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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 523


Chapter 523

Mei Xue Yan had realized that it might be improper continue talking on this subject . However, she still carried-on with a tranquil expression on her face, "Ma Jiang Ming's appearance was certainly strange . But, what he did for a living was even more unique and distinct . He used to scream 'The Golden Gun won't fall'every day . In fact, he had to yell these words till his throat went hoarse with it . He-himself considers this as a disgrace from his past . However, some people would mention these words in front of him once he became famous . He disliked those who uttered these words on his face . After all, he considered it as a provocation . Anyway, wouldn't he die from rage if he considered it as normal? Therefore, he would use his strength to kill such people . "

"Big Sister, you . . ?"Guan Qing Han and Green Hunter flushed with anger . In fact, they could barely hide their displeasure at this . However, Dugu Xiao Yi opened with her big and round eyes, and asked with curiosity, "The Golden Gun won't fall? What does that mean? Wasn't he talking about some wondrous medicine that would help men in standing tall and upright? Why didn't he like his old job? What's the real story?"

Mei Xue Yan tried to force a smile, but couldn't . She suddenly gave a blow on Dugu Xiao Yi's nose and spoke, "Oh God! You're such a tiny girl . You might be able to understand the real meaning if you stopped talking for a while . You must not tell this to an outsider… but… but… the medicines which he used to sell had the same effect as that 'Hang a hundred pounds'you had once mentioned . "

Dugu Xiao Yi immediately began to blush from ear-to-ear . After all, the tiny girl had seen the effect of the 'hang a hundred pounds'medicine . Moreover, she had also learnt a little about the affairs between men and women after the fiasco she had brought about . However, she was lucky since everyone present in the immediate vicinity was a friend . She flushed with embarrassment as a result . But, she was unable to restrain herself from looking at Jun Mo Xie .

The little girl had believed herself to be secretive . However, everyone had noticed this little action of hers . And, they couldn't help but laugh . However, there existed another person apart from Dugu Xiao Yi who had shot a secretive glance at Jun Mo Xie… It was Miss Guan Qing Han .

She had observed that Jun Mo Xie had looked towards her with a 'savoring the aftertaste'look in his eyes as soon as he had heard these words . Wouldn't it be obvious as to what he was thinking about? He had certainly made an effort to stay calm, but he hadn't been able to prevent his face from heating up . In fact, his cheeks had unexpectedly turned a shade of vermilion .

"However, Ma Jiang Ming happened to meet a person in the brothel one day . Coincidentally, this man was an extremely unusual individual as well . However, an even more bizarre incident took place as soon as that man looked at Ma Jiang Ming . That man recognized Ma Jiang Ming to be an extremely talented individual with amazing innate skill in only one glance . And, he decided to accept Ma Jiang Ming as his disciple in that very moment . Soon after, Ma Jiang Ming began to follow his teacher . And, his teacher had extremely high hopes for him . However, the disciple came through on his teacher's expectations, and made a name for himself across the continent . Ma Jiang Ming and Ning Wu Qing gradually grew in strength, and joined the ranks of the other Great Masters of their era . And, they soon reached the peak levels of strength . Later on, Ning Wu Qing went to the Elusive Land of Immortals, and Ma Jiang Ming went to the Great Golden City . But, who could've thought that we would've seen him here?"

Then, Mei Xue Yan slowly spoke to warn everyone;in fact, there was a faint trace of caution in the depths of her pupils, "This Ma Jiang Ming is an extremely temperamental person . He has different moods at different times, and none of his moods are in accordance with morality or logic . He might be good and tolerable towards others at one hour . But, he might kill anyone in the next hour . In fact, he would do that without giving any warning signs . Moreover, he often murders people who have nothing to do with him . He only relies on his own likes and dislikes . Therefore, it is better that you maintain a decent distance from him . He often moves his hands to kill people in an instant . Take me seriously . Even I won't be able to save you from him in time . "

"Doesn't this man's appearance tell something about a sinister plot at play?"Jun Mo Xie asked abruptly .

"Why do you say so?"Mei Xue Yan gave him a strange look .

