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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 542


Chapter 542

Mei Xue Yan saw that Jun Mo Xie had evaluated his own self to be short of the desired goal . In fact, he had said that he might never be able to reach there . She hadn't expected him to do this . So, she couldn't help but smile . She then asked him in a perfunctory manner, "What do you think of me?"

"You? You're an insult to my four essential traits! You're no better than a fool!"Jun Mo Xie showed no trace of politeness as he replied, "You at best possess one trait among the four . That is, you are very daring . But, it is merely courage . However, having only courage without the other three factors makes you a daring fool in lay-man terms! You're only capable of blindly charging forward . So, there's nothing good to speak of it . In fact, you're even inferior to those common people who know that they don't possess any of these four traits . After all, there's hope that they can spend their lives in safety . However, you can only become a target of people's plots . You will drag yourself into their plots . You will drag your friends into their plots . In fact, you will even lead your entire family to extinction!"

"You!"Mei Xue Yan got furious, "That's nonsense!"

"Nonsense? You are an intelligent person . So, think this through,"Jun Mo Xie sneered and said, "First, let's talk about that time you were ambushed by ten top-notch Great Master Level experts . You had sustained serious injuries at that time . You didn't tell me about it even though I had asked;did you? But, I can determine what must've happened! You would've sustained serious injuries . Then, you would've escaped them . And, those ten Great Masters would've retreated as well . However, you would've only inflicted some minor injuries on them when you had broken out of their siege… You would've made no attempts to cause a life-threatening injury to them . And, it's needless to even mention about causing any physical disabilities to them . After all, everything would've been fine in your opinion as long as you could recover from your injuries;isn't it?"

Mei Xue Yan angrily looked at him as her snow-white teeth unconsciously bit-down on her red lips . However, that expression of anger in her eyes slowly turned into one of grief .

"Isn't this being kind and soft-hearted?!"Jun Mo Xie ruthlessly continued to criticize, "You would've sustained serious injuries . You would've been brought to verge of death . You would've exhausted your strength . And then, you would've rushed out of their entrapment, and fled . Those experts had survived because of your generosity . However, they wouldn't repay your kindness of sparing their lives . Instead, this would've only made them fiercer in their attempts to kill you! Thereupon, you would've returned to Tian Fa after that blood-soaking battle, and you would've thought that you managed to make the best of it! Isn't this how that incident happened?"

Mei Xue Yan turned her head in pain . Jun Mo Xie hadn't seen or heard about that incident . However, he had still managed to guess the sequence of events . But, she still couldn't understand their actions… [Why? Everyone is going to participate in the Battle for Seizing the Heavens . Everyone will be fighting for the sake of the mainland and its common people! Then, what's the point of this internal strife? Why would someone wish to murder their own ally? Isn't their ultimate goal the same as ours?]

[However, I know that they're determined to fight against the foreign aggression . The security of the mainland is their highest priority . I'm very clear about this point . And, that's because these people have remained undaunted by dangers in the face of those foreign enemies . They don't even hesitate to sacrifice their lives! They've fervently spilled their blood on the Pillars of Heavens Mountains . In fact, the spirit of their heroism still persists in this world!]

[Why? How can they not realize that Xuan Beasts also understand this reason?] Mei Xue Yan couldn't believe that they hadn't realized this . But, this only made it harder for her to understand the reasons behind their actions .

[Killing me and eliminating the Tian Fa Forest will only lead to the loss of one powerful ally in the Battle for Seizing the Heavens! Moreover, they will also lose a great amount of their military strength in doing so! Why do they wish to do this kind of a thing wherein they harm others without even benefitting themselves?]

"Are you still confused?"Jun Mo Xie looked at her with indifference and said, "How could they not understand something so obvious? Everyone obviously has the same goal and the same enemy . So, everyone should cooperate with each other with sincerity . What's the point of this internal strife? After all, wouldn't killing one's allies be akin to pleasing the enemy?"

