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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 525


Chapter 525

Meanwhile, Ma Jiang Ming and Huyan Xiao also expressed the same views, and acknowledged the efficacy of the Bone Tempering Pill .

Everyone present in the hall brightened up within a moment . Then, everyone started whispering . It wouldn't have matter if one or two people had started to whisper . But, the whispering of thousands of people… had started to resemble the sound that is made by thousands of snakes as they crawl across thick underbrush on a heavy rainy day… In fact, the Snake King even stretched her neck to look down at the hall — [Its unlikely that my beast race is holding a meeting downstairs;right?]

The entire hall had spiralled into chaos for a moment .

After all, the people from the Three Holy Lands had verified the pill's efficacy!

The importance of this pill had increased many folds in the eyes of everyone present . And, their attitude had changed from "I want this"to "I'll pay any price to have this"in a split second .

"Silence! Everyone, please calm down!"Jun Mo Xie had learned a judge's mannerism on the TV . 'Tap''Tap'he slammed the gavel twice with a serious expression on his face . However, his mind was very calm .

Meanwhile, Mei Xue Yan and Green Hunter focused their attention on the people from the Three Holy Lands . Whereas, Guan Qing Han and Dugu Xiao Yi prepared blank papers, pen, and ink;they seemed ready to take notes .

Jun Mo Xie had initially conducted this auction in order to make huge amount of gold for himself . He had planned on using this financial power to acquire the resources he'd require for his troops . He had also intended to manufacture divine weapons for them by using this money . He had harboured a second objective as well . And, that was that he wanted to prepare for the future . After all, Jun Mo Xie wanted to build himself a palace in the Tian Fa Forest . And, that would act as his base of operations in the future . However, these things could only be regarded as a fantasy unless he had a massive amount of gold at his disposal .

However, he had started to harbour more objectives than the two mentioned above . This auction of the Bone Tempering Pill was 'related to the future outlook of every influential family'. So, it would clearly show which families harboured grudges against each other, and which family were good friends . It would also reveal which families could be exploited, and which family ought to be forsaken to the point of breaking all contacts!

After all, this was undoubtedly very valuable intelligence!

Moreover, there was another very important purpose – Mei Xue Yan's objective .

The Beautiful Mei wanted to know the current status of the relationship between the Three Holy Lands . These three factions hadn't showed-up before people at the same time in a long while . Therefore, no one knew how the relationship between the three factions was at present . What were their secret whereabouts? What aspects had changed? Could things go back to the way they used to be? They were fighting amongst themselves . But, could they reunite in the crucial moments when they were faced with foreign invaders? Could they still work as one?

After all, this intelligence pertained to the future of the entire continent!

These planning of these aspects couldn't be ignored!

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie was genuinely looking forward to this auction . The Bone Tempering Pills were top-grade miracle medicines in these people's eyes . So, they wouldn't hesitate to spend tens of thousands of gold coins in order to get hold of this amazing thing . It must be said that Jun Mo Xie didn't considered these Bone Tempering Pills as staple goods . However, he didn't consider them to a rarity either . In fact, Young Master Jun wouldn't have refined so many of these pills if they weren't capable of amassing massive amounts of wealth in an auction…

The hall was hosting nearly half of the continent's elite figures at this moment . These people had travelled for thousands of miles to arrive here . They had nearly exhausted the entirety of their family's properties to raise money in order to buy this product… These people wouldn't hesitate to fight do-or-die battles over this item;they would even vie over it till they had gone bankrupt… However, they could've never expected that this item wasn't worth much in the eyes of another…

This was probably the great irony of the situation!

And, Jun Mo Xie deliberately didn't announce any specific rules for the auction because of the reasons mentioned above . In fact, he didn't even frame rules such as… no malicious competition, no deliberate hiking of prices… or no usage of private means to threaten someone etc…

"The efficacy of this magical pill has already been proven . Therefore, the auction begins!"Jun Mo Xie slammed the gavel on the table . And, the entire hall fell in silence as soon as the gavel was slammed .

"The auction house will put up a total of fifty bottles of Bone Tempering Pills . Every bottle has twenty pills in it . In other words, any family will be able to cultivate twenty of its members to have boundless future prospects as long as they are able to purchase this pill in this auction . The family would be ensured that the Xuan cultivation of these pills'consumers will progress faster than their counterparts . They will go farther than their peers, and their achievements will obviously be greater as well! Let's take an analogy to explain this… Let's assume that a certain genius is born in a family . And, this said-genius possessed the ability to reach the Spirit Xuan level in sixty years from the day of his his birth . Then, this individual would be able to achieve the same result in forty years if he were to take a Bone Tempering Pill in his childhood itself! And, this compression of time could even become shorter in some cases! This means that there will be a minimum gap of twenty years when compared with someone who hasn't taken the pill! And, I'm sure that everybody must realize what this gap represents . "

Jun Mo Xie's bewitching words struck the floor of the hall in a manner that the already-stifling atmosphere became even more serious . Everyone's face turned heavy as a result . And, it was obvious that they had started thinking about the true meaning behind Jun Mo Xie's words .

[What does this gap of two decades mean? It means that we would still be struggling with the Jade Xuan level, while our peers would be busy breaking into the Sky Xuan realm!] Almost everyone was left to shudder at this thought!

[Aren't you saying that a family which has these Bone Tempering Pills would find it super-easy in the near future to eliminate a family which doesn't?!]

[Training twenty great experts in a single stroke, ah!]

Everyone's eyes had reddened;only the Three Holy Lands'people were an exception .

[There are only fifty bottles of these pills . And, it can be predicted that each person from the Three Holy Lands will take at least one set of pills;maybe more! However, the influential families present here count to six-hundred in number! In fact, there's more than six-hundred!]

