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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 521


Chapter 521

"Please rest assured Young Master Jun . This matter is in our hands now! We won't let our big sister miss out on things!"the two huge Beast Kings patted on their chest, and solemnly swore to help him . Big Bear hesitated for a moment . Then, he gathered his courage and said, "Since this is… This Old Bear will give things a try after dinner tonight . I will find the Big Sister, and I will talk to her about her desires . The Big Sister is a woman at the end of the day . So, she won't open up to me . But, I reckon that my guidance will have some effect on her . "

[It seemed that Fourth Brother Bear is willing to go to any length for the sake of Big Sister's happiness . He's even daring to go out and find Big Sister so that he can talk to her about an ideal life…] Earth Cracker lowered his head, and didn't speak anything . However, he was admiring Big Bear's courage .

"That won't be appropriate!"Jun Mo Xie quickly vetoed the idea . He thought to himself;[Your suggestion is neither in my favor, nor a good one . Are you trying to toss me under the bus? My ass is still hurting . And, you're already wishing to make things worse for me!]

"Why won't this be appropriate? What's inappropriate about this?"Both the Beast Kings were stumped for words .

Jun Mo Xie rolled his eyes and said, "Aren't you aware of your big sister's temperament? She's very cold towards this matter! I would've already done this if it were possible! Moreover, it won't be good… if she figures out that you're also involved this!"

"What you're saying is…"Both the Beast Kings sighed at the same time . In fact, they felt slightly distressed in their hearts . [Big Sister's nature is such that it's useless to advise her… Moreover, she will go towards the opposite direction if people overdo it while trying to persuade her . Therefore, this method will only bring disaster if she figures out that we're trying to fix the situation…]

"But, you can do this if you genuinely wish to help me… You can spread this in public when you return to the Tian Fa Forest… Tell everyone that Mei Xue Yan has already married me! She won't have a way out after this happens! Then, pick a place in the Tian Fa Forest — and, pick a big place! I will built a palace there . And, I will treat it as our brand new house… Umm… She will soon see my determination in this manner! After all, there's no way back once the timber has been turned into a boat! And, I believe that Xue Yan will also start inclining towards me as time will pass . What do you think?"Jun Mo Xie slowly turned his eyes and said .

"Amazing! That's indeed amazing! This is super-amazing ah!"Earth Cracker clapped his hands with a 'Bang', "Big Sister is mostly worried about how other people will react and make fun of this! However, this happens will be akin to the entire Tian Fa Forest showing their full support . And, she will know this once this happens . After all, a matter once done… can't be undone . Rice can't be returned to its raw form once it has been cooked! Besides, what would she have to fear once Young Master Jun will have set-up a palace there?"

"Yes, that's exactly what I intend . Your elder sister and I will live in the Tian Fa Forest along with everyone else when the time comes . And, none of us will ever be separated after that! Even my master will also be there… After all, the Tian Fa Forest has herbs in abundance . So, my master will certainly be very happy to live there,"Jun Mo Xie beamed smiles as he said .

"That's an excellent plan! This is indeed an excellent plan!"The eyes of the two Beast Kings turned brighter!

"But, this matter must be kept confidential . And, it must be carried out very secretly . You mustn't let your big sister know about it in advance!"Jun Mo Xie lowered his voice, and explained in a secretive tone, "Nobody knows what will happen in case she learns about the plan in advance due to our negligence . Anyway, everyone is aware of your big sister's personality…"

"That is true! Do you think we are idiots? Even Sister Green Hunter won't come to know about this,"Big Bear glared at him . He then looked at his palm, and 'slam'– he patted on his chest and said, "You feel reassured since I will handle the work!"

"Then… this is all I request of you!"Jun Mo Xie profoundly thanked them in an elegant manner .

"You're very polite . Very polite! All of us will become a family in the future . So, why are you being so polite? You can always tell us whatever you need, Brother-in-law,"Earth Cracker returned the polite gesture in a flurry . In fact, he even blurted out 'Brother-in-law'in a very smooth manner . He had feared his big sister since his childhood days . Therefore, he felt that it would good if he were able to curry a favor with his future brother-in-law in advance .

