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Otherworldly Evil Monarch - Chapter 517


Chapter 517

The Great Young Master Cheng De Cao made the final preparations for his "foolproof"plan, and went forward with the intention of "welcoming"the Beast Kings of the Tian Fa Forest . Meanwhile, Jun Mo Xie also walked out of his residence's gate at the same time . He then leisurely mounted his horse, and prepared to welcome the two Beast Kings .

Jun Mo Xie was obviously the first to receive the information of Earth Cracker and Big Bear's arrival . It was obvious to him that they had arrived to deliver those herbs to him . It must be mentioned that Jun Mo Xie had always been the first one to receive any information amongst the people present in Tian Xiang City . He had even heard about the rampant robbery attempts these two individuals had faced . However, Jun Mo Xie had only found it very funny . In fact, he had laughed his heart out .

[This was extremely funny! Two great Beast Kings from Tian Fa Forest are personally escorting these medicines, but they are being treated as "easy targets". In fact, they are being treated as "popular easy targets"… So many people have dared to rob them? How did so many dumb courageous robbers take birth? Has this world gone crazy? How could a tiny ant dare to rob a dinosaur?]

It must be mentioned that the strength of these two individuals had soared after Jun Mo Xie had helped them with the enhancement . It could be said that their strength had already surpassed the standard strength of a Great Master Level expert . In fact, these two individuals possessed enough to strength to go where they desired with absolute assurance of safe travel… And, this notion stood true as long as they didn't bump into someone as strong as Huang Tai Yang .

The combined strength of these two individuals might not be sufficient to win against someone like Huang Tai Yang . However, these two were still capable of retreating to safety without any hassles in case they were unlucky-enough of having such an encounter .

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie wasn't worried that the herbs these two were escorting might meet with a mishap . Instead, he was worried about those tiny ants who were trying to rob these dinosaurs . [I feel sorry for them . Men usually don't think things through when there are immense benefits involved . Greed is the original sin!]

[It won't sound pleasant, but these two Beast Kings shouldn't even think of returning to Tian Fa Forest in case they end up being robbed on the way here . Instead, they should buy a piece of tofu, and smash their heads open with it!]

Therefore, Young Master Jun wasn't worried about this issue . Instead, he leisurely mounted his horse, and care freely made his way towards the southern gate of the city .

His intelligence network was fairly accurate . So, he knew the specific timings when the two Beast Kings would be arriving in the Tian Xiang City . Therefore, he had proceeded towards the city's gate in time, and was likely to meet the two Beast Kings at the gate itself . His intention was to avoid any unnecessary delays, and invite the two of them back to his residence soon after meeting the two Beast Kings . He was looking at the beautiful women bustling-about in-passing while on route to the south gate . This was good exercise for his eyeballs . After all, they had turned blue because he had only been refining pills and practicing for the past few days .

Big Bear and Earth Cracker breathed a deep sigh of relief;[we've finally arrived at the Tian Xiang City!] It wasn't that they were tired . However, they certainly had travelled a very long distance still . [We wouldn't have had to put in so much effort if Crane King or Brother Falcon had come along…]

A majestic troop of men and horses were marching towards them from the other side of the gate . The troop was headed by a young individual whose eyes were gleaming with enthusiasm . He then cordially cupped one of his fists in the other hand and said from a distance, "Both of you have travelled thousand miles . You must be exhausted!"

The Big Bear and Earth Cracker were left stumped for words when they heard this . [He talks about the exhausting trip the moment he opens his mouth . Is he trying to warm his way into becoming friends with us? Is this the squad the Jun Family has sent?]

The Bear King straightened up on the horse back . He then asked in a suspicious manner, "Who are you?"

"He He… I'm Cheng De Cao . I'm the current Emperor of Tian Xiang City… . "Cheng De Cao was beaming with smiles . However, he hadn't finished speaking when he was interrupted by the Bear King . Big Bear blinked his massive eyes and he asked in a somewhat doubtful tone, "What? You are the Emperor of Tian Xiang?"

Cheng De Cao was left to feel sluggish for a second . [What is this man saying? Is this the kind of remark you can make for a joke? One can lose their head over this matter . In fact, one's nine generations could face criminal charges over this . ] So, he corrected the matter without any further delay, "I'm a senior official with the Second Prince — the heir to the throne!"

This was very confusing for the two great Beast Kings . In fact, they were left feeling dizzy and light-headed . These two Beast King were creatures with a simple mind, and they spoke as such too . Therefore, even something as simple as Cheng De Cao's vernacular language had left their head spinning . Consequently, Earth Cracker asked in a resentful manner since his head felt dizzy, "Don't talk so much . Who the hell are you? Can't you understand a simple question? Who are you? And, why have you stopped us here?"

Cheng De De Cao's complexion turned red with rage, and he cursed them in his thoughts;[It turns out that these two barbarians don't understand any etiquettes! Moreover, it seems that they are very stupid! We don't even know each other . So, why would I stop you like this? Do you think it's because I find you very handsome?]