[More than six-hundred families will have to compete for less than forty sets of pills! This is a very cruel ratio!]

"Third Young Master Jun, there are only fifty sets of Bone Tempering Pills in this auction… Isn't that too less?"Someone was bound to raise an objection . And, the person who stood up to take the initiative was an extraordinary grey-haired old man . He stood up from the middle rows of arranges and said, "There are over six-hundred families present here . And, you've only put up fifty sets of pills for the auction . This… is extremely unfair for most of the families . "

He had spoken in a very loud voice . And, everyone had responded almost instantly . It was obvious that everyone was thinking of rising against the idea . After all, these Bone Tempering Pills were an unworldly treasure . So, who wouldn't wish to procure them? Who wouldn't want their family to stand proudly at the top of the continent? Who would want everyone in the mainland to look up to their family?

Who wouldn't desire to order about the society… Obey the orders of no one… Overlook the lands like an Emperor!

"Silence!"Jun Mo Xie struck the table once again, "Old Man, may I ask your surname?"

The old man who had taken the initiative to stand up and raise the objection was slightly stunned by this, "This man is Zhao Ban Feng . I'm the Elder of the Feng City's Zhao Family . It is true that this Old Man's question had stemmed out of his selfishness . But, my viewpoint was also directed towards the public's interest . However, I didn't mean to disrespect the Jun Family or the Aristocratic Hall . And, there was no maliciousness intended behind my action . However, I request the Third Young Master Jun to reflect upon this!"

Zhao Ban Feng's words had sounded very decent . In fact, they had been appropriate for the situation . However, it had still managed to showcase his position very clearly . In fact, this old man would've broken into a cold sweat in case the tone of his voice had been remotely excessive . After all, the Jun Family and the Aristocratic Hall weren't the kind of forces a worldly family could provoke . He had managed to stand out at this juncture . Therefore, it wouldn't be good for him in case he ended up provoking the Aristocratic Hall's resentment over this .

To be honest, it was fairly plausible that Young Master Jun's forces would disrupt the proceedings in the name of maintaining order in case Jun Mo Xie flared up in the moment . Consequently, this old man would be driven out of the venue . And, it could be reckoned that no one would intercede . After all, one entire family would be driven out of the competition for the pills in that case! And, this action would bring-about a dead-loss for this man!

However, Young Master Jun faintly smiled and said, "Mr . Zhao needn't worry . The Aristocratic Hall is a place of rationality . And, it will never offend its guests for no reason . The Elderly Gentleman had raised the problem of lack of pills a moment ago . And, that had caused a lot of confusion . However, I have another question that I'd like to ask the Elderly Gentleman . I hope the Gentleman will give me the answer!"

"Yes, of course . Third Young Master Jun, please ask . "Zhao Ban Feng said .

"May I dare to ask the Elderly Gentleman if he has ever taken anything similar to these Bone Tempering Pills?"Jun Mo Xie asked .

"How could anyone have had the chance of taking something like this pill…! No, I haven't taken anything similar . In fact, I haven't even heard of anything like this before . This is a legendary medicinal supplement . And, there can be no mistake about this since the supreme experts of the Three Holy Lands have personally verified it . In fact, there would've been slight doubts in this old man's senile mind if that hadn't happened,"Zhao Ban Feng said .

"Has the Elderly Gentleman ever heard of anyone who can refine this kind of a pill?"Jun Mo Xie asked .

"Never . How could something divine-enough to something divine-enough to challenge the heaven's creation be seen around so casually?"Zhao Ban Feng replied .

"That implies that this item is so rare that it's akin to seeking something godly in this world . But, wouldn't this item become staple food if an ordinary man's hands to create? And, aren't such men considered a joke?!"

Young Master Jun gently smiled and said, "Everyone please note that this Aristocratic Hall is doing an auction here . This is not a place to buy and sell randomly . Most of the precious items present here have only one copy . But, there are still hundreds of families which compete for it . Does anybody have a problem with that? Is this very usual? Therefore, the price is obviously high as well! This is the basic rule of the auction — you can only look at other people buying the stuff if you don't have enough money . After all, that would only mean that your strength isn't enough . And, it would obviously be justified if other people were to exterminate your entire family later! This… don't tell me that we still need to argue upon this?"

This was followed by a spell of sudden silence . [That's right . This is the basic rule of any auction . Can you hope to buy something good if you don't have any money?]

"Let's not even speak about other things . This auction house could've made a much bigger profit if it had put these pills on show before holding this auction . However, this hall has dedicated itself to the business of conducting auctions . And, I'm even one step further when it comes to it . In fact, we've divided these pills into fifty batches since we took our guests'limited purchasing power into account . "

Then, Jun Mo Xie rolled his eyes and said, "However, I can conduct this auction as a one-off item sale if everyone is dissatisfied, okay? So, there will only be one batch of pill in that case . And, whoever bids the highest price can take it! And, you will certainly agree to this if you have the strength to win the bid . Does everyone agree to this?!"

Jun Mo Xie had said this to provoke the thousands of men who were seated below the stage . After all, which one of them would admit that they didn't have the required strength? Consequently, everyone opened their mouths to speak-up .

"This is an auction house;not a charity hall . How can these divine pills be given out to everyone like that? What is this logic?"

"Zhao Family'elder, you can leave in silence if your family can't afford the pills . After all, you wouldn't have been worried about this if you had the power to buy it . Ha Ha… . . "

"That's true . Why have you come here dressed like a big shot if you don't have the money… This arrogant guy isn't even afraid of showing off so much… this is amazing…"


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