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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 536


Chapter 536

Jun Mo Xie arrived at the treasury-storehouse . This huge treasury-storehouse had been meticulously created by the 'Money Crazed'Fatty Tang . It had been built in the Aristocratic Hall's basement . The space was so huge that it was hard to measure . Anyway, it looked like a pitch-dark playground . Tang Yuan's lifetime goal was to cram it with silver . In fact, he had once said, "I — Tang Yuan — will go to Hell with a smile as long as there comes a day when this place is loaded with silver to capacity…"

However, Fatty Tang hadn't expected that his wish to 'go to Hell with a smile'would've been realized so soon . Moreover, he hadn't crammed silver therein… Instead… he had managed to do so with gold!

Fatty was obviously going crazy…

Jun Mo Xie didn't get to look at a pitch-dark room when he arrived at the treasury . Instead, he was looking at the splendor and radiance of Gold . There weren't many shiny-lights in the treasury . But, it had shockingly turned into a golden world . Perhaps, it was more like a majestic golden-mountain!

[It's so dazzling!]

This spectacular scene made Jun Mo Xie's eyes appear like spangles that were reflecting the golden color . This illumination was very similar to the one produced by a Gold Xuan expert's Xuan Qi!

A burst of strange sound came at this moment . It seemed like it was a combination of cry and laughter . It was at a distance, but it was coming closer . Jun Mo Xie then saw a tall and heavy figure dashing out from the depths of the treasury . This individual continued to roar as he passed from Jun Mo Xie's side . But, he entirely ignored Jun Mo Xie . Then, this figure continued to move like a hurricane . This figure ran a circle around the Golden Mountain… And then, he took another lap around it…

[It must be hard for his thick legs to run this fast…]

That running individual was obviously the 'Money Crazed'Young Master from the Tang Family — Tang Yuan .

Fatty Tang was madly waving his hands while running . The corner of his mouth was splattering saliva everywhere, and his brows were beaded with sweat . He looked intoxicated . He had opened his eyes to a shocking degree, and he was shouting himself to hoarse, "Gold! So much gold! This entire place is full of gold, and I have earned all of it! This is entirely mine! Gold! Damn the ancestors! I'm rich! I'm very rich…"

Fatty Tang had only engaged in hard labor for one day . But, his physique had unexpectedly turned much thinner . This was obvious from the fact that he had . . . been able to run laps around this huge area…

It could be said that the result of this weight-loss tactic had been remarkable . But, Fatty's mental state seemed somewhat abnormal at this time…

Fatty's mind had exhibited the highest level of concentration over the last day . He had remembered to eat two drums of pig trotters to supplement his nutritional requirement in the beginning . But, he hadn't even had the time to swallow his saliva as time had progressed…

Somebody had once reminded him to drink water, but he had impatiently bawled out at that individual –"That can wait, but money can't . "Then, he had again gotten busy in filling his eyes with gold… filling his hands with gold… and covering himself in gold… It must be said that this amount wasn't sufficient to fill the entire place… But, it was sufficient to bury ten people of Fatty's size!

Counting so much gold could leave anyone with a sprain . But, Fatty Tang had continued to count this enormous amount of gold even after his body had gotten cramped…

Sweat had oozed out of his body, and had dripped to the ground like rainfall . An eyewitness that recounted that Young Master Tang's robes had been thoroughly drenched in saline and dirt…

In short, Tang Yuan had involuntarily fallen into Young Master Jun's plan . Consequently, he had merrily over-drafted his body today…

It could be estimated that Tang Yuan had lost over twenty-five kilograms today!

And, that was a frightening number!

Tang Yuan was singing and dancing . And, he had been ignoring Jun Mo Xie while passing from his side like before . Therefore, Jun Mo Xie finally shouted when Fatty passed him by the next time, "Tang Yuan!"

However, Tang Yuan straightaway turned a deaf ear since he still wanted to 'skate'around the golden mountain . Jun Mo Xie's eyes swiftly turned, and he grabbed a piece of fat from the back of Tang Yuan's head . He then went ahead, and lifted Fatty to his side . It seemed like he was carrying a huge cloth-sack . He then dropped the Fatty to the ground . But, Jun Mo Xie's hands had gotten full of… this thing didn't feel like fat this time… Instead, it was sweat;huge amounts of sweat!

