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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 518


Chapter 518

He was a tiger . So, his first instinct was to bite . But, he had only opened his mouth to have his meals ever since he had become a Beast King . And, this was particularly true after he had gained the ability to transform into a humanoid form . Thereupon, he had stopped using his mouth to attack . After all, he felt that such actions would be a disgrace for someone with a status as high the one he now possessed . But, his anger had reached unbearable levels today . So, he had acted out of his primal instinct . And, he had bitten Cheng De Cao's neck in order to kill him…

Everyone was left petrified by this!

Everyone was struck dumb, and everyone was left stupefied!

[What's going on? Is this a nightmare?]

[How could something like that happen under the bright and blue dome of heaven?!]

Cheng De Cao was a Great Young Master . So, he was always brimming with a sense of prestige and self-confidence . It had always seemed as if he had just attained some extraordinary accomplishment . His conduct had always been extremely arrogant, and his tone had always been very condescending . How could he have thought that this barbaric man would respond to his words by biting and tearing-apart his neck…

However, the party opposite to Cheng De Cao had bitten his neck apart!

Everyone had seen men eating wild beasts . It was rare to see a beast eating a man, but many people had still seen it . However, this man had eaten another man… This thing was so weird that no one had even heard of it since antiquity!

However, this unheard thing had suddenly happened in front of everyone . Cheng De Cao's neck was still choking while issuing Toot, Toot sounds . And, the blood was foaming out from the man . But, the man's silence had made it evident that he had already died .

Second Prince's eyes remained wide open for a very long time . In fact, they had even seemed bigger than Earth Cracker's massive eyes . He then stretched out one trembling finger, and said only one word, "You…"Then, he suddenly bent down, and "bluergh… bluergh…"he vomited and vomited .

This sound was like a terribly contagious virus . And, everyone had seemingly been infected with this virus for a moment . Everyone bowed their head to vomit . The filthy and pungent smell had spread-in from outside the southern gate of the city in no time . And, the entire ground had turned into a puddle of things that had come out from intestines of the spectators…

Jun Mo Xie — Young Master Jun arrived at this exact moment by coincidence . Hi horses even slipped by the time he reached the gate . However, he was shocked to see so many people around, and couldn't help but enquire about what was happening there . Consequently, he came to know that the Second Prince had arrived to exploit this great opportunity with the intention of taking away some herbs from this batch . Therefore, Young Master Jun's eyeball revolved in order to look for a corner to hide . [Let's examine the situation first . After all, it's not always a good idea to break the laws, right?]

Earth Cracker's face appeared innocent as he looked at the ground . He then looked at Big Bear, scratched his head, and asked, "Fourth Brother, what happened to these people? Why on earth are these people vomiting? And, why did they do it at the same time?"

Big Bear had been rendered speechless . So, he covered his forehead with his hands . [This guy is so stupid that it disgusts me to death . I'm never going on a trip with him… even if someone beats me to death over it . This is too embarrassing!]

"It doesn't matter what you day . You can't rob our stuff even if you're the Emperor's son . After all, it is wrong to rob other people's stuff . Didn't the Emperor — your father — ever teach you something this basic?"Earth Cracker grinned as he said this with righteous conviction . He then licked the blood from his teeth .

The Second Prince finally stopped vomiting . Then, his face and lips turned white, and he yelled, "Come on everyone! Teach these two homicidal maniacs some discipline for my sake . Cut their corpse into countless pieces with your swords . But, ensure that the herbs aren't harmed in any way!"

The hands and feet of the Imperial Bodyguards shivered as they lifted their swords .

"Wait!"the Second Prince's person Imperial Bodyguards were genuine Jade Xuan Peak experts . So, they 'may not have eaten pork, but they had seen pigs running here and there'. Therefore, they rushed up, "Your Majesty, we mustn't act with haste . We should consider this matter at length first!"

These people had spoken up about 'considering this matter at length', but Big Bear and Earth Cracker didn't feel the same way . They had been delayed several times over their journey . But, how could they allow themselves to be blocked at the Tian Xiang City's gate? After all, wouldn't the Jun Family laugh at the Beast Kings of Tian Fa Forest if they came to know about this? [You didn't even have the strength to suppress a team of soldiers?]

