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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 520


Chapter 520

"You…"Snake King was enraged by this stupidity . [This fool has again and again stated that Big Sister is inferior to that Feng guy!] She wanted to step forward and fix the Bear King .

"Snake King, wait for a while! Master Feng is indeed a skilled man . He genuinely possesses remarkable ability . In fact, it's not improper to say that I may not be able to match-up! Fourth Brother Bear, you said that you and Third Brother Crane have both had a successful breakthrough? Also, Sixth and Seventh Brother's old problem has been treated, and they can transform into their human forms again?"

Mei Xue Yan had been greatly startled by this . After all, this matter of breaking-through had always been a subject of one's own destiny . The Bear King had already broken-through his bottleneck, and Mei Xue Yan was very happy for him . Then, she had heard that her third brother Crane King had also experienced a break-through . Moreover, the Lion King and the Monkey King had also recovered from that age-old serious injury of theirs . It must be said that these series of good news had left the Beautiful Mei rather ecstatic…

"And, that's not all of it . In fact, Senior Feng only agreed to do this for us because he acknowledges this Big Bear's honor and reputation . Then, Senior Feng even agreed to help us refine some good Pills . Therefore, Tiger King and I came here to deliver these . Otherwise, why would we come this far to play around?"The Bear King saw that the Big Sister had approved their actions . So, he obviously heaped praises on himself .

"It turns out that this wasn't your fault . In fact, you've done pretty well,"Mei Xue Yan smiled with ease . Therefore, the two Beast Kings finally wiped their sweat in unison . [Good Mother! We've finally crossed this difficult obstacle… But, how on earth did we run into our eldest sibling at this place…]

However, Mei Xue Yan puckered up her eyebrows soon after . Moreover, her entire face was painted in colors of anger again . But, it was directed towards Jun Mo Xie this time, "Jun Mo Xie! It turns out that your master and Fourth Brother Bear already know each other . In fact, he already has friendly relations with the Beast Kings of my Tian Fa Forest! But, you hateful boy have been putting on the airs of 'righteousness'over the past few days, and you're been telling me about all the pleading you've had to do in front of your master! How exactly have you been pleading your master to help us out… I need to you to explain this to me… You you… . You have too much courage!"

Jun Mo Xie had been observing these talks from the sidelines with the cold eye of a bystander . And, he had been thinking… [Mei Xue Yan's attitude makes it seem as if her status in the Tian Fa Forest is fairly high . In fact, she may be just below Venerable Mei in terms of authority . It's not surprising that she can use a technique as amazing as the 'World Cage'. In fact, oppressing experts who are above the Great Master Level is like a child's play for her…] However, the situation suddenly changed while he was lost in these thoughts . In fact, the issue had turned towards his head now . And, he was left scared and stunned as he realized this .

He had been using this excuse to take cheap advantages of Mei Xue Yan for the past few days . But, this issue was raised so suddenly that he couldn't respond for a moment . The Bear King had certainly exaggerated things, but Jun Mo Xie couldn't refute it . After all, he couldn't tell that 'I'm that Feng guy . You people need to look up at me in reverence…'

Big Bear and Earth Cracker didn't know that the young man before their eyes was that same "Master Feng"with whom they had drunk and chatted that day in Tian Fa . However, they had finally been provided an opportunity to show-off at this time . So, they stood up without thinking, and spoke with a fierce and murderous look on their faces, "You! You boy… . You have a lot of courage! You even dared to mess with our big sister!"

"Shut up, do you two idiots even know what's going on here? Go and sit in one corner you fools!"Mei Xue Yan she shouted at them since she wasn't in a good mood . And, both of them drooped their head as a result;[What's the matter? How did our boot-licking get us a kick instead?]