Tang Yuan's vision had been blurred with fanaticism . He continued to pant for some time . But, the upper part of his body was unable to move since Jun Mo Xie had pinned him down . Fatty's sweat was seemingly melting-away in the same manner that a glacier thaws .

This amount of sweat had even left Jun Mo Xie in great shock! [I reckon that I would've gotten dehydrated by now if I was sweating in this way . In fact, it's possible that I could've died by now . But, this Tang Yuan has been at it for nearly the entire day, and he's he's surprisingly still capable of churning out multiple hundred-meter sprints! I have no choice but to admire this Fatty . He's amazing!]

Tang Yuan's consciousness gradually returned to him as the sweat dripped out of his body . And, his eyes also regained their focal length as time passed . He then shook his head since he felt dazzled and perplexed . After that, he asked, "Third Young Master, why do you seem to have three heads? Is this some martial arts technique of yours? This is awesome!"

His voice was hoarse, and he couldn't even make out Jun Mo Xie's appearance…

Jun Mo Xie remained silent . [This dizziness has been caused by the excessive perspiration . It seems that he needs to replenish his body's water content . Losing weight is a good thing . But, losing this much weight can also cause problems…]

Suddenly, Tang Yuan jumped-up . He then grabbed Jun Mo Xie's shoulder . It's unknown where this strength came from, but he had even managed to lift Young Master Jun in the air to sway him! It appeared as if he was shaking a scarecrow . The Fatty even roared madly while doing this, "Wow! Ha ha… wa ha ha… Third Young Master, I love you! I love you more than anyone else in the world! I want to love you! We are rich! La la la la la wu hu ao ao… Damn it… This is my day!"

Jun Mo Xie fluttered in the air like a piece of paper . However, he started to feel dizzy when he listened to Fatty's 'Love Confession'. Fatty's saliva had splattered on his face like rainfall . And, this had left him very indignant . Therefore, he roared in anger since he couldn't bear this anymore, "Fatty! You damned fat rabbit, put me down right now!"

Young Master Jun hadn't used force to free himself because Tang Yuan's body had evidently been over-drafted to a very dangerous degree . However, the Fatty's spirit was still extremely stimulated . Therefore, there was a possibility that Jun Mo Xie could've ended-up taking down Fatty Tang's arms with him if he had used strength…


Jun Mo Xie fell to the ground . Fatty Tang had no option but to stop his madness . However, his physical strength had drained out by now . So, he merely sat down on the ground . After that… he lost his consciousness…

"What happened? What happened? What's going on?"Sun Xiao Mei dashed-in helter-skelter .

"What happened? This 'Money Crazed'guy is exhausted and dizzy!"Jun Mo Xie stated in between laughter and tear .

"How did he suddenly become so thin?"Sun Xiao Mei asked in distress, "How did he lose so much weight this quickly? Can his body bear this?"

Jun Mo Xie glanced at Tang Yuan's body as it lay down on the ground . And, Young Master Jun realized that he could already make-out the Fatty's facial features… Therefore, he could help but swallow his saliva in fright . [Isn't this result too good?]

"Miss Sun, you should take this Fatty back at first . I am afraid that he won't feel like eating for a few days… But, you don't need to worry about that . It's just that he's very exhausted . So, he won't be able to eat for a while . I estimate that he won't regain his appetite for another five-six days . And, he will lose a significant amount of weight during this time . He should only be given water to drink in case he's thirsty . And, he should only eat vegetarian food if he's hungry;he must abstain from meat . In fact, don't let him eat any meat . He mustn't eat anything greasy either . So, he can't eat oily food . I will also give him a course of treatment before he returns to normal . And, that will help him in losing more of his weight . In fact, he will end-up looking like a model,"Jun Mo Xie laughed twice .