"That's right! Why? I genuinely don't understand this! This question has always confused me . Was my Tian Fa Forest not the vanguard of the Battle for Seizing the Heavens for thousands of years? Have we ever taken a step back? How many Beast Kings have been buried on the Pillars of Heavens Mountains over the course of these thousands of years? Ah?! The numbers are untold! I can boldly dare to say that this mainland would've ceased to exist a long time ago if the Tian Fa Forest hadn't been there to support their trinity!"

Mei Xue Yan's eyes were shooting flames, "However, the Three Holy Lands wish to put the Tian Fa Forest to death now! What is this? Why?"

"You Beast Kings of Tian Fa have a pure character . And, we've never been able to attain this greatness in character . However, this advantage of of yours is also the greatest chink in your armor . Don't start denying it right away;answer this question first . . . "

The expression in Jun Mo Xie's eyes softened, but they still continued to sparkle as he said, "I don't understand why only Three Holy Lands were formed after the first few Battles for Seizing the Heavens… Why were there Three Holy Lands and one fierce land? Why weren't there Four Holy Lands instead? Why only Three Holy Lands? Have you ever thought about this? The Tian Fa Forest was equally vigorous . In fact, it was the side which possessed the maximum strength . So, why wasn't it included in the Holy Lands? Why was it named a fierce land instead?"

"This…"Mei Xue Yan hesitated . She had never thought about this issue . There had only been Three Holy Lands and one fierce land since the ancient times . And, Mei Xue Yan had never thought that it was inappropriate . In fact, she had believed that it was inevitable and correct . After all, the Tian Fa Forest was a fierce land which no man could dare to offend . This had remained the notion for the last ten-thousand years . And, no experts from the human world had ever dared to invade this Holy Land of the Xuan Beasts .

However, she suddenly recalled now that had Jun Mo Xie mentioned this issue… [Right… But… Why? We are also famous and powerful . So, why are the 'Three Holy Lands'called the 'Holy Lands', but the Tian Fa Forest is addressed as a 'fierce'land?]

"You… and maybe all the other Xuan Beasts have overlooked this issue . But, it was very important . And, that's because this concerned the human-kind's pride! Perhaps… it can be said that this is the unfathomable mystery of vanity . To put it simply — the Tian Fa Forest and the Three Holy Lands had basically been foreordained to oppose each other from that time itself!"

Jun Mo Xie gave a cynical laugh and said, "This ridiculous belief has been derived from the psychology of 'orthodoxy'. And, that's the reason why this dispute has been given rise to!"

"Orthodoxy…? What do you mean?"Mei Xue Yan slowly retreated two steps . Then, she slowly sat down on the chair .

"You still don't understand this?! This so-called 'orthodoxy'means that… this mainland is owned by mankind . Therefore, mankind must occupy the position of its leader . The civilization and traditions of this continent must originate from human race . The Xuan Beasts may be very powerful, but they should only be treated as subordinates of the human race . However, the fact is that your Tian Fa Forest pushes itself more than anyone else in the Battles for Seizing the Heavens . In fact, no one can deny that the mainland would've fallen to the outsiders if there had been no Tian Fa in the first Battle first Battle for Seizing the Heavens! This has certainly become a matter of pride for the Tian Fa Forest . But…"

Jun Mo Xie's gaze seemingly started to burn as he continued, "Most of the people who had participated in these Battle for Seizing the Heavens would've considered this as a disgrace for the human race . And, this notion stands true for those who are about to participate in the future battles as well . After all, they've had to rely on the power of a group of beasts to win these battles… to safeguard the life of the human race and their homeland!

"However, this section of the history will never be erased as long as the Tian Fa Forest exists! Time will pass, and this knowledge will also be passed down thousands of years . However, this part of the history will disappear if the Tian Fa Forest ceases to exist! Generations after generations of the human race hadn't been assured of their chances in the Battles for Seizing the Heavens . They had feared that they would lose a major portion of their strength in dealing with the Tian Fa Forest . And, this would've allowed those outsiders to take easy advantage of their internal strife . Therefore, this alliance between the humans and beasts had continued . However, the Three Holy Lands are now assured . They believe that their wings have grown big enough . They believe that they will win the Battle for Seizing the Heavens without any problems even if there's no Tian Fa Forest!

