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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 535


Chapter 535

"They have a doubt on me? Are you sure about this? He he… they have always been mistrustful . So, what's so weird about it? But, I don't understand what they doubt me over . What do they know about me?"Mei Xue Yan faintly hung her eyelids .

"Nothing in this world is absolute . So, people look for tiny hints until there's no mystery left . You shouldn't have rushed into action today . You should've let me handle it . In fact, you shouldn't have acted out even when they had attacked me with that pressure!"Jun Mo Xie sighed .

"This would've made them target you! In fact, they would've come after you in case that . The Jun Family isn't strong enough at the moment . So, how could it have endured these waves from the Three Holy Lands,"Mei Xue Yan replied in a faint voice .

Jun Mo Xie had already guessed this . However, he couldn't help but feel moved when he listened to Mei Xue Yan say this . He lowered his voice as he spoke, "That might not have been the case for sure . I could've used my skills to restrain them . And, I would've handled it so as to flatten the situation . However, you've inflicted serious dangers upon yourself now . You're made yourself a target by doing this . You are so young . Yet, you possess such an imposing momentum that you could make a level three Spirit Xuan expert run for his life . There would be no way of explaining this if one were to evaluate from human standards . Therefore, the only probable explanation for this is… the Tian Fa Forest . However, not many individuals in the Tian Fa Forest possess this kind of strength . In fact, there's only a few . That is what makes Venerable Mei the biggest suspect!"

Mei Xue Yan smiled sweetly and said, "Do you also have these doubts?"

"I have no doubts about this,"Jun Mo Xie snorted and said, "That's because I've been certain about it for a long time now . So, why should I have a doubt about it?"

"You're certain about what?"Mei Xue Yan opened her beautiful eyes wide .

Jun Mo Xie stood in silence for a very long time;he didn't say a word . Then, he suddenly turned his body like a tornado, and looked at Mei Xue Yan with his sword-like sharp eyes, "Venerable Mei, for how long had you planned on hiding this from me?"

"How did you know…?"Mei Xue Yan stared at him with her eyes opened wide .

"What's so difficult to guess in this matter? I've known this since the time you had thrashed my ass outside the city!"Jun Mo Xie groaned with a twisted face, "No one has ever been able to thrash my ass like that throughout my life as Jun Mo Xie! Furthermore, you managed to thrash it twice! My ass had been left to swell! Moreover, I had felt the same way both the times! And, both individuals had used that 'World Cage'trick on me… Is that the kind of trick anyone can use? I would be a very dumb man if I wasn't able to figure it out . And, the most important fact is that… you couldn't fully conceal your specific balmy fragrance even though you had used a regular woman's bodily odor to conceal yourself . I must admit that the smell was awfully faint . But, it was still enough . "

Jun Mo Xie spoke unhurriedly, "Perhaps I forgot to tell you one thing — I'm extremely sensitive to smell . Especially if it's an enemy's… or that of a woman!"

"Okay! So, you've been playing with me this entire time?"Mei Xue Yan opened her eyes, and growled at him, "Did you have fun teasing me like that? Did you have a great time?"

"You believe that I've been messing around with you?"Jun Mo Xie snorted, "I didn't know that you would be so foolish,"Jun Mo Xie slowly started to walk forward, and gradually came extremely close to Mei Xue Yan . In fact, they had come so close that they could hear each other breathe . Then, Jun Mo Xie fixed his eyes on her, and spoke-up in heavy voice, "You need to trust me!"

Those two fiery eyes of Jun Mo Xie were constantly gazing at her . His warm breath was heating up her face . Mei Xue Yan suddenly began to panic without any reason . In fact, she had been left flustered . Moreover, this had been happening every time he'd start acting like this . [I've cultivated my strength to be at the peak of this world . But, why do I feel scared whenever I'm confronted with his insignificant sky Xuan strength? Why do I feel such fear? Why does it feel like I'm scared in bones? Why can't I cope up with it?]

She couldn't bear it anymore, and took two steps back . Her face had already started to blush . However, she suddenly put up an arrogant and indifferent expression, and spoke, "I trust you! But, what are you trying to do by looking at me like that? Are you trying to scare me?"

"I don't want you to make up stories anymore . Tell me everything . You need to let me handle this matter!"Jun Mo Xie once again went to being cheerful, "They had attacked you once in the past, right? Did they hurt you at that time?"

Mei Xue Yan bit her lip, hung her head to one side, and nodded in a gentle manner .

[This silly girl!]

Jun Mo Xie slowly began to get angry at her again .

"Then, how can you expect that you would be able to work alongside them towards the common purpose of winning the Battle for Seizing the Heavens? Life isn't so pleasant so that you can have such willful expectations . You genuinely believe that this is going to happen? Do you really wish to join hands with those who wish to kill you? You've probably never had any brains . Perhaps your brain has fungi inside it . Now will you tell me what's good for you?"

Jun Mo Xie was unable to restrain his anger at this moment . The more he spoke, the angrier he got . It no longer matter to him as to what he could say to her, and what he couldn't;he said it anyway . His anger was shooting up .

