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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 528


Chapter 528

A single glance was enough to determine that these few thousand people in the hall below possessed a great amount of strength when combined together . In fact, these people could even surpass the Three Holy Lands in their power as long as they could work together!

Individuals at the levels of Great Master Level and above were surely very tyrannical and resistant . But, they too were mortals at the end of the day . Therefore, they were also susceptible to exhaustion . And, this meant that even such individuals could be killed once they had been rendered physically powerless . The Three Holy Lands certainly possessed insane firepower . However, these families could take-on even the strongest of them in case they were to come together and co-operate with sincerity .

However, their relationships with each other were very complicated . And, this had given Venerable Mei a horrible headache . After all, very few people are capable of letting-go of such grievances and grudges . It could be said that a majority of these families were stuck deep in a swamp of grudges . And, it was next-to-impossible to pull them out of it .

[Some of these people are carrying forward grudges from incidents that had happened a hundred year ago… Shouldn't someone have come up and said… Hang on, this is only an auction… Let's not grind each other over such an insignificant affair . . . ]

[Don't they ever get tired… Some of them are holding onto grievances that are four-or-five-hundred years old . Damn it… Even the people who had started these fights have turned to dust by now . But, these people are still arguing over nonsensical things!] Mei Xue Yan was unable to comprehend this .

However, these fights were also a source of abundant valuable information . And, that's why the anxious Mei Xue Yan was also urging Guan Qing Han and Dugu Xaio Yi to speed-up the work .

Guan Qing Han and Dugu Xiao Yi had been rendered speechless and confused… Their wrists were tired, and their fingers had gone numb long ago . However, they would be able to get back to work as long as Mei Xue Yan would provide them with her Primal Qi . And, that's because her Primal Qi would heal their physical exhaustion… But, Mei Xue Yan couldn't do anything about the mental exhaustion…

These Dugu and Guan girls were prideful women who possessed an extremely high social ranking . The elder members of their family had always loved and pampered them . However, they had been confronted with certain special characteristics of Mei Xue Yan's at this moment;such as — Mei Xue Yan was ordering these two women in an arrogant and bossy manner! Moreover, her entire body was emitting such a tyrannical attitude that these two women weren't able to refute her commands in any way . Therefore, they had been left with no option but to submit to her .

And, Dugu Xiao Yi and Guan Qing Han had been struck dumb by this .

It must be mentioned that the two women were accustomed to being around men of character and authority . They had even met the Emperor of the Tian Xiang Empire a few times . They had also met countless ministers of the empire . Even the bold and powerful people such as Dugu Zong Heng and Dugu Wu Di were a common sight for them . And, they were no strangers to brave and battle-worn generals such as Jun Zhan Tian and Jun Wu Yi . However, even such men had never been able to put these two women under such pressure .

[How is this feeble woman Mei Xue Yan able to keep us under her control in this manner?]

The two women felt as if the Emperor's controlling powers didn't match up to Mei Xue Yan's . [What are the origins of this Big Sister Mei? How does she possess such a mannerisms?]

The two women bore these suspicions in their heart . However, their hands continued to write incessantly! In fact, they continued to work without a halt despite being mentally exhausted! However, Mei Xue Yan wasn't the only reason for this! The real reason was related to their sweetheart — Jun Mo Xie . After all, this work was highly important for him . Therefore, they had to press-on with the work no matter how tired they were .

It must be mentioned that Mei Xue Yan was a lord to the millions and millions of Xuan Beasts in the Tian Fa Forest . And, Mei Xue Yan's naturally commanding mannerism was a result of that . She could be normal around the leaders of the Three Holy Lands if she were to come face-to-face with them . In fact, she could even curse out them in case she felt the need to do so . She would neither submit to humiliation, nor would she bend down in front of them!

She had been a long-standing leader to an entire race which looked down upon the entirety of humanity . So, how could the monarch of a small country match up to her? In fact, the difference was as huge as that between the heaven and the earth!

It was lunch time at last…

Jun Mo Xie lowered his voice on the stage, and relaxed . His throat had started to fume by now . He was exhausted, but his excitement-level was still at its heights! No kidding! Anyone who'd make this much gold in one morning would surely end-up being in a more excited state of mind than Jun Mo Xie was!

In fact, most people would've likely gotten a heart stroke or a brain hemorrhage out of excitement!

Only twelve rounds of the auction had happened thus far . The fourth round had ended at eight-hundred-thousand . And, fifth round had reached eight-hundred-and-fifty-thousand . However, the sixth round had turned into a fierce one . Therefore, Therefore, the sale-price had suddenly shot up to touch upon the mark of a million! And, the auction had continued further in the same way! In fact, the twelfth round had reached 1 . 2 million!

Consequently, Jun Mo Xie had managed to collect a massive sum of over ten million for those twelve bottles of Bone Tempering Pills!

Moreover, this was over ten-million in gold!

The seven brothers of the Dugu Family had once fallen for the Young Master's trick . And, they had landed their family in a massive debt of ninety-million silver as a result . However, this debt was so astonishing for the Dugu Family that they had nearly drowned in it . But, it must be noted that this astonishing amount would only convert to nine-hundred-thousand in gold . And, this nine-hundred-thousand in gold was sufficient to finance the military expenditures of Tian Xiang Empire's army for three years even though this army was ranked to be the number-one in the continent!

If ten-million has to be converted to modern-day Chinese Yuans — one tael is equal to fifty grams . So, one gram equals to three-hundred modern-day Chinese Yuans . Therefore, one tael would be fifteen-thousand Yuans… And, ten-million would be around… 150 billion by that count!! What kind of an astronomical number is this?!