"His master was a customer at a brothel . In fact, he was a committed customer . His master must've been a great expert of his era . However, he had still found it important to visit a brothel . Don't these aspects hint at a sinister cultivation method at play?"Jun Mo Xie continued in a 'matter of fact'tone, "Also, Ma Jiang Ming was helping his then-master in running a brothel at that time . Therefore, that man might've liked Ma Jiang Ming since he would've presumed that the latter might've possessed this innate skill as well . "

"It would be wrong to take this for granted . It's indeed true that this Ma Jiang Ming has had a bad reputation in the past . He had done nearly all kinds of malicious acts in the past . In fact, it would be no exaggeration to say that there's no evil act he hasn't done . However, this man doesn't seem to have committed that sinful practice of cultivation . And, that's because… Firstly, he has never borne affectionate feelings towards anyone;nor has he had any entanglements of love . Secondly, he has never married a woman . "

Mei Xue Yan shook her head, and overruled Jun Mo Xie's theory . However, his argument had still pushed her into deep thoughts . She tried to get to the bottom of the matter;[How did it come about? After all, this can't be possible without any reason! Did the man receive Ma Jiang Ming as a disciple because they were practicing sinister methods of cultivation? Is that the justification for it?]

"There must be a reason for it,"Jun Mo Xie pondered pondered over it . Suddenly, a grotesque smile appeared on his face . In fact, it looked extremely vulgar . It seemed that he had allowed his thoughts to run wild .

"What are you smiling at? What are you thinking about?"the baffled Mei Xue Yan asked abruptly;all the women turned to look at Jun Mo Xie in unison .

"I was just thinking about what you told me… You said that his master used to practice a strange technique . However, it is possible that his master wasn't able to see much success for some reason . And, that might've pushed him into changing his ways to do the exact opposite . And, that man must've turned in the reverse direction for his cultivation as a result, "Jun Mo Xie spoke with a sinister smile on his face, "It is possible that Ma Jiang Ming possesses some special characteristics . And, these special characteristics might be considered as defects by others . But, there's a chance that these characteristics fulfill the unique requirements of his master's unique cultivation method . And, this might've made Ma Jiang Ming a rare kind of an individual in his master's eyes? How else can we explain this strange behavior?"

Jun Mo Xie had suddenly and unfathomably recollected an extremely famous yet strange martial arts from his previous life — The Precious Sunflower Technique . He had spoken this out loud because of this sudden recollection . However, even Jun Mo Xie hadn't realized that he had stumbled across a huge fact with this whimsy thought!

[I will have to be doubly careful in case I happen to cross paths with him someday . ] Jun Mo Xie secretly thought to himself .

"Where does that kind of a technique exist? How could Ma Jiang Ming be that lucky even if such a technique did exist? This is a completely bizarre thought . It's only a part of your crazy imagination!"Guan Qing Han, Dugu Xiao Yi, and Snake King looked at him as they rebuked . Their faces had turned red . However, Mei Xue Yan didn't act out like the other three nagging women . Instead, she wrinkled her eyebrows . In fact, it seemed as if she was thinking over something .

Ma Jiang Ming had already arrived in the hall below . He then exclaimed with a strange smile on his face, "Ning Wu Qing? You're also here? Long time no see!"

A cold smile floated on Ning Wu Qing's lean face as he replied with an insipid look, "Look who came from the Great Golden City — it's this old freak!"

"I'm old, but not dead like a thief should be . Ning Wu Qing! It's not a bad idea if you desire to call me an old freak . After all, you're also an old freak . You're no younger than me . So, we're in the same boat,"Ma Jiang Ming's sharp voice made it seem like he was cracking a joke, yet his tone was still sorrowful . His voice left everyone to tremble .

"A freak like you rarely agrees with anyone . But, you've done opposite of what's expected . I'm indeed not much older than you are,"Ning Wu Qing brushed his sleeve as he slowly started to take his seat again .

"Oh! So you mean to say that… you can live longer than me?"Ma Jiang Ming said with an uncanny smile . Then, his voice became extremely gloomy, "Ah! Great! We two old bachelors have come together at this time . So, why don't we see who can live longer?"