"How they treat me is an internal matter of our continent . However, the Battle for Seizing the Heavens concerns the future of the entire continent's common people . I may be a Xuan Beast in human form, but I can't put the future of the billions of people at stake because of my personal grievances,"Mei Xue Yan sighed and said, "I would use my strength to its best even if I were the only one on this continent to have such intentions . I will try to appeal to their conscience!"

"But, they might not have one!"Jun Mo Xie had started to worry, "It is extremely stupid to join hands with a tiger who wishes to hunt you!"Jun Mo Xie genuinely wanted to say something — [Is it your goddamn business to think about the common people of this entire world?] However, saying this out loud might've lead to a huge argument . Therefore, he decided to keep shut .

"Everyone has their bottom line . I'm obviously not going to sit and wait for my death!"Mei Xue Yan smiled faintly . She then gently lifted her eyes to look at Jun Mo Xie, "You rest assured! Besides, I have to carry on with the responsibilities given to me by the Old Lord . "

"The problem is that I don't feel assured! How is it possible for me to calm my heart down?"Jun Mo Xie wrinkled his eyebrows, "Ning Wu Qing has already begun to suspect . He's the kind of person who's certain to make a move once he starts to doubt something . And, he will act big… Moreover, they had sent ten Great Masters to capture you the last time… So, their line-up would be even greater this time . "

Jun Mo Xie took two steps, and spoke with a heavy voice, "You would have acted the same way if you were in my position!"

"Huh! It wouldn't be easy for them if they desire to kill me… especially if you consider my strength!"Mei Xue Yan snorted coldly, "And, I wouldn't mind killing them if they're genuinely like this!"

"The "The safest place for you is the Tian Fa Forest at present!"Jun Mo Xie took two steps and spoke, "You will return to Tian Fa once this affair is finished here . Okay? And, I will hasten the refining of those pills . I will deliver those to you in Tian Fa once they're done . You can use them to increase Tian Fa's strength . Then, you will have all resources for a battle!"

"Let us put off this discussion until later!"Mei Xue Yan softly sighed . She then thought;[You idiot! How can I walk away at such a time? What would you do I left at this time?]

It must be said that the afternoon session of the auction was even more lively and exciting . Everything seemed exactly like the morning session . The entire scene of the auction hall was busting with fiery energy . However, the speed of the auction's progression was much greater this time .

The only odd point was the moment when the Elusive Land of Immortals and the Great Golden City had asked for another batch of pills . And, that was because their announcements hadn't created any hustle . Instead, it was met with silence!

In fact, most people didn't even consider this as 'unfair'. After all, this was world where the clenched fist was the absolute argument . However, the Holy Lands'purchases weren't equal to the capacity their fists could ordain . After all, they had only asked for one extra batch . It could even be said that this was contrary to the expectation of most of the families since the Holy Lands had only stopped at one batch each . After all, there were a total of fifty batches of pills . Therefore, most of the families had expected each of the Three Holy Lands to buy at least ten of them in total . However, these Three Holy Lands had only acquired five batches of pills in this instance . And, this was already an unexpected event for most of these families .

Jun Mo Xie was more unlikely to be polite . He sold these extra two batches of pills at the highest price of 1 . 4 million . It was pretty obvious that the Elusive Land of Immortals and the Great Golden City didn't care about these worldly possessions such as gold and silver . However, a sky-high price of 1 . 4 million had still hurt their pockets . In fact, Ning Wu Qing's face had even twitched when he had handed-over the money .

Jun Mo Xie had hardly cared about his reaction . After all, the existence of the Three Holy Lands was a potential threat to him . In fact, it could be reckoned that there would remain no room for reasoning once they had assessed the real value of these pills!

This is why Jun Mo Xie had realized that he couldn't co-exist with them since the moment they had arrived . And, that's because he would never sacrifice his freedom in order to be their alchemist .

However, the Three Holy Lands were very ambitious when it came to knowing the identity of the man behind these mysterious pills . After all, they had never made an never made an appearance in this world in the past . Therefore, their presence at this auction was a proof of their determination .

Jun Mo Xie didn't consider it important to think about their approach . However, it was still gnawing at his mind on an end .  

[Do these Three Holy Lands even deserve a glance from me? Are they worthy of my attention?]

[I've been hero of this world since the day I've arrived here!]

[And, I genuinely deserve to be the hero here!]

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie curled his lips, and continued to manipulate the atmosphere of the room .

The color of the night was gradually getting darker . However, all fifty batches were fortunately sold by the end of the day .

The massive quantity of gold earned by the end of the auction had made Young Master Jun's blood turn cold!

[68 million in gold!]

[That is 3400 tons!]

[In gold!!!]

[Oh! It feels like I've fallen from the heavens!]

A hand was seen raising the gavel, and then dropping it down slowly . Jun Mo Xie was trying to look calm on the outside . But, he was inwardly unable to restrain the excitement once he had calculated the final amount . In fact, his body had even shaken… he had almost lost consciousness!

[This much money would be sufficient for my children and grandchildren . They wouldn't be able to exhaust it even if they strived to . All of them could have three palaces, six courtyards, and seventy-two concubines each! And, they would still have more gold to spend . Could even the mythical Mountain of Gold compare to this?]


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