directions Jun Mo Xie's spirit sense was spreading towards . She could even sense how far it was going . In fact, nothing was able to escape her detection ability .

However, the might of Jun Mo Xie's spirit sense hadn't come as the biggest surprise to her… That's because Jun Mo Xie's spirit sense had been keeping a check on the spots which would allow someone the best vantage point to mount a sneak attack . Many of those spots were coincident with the ones Mei Xue Yan had been watching . However, he had even taken care of the ones she had overlooked!

This would seem easy when talked about . But, it takes abundant experience to reach this level . And, Mei Xue Yan was well-aware of this! [I've been fighting for a long time . And, I've suffered many situations of crisis to achieve this . In fact, I've reached this level of battlefield intelligence after experiencing many vicissitudes in life . ]

[But, this seventeen-year-old boy possesses the wisdom and intelligence to be more careful than me? Isn't this extremely strange?]

Mei Xue Yan was still in a state of shock when she heard Jun Mo Xie speak;he had seemingly asked in an absentminded manner, "Oh… By the way, I haven't been able to figure this out — How did I offend you? You've been playing many devious tricks on me since the start!"

Mei Xue Yan suddenly went dumb . This question didn't fall into the category of 'difficult to answer'. Instead, it fell into the 'impossible to answer'…

"You've had many opinions about me since the time we first met in the Tian Fa Forest,"Jun Mo Xie's spirit sense was still persisting in the area . In fact, it had remained motionless . However, he had still managed to speak-up without a constraint . This left Mei Xue Yan and Green Hunter even more startled . And, that's because Jun Mo Xie's spirit sense hadn't fluctuated even a little when he had spoken . Even Mei Xue Yan could barely display such precise control over her spirit sense .

[This guy is a freak!]

They then heard him say, "You seemed to hate me a lot at that time… Even that Li Jue Tian probably suffered because of the anger you felt for me… Then, you had grabbed me… But, you didn't kill me… Instead, you spanked my ass… It left my butt swollen for a several days . But, I still haven't been able to figure out what this matter is about… Is this some kind of a kink of yours?"

Mei Xue Yan couldn't help a faint smile from blossoming on her face as she recalled their first meeting . But, traces of resentment also flitted past her face . It seemed as if she had remembered the time when the time when she had been molested by this youngster in the Tian Fa Forest…

"You messed with me the entire journey from the Southern Heaven to Tian Xiang City . And, you spanked my ass even when we met outside Tian Xiang City… You didn't kill me… You didn't murder me… You only spanked me… That's weird;isn't it?"Jun Mo Xie couldn't understand this .

"What 'hobby'bullshit are you talking about? That was only because you look like someone who needs a spanking! Who wouldn't want to spank you?"Mei Xue Yan snorted . It was obvious that she didn't wish to discuss this topic .

"I may have a repulsive countenance… But, I could sense that you were holding your strength back while spanking me . I was almost as if you were afraid of breaking my body into pieces… I can understand that you had these divine pills'importance on your mind when we met outside the Tian Xiang City… But, that wasn't the case when we first met outside Tian Fa… So, I genuinely can't figure this out . "

Jun Mo Xie frowned as he concluded, "Therefore, I eventually figured that I must've offended you . It mustn't have been a small matter either . After all, you can't stand me… In fact, you even wanted to kill me . But, you still couldn't kill me… Therefore, this has been confusing me for a while now… What has made our relationship so complicated?"

Mei Xue Yan snorted . But, she didn't say anything in reply .

She would rather let his mind run wild . Therefore, she closed her cherry-lips tightly, and didn't say a word .

"I've never asked this before, Xue Yan… But, what is your main body's form?"The crisis was long over . Therefore, Jun Mo Xie had again shamelessly gathered the courage to address Mei Xue Yan by her nickname .

"You don't need to know this!"Mei Xue Yan glanced at him . She then shot a meaningful glance at the Snake King as an indication that she mustn't leak this information . The Snake King replied with a wink;she meant — [Okay!]

[Are you kidding?]

Mei Xue Yan looked at Jun Mo Xie and thought;[Won't you find another way to offend me if I told you about my real body? And, that would be very shameful for me… So, how will I be able to get along with you in future?]


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