"That's fine then . I will take this batch of herbs to my master so that he can see if we're still missing anything . We must quickly get to refining the pills . After all, that's the most important thing at present,"Jun Mo Xie said this with a dignified expression .

"That's right . Thank you very much . Everyone in our family back-home is eagerly waiting for this . It would be amazing if you can get pill done by breakfast…"Big Bear and Earth Cracker were beaming with happiness, and were thanking him again and again .

"Wait for a moment . I forgot about this . Um… You will be staying in Tian Xiang City for a few days . And, you will obviously wish to have some fun, right? I've arranged lots of gold for you . So, go ahead and buy anything you like . And, don't be formal . I have plenty of money here! In fact, I will feel very unhappy if you try to be formal with me!"Jun Mo Xie brought out an enormous package with a crash-and-bang . This package was full layers-and-layers of gold and silver banknotes .

Tang Yuan was famed to be the God of Wealth in the Capital City . However, Young Master Jun was genuine God of Wealth when it came down to it!

"This is indeed… this is indeed… How can we shamelessly accept this…"The eyes of both Beast Kings were shining brightly at this moment .

"I feel embarrassed embarrassed by your words . After all, we're all a family . So, isn't my family the same as yours? Spend freely;there's no need for formalities! Also, don't forget to buy things for your brothers and sisters in the Tian Fa Forest as well . You can take something for them as you go back . After all, you've come here for the first time . So, it's my responsibility to take care of you!"Jun Mo Xie pretended to be displeased . He then picked up the bundle of herbs, and said, "I will go and deliver these herbs . You should have fun . You should go out and have fun!"Then, he turned around and left .

Earth Cracker grabbed the bundle of gold and silver notes . His entire face seemed enchanted as he said, "He's truly a very generous . Our brother-in-law is truly a very… good man!"

Big Bear felt the same the way deep down . So, he also nodded repeatedly with a serious expression on his face . He then said in a manner that made it seem as if he was taking an oath, "This relates to our elder sister's happiness . So, we must seize this opportunity! This will be the biggest wedding in our Tian Fa Forest! We must work hard for the sake of Elder Sister's lifelong happiness! We must put-in great efforts to accomplish this!"

Earth Cracker stopped swaying the banknotes like a fan . And, his face slowly became firm and resolute . Then, he stood up and slowly nodded . He then solemnly said, "Fourth Brother is right . We will handle this matter as soon as we get back! And, we will do it to perfection!"

Both the Beast Kings looked at each other . Their appearance was different now – It was firm and determined!

. . .

Waves of men and horses had been storming into Tian Xiang City from every direction . Numerous horse-driven carriages had been galloping towards Tian Xiang City . And, each of these carriages was loaded with heavy weights . Tian Xiang City had started to look like a mixture of fishes and dragons . The Gold and Silver Xuan fighters were usually enough to intimidate the common people inside the Tian Xiang City . In fact, they were regarded as "experts". However, that notion had vanished in a puff of smoke . In fact, these so called "experts"had suddenly become as well-behaved as ordinary civilians .

The Earth Xuan Experts of the city would usually act extremely arrogantly . However, even they had started to lower their heads nowadays . The faces of most of them had started to seem like simple and honest men one was likely to meet in the street . In fact, they would speak very cautiously and gently . And, that's because the nights were packed with the sky emitting rays of blue lights… light blue, azure-blue light, deep blue light… And, there are few people who wouldn't even produce a Xuan light of any color . Moreover, these individuals would be shuttling back-and-forth in the city in numbers .

The experts had swarmed-in!

And, these four words genuinely carried solid weight this time!

It was roughly estimated that the foreigners who had arrived in the Tian Xiang City included at least two-hundred Spirit Xuan Experts! Meanwhile, the number of Sky Xuan Experts had reached a frightening figure of a thousand people thousand people or more! In fact, many Great Level Masters had also showed up!

This was nearly the concentrated strength of half-of-the mainland! It was equivalent to the combined strength of at least a dozen high-end Xuan Families!

Moreover, everyone had arrived with the same purpose – the Bone Tempering Pills!

