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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 538


Chapter 538

Fatty was also an intelligent man . So, he also understood when he thought about it . Everything indicated that it was Jun Mo Xie's strategy . In fact, this matter had a lot of loop holes from the start . But, who thinks so much when it comes to a moment of life and death… Fatty didn't even know whether he ought to laugh or cry . He didn't know whether he ought to step forward and thank his friend… or go and settle the accounts…

Then, Jun Mo Xie carefully selected a martial technique, and told Sun Xiao Mei to force Fatty into practicing it .

Fatty Tang's weight loss also managed to produce a small joke . He was returning to Tang Family's residence one day, but he was stopped by the guards . Moreover, the guards refused to let him enter no matter the Fatty said . The guard only state, "I don't recognize you…"

However, Jun Mo Xie had been feeling tremendous pressure during this time!

The Three Holy Lands were like three huge and irresistible mountains which were putting a lot of pressure on him . Jun Mo Xie himself hadn't anticipated that the auction he had organized to earn some money would lead these three behemoths to target him…

Jun Family's current strength was at a level where they could proclaim themselves as hegemons among the families of the secular world;they could even claim themselves a super-family without earning anyone's disapproval . However, the strength of the Three Holy Lands had been at the peak of existence for the last several thousand years . And, the Jun Family was far from enough in comparison . Let's consider the Three Holy Lands to be like eagles;the ordinary families would only qualify to be like free-range chicken by that analogy . And, the Jun Family was only one level higher than the ordinary families . That is — they were a fowl at best!

Jun Family seemed to possess tyrannical power . But, they didn't even have the strength to retaliate if the Three Holy Lands genuinely determined to destroy them . In fact, the Three Holy Lands could destroy them in-between dawn and dusk!

This had rendered Jun Mo Xie with a feeling that he was on the edge of an eminent crisis which could strike him anytime and anywhere . And, this had left him very annoyed . But, he had no way out…

He had no way out for the time being at least…

The Jun Family's strength had indeed undergone tremendous changes ever since he had arrived in this world . It had move up in the hierarchy from being an ordinary noble family, and had quickly turned into the most valiant and influential family . They had even developed strong relations with Great Master level individuals . And, they had also gained support from the Tian Fa Forest . Therefore, it could be said that he had already transcended to the top of this world's secular society…

Jun Mo Xie had never felt arrogant over these achievements . He had certainly built everything with his own hands . He had produced clouds with one hand and rain with the other . He had turned every situation to his advantage . In fact, he had sailed with the tail wind . This had obviously left Jun Mo Xie to appreciate his own intelligence .

He felt a sense of achievement since he had created something from nothing . It was as if he had conquered an entire city whilst being unarmed .

However, this accomplishment seemed entirely worthless in front of the on-coming crisis . It was as if his accomplishments would collapse at the first blow!

But, Jun Mo Xie wasn't willing to resign to a situation wherein his family's fate was between the palms of someone else . After all, it was possible that these people could flip it over anytime they-so-chose . He needed to do something for self-preservation;and, also to suppress that sullenness of his heart .

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie had been striving in a state of desperation during this moment…

He had been striving in the Hong Jun Pagoda to refine the pills this entire time . Or, he was practicing his martial arts . Or, he was running to the treasury in order to refine his Blood of Yellow Flame Sword . He had refined eighteen pills of the Vitality Linkage Dan after three successful attempts in these twenty days . However, there had also been a curious incident that was crying to be explained — he had managed to refine twelve pills of the Vitality Congregation Dan owing to two successful attempts . However, when it came to the Heavenly Vitality Pills…

Jun Mo Xie's face had stained with two steams of tears when this issue had been brought up . . .

He had believed that these Heavenly Vitality Pills were the most important one among the three types of dans . Therefore, he had figured that they would be the most difficult pill to refine . However, he had surprisingly succeeded in the first attempt itself! Moreover, his attempt had left-behind ten perfectly-round and best-quality pills in the furnace!

