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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 54


Chapter 054 You Want The Big One, I Want The Small One

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’’Miss Dugu, aren't you putting too high an evaluation on yourself?’’ Jun Xie could not help himself as he blurted out, stabbing Dugu Xiaoyi with those words. ’’If I had wanted to find a female companion, I would have gone to the Soapy Rouge Establishment. The number of beauties there is nothing to laugh about. Not to mention, those beauties are tender and... eeouch!!!’’ Dugu Xiaoyi's pretty white face turned furious, her delicate hands twisted Jun Xie's arms, her pair of beautiful eyes stared at him as she asked, each words spoken with emphasis. ’’What... Did... You... Say?’’

’’A gentlemen fight with words and not their hands!’’ Jun Xie said in a stern and righteous manner. With a bitter face, he continued. ’’Elder sister, please go easy on me, there is no need to tire your delicate hands on my account.’’

’’Hmph! Speak up! What ulterior motives do you have for following me? Speak quickly! If you do not, then I cannot guarantee the safety of your ears,’’ Dugu Xiaoyi did not loosen her grip at all.

Jun Xie was well aware that this little girl was a woman of her words, having no fear for consequences. Turning around, Jun Xie smiled. ’’Wasn't Miss Dugu planning to buy a piece of iron? Since that is the case... how about if this little brother help you buy it?’’

’’You?’’ Dugu Xiaoyi suddenly recalled that Jun Xie had won so much precious treasures back then but had not given her any at all. Thinking about it, her heart became annoyed and her anger flared up. ’’Obviously you are the one who should pay for it! Back then, the both of us partnered together and won so much money, but you haven't given me my share! If not for my good luck, could you have won so much? Since you have won so much precious stuff thanks to my luck, then you might as well take this opportunity to repay me.’’ After saying that, she suddenly laughed. She held out her hands, using it to make a measurement as her cute pair of teeth became exposed. ’’I want to make a short sword, about this length... It will be a very thin one, one that I can keep hidden in my sleeve. It is good, don't you think so?’’

Jun Xie's heart perspired;this little girl sure can talk. All she did was become a witness. She played across the board, winning twenty thousand silver liangs, after which she snatched up at least a hundred silver liangs worth of bills. Now, her role had suddenly transformed into that of a partner, and all that happened only occurred because of her good luck... In order to create a small knife, she wanted the whole piece of Meteoric Iron. What would one call the act of destroying a precious treasure? This little girl here could be considered a standard example...

The piece of Meteoric Iron was approximately the size of two basketballs. Its entire body exuded a strange colour, seemingly similar to the special colour exuded by aluminium alloy from Jun Xie's past life. However, it was clearly more pure in quality;it also sported irregular patterns on its surface. With just a glance, Jun Xie judged that it was of a higher quality compared to Mysterious Iron! It was at this moment that Jun Xie made the decision: No matter what I have to do, be it swindling or extortion, I must obtain this piece of Meteoric Iron. Something of such good quality could only shine when placed in this master's hands!

’’Boss, how much does this piece of scrap iron cost?’’ Using his legs, Jun Xie slovenly kicked the block of basketball sized Meteoric Iron, his mouth crooked and his eyes slanted as he asked. This caused the middle-aged man who led him inside to become surprised. This Young Master had just spoken with him earlier while giving off the impression of an experienced professional, his demeanour and manner of speech calm. But how was it that after meeting this beautiful young lady, he would suddenly transform into such a disgusting looking person? What kind of game was he playing?

Could this be what they call going crazy over a beauty? What a source of calamity! Beauties are truly the root of all calamities!

’’Uh, hehe, Young Master, this piece was found out...’’ The boss was a slightly hunched old man.

Without waiting for him to continue, Jun Xie interrupted him in an impatient manner. ’’Do not talk nonsense;all you need to do is state your price. This Young Master has nothing but money! If something catches my attention, then even a rotten iron would become a treasure! As for this scrap iron, just state your price!’’

’’I understand,’’ In order to be able to open a shop within the capital city, the boss was a man of experience. He could clearly see that the Young Master before him was likely one of those highly prestigious debauchees. How could someone like him provoke one of these assortments of ’’demon kings’’? He quickly replied. ’’This iron's origin is extraordinary. It is valued at eighty thousand silver liangs. In addition, if Young Master and Miss here wish for us to forge it into a weapon for you, then it would require an additional five thousand silver liangs...’’

