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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 540


Chapter 540

Mei Xue Yan looked at Jun Mo Xie's thinned-out handsome face . His eyes were filled with a frivolous look . Her heart leaped up in excitement and joy . [This . . . He did all of this for me!]

Young Master Jun's good conduct was meant for the Tian Fa Forest and its numerous Xuan Beasts . In fact, he even wanted to impress her . But, Mei Xue Yan was overthinking things if she felt that he had done everything for her . After all, he had been doing everything solely for his own purposes .

But, it wasn't very surprising . After all, woman is the most self-indulgent creature! This fact can't be denied! A woman's beloved may do something in order to save the world . But, she wouldn't hesitate to believe… [He did it for me! Oh, I'm so emotionally moved by him…]

"Oh wow! This will deliver twice the effect with half the work! Let's carry out this plan at once . After all, you know the most about these magic pills after your master!"Mei Xue Yan's faint voice reflected bashfulness, and tenderness;a sense of submission to Jun Mo Xie was also visible in her body language . Even her face had turned somewhat red .

Big Bear and Earth Cracker suddenly lifted their heads, and looked at their eldest sibling in an incredulous manner . Then, they looked at Jun Mo Xie in disbelief . In fact, they nearly exclaimed aloud in amazement!

The two Beast Kings had always followed their leader very closely . However, they had never seen such an expression on Mei Xue Yan's face . And, they had never heard such tender words of submission from her mouth either . Therefore, they were obviously shocked since they didn't how this had happened…

[Are Brother-in-law's methods so overbearing? He has even managed to tame our fierce Big Sister?]

Mei Xue Yan her anger rose to its heights when saw the two of them popping their eyeballs out . So, she raised a foot to kick them, and shouted, "What are you two doing? Are you stupid?! I think you want a thrashing, isn't it?"

The two Beast Kings screamed in pain . But, they still managed to make gestures with their eyes . [That was such amazing skill . It was unfathomable . How could we ever be able to understand the things that are at play here…] Therefore, they only repeated, "Oh… It's nothing… nothing… It's nothing… He he…!"

Mei Xue Yan's anger grew by leaps and bounds as soon as she heard their mischievous giggles . And, her face reddened even further…

Guan Qing Han calmly watched the two sides . She had a big smile on her face, but a densely sour taste had sprouted in her heart… She secretly cast a glance at Jun Mo Xie . This was man who had taken her virginity . However, he hadn't tried to seek her out in a long while since they had returned to Tian Xiang City . [He used to come to me every time his heart burned with desire in the past . But, I used to drive him out mercilessly… Was I too cruel to him?]

She was still thinking about the past when Jun Mo Xie came closer to her face . She couldn't prevent herself from jumping scared, and tried to move away from his face .

However, Jun Mo Xie laughed in a mischievous manner, and moved closer to her ear . He then whispered, "Older Sister Qing Han! I… I've been infected with that malicious poison again… Please have mercy on me one more time . Please help me get rid of this poison like you had in the past . Oh! I urgently need your help! I feel very uncomfortable . . . I'm your younger brother… And, this is for the sake of your younger brother's life…"

Guan Qing Han was stunned to hear these words . She wasn't like Dugu Xiao Yi since she was much older . So, she knew a lot about men and their matters . Therefore, she couldn't prevent herself from feeling greatly ashamed when she heard these teasing words from his mouth . Consequently, she twisted her waist to turn around . Her usually cold face had suddenly turned sparkling red . Even her earlobes had reddened .