I can't be certain about the calculation… But, I'm extremely excited by the idea of it!

(Author's note: If I could earn this much money in a lifetime, I would happily look at those ancestors in hell with a smile on my face… arrange all the money . . . stick out my abdomen and speak up, "I am a wealthy person!!!")

Gian Qing Han and Dugu Xiao Yi put down their pens . They then gasped as they realized that their entire strength left their bodies through their pens . And, they suddenly collapsed after that . They were still able to blink their eyes, but they felt as if the rest of their bodies had gone-off high in the clouds . . .

Jun Mo Xie had barely come upstairs to drink water . But, he jumped in fright as soon as he saw them . He obviously got no time to drink water . Instead, he began to transfer his spiritual aura into them without any delay . His aura was very different from Mei Xue Yan's primal energy . It was far more pure and incisive . And, its results were also far more remarkable in nature . Therefore, both the women quickly recovered their health and vitality .

However, his kind-hearted action only gave the two women the energy to let-out their grievances, "This is too fast… We get no time to rest… We aren't physically tired right now… But, our souls have gotten tired!"

The organizers used this time to arrange meals for these people .

Every restaurant in the Tian Xiang City had been declared as 'filled to capacity'this morning . And, that was because the Jun Family had already booked these restaurants . This had obviously been done so that their guests could dine in those establishments . But, all the expenses were booked to the Aristocratic Hall instead . Jun Mo Xie could be considered as an extremely rich man . However, these bills still couldn't be ignored .

Jun Mo Xie's Heavenly Destroyers and Soul Devourers were tasked to guide the guests to the restaurants . And, these guests were then served with the numerous exotic delicacies which had been arranged for them . It must be said that the restaurants and wine shops of Tian Xiang City made a great fortune today!

In fact, the later generations would hail this day as the most grand and extravagant day of the Tian Xiang City!

Jun Mo Xie had arranged a grand feast inside the Aristocratic Hall for the people of the Three Holy Lands . After all, one couldn't have dared to be negligent in making efforts for these people of great status . And, that's because these people were likely to act out in a violent manner if they had been treated like every other family out there…

Besides, it could be reckoned that these people were probably looking to mess with his family . . . So, why would the Young Master wish to give them an excuse for the same? That is why the Young Master had made great efforts in order to make his arrangements seem much better and extravagant than the ones outside . He had ensured that nothing was inferior in any manner . . .

Jun Mo Xie had arranged for snake soup for everybody . However, this had only prompted the furious Snake King to give him a ferocious kick in the ass…

Young Master Jun had repeatedly tried to explain himself with a look of embarrassment, "Hey! Those snakes were farmed by me…! They're farmed…"

Young Master Jun, Snake King, Mei Xue Yan, Guan Qing Han, and Dugu Xiao Yi had taken their seats around the same table . However, Big Bear and Earth Cracker weren't arranged to sit on the same table since their endless chatter would kill everyone else . Jun Mo Xie had somehow tried to drag them to a table nearby . However, Mei Xue Yan had given them a stern glance when they had resisted . Consequently, the two Beast Kings were left with no alternative but to take their seats with Hai Chen Feng and Song Shang instead .

Meanwhile, Young Master Tang was still panting and gasping while counting the gold . It was no secret that Tang Yuan was the most miserly person to walk the lands . He had gotten so tired while counting the while counting the money that he had already fainted twice from the toiling work . However, he had still carried-on without a rest . His sweat had been flowing like a river . Yet, the fire within him didn't seem to be showing any signs of dying out .

Even an average person would go numb at the sight of such a huge amount of money . However, Tang Yuan was busy filling his eyes and belly with money! He was extremely excited!

Sun Xiao Mei had been extremely distressed by this . She had wanted him to stop and rest . However, Jun Mo Xie had given her a ferocious glance, "You wanted him to lose weight? Right? I've come up with this method with great difficulty . Only this method is appropriate at this point! He needs to start reducing weight right now . The other methods can only be implemented once he gets a start with this method! After all, he's so fat that any other excursive will be useless on him at this point . But, we don't have to worry about him losing weight if we use this method…"

Therefore, she resisted her urge to persuade him even though she loved him dearly . She did feel like urging Tang Yuan, but she knew that he wouldn't even hear her words . Therefore, she hid her concerns under a question, "Aren't you tired, Fatty?"

Tang Yuan was almost dizzy out of weariness at this point . But, his eyes were still shimmering at the sight of the gold . So, he wiped his sweat, but didn't even turn his neck to see who had asked the question as he replied, "Tired? Tired? There's so much of money here! So, how can I be tired? Oh! This money can be used to take a concubine in the future… Even another wife! Ha ha… wow!"

"A wife… concubine…?"Sun Xiao Mei couldn't believe her ears . [This guy is already planning about these things at this time?]

Sun Xiao Mei angrily turned around and began to walk away . She only uttered one thing, "You go to hell! You live with your money forever . . . You better get so tired that you die today itself… You will at least get to avoid my anger if you die right now!"

"How can one be tired to death here? It would be such a happy thing to die like that!"Tang Yuan rolled his eyes, and involuntarily uttered this in reply . Then, he again lost himself in his task of counting the enormous amount of money . It must be said that this man was extremely happy and excited! The poor Fatty was happily immersed in the money . His thoughts were being dominated by gold at this time . Consequently, he hadn't even realized that he had already brought a disaster upon himself… a massive disaster!

After all, this Fatty had offended his own fiancée in such a grave manner . However, this Fatty was still unaware of his stupidity . And, that was because his heart and mind were sunk deep in gold;there was nothing else inside his brain right now… In fact, he had literally reached the stage of altruism at this point…


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