Jun Mo was left baffled in the end . [It turned out that I was wrong . It was the easiest! Poor me… I had always regarded it as the most difficult mountain to climb… Ah! I'm truly… speechless . ]

The Young Master brushed his gloom aside, and attempted the process for more times in one session . And, he succeeded each time . He then whimpered and ingested one of his pills . He chewed it with a crackling sound . But, he only had to chew it twice before the vitality was pushed into his body .

It must be mentioned that he was constantly practicing to refine pills, constantly refining pills… continuously over-drafting himself, and constantly recovering his energy during this period of time . Therefore, the bottleneck of Jun Mo Xie's Sky Xuan Peak had eventually loosened . Consequently, Jun Mo Xie succeeded in upgrading his cultivation right right after he took one Heavenly Vitality Pill . And, he reached the Spirit Xuan level!

The bottleneck had already loosened . And, his meridians were then supplied with fifty years-worth of pure aura . Therefore, he had broken past his bottle neck with ease! However, Young Master Jun didn't rest even after that . Instead, he straightaway swallowed a Vitality Congregation Pill . After all, he could bear the burden since he had reached the required realm . Moreover, this pill could increase the benefits even if it was a bit excessive to take it right now . Anyway, it wouldn't hinder these benefits in any manner . Also, Jun Mo Xie's Art of Unlocking the Heaven's Fortune would help in reducing the overload in case there were any issues with his current cultivation…

This twenty-day-long struggle finally came to an end .

Jun Mo Xie had found time to return to his home and check-in besides helping Tang Yuan in losing his weight . However, he would instantly return to Hong Jun Pagoda if there'd be no news of activity . After all, the smoke and fire from the meteors was already visible in the sky . And, this indicated that the times of trouble were approaching…

Big Bear and the Earth Cracker had indeed had a great time during this period . They'd spend the entire day in Tian Xiang City . They had been living life of debauchery, and forgotten their home and duties in their entirety . Moreover, Jun Mo Xie hadn't bothered to send them back . Instead, he had urged them to stay and wait for the day when he'll finish refining the pills . He had done this so that their strength could be upgraded before they'd start on their return journey .

Jun Mo Xie was almost certain that these two Beast Kings would encounter a powerful besiege on their return journey . But, the pills could enhance their strength, and provide them with a life-saving insurance by doing so . Moreover, he felt that it was very important to help the Tiger King in breaking through his bottleneck . After all, he ought to have sufficient strength for self-defense…

Jun Mo Xie had finally refined the Blood of Yellow Flame further by constantly adding elements from the gold he had acquired in the auction . And, he had also refined those nine swords he had previously smelted once his skills had improved . However, the amount of gold in the treasury had reduced as a result .

He would've probably been dearly sorry in case Fatty had caught sight of it . [This is a loss! This is a huge loss! Millions of gold coins… have disappeared in silence…]

Jun Mo Xie came out from the Hong Jun Pagoda at dawn on this day . He bathed himself, and neatly put on white robes . Then, he embraced the fruit of his labor, and turned towards Guan Qing Han's courtyard .

Everybody was anxiously waiting to see it! So, there was no time to tarry…

Elegant Fragrance Courtyard…

One mustn't say that only women stroll crazily down the streets whilst going on insane shop sprees . In fact, men who've never strolled across the street before… are also the same .

And, this was particularly true for these two men — Big Bear and the Earth Cracker . After all, how many shopping streets had they seen? It could be reckoned that even the craziest shopaholic woman would also concede defeat in front of these two men's current state .

They would buy whatever they would see . They wouldn't even bargain . They wouldn't simply buy it and leave . After all, a man's biggest advantage is his frankness!

They had been wantonly sweeping across the Tian Xiang City's markets . However, they could've never imagined that the Lord of Tian Fa would wish to return these items . Moreover, Big Bear and Earth Cracker would simply be reduced to bowing their heads while enduring the admonishing .

The two Beast Kings had the gold and silver that Jun Mo Xie had given them . So, their attitude was similar to a millionaire who had entered a village . They'd frantically rake-in every big shop of Tian Xiang City . They'd buy whatever pleased their eyes, and whatever they deemed precious . Consequently, the amount of gold and silver notes rapidly shrank, but the number of things that they had bought increased with each passing day . In fact, these things had eventually risen to the size of a mountain when piled-up .

