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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 529


Chapter 529

Jun Mo Xie drank a pot of wine out of immense satisfaction . He was so pleased that he stuffed himself with lots of food . It continued in this manner until he felt that he had restored his vitality . Then, he started to eat the myriad of dishes which were brought up in a leisurely manner . However, he was also offering the dishes to the four beautiful women in a very diligent manner at the same time .

"Miss Mei, come and taste this one . This is indeed a good item . Your feminine aspects will get nourished, and your kidneys will be repaired after you eat this . It can even make you more attractive by nourishing your skin . You obviously don't need this too much, but how can a woman take offense in being more attractive…"

"Qing Han, come, eat this one . This one can enrich your blood . Your face has been looking pale since the past few days . It makes me very sad…"

"Xiao Yi, try eating this . This one is delicious . You chew a little to test it… Um um… isn't it very chewy? Ha ha, this is my secret recipe . The flavor is very different . . . …"

"Green Hunter, don't just eat the vegetarian food . Try this Snake Stew . This is very delicious… It melts into the mouth the moment it enters . It's very rare and delicious…"

"Jun Mo Xie! Just tell me if you want to die right away, and I will help you in fulfilling your desire!"The Snake King flared her nose as her eyes filling with a baleful expression . [This guy wants to make the Snake King eat snake meat! He has no shame…]

"What? Don't tell me that you're still not happy? It's my mistake… Ha ha, Miss Green Hunter, these insignificant snakes are nothing in front of you . I will surely grab a snake king to make a stew for you girls the next time…"Jun Mo Xie continued to mock her .

Mei Xue Yan noticed that the Snake King was about to explode . Therefore, she snorted and looked at Jun Mo Xie as she said, "Shut up!"

Jun Mo Xie stopped speaking with a grunting sound . However, his head was left dizzied when he was told to shut up;[I can't dare to offend this extremely violent person!]

They eventually finished eating . However, they still had much time on their hands . Therefore, Jun Mo Xie rolled his eyes and said, "I'm free for the time being . So, I will tell you a story;it's a very wonderful story…"

After that, Jun Mo Xie opened his big mouth and started narrating the story regardless of whether the four women approved or not . The story Young Master Jun told turned out to be 'The Tale of the White Snake'… However, Jun Mo Xie's version was obviously different from the traditional 'Tale of the White Snake'. The two snakes – one white snake and one green snake — were Xuan Beasts in his version… Moreover, these snakes were Beast Kings who were at peak of a Xuan Beast's strength…

Jun Mo Xie's voice continued to modulate up-and-down in a rhythmic manner as he narrated the "Tale of the white Snake". It must be mentioned that his narration was very fascinating . He had initially decided to narrate this story in order to tease the Snake King . However, he-himself also got absorbed into the story as time passed . Snake King's cheeks turned red when she heard that the White Lady had given birth to Xu Xian's son . She then abruptly asked him, "That… White Lady gave birth to a baby…? Or… an egg?"

"Um… This one seemed to be a baby,"Jun Mo Xie rubbed his chin thoughtfully . He then said, "However, this part isn't exactly verified and researched to be honest . We would only be able to understand this concretely if a Snake Xuan Beast King who is capable of transforming into a human-form marries a man…"

The Snake King grabbed a teapot from the table, and splashed its contents on his face . And, everyone suddenly burst into laughter .

"Don't interrupt . Continue the story . What happened next?"Mei Xue Yan hastily urged . The Lord of the Tian Fa Forest had been so fascinated by this story that she had even intervened and urged him loudly .

"Um… That monk named Fahai became a great scholar… And, he eventually locked the White Lady inside the Lei Feng Tower!"Jun Mo Xie hastily continued the story . He then said with a twist, "He then wrote down the inscription therein —"This Beast King won't be able to come out unless the West Lake's water dries out, and Lei Feng tower collapses! However, the bottom of the West Lake was as deep as the seas . So, how much time would it take to dry up? Moreover, that Lei Feng Tower's structure had been casted in solid copper . It had been built thousands of years ago, and its foundation was very strong . Its casting was immortal in nature . So, how could it fall? Therefore, this so-called 'condition'was merely a deception…"

Jun Mo Xie narrated the story till here . And, everyone sighed in unison . The Snake King sympathised with the White Lady, and her eyes had turned somewhat red . Dugu Xiao Yi was in tears . She twitched as she said, "What could be done? She couldn't come out for a lifetime… The poor White Lady… Boo hoo, this is so pitiful…"

"I know what happened afterwards . So, listen to the following parts,"Jun Mo Xie smiled mischievously . After all, he wanted to flaunt the climax of the story . However, the four women got so furious that they glared at him and grabbed his ears – one on the left, and one on the right . Then, they firmly twisted his ears and said, "Are you telling us or not?"

Even Young Master Jun couldn't resist surrendering in the face of this classic torture technique . So, he continued with a bitter expression on his face, "So, the White Lady's son braved many difficulties, in order to save his mother… Then, that happened… And, this happened… And, that happened… at last… he rescued her and brought her out . Then, the family was reunited!"

Jun Mo Xie wiped a cold sweat . [I wanted to tease the Snake King, but I myself got trapped instead . And, I was even forced to tell such a long story…]

"So, it had a happy ending! Love always finds a way! That evil Fahai was damned! What was he doing in-between the passionate love of the family? His meddling had separated the couple for so many years!"Dugu Xiao Yi wiped her tears and said angrily, "That great scholar wasn't a good person!"

It was evident that Mei Xue Yan and the other two women also shared this feeling since they too nodded in agreement .