"Your head already looks like that of a dead man . Ma Jiang Ming, do you still wish to fight with me?"Ning Wu Qing's complexion turned grave . His words had a sharp undertone of berating . Ma Jiang Ming's utterance of the word 'Bachelor'had touched upon Ning Wu Qing's past . He had even induced the sharpness of his hundreds-of-year-old cultivation into his voice .

Ning Wu Qing's body unsheathed itself like a divinely sharp sword . Ning Wu Qing was still motionless, but the entire hall had permeated with sword energy . In fact, it seemed as if this sword energy would cut the hall, and smashed it to pieces .

The entire hall was suddenly filled with an air of enmity . It seemed that everyone was jittery enough to set into action at the slightest sign of a movement .

"Why wouldn't I fight with you? But, this place may not be a proper arena for us to fight in,"Ma Jiang Ming snorted and said, "Ning Wu Qing! We are destined to have a battle . I can totally assert this!"

"Ha Ha Ha! Ma Jiang Ming, you're such a shameless boaster! You managed to escape this old man's sword a hundred-and-thirty-six years ago by a fluke . You might not have the same luck this time as well!"Ning Wu Qing gave out a long smile as a look of disdain appeared in his eyes .

"Official positions change in every three years so that we can take note of an individual's hard work . Even locations change every thirty years . So, what do you think can happen in one-hundred-and-thirty-six years? Ning Wu Qing, those who think too highly of themselves often start celebrating before its time,"Ma Jiang Ming replied in a sharp tone, "It is vital for you to not lose the fame you've earned over the last two-hundred years at my hands . "

"I will wait and see . That's because I look forward to that day when I shall behead you with my own hands,"Ning Wu Qing snorted . It seemed as if these two people hadn't gotten along with each other in the past either . In fact, it was evident that they had even fought a battle of near life and death . Moreover, it seemed obvious that Ma Jiang Ming had lost in that fight .

Upstairs, Mei Xu Yan and Jun Mo Xie shared a quick glance . Both of them shared the same thoughts . Mei Xue Yan was slightly worried, but Jun Mo Xie seemed eager to see that fight .

Mei Xue Yan was worried because the battle for seizing the heavens was imminent . [The Three Holy Lands are still busy fighting against each other . An inner strife is a terrible wastage of resources . This is the worst possible thing . ]

However, Young Master Jun was extremely excited . That Huang Tai Yang had certainly possessed a very profound cultivation . However, he had been even more arrogant than an apex expert like Mei Xue Yan . In fact, his attitude was nearly suffocating . However, Ma Jiang Ming and Ning Wu Qing possessed the demeanor of true peak experts . Moreover, the aura of Ning Wu Qing's swordsmanship had given a familiar vibe to Jun Mo Xie . In fact, he felt as if his technique was somewhat similar to kendo from his previous life .

He felt that these men would be regarded as apex experts even if they were to be viewed from the standards of his previous life .

He had determined that he would fight against one of them!

Jun Mo Xie lowered his eyebrows, and closed his eyes half-shut . But, his mind was overflowing with thoughts of a fight . He felt that he would learn a lot if he got an opportunity to fight against one of them!

However, today wasn't about these two old masters . So, Ning Wu Qing and Ma Jiang Ming didn't continue to nag at each other . Instead, they swallowed their anger, and sat down . However, the two of them had barely taken their seats when the third wave of high-level individuals arrived .

This group was headed by a middle-aged man who appeared to be around forty years of age . He was dressed in a purple robe . And, his robe was lined with golden embroidery . He could've been considered as an extremely talented person if he weren't looking this gloomy . These new-arrivals were the Illusory Ocean of Blood's people . Young Lord Huyan Xiao had arrived with the remaining Great Masters in tow . Huang Tai Yang hadn't yet returned . Therefore, Huyan Xiao's team only included five people in total;and, this was when he was included in that count .

However, Huang Tai Yang was dead . So, the Illusory Ocean of Blood's team were somewhat lacking . And, that meant that their mannerism was also less imposing than the two other Holy Lands at this time . Consequently, Huyan Xiao crossed Ma Jiang Ming and Ning Wu Qing with the etiquette of a man from a younger generation . He then took his seat in the third row of arrangements!


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