The publicity of the quality and effect of these Bone Tempering Pills had reached a frightening degree . And, this had quickened the heartbeats of these influential families! After all, creating few young geniuses would be as easy as blowing off dust as long as their family possessed these pills! Moreover, the entire family would more-or-less be guaranteed to flourish forever if they could somehow store a few extra pills for the future!

This was crazy! It was completely crazy!

A group of five men slowly entered from the West City Gate at noon with their horses . All of them were dressed in black from head to toe . Their natural posture made them look like immortals . They silently got along with the city's crowd, and entered the Tian Xiang City .

The only conspicuous thing was that they had a purplish-golden belt tied around their waist .

The people from the Illusory Ocean of Blood entered from the East City Gate almost at the same time . The face of the Illusory Ocean of Blood's Young Lord — Huyan Xiao — turned abnormally serious as he walked into the Tian Xiang City along with his subordinates .

A group of high-caliber men walked-in from the northern gate! They were wearing hemp-garments instead of ones made out of silk . And, the hats they wore on their heads seemed to be flashing with silvery radiance . In fact, these hats seemed like crowns at a glance . This obviously attracted the attention of everyone who was around . However, these people pretended as if there was no one around, and strolled into the city as if it were their front lawn .

The auction of the Bone Tempering Pills was finally and formally inaugurated with Tang Yuan as the host!

It could be said that the auction would be magnificent and unprecedented this time . Even the auction hall had been temporarily remodeled . In fact, it had been transformed in its entirety . Its front and back were expanded till it had gobbled up a few large houses in the vicinity . Otherwise, it would've been difficult for the venue to hold so many people!

It was necessary to pay a hundred gold coins in advance to participate in the auction . The participant would receive a special number plate after they had made the advance payment . And, this would mark their eligibility to enter the auction house! This also showed Fatty Tang's business mind . This was a case of brazen robbery in broad daylight . In fact, it would've been fine if Fatty Tang had exquisitely hand-crafted those number plates . However, they were nothing more than plain and ordinary number plates! They were only worth one or two silver coins . But, he had demanded a hundred gold coins . Moreover, one couldn't reclaim this money once they had entered the auction…

However, which one of the people who had arrived to participate in this auction would care to pay a hundred gold coins? Therefore, Fatty had conspired to collect wealth by this means . And, he even got away with it!

A hundred gold coins wasn't something these people wouldn't raise an eyebrow over . After all, it was only intended as an entry fee . However, they would stand to lose a lot if they didn't pay it . Moreover, several hundreds of people had flocked-in . So, why wouldn't Fatty make some profit out of this while grinning from ear-to-ear?

This entry fee had alone generated a revenue worth six or seven-thousand gold coins!

And, that was a fairly scary number!

The Duanmu Family and the Sikong Family had arrived a few days in advance . And, they were currently staying at the Jun Family's residence . Sikong An Ye and Duanmu Chao Fan were obviously the two people to arrive from their respective families!

The sun hadn't come out early in the morning . And, the sky was rather cloudy . But, the front of the Aristocratic Hall was already crowded!

The auction was about to begin! And, everybody wanted to see which family would blossom, and which would fall!

Jun Mo Xie had made an awe-inspiring entry in the Aristocratic Hall . After all, he was accompanied by four legendary beauties – Mei Xue Yan, Guan Qing Han, Snake King, and Dugu Xiao Yi! Meanwhile, Big Bear and Earth Cracker had been stationed with Hai Chen Feng and Song Shang in order to ensure the safety of their guests…

Guan Qing Han hadn't wanted to come out, but Jun Mo Xie had pulled her out . But, she obviously didn't come alone… Instead, she brought two more women to walk along with her! Everyone had stared at them as they had made their way to main hall . Even the people who were standing at a distance weren't an exception . In fact, this action had been pestilent in nature . However, it was surprising that there were no sounds of murmuring from the crows!

And, that's because the look on Young Master Jun's face was that of a man looking for trouble . So, who would dare to utter a word? Who would want to start a life-long enmity?

Guan Qing Han had felt terrified at the beginning . However, her apprehensions and inner-demons were gradually removed to a great extent as a result .

Only Dugu Xiao Yi had followed at the back of the procession with a jealous face . [This position… was supposed to be mine… boo hoo…] In fact, it could be said that she had pouted her lips to an extent that one could hang a lantern on them .


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