Jun Mo Xie had already moved closer to her . He couldn't help but stare at her sparkling earlobe and the flawlessly beautiful one side of her face that was visible to him from this angle . [So beautiful… Nothing can be more beautiful than her . ] Jun Mo Xie's heart was suddenly set on fire . What happened next could only be described as a curious incident — he extended his tongue, and licked…

Guan Qing Han exclaimed in the face of his attack . She suddenly felt as her body had gone weak . She felt as if she had no strength left in her . In fact, she nearly fell down . However, her body began to heat up soon after… She then flushed with anger, and struggled up . Then, she looked at Jun Mo Xie in a manner that made it seem as if she was saying… [You need to let go of me…]

However, Jun Mo Xie began to laugh loudly . He even ignored the fact that others were present there… He then grabbed her by her waist, and took her in his arms . Guan Qing Han had never imagined that Jun Mo Xie would be so audacious to hold her like that . She became a bit shy as her body heated up . She then spoke-up with a sense of urgency, "Let me go! Quickly!"

Jun Mo Xie gave out a mischievous laugh, and whispered in her ear, "Why should I let you go? You're my first woman! My third uncle will accept you as his foster daughter in tomorrow's ceremony! So, you'll be his foster daughter after the ceremony! And, I'll make my grandfather yield to my request once that happens . And, I'll have you in my bed on the very same night . Will you still try to escape then? He he… don't worry my Little Han Han Han . I can assure you that my bed is very nice and warm…"

Guan Qing Han cried out in fear . She had read the book 'Lessons of Morality for Women'multiple times since childhood . Therefore, she was well-versed in the strict codes of ethics . So, how could she endure such blatant words from him? She couldn't help feeling ashamed, and her entire body started to tremble . It was unknown how she gathered so much strength within herself . But, she pushed him away, and quickly ran away .

Jun Mo Xie burst into a loud laughter, and turned around . However, he saw that Mei Xue Yan and Green Hunter were looking at him with faces that had been fumed into reddening from excessive anger . It seemed as if their eyes were about to erupt into a volcano . However, Big Bear and Earth Cracker were gazing at Jun Mo Xie in admiration on the other hand . In fact, it seemed as if they were looking at a God!

[He's a deity! This man is a God!]

[He can make our big sister submit to him . Moreover, he also has the guts to play around with other women in front of her! Oh… his guts are… stunning… too overbearing… he's too fierce! He's awesome! He's my idol . . . ]

Jun Mo Xie was stunned . And, his heart had already started to shout out that he was in trouble .

[I said that out aloud… I clearly recall that I was supposed to use a cipher code to encrypt my words . But, I lost control over myself and forgot to do that . And, I ended-up saying that in direct speech . Moreover, the expression on everyone's face makes it seem as if they've heard everything I said…]

Mei Xue Yan he looked at him in anger;her face was still flushed red .

[It's so difficult to know what goes-on in this guy's heart . His actions had moved me emotionally a moment ago . And now, he has the guts to fool around with other women in front of me! He's too gutsy!]

Snake King gave Jun Mo Xie an awfully malicious expression . It appeared as if she would return to her beast-form at any moment and open her mouth to swallow this shameless man down her belly .

Jun Mo Xie had quickly realized that the situation was far from re-assuring . So, he hastily coughed twice . He was well-aware that even a million explanations wouldn't repair the damage that had already been done . Instead, it would only make matters worse . And, that would certainly lead to a major disaster…

He quickly averted his eyeballs, and decided to use astonishing 'subject-changing'skills . So, he coughed twice, and spoke-up in a dignified tone, "The four of you can take the pills here itself since you're all in agreement with the idea . I don't have any issues with it either . Moreover, I can even stand guard for you . And, I can even use my Xuan skills to help you with your advancement . My master obviously has some matters he's busy with . And, it won't be good to disturb him either . So, I will oversee this…"

He added a few more words of urgency after he had finished speaking, "Miss Mei, you're also clear about this thing . Strength is the sole deciding trait in this matter of life and death . Even a small progress can help influence the final outcome of the Battle for Seizing the Heavens! And, that's vital for the future of the common people . We need to grasp every opportunity of enhancing our strength . Then, we need to add onto it as time passes…"

Jun Mo Xie's throat had dried up by now . So, he stopped speaking, and gave out two loud laughs . However, it was extremely unpleasant to hear . It felt as if an owl was screeching at night . In fact, it was like someone was forcefully trying to carve out sand on a beach using a dustpan .