"Huh!"Big Bear exhaled as he took one big step, and pounded his foot on the ground . His big foot fell heavily on the ground, and the ground was left to rumble with a loud sound . Even the ripples his big foot made on the ground were clearly visible to the naked eyes! The entire ground quivered… so much so that the city walls of Tian Xiang City were left to sway a little . Consequently, some dust fell down from the city's wall with a rustling sound .

Then, his angry roar was heard, "Everyone get lost!"

This furious roar had been supplied with a concentrated force of Big Bear's Primary strength . Therefore, it seemed as if an enormous Tsunami had engulfed the entire vicinity . Whoever bore the brunt of it felt as if everything had gone black before their eyes . This sound slammed into their ears with a 'bang', and their feet left the ground with a 'whoosh'. Then, they were sent out flying!

A few people were sent out flying a bit too far . They then landed on the ground with a 'squishing'sound . . Their bodies had started to look like 'dried-out steamed bread'that had been thrown against the surface of a smooth wall . They lay motionless on the ground . However, blood was seeping out of all the seven apertures of their head… . .

The people who were standing far away had been rendered dizzy and dazzled upon witnessing the scene . Their swords had made 'clanging'sounds as they had fallen to the ground . And, they had an expression of extreme pain on their faces…

The Second Prince's tragedy was very mournful . After all, the place where he had been standing wasn't an ideal position since it was very close to the source of that sound . So, he was obviously flung to fly by that wave of energy . His bodyguards had Jade Xuan strength, but they hadn't even gotten the time to look after themselves . Therefore, they let the Second Prince fall to the ground . His entire body twitched for some time thereafter . Then, his lower body suddenly released a stench, and his robes got wet with a white and yellow liquid… His highness had suffered from a moment of incontinence from both his front and backside!

The dissatisfied Earth Cracker moved closer and said, "Fourth Brother, you are too violent . You didn't leave anyone for me to play with…"

"Play with the dead! You even started eating people . What damned fun are you talking about?"Big Bear wanted to slap the Tiger King to death . [This guy is too big a 'nutjob'! This is the Capital City . The two of us obviously don't care about anything that happens here, but we still have to go to the Jun Family . It's true that we don't care, but that doesn't mean that the Jun Family's people won't care about this either!]

[What if this matter causes some loses to the Jun Family, and we end-up inviting the dissatisfaction of that mysterious master?] However, the Big Bear had overlooked the fact that his actions had been far stronger than those of the Tiger King . In fact, his loud and thunderous sound from him had provoked a lot of trouble . It was true that Earth Cracker had killed one man . But, that man had only been a side-kick . However, this Bear King had frightened the Prince into staining his robes yellow and white…

The two men talked no more . Even a tiger walks like a dragon when the hawks are watching its back . Therefore, the two men waltzed into the city as if there was no one around .

Suddenly a voice said, "Oh, oh, oh! It turns out that the two brave heroes have personally arrived here . This is indeed very formal of you . This Jun Mo Xie didn't come to greet you on time;please forgive me for it,"Young Master Jun's tone was very high-spirited and elegant . He then elegantly walked out with a whole-hearted smile .

"Jun Mo Xie?"Both of them had seen Jun Mo Xie before . And, that was back when Jun Mo Xie was given a solid spanking by Venerable Mei . Therefore, they obviously weren't unfamiliar with him . However, they certainly weren't able to figure out that this handsome and elegant youngster was the same mysterious master who had bossed them around in the Tian Fa Forest earlier…

"That's right . That's right . It's rare for two such brave heroes to remember me . Please come . Please come . Please come,"Jun Mo Xie politely extended his hands in a welcoming gesture .

"Ha Ha Ha . Jun Youngster, did your master ask you to come here?"Big Bear Big Bear shrugged his nose and asked .

"That's right . Master sent me to receive the guests . He also told me that Fourth Elder Bear is an old friend of his',"the mischievous sound of Jun Mo Xie's laughter accompanied those of the two guests .

"That's right! We're friends;old friends!"Big Bear and Earth Cracker's faces lit-up . Then, Big Bear's huge hand landed on Jun Mo Xie's shoulder, and he patted the youngster, "I was with your master outside the Tian Xian City one time . It is said that friendships are often made after fights . I had fought three rounds with him . But, we couldn't decide who won . So, we had made a bet to decide the winner . "

"What? You were able to contend three rounds with my master? Then, you must be stronger than the Great Master Level at the very least! I admire your strength;I genuinely do!"Jun Mo Xie held his laughter back, "But, what happened in that bet?"