"Some good people composed a song to account the bitter experiences of this couple . And, that song was passed from person-to-person in the entire world . And, White Lady and Xu Xian's love eventually became an immortal legend in this manner…"Jun Mo Xie faintly smiled as he finished the story with in a rhythmic manner .

"What song? Can you sing the song?"Guan Qing Han and Dugu Xiao Yi suddenly became interested . Even Mei Xue Yan and Snake King looked at him with meaningful expression in their eyes .

"Ahm Ahm… My throat isn't suitable for singing this song . I avoid singing . Anyway, it's only a song,"Jun Mo Xie hadn't thought that this would happen . In fact, he was suddenly feeling a bit embarrassed . After all, he couldn't sing this song . It must be mentioned that this great assassin had never sung openly in both his lives . Therefore, he straightaway decided to refuse .

"This won't work! Hurry up and sing! You still want to keep your ears?"the four women spoke-up in unison . They also came closer in order to surround him from every direction as they said this . They then formed walls with their bodies, and blocked anyone's eyes from reaching Jun Mo Xie within .

Jun Mo Xie whined in his heart at first . Then, he raised a hand in surrender, and said, "I want to sing, but I'm declaring that I'm not good at singing . I can hum a bit at best… Moreover, this song is very old and lengthy . In fact, I've forgotten most of it…"

"No! You will recall the entire song . Otherwise, we'll pinch your ears!"the four of them again spoke-up in unison .

Jun Mo Xie had been rendered helpless . So, he was forced to surrender once again . He then closed his eyes and adjusted his mood . After that, he coughed a few times . Meanwhile, the four women held their breath . Then, Jun Mo Xie eventually… started to hum the song in low voice .

"…Waiting thousands of years to meet you… There's no place to be together, and hold hands without difficult… ten years of sailing the same boat… hundred years of waiting to rest on the same pillow…"Jun Mo Xie finally finished the difficult humming . It seemed as if he had missed a few sentences in the song . However, his cheek had turned thicker than the city wall . And, he hadn't cared about his slip-ups .

This was song hadn't been the complete version . However, it was so melodious that was sad and beautiful at the same time . Moreover, its lyrics were very touching . Consequently, it had made the eyes of the four women blurry .

"It was a very beautiful song!"Mei Xue Yan had a dreamy expression on her face . She then said lightly, "It had a very beautiful mood to it!"

The four women nodded at the same time . They had heard the song right after the story . And, they had started feeling connected to the story's characters as a result . In fact, they had felt a myriad of emotions at the same time – happiness, anger, sorrow and joy . It even seemed that they had born and died with the characters . They had been rendered speechless for a while…

Then, the faint notes of a mouth organ started to echo in the silence . However, this music was sounding like wailings… It turned out that Guan Qing Han had taken out her jade mouth organ from her sleeves . And, she had then started playing it to the tune of Jun Mo Xie's hum…

The mouth organ seemed to be sobbing and lamenting . And, it seemed as if everyone had entered the illusory world of the story…

The notes from the mouth organ lingered in the vanity for a while . Then, it slowly drifted away . And, everyone eventually came back to their senses…

"It was a very beautiful song . I've never heard such a nice song,"Dugu Xiao Yi patted her hands with a look of intoxication on her face . Then, she suddenly asked in amazement, "Elder Brother Mo Xie, I've never heard this story . And, I have never heard this song either . So, where did you hear this story from?"

This question drew everybody's eyes to Jun Mo Xie . Consequently, Jun Mo Xie found himself in a difficult position again . So, he coughed a few times and said, "This story… I also heard this story by accident . I've even forgotten who told me the story… It was a long time ago . I remembered this now because this is a very good story… Um, we're finished eating . And, the afternoon session of the auction is the auction is also about to begin . So, we must rush to prepare for it…"

"Hey! You must have something else as well!"Dugu Xiao Yi pouted as she said in an affirmative tone, "I will dig it out of you!"the little girl's voice was filled with positivity . However, it still seemed like a threatening gesture .

Jun Mo Xie was left to sweat . [I will have to make my own songs everyday if this little girl caught a hold of me… I'm afraid that I will end up depleting an entire library of songs in two days at this rate…]

However, the saviour arrived at the right moment…

A clear knock was heard on the door from the outside . It was followed by Hai Chen Feng's voice . He said, "Third Young Master, the seniors from the Three Holy Lands said that there was something they wanted to discuss with you . But, I don't know…"

"Three Holy Lands…?"Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan looked at each other . He then quickly replied, "I will go at once,"Hai Chen Feng quietly responded outside . Then, Mei Xue Yan frowned and stood up .

"Will you accompany me?"Jun Mo Xie looked at Mei Xue Yan .

"Yes . I will accompany you . You won't be able to understand these people very easily . Even a small misdemeanour on your part might offend them by accident . And, that could easily turn into a bloodbath . And, your strength is still too weak in front of them . "

Mei Xue Yan smiled faintly . She then added with a little concern in her eyes, "I've crossed paths with them in the past . I don't think that they will recognise me . But, I can help you if I'm present over there . "

Jun Mo Xie smiled faintly and said, "I think this is only about the pills . They perhaps wish to know about the man who refines these pills . Why else would such great people from the Holy Lands be willing to pay attention to a secular idler like me? There won't be much to this!"

"That's a good thing in a way . However, even these two questions have become matters of great importance at this time . And, I reckon that there might be massive bloodshed in case something goes wrong…"Mei Xue Yan frowned . She seemed deeply concerned as she said, "I hadn't expected that today's event would become such a big thing . Therefore, I am afraid that the consequences can also be far more serious! I hadn't expected this from the outset…"


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