He knew that Mei Xue Yan would be very annoyed at this time . Therefore, he had addressed her as 'Miss Mei'instead of 'Xue Yan'. No one had ever dared to call her like that . He had never retracted his big-talk so quickly in either of his lives . Moreover, he had also managed to feign the expressions of a great saint who was bemoaning the fate of humanity while he had said this last part .

It must be said that his ability to divert the subject was as remarkable as Charles De Gaulle's astonishing feats…

Mei Xue Yan was seething with anger . She snorted and grabbed the jade bottle . Then, she overturned it, and took out the four pills . She then handed one to Snake King, and glanced at Big Bear and Earth Cracker . However, both of them were still standing with their mouths open . It was evident that they were staring in admiration . She obviously got extremely angry when she saw this . However, she didn't beat them down this time . Instead, she raised her finger and shot the pills into their mouths… Consequently, the pills hit their tongues like bullets .

The pills were extremely tiny, but they had been backed with Mei Xue Yan's strength . Therefore, they hit the two of them very forcefully . Big Bear and Earth Cracker were left to shout in pain . In fact, their teeth nearly got knocked down by the impact . Suddenly, a stream of warm energy began to gush-about their mouths along with a balmy smell . And, this heat soon burst into their limbs, bones, and meridians . . .

They felt as if an immense power had been simulated inside their entire body . A massive turbulence was created, and the energy inside their meridians started to flow in a reverse direction . The terrified beasts remained standing still with their wide opened eyes . However, Mei Xue Yan and Snake King had already sat on the floor with their legs crossed;they had already started absorbing the efficacy of the efficacy of the pill .

The two Beast Kings didn't dare to neglect this either . And, they also hurriedly sat down in a meditation .

Jun Mo Xie breathed a sigh of relief . [Hoof . I've finally overcome this massive problem . Let's go step by step from here on . I had ended up offending two people today since my mind got overtaken by lust . This could've been a catastrophic day…]

[I fell weak in front of Guan Qing Han's beautiful face, and I ended up taking liberties with her in front of so many people . This has spoilt so many days of my hard work . I had started making some headway with Mei Xue Yan, but this rogue behavior is sure to make a bad impression on her . I've lost the rice while trying to lure the chicken . I've done a massive damage to myself!]

[Ugh!] Young Master Jun sighed with sorrow and grief . He felt infinitely wronged . [Ugh . I've held it back for so long now . Would no one have mercy on me? I've been restraining myself for this long . But, even that can cause problems . Moreover, I live around such beautiful and enticing women . And, more than one at that! So, wouldn't my urges be fiercer? I'm just trying to look after myself? So, how am I wrong? Where am I wrong?]

[Damn it! When will this test end? I'm living around the most beautiful women in the world! But, I can't do anything . I can only do something in case I end-up being poisoned by an aphrodisiac… There's no torture as painful as this one! This is most terrible one…]

[It's just that I possess excellent determination! Anyone other person would've lost their 'weapons'due to this torture if they had been in my place…]

Mei Xue Yan's body began to emit a thick and dense fog after a while . Then, it slowly started to condense over her head in the shape of a flower . Then, another one was formed… And, this went-on until three flower-shaped things had emerged from the thick fog .

Jun Mo Xie smacked his tongue in surprise . . . [I think this is that so-called 'three flowers converge on top when the five energies combine'condition . I had heard about this peak condition of strength in my previous life, but I had never gotten to see it . But, I never thought that I would see it here . Moreover, I didn't get to see via my internal aura;nor did happen via someone's Xuan Qi . Instead, this happened via… a Xuan Beast's Primal Qi!]

This incident made Jun Mo Xie realize one truth — [It doesn't matter which name one learns martial arts under . It doesn't matter which world the martial arts belongs to… All of them lead to the same end once they've reached a profound stage!]


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