The two Beast Kings were very smart about it . They had kept everything they had purchased in the front courtyard since that place was outside Mei Xue Yan's line of sight . After all, Mei Xue Yan was generally in the Elegant Fragrance Courtyard, and was unlikely to go out . Therefore, these two had thought that they could get away with this . And, everything would be easy to handle once they'd return to the Tian Fa Forest… It's a pity that God's plan supersedes our own… Thus, they were caught in the end…

They were stopped at home by Mei Xue Yan when they were leaving to continue their frantic shopping spree on this day .

Both the Beast Kings were kneeling on the ground by the time Jun Mo Xie arrived . There was cold sweat on their forehead . Their facial muscles were twitching with fear, and they weren't even daring to move . However, Green Hunter seemed to be rejoicing at their misfortune . In fact, there was no trace of sympathy for them in her eyes . It seemed as if the sight of these two men getting admonished was very pleasing to her eyes . Meanwhile, Guan Qing Han was smiling with lips pursed…

This situation was very strange . Mei Xue Yan had instructed these two guys to pack up and return in a couple of days . However, they were fortunate that Guan Qing Han had spoken a few words of advice in the beginning . Her words had gone something like this, "These guys have no shame . All traces of shame have evaporated from their beings, and only this rotten shamelessness is left behind . So, there's no point in saying anything . "

It was obvious that anybody's face would expose a bemused expression upon watching their crazy action . crazy action . Therefore, one couldn't be blamed for mischievously fawning in the hope of getting a better show . After all, it was unlikely for anyone to speak in their favor under these circumstances…

Mei Xue Yan's anger still hadn't calmed down by now . She grabbed a women's silk shirt, and threw it at the Tiger King as she said, "Earth Cracker! See, this is what you've bought . I've considered it if you had bought something useful . But, I can't understand this . Tian Fa is where the Xuan Beasts live . Who else lives there? But, you bought so many women's clothes . What will you do with them when you go back? Will you wear them?! Or will you give them to your subordinates for accessorizing?! And this… and this… you're losing your head!"

Several 'brushing'sounds were heard as many items were thrown at Earth Cracker . One box even opened with a 'bang', and a fragrance spread everywhere . It had turned out to be a perfume . Some of the liquid had also made its way into the Tiger King's mouth . And, he was left to issue incessant 'e… e…'hiccups as a result .

Mei Xue Yan furiously said, "Why did you buy this nuisance? Do you want to put this on your hairy body? Hmm…? Earth Cracker, you seem very interested in this stuff! You… you bought a large amount of women's products . But, you didn't buy anything else… You even have bracelets here… this is…"

Then, she suddenly got even angrier, and said, "What is this? A Foot-binding cloth…? Earth Cracker! Who did you buy this for?"

Earth-Cracker continuously wiped his cold sweat, but didn't dare to speak-up . Earth Cracker's eyes were continuously glancing towards Big Bear . It seemed as if Earth Cracker wanted to say, [Fourth Brother, you should say something . You told me to buy this stuff . Ah! You told me to buy these things for the maids of Elder Sister's future Palace . That's what we were preparing for… I'm being treated unjustly . Why don't you say something…]

Big Bear was squatting on the ground . However, he finally couldn't prevent himself from laughing . And, his entire body started to twitch while he rejoiced in other's misfortune .

Jun Mo Xie was standing at the door . He too couldn't prevent himself from letting out two 'he he'sounds .

"What are you laughing at? You still have the audacity to laugh? Big Bear, you stupid bear! Take a look at this stuff you've bought! See… See… See… This… and this one…"Big Bear's face was suddenly pelted with various kinds of objects .

"Tea cups . Golden glasses! This glass is so small . Can you even use it? Is there anyone else who can use this? And, these clothes… You're one level ahead when it comes to the clothes, Big Bear! You even bought a coat made of bear-fur?! You are a Bear King, Big Bear! You like things that are made from your people's bodies? No . You like these things so much that you even bought them?"Mei Xue Yan continued even though her charming face had paled, "You want to harm your own race now? Has this gold roasted your brain?"


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