Big Bear's face turned red as he replied, "This… there's nothing embarrassing in saying that your master is stronger than this Big Bear…"He then suddenly lowered his voice, and whispered to Jun Mo Xie's ear, "… but, pissing… Your master is indeed is a highly skilled person . But, he's not as good as this Big Bear when it comes to that . "

Jun Mo Xie somewhat stumbled for a moment . [This man even has the guts to say something like this ah!]

Any outsider would indeterminately think Jun Mo Xie's master in a very wretched image if they were to hear about this . After all, that image would consist of a peerless master getting into a childish pissing competition with this burly man… This would indeed make for an eternal anecdote!

They reached the city's gates . And, Jun Mo Xie unenthusiastically instructed the gate-keepers, "Officers, why haven't the bunch of you rushed to help His Majesty — the Second Prince? Help him clean up . And, tell him that he can come to the Jun Family and find me in case he has any issues or dissatisfactions about this! Now kindly open the gates, and let us in!"

The soldiers who stood as gate-keepers formed into a straight line, and repeatedly nodded their heads in compliance . In fact, they were only able to wipe off their cold sweat once they had seen Jun Mo Xie enter through the city's gate with these two men .

[Who in this Tian Xiang City would dare to provoke this Third Young Master of the Jun Family? Who would be that tired of living? He had opened a proper slaughterhouse when he had returned from the Southern Heaven City! In fact, even the blind had been able to witness those massacres! Moreover, we had been present here at that time, and we had witnessed it with our own eyes . Plus, his friends are no less . One of them even ate a person! Bird of a feather flock together… I guess the same goes for men as well!]

However, Young Master Jun had acted very brazenly this time as well . After all, the Second Prince was lying there at the ground . But, he hadn't even turned his head to look that man…

. . .

This was Big Bear's second visit to Tian Xiang City . So, the city's proceedings weren't very strange for him . But, the Great Beast King Earth Cracker had gotten the chance to expand his horizons for the first time . And, his big skull had been left dazzled by the arrangements of the city .

The Tian Xiang City was the Capital City . So, how could it have been inferior to any other city? In fact, it was at least ten-times more flourishing than any other city these two had passed on their way . However, the Tiger King had never seen anything like this before . Therefore, he couldn't stop himself from clicking his tongue while reading aloud the things that he came across…

"Fourth Brother… This street is so wide… tsk tsk… You see that… what does that do?"Earth Cracker asked out of curiosity;Big Bear let out a stuffy snort .

"Fourth Brother… Take a look at that cloth's material . It is much smoother than the animal skin on my body . Tsk Tsk…"Earth Cracker exclaimed in admiration as he touched the silk fabric… .

Bear King's face turned black out of annoyance .

"Fourth Brother… Damn it! Look over there;damn it! They're thinking of doing business with the Xuan Beasts'items! They're courting death!"The Tiger King stood up in resentment .

Black lines had emerged across Big Bear's entire face .

"Fourth Brother… Look at the bright shining thing… How about we buy one?"Tiger King flashed a smile of flattery .

"Can you shut your mouth? Can you? Okay?"Bear King glared at him since he had lost his patience . Then, he grabbed the collar of the Tiger King's jacket, and roared in a lowered tone, "I will kill you if you say another word . So, you want to die? Well? You are such a shameless thing! Don't talk to me again;I also know nothing about the things you don't know about!"

"I… I am… I am that…"Tiger King didn't know how he had offended his fourth elder brother . [What did I do? And, why is he making such a fuss about these things?] He couldn't help but be bewildered .

He knew that Big Bear had been carrying the airs of 'Senior'the entire route . After all, his face had been reserved and apathetic . In fact, he had been looking-on at everything in a calm manner while walked alongside Jun Mo Xie as well . Therefore, everything had seemed normal to anyone who was an outsider . In fact, it was as if he was saying 'Ah, I've got these kinds of things in my house as well . I even have better ones . 'But, he had only done so in order to put on the airs in front of his 'friend's disciple'. After all, wouldn't it be embarrassing for him if wasn't able to pretend being a 'Brother Master'in front of Jun Mo Xie?

However, Earth Cracker's 'country bumpkin like'ruckus throughout the entire route had eventually forced this Fourth Master Bear to act out… [Isn't this going to ruin my reputation!?]


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