"He couldn't lose weight earlier . So, how is possible for him to lose so much weight in a single day? My Yuan was chubby, but he was still good-looking…"Sun Xiao Mei was hesitating . Tang Yuan had lost so much weight today that Sun Xiao Mei had gotten a little worried . After all, a fat husband is always better than a dead husband…

"You are being foolish! He will put on weight again if you act so indecisively . And, he will eventually die of his fat;excessive fat is also a kind of illness!"

Jun Mo Xie said furiously, "You don't have the heart to do it . So, I will have to be the bad guy . Somebody come and help me lift this Fatty! No one is allowed to visit him without my permission! And, this rule applies to his father, mother, or fiancé as well! Song Shang, come and take care of him . I will peel your skin if you let him eat even a small amount of fatty foods!"

He then went out while spitting anger .

The aggravated Sun Xiao Mei gazed at Jun Mo Xie's back profile as he left . She then muttered in a low voice, "This man is so unreasonable . He's too much…"

Then, she squatted down, and gently stroked Tang Yuan's face . She felt sorry for him . She softly said, "Fatty, you must hold on . You mustn't eat meat for a few days . That shouldn't be a big problem…"

Fatty suddenly started to giggle in the midst of his coma-like state . He unconsciously lifted his hands lifted in the air as saliva flowed out from the corner of his mouth . Then, he suddenly howled while drooling with desire, "Gold… so much gold… so many wives and concubines… Wow ha ha ha…"

Sun Xiao Mei opened her eyes wide in disbelief since she had been stunned by this . Then, she stood up and firmly kicked on the Fatty's ass . She then walked out with an ashen face while saying, "Come on and get him . Song Shang, you must keep a tight watch on him . Forget about Third Young Master Jun, I will peel your skin first your skin first if you let him eat even a small amount of fatty stuff!"

Then, she walked out while fuming with rage…

Song Shang laughed mischievously as he repeatedly complied with everyone's orders . He then stroked his chin proudly, and said, "Ah Fatty, you've finally fallen into Uncle Song's hands . Now see how this Uncle Song sets you right! Let's see if our Young Fatty will sit on my neck and shit after this… I will cook lavish meals every day . And, I will eat them in front of you . But, you won't be allowed to touch even a single dish…"

Things happened as they were expected to . . .

Tang Yuan slumbered for two days . And, the first thing he did after he woke up — was to rush and find the latrine! After all, he had been holding back for three days . So, God knows how much poison had gotten stocked in his body… This amount would be even harder to calculate if one were to consider Fatty's capacity for consuming food…

His head crashed into the bed after he returned from there . He was feeling dizzy, and his eyes had dimmed . His appetite had reduced very significantly, and he felt vexed . In fact, he wanted to vomit most of the time . Consequently, he only ingested two small bowls of rice porridge on the first day…

Sun Xiao Mei was greatly amazed by this;she had been secretly observing these activities . [Was Jun Mo Xie right?] It must be said that Miss Sun's was angry with the Fatty, but she still couldn't stop herself from worrying about him . Therefore, she had hid herself at secret place to investigate . [I will even help Tang Yuan in stealing some food if he apologizes to me . ]

However, Sun Xiao Mei's kind intentions were destined to be overlooked . Tang Yuan had offended her twice, but he had been so preoccupied at that time that he hadn't even been aware of what he had said . So, how could he apologize to her?

Tang Yuan was still dispirited and listless the next day . He ate some appetizers, and had a few bowls of porridge . However, he only frowned when he looked at the steamed bread .

Tang Yuan had slightly regained his vitality by the third day . So, he wanted to eat a little . Therefore, Song Shang meticulously cooked a banquet, and set up the dinner table . Then, he and Hai Cheng Feng merrily ate in front of Tang Yuan . However, the Fatty could only scratch his cheeks and tweak his ears in anxiety while jumping up-and-down .

However, the two Sky Xuan experts had gotten this chance to get back at him after much difficulty . So, how could they miss it so easily? Therefore, they kept a tight watch on him . Fatty Tang jumped up-and-down in helplessness for half a day . Then, he eventually couldn't take it anymore . So, he went on a day-long hunger-strike in a fit of pique…


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