"Therefore, the Tian Fa Forest's tragedy has arrived! People tend to dispose others once they've served their purpose . Humans treat even their own kind in this way . So, is it even worthwhile to mention you Xuan Beasts? Plus, it is quite a coincidence that the so-called 'fierce land'is only fierce in name at this time . After all, it lacks the fierceness it once used to possess . This has obviously given them sufficient reason to proceed with this plan! The clenched fist is the ultimate argument in this world . So, don't feel aggrieved! History books are always written by the victors!"Jun Mo Xie used a faintly taunting tone as he said this in a breath .

"No need to feel aggrieved…"Mei Xue Yan shook her head in disappointment as she muttered, "My Tian Fa Forest's Beast Kings and Lords have been joyously shedding their blood at the Pillars of Heavens Mountains for generation . This had always been a matter of pride and glory for us . However, I had never thought that your human race would treat it as a tool someday… I shouldn't feel aggrieved… How can you humans be so lowly? And, how can I not feel aggrieved?"

"You genuinely don't need to feel any grievances in this regard . And, that's because the Three Holy Lands will also fade away with the fall of the Tian Fa Forest! So, why should you feel grieved?"Jun Mo Xie sighed .

"The Three Holy Lands will also fade away? How is that possible?"Mei Xue Yan was baffled .

"The reason is very simple . The Three Holy Lands will pay a considerable price for dealing with the Tian Fa Forest even if they are successful in their plan . Therefore, the first possibility is that the Three Holy Lands will be destroyed in the Battle for Seizing the Heavens . Then, the outsiders will occupy the mainland . The Three Holy Lands might still be left with some survivors who could pass-on the torch to the future generations . However, they won't be able to persist for long . Consequently, they would eventually vanish in a puff of smoke!"

Jun Mo Xie smiled mischievously and continued, "The second possibility is that the Three Holy Lands are genuinely very strong . Then, they might win the Battle for Seizing the Heavens . However, the Three Holy Lands will certainly feel very confident in case they win decisively! However, there will be no Tian Fa by that time . So, they will have no external force to unite them . And, this will automatically give rise to internal strife since they would each look for a world with only one 'orthodoxy'! Therefore, only one of them would remain by the end of this struggle! In fact, I'm certain about this point . After all, this is a basic behavioral pattern of the human race . This is also the inferior nature of the human race . In fact, it would be strange if this didn't happen!"

"This is impossible! The ancestral training of the Three Holy Lands is to work as one so that they can withstand the invasion of the outsiders . So, how can the Three Holy Lands massacre each other if the outsiders haven't been annihilated in their entirety? How could they forget their roots? Who can bear this kind of stigma? The remaining faction could easily lose their motivation since there would be no competition . It is very difficult to support a roof with only one pillar . Wouldn't these people be condemned in history if the outsiders were successful in winning those future Battles for Seizing the Heavens?"Mei Xue Yan violently shook her head as she spoke to Jun Mo Xie . It was evident that she wasn't convinced .

"You saw what they did at the auction . Do you believe that these Three Holy Lands are capable of collaborating with each other?"

Jun Mo Xie sneered and spoke, "Therefore, I can only say that you're too naïve to understand something this complex . And, what about ancestral teachings…? Is that even worth a few silvers? No . It's worthless! Haven't you seen the Silver Blizzard City's internal strife? Didn't the Silver Blizzard City have their ancestral teachings? The Royal Family of Tian Xiang had once vowed to my Jun Family that they would share the glory and shame alike . They had said that they would never abandon us . But, to what extent was my Jun Family allowed to decline? I'm afraid that my Jun Family would've perished a long time ago if I hadn't suddenly risen to power in the Southern Heaven City . The ancestors of the Northern Grassland's Wolves had said that they would only defend the Grasslands properly . They had said that they wouldn't attempt to go south . They had said so a thousand years ago . But, which generation of their royal family hasn't tried to occupy this teeming world of pleasures . Which of their generations hasn't marched their horses south? And, what outcomes has it ever yielded?"


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