’’Oh? Eighty thousand liangs? So cheap? This Young Master will buy it!’’ Jun Xie put on the expression of someone who had so much money that he even forgot his own name. He then kicked another block of iron. ’’What about this broken stuff?’’ Jun Xie radiated an overbearing aura;however, the block of iron he indicated was no ordinary iron. It was a piece of finely tempered steel iron, its size far outstripped that of the Meteoric Iron, its body exuding a dark red colour.

’’This is a piece of Hundred Tempered Steel Iron. Even though it is not as good as the Meteoric Iron, it would still cost two thousand liangs,’’ The boss answered almost immediately. He could clearly observe that this senseless Young Master before him was a very impatient one. The price of two thousand liangs was enough for at least three families to live without worry for one whole generation. This price was indeed quite expensive. As for the eighty thousand liangs earlier, it was simply an astronomical amount for the common people. However, when placed before these prodigal debauchees, this price was but a strand of hair from nine oxen.

’’Not expensive, not expensive, in fact, it is quite cheap!’’ Jun Xie waved his hands. ’’I will buy it all!’’ He pulled out a stack of silver bills from his bosom. Those were none other than the winnings from the other day. He spat out some saliva, then moistening his fingers on his lips, he pulled out ninety thousand worth in silver bills. He slapped the bills on his hands with a resounding ’’pa’’. ’’Here is ninety thousand liangs, no need for change!’’

Dugu Xiaoyi was observing all this from the side, her face slowly changed from a smile to disappointment. Slowly, she felt coldness appear in her heart. A look of disgust appeared on her face;a strange sensation filling her heart: Back then, I thought he had changed. It seems he is still the same debauchee... Sigh!

One hand was paying money, while the other hand received the goods. Jun Xie quickly finished the transaction for both blocks of iron. As of now, the two blocks of iron had belonged to Jun Xie alone.

With a cold face, Dugu Xiaoyi asked. ’’Third Young Master Jun, since you have paid for it, isn't it time for you to hand over the iron to me?’’ In her heart, she felt a pang of regret. If she knew that he was still the same old person, why would she let him pay for it? In the end, it caused her to become unhappy! If I had wanted to find someone to help me pay for it, there are the princes, the Young Masters from the noble families, officials' families. Would someone like Jun Moxie get the chance? What a loss of face! Still, Meteoric Iron is a rare material. I might as well just put up with him a little longer!

’’Indeed! That is only natural!’’ Jun Xie laughed. ’’Miss Dugu, there are two blocks of iron here. You want the big one and I want the small one. Am I truly honoured to be able to help Miss Dugu pay for it, haha...’’

’’What did you just say?’’ Dugu Xiaoyi was just about to head towards the block of Meteoric Iron when she heard something wrong. She could not help herself as her beautiful eyes widened;she almost could not believe her own ears. ’’I want the big one? You want the small one?’’

Did he become an idiot? The small one is the Meteoric Iron from outer space. The big one is the Hundred Tempered Steel Iron. Even though the quality is considerable, when compared to the Meteoric Iron, it is basically comparing the Heavens and Earth! What do I want a normal tempered steel iron for?

’’Indeed,’’ Jun Xie answered naturally. ’’Just look, I have already bought up those two scrap iron. But I have no need for a lot, only a small amount is enough for me. If I am to take the big one, then it would go to waste. As the saying goes, pink is the present for beauties. Naturally, this big block of iron must be gifted to beauties as well. Hehe, naturally, that beauty is none other than Miss Dugu here. Ah... Of course, if Miss Dugu feels that it is insufficient, then I can just buy up more for you. All of them only cost a few thousand apiece, simply cheap stuff! How about I buy up ten of them and get a carriage to send it over to your residence?’’

Dugu Xiaoyi's whole body suddenly shivered in rage!

She finally understood what was happening. It turned out that Jun Moxie was also aiming for the Meteoric Iron. However, he was worried that she would finish the transaction first. Thus, he had proposed paying for it. And now that the transaction was done, he actually wanted to give her a block of ordinary tempered steel iron.


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