"He he he he…"Jun Mo Xie laughed awkwardly a few times at first . He then said, "I wasn't my intention… I… This is entirely because of you, Miss Mei . But, I'm genuinely sincere towards you, Miss Mei . He He… only heavens can see this affection of mine . And, the heavens 'are'witness to it! Moreover… I've already been molested by Miss Mei several times… Anyway, it's alright since I've responded in a similar manner . Everyone knows…"Jun Mo Xie secretly observed the facial expressions of Big Bear and Earth Cracker as he said this out loud .

He saw that the expression on the faces of these two individuals had gradually turned into fascination . Their big eyes had slowly gotten wider . And, they had continued to grow bigger and bigger . Their mouths had also opened wide, and they seemed extremely amazed . In fact, their expression were those of disbelieve . Then, saliva dripped from their respective mouths, and fell to the ground with 'Pop'and 'Pop';even the sound of their saliva falling was clearly audible .

Both of them groaned since they had thought of the same things, "What? For goodness sake! Is something wrong with our hearing ability? How on earth did we hear this earth-shattering thing? Did Big Sister genuinely take the initiative to be indecent to… him? For God's sake… Let me die! This is extremely crazy… This is too unreal! Am I in the midst of a terrifying nightmare? Our big sister assaulted a man indecently?"

"What did you say? What did you say just now?"Mei Xue Yan suddenly flipped out . After all, so much had been spoken in front of three of her subordinates . How could she bear this?

"Isn't it true? I've only stated the facts!"Jun Mo Xie yelled as if he had been falsely accused, "You obviously didn't ask for my permission permission that day . Instead, you forcefully… kissed me! And, I was unable to restrain my emotions as a result . So, I also kissed you back… Moreover, you groped me . I… then… I also groped you back… You even stroked my ass for a while… And, I also stroked your… ass… I… I… I… But, this is the incorruptible truth…"

Bang! Bang!

There were two loud 'bangs'as the massive heads of Big Bear and Earth Cracker simultaneously smashed down to the table in a freefall . In fact, it seemed as if their backbones had given away . Then, their bounced up-and-down on the table a few times…

The Snake King also stood stunned on one side…

[We could search everywhere between the heavens and hell . We could search the four seas . But, we'll never find someone more shameless than this guy in the entire history . I was there at that time, you know . This guy was being a rogue, and the other person had resolutely smacked his buttocks for his behavior . And, he's re-iterated that 'smacking'as 'gentle stroking'at this time…]

"Don't say it again!"Mei Xue Yan's face flushed red . But, it wasn't clear whether she was angry or bashful . However, the tone of her voice had made it sound as if she had blown her top in rage . [I've always been plain and indifferent . I don't like revealing my feelings when I'm angry . But, how is this boy able to incite my anger so easily every time?]

[Moreover, I know that I won't be able to say anything to him while arguing on this subject . And, I will eventually have to stop arguing . In fact, I think it's strange that I'm even thinking about it . After all, how did I even get entangled in this line of thought when confronted with this trivial accusation?]

She suddenly realized something as the train of her thoughts took a turn — [That's repulsive! This guys has changed the subject again!]

"Why shouldn't I say it? Why can't I say it? It's out of question to be silent about this today! I am going to fight today! Why should I suffer in silence when you acted so indecently towards me? Do you think that you can just wipe the plate clean and leave are you're done eating the good food? It's impossible! You have to take responsibility towards me!"Jun Mo Xie's face was painted in colors of righteousness and sternness . It genuinely seemed that he felt that he had been wronged .

"World Cage!"

Mei Xue Yan had gotten so angry that angry that she had started emitting smoke from each of her seven orifices . She then grabbed Jun Mo Xie, and disappeared like a wisp of smoke . Even their shadow couldn't be seen anymore…

Big Bear and Earth Cracker shook their heads as if they had gotten drunk on wine . However, they still felt dizzy . So, they shook their heads again . They then blankly looked at each other, and asked in unison, "Were we… dreaming just now, right?"

Then, they looked towards Green Hunter on the side, and asked, "Green Hunter, the Young Sister… is this true?"

"It is true!"Snake King nodded her head in a foul mood . It was evident that she was fuming as well .

"That… Jun Mo Xie was telling the truth? Is he going to become our… eldest sister's husband?"Bear King winked at Earth Cracker, and the latter's mouth curved into a smile . It was obvious that they were hoping to see a reaction from the Snake King, "I don't know! Why don't you ask Big Sister! Don't ask me again . I don't know anything!"She then suddenly stood up, and turned to leave .

Both of them looked at each other, and said at the same time, "The spring of Big Sister's life has finally arrived . That boy deserves to be called Senior Feng's disciple! He's truly a profound mystery himself . We are nothing in front of him!"

Jun Mo Xie returned to this setting after long time while baring his teeth . But, it turned out that he had re-appeared in the front of two Beast Kings . Jun Mo Xie tried to squeeze out a smile as the huge eyes of the Beast Kings sized him up . He then said, "Oh dear, your big sister has a tendency of doing that . She has a beautiful face, and her figure is even better . But, her temper is a bit frail . Plus, she gets so angry when we talk about this . Passionate love is a free-flowing aspect of life . It is inevitable and proper . Also, it's a normal matter of life . But… This temper of hers is a problem . I will have to change that about her!"

"That's right;that's right! It's very extreme . It's very extreme!"Big Bear and Earth Cracker nodded in the same manner hens peck rice . They nodded in admiration as they looked at this youngster . They couldn't help but sigh in their thoughts;[This man is indeed very powerful! He even wants to fix our big sister's nature?! He is genuinely enigmatic and impossible to predict! He's a true hegemon!]

The attitudes of the two Beast Kings had suddenly undergone great transformations . In fact, they even felt somewhat humbled in his presence . This youngster surely wasn't their senior, but he was their big sister's future husband!

"The most "The most hateful thing is that… your big sister is dreaded by her own Xuan Beast body . So, she isn't ready to be with me… She says that she's afraid that people might laugh at her… I genuinely can't understand this! Ah! Why should two people be afraid of this society if they sincerely love each other? Especially in this world where the strongest fist is the absolute justification! In fact, we don't even need to use our fist as a means of communication . Moreover, I don't even mind this . So, why she can't figure things out? You tell me… isn't this logical?"Jun Mo Xie used tea instead of wine in the hope of drowning out his worries .

"That is true!"Big Bear patted on his thigh, "How does being a Xuan Beast matter? Xuan Beasts are much stronger than men! So, why should we care about them! I ask you to feel reassured about this . We will support you in your pursuit of happiness! This Big Bear will twist and break the neck of any person who dares to oppose you!"

"That's right! We will twist and break their necks!"Earth Cracker rolled up his sleeves as his face lit-up with excitement .

"Oh! That's easier said than done…"Jun Mo Xie said in a somewhat despaired tone, "After all, your big sister's body still remains a critical issue… It seems that I still need to put in a great amount of effort… After all, only stone and metal are capable of grinding together . But, I'm confident in that regard . I believe that your big sister's life will be full of happiness that with my great effort and most sincere affection! I have even decided that we won't live in this human world for the sake of your Big Sister's happiness . Instead, we will go and live in the Tian Fa Forest in the future…"

Young Master Jun spoke till here . Then, he raised his head and puffed out his chest in a manner so heroic that it seemed as if he was determined to remove every obstacle . He wanted to fight for victory! His posture was heroic, and the expressions on his face were sincere, honest, and passionate!

The two Beast Kings suddenly found themselves moved by this . [This man is ready to give up the glory, splendor, and pleasures of this human world for the sake of our big sister's happiness . He's even willing to live in the Tian Fa Forest… This sacrifice is worthy of admiration!]

[Jun Mo Xie!]

[This is… the most supreme passion of a man! And, a good man at that! The two of us never thought that we would ever get to witness such a great and true love! This love story will inevitably become legendary! It will be passed down through ages! It will surely be written in the pages of history!]

[How can we allow such a deep feeling of love to die midway…? How can we not help this sincere and passionate romance in accomplish its goal?]


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