[But, it will be easy to deceive them if they're stupid . ] Therefore, Cheng De Cao forcefully suppressed his anger, and added a little more intimacy to his enthusiastic smile, "I heard that you've come here from a distant land, and you're carrying lots of herbs with you . He He… I found this very interesting . So, I intentionally came down to negotiate a deal with you two heroes . You've come to this far away land of Tian Xiang . So, I presume that you're here to make some money . And, it would be very helpful to your cause if you have the support of the lord of this place . But, I don't know…"

"So, you fancy our herbs, young man?"Big Bear looked at Cheng De Cao with the same expression an idiot looks at a corpse .

"No;no . The many herbs you two are carrying are all very rare and precious . And, I don't have the ability to buy all of them,"Cheng De Cao hastily explained, "Our Second Prince only wishes to buy two medicines from you . But, we don't know how you two do a business deal . It doesn't matter how much gold or silver you want in-exchange for the drugs . It won't be an issue . "

Cheng De Cao thought;[I've raised the banner of the Second Prince . And, I've also said that we'll give them a good deal . So, they straightaway give up the herbs out of their fear and trepidation of His Highness's position if they've got a brain . Then, I will diplomatically encourage them, and lead them to meet the Second Prince . Then, they would be bestowed with a handsome reward . But, it's possible that they're not very intelligent . So, they may fail to appreciate His Highness's kindness . But, I will explain to them that the deal will be made by using large amounts of Gold and Silver coins . ]

[How many country blokes have met the Prince? Moreover, how many people have had a business deal with the Prince? This would be enough for them to brag about as an honor! Then, there's the matter of the specific price for this deal, but I don't have the final say in this…]

"The Second Prince…?"Big Bear gaped, "Did you just say that he was the second son of Tian Xiang's Emperor?"

"Yes . His Highness is the Second Prince!"Cheng De Cao was getting more and more intolerant . In fact, he had intentionally emphasized on the word 'Second Prince'to add more seriousness to his tone . [These guys are indeed country bumpkin . Who else could possibly call him the 'second son'? These countryside blokes have no talent . They genuinely don't know any etiquettes of formal speech . ]

"We're not interested in selling them!"selling them!"Big Bear's nostrils flared as he shouted, "Hurry up and get lost!"

"You're crazy! How did you dare to be so impudent?"Cheng De Cao trembled as he shouted back . It was absolutely unexpected for him that these two savage men had blatantly rejected the Second Prince's offer!

"I had already figured that these two men weren't virtuous by nature . In fact, it is possible that they've murdered someone, and taken their herbs before arriving here . We will arrest them for this . And, don't hesitate in killing the both of them if they dare to resist . But, be careful! Don't damage the herbs!"Cheng De Cao's face had become as cold and white as frost by now . He waved his big hand as he gave this command .

"Are you still fancying a fight over these herbs? I estimate that the number of people who've tried to take away our herbs on the way here is about three-to-five-thousand . But, do you where these people are at present? However, I'm in a very good mood right now because I've reached my destination . So, I might show some kindness if you get out of the way right now!"

Earth Cracker twisted his arm and head to one side, and smiled at Cheng De Cao in a manner that made it seem as if he wasn't even smiling . After all, he was finding it funny;[The people of this world are too reckless, aren't they? For example… this man must be at the Gold Xuan level at most . And, he's leading a trashy group of people who are barely at the Silver Xuan level . And, he still thinks that he can fight two Beast Kings of Tian Fa over some herbs…]

[Wouldn't people's teeth fall out from excessive laughter once this got out?]

[This is too funny!]

"I don't need to know where they are,"Cheng De Cao arrogantly squinted and said, "But, I know that you are on the grounds of Tian Xiang City right now! You're in the territory of the rightful Emperor — the Son of the Heavens! It doesn't matter who you are, or how terrific you are . After all, you are here now . So, you will behave yourself! Even a Dragon will serve us here . Even a Tiger will prostate in front of us . Is it possible that you two insignificant people are thinking that you can overturn the heavens?! Your strange manner of speech makes it obvious that you're nothing more than thieves . But, this Young Master might show some kindness if you hand over the drug ingredients . In fact, this Young Master will let you go free . But, if you don't hand us the ingredients, he he… . . "he didn't finish his sentence . But, it was clear that he had threatened them that he would kill them and take the herbs by force .

Tiger King — Earth Cracker's eyes glared like copper bells . Dragons were a legendary thing, and nobody had seen them in reality… However, tiger… Tigers were a real thing . And, Earth Cracker happened to be the Tiger King!

Cheng De Cao's intention was to use these words as metaphor . But, the Tiger King's ear flared when he heard this . And, he thought that this tiny ant wanted the great Tiger King to kneel down in front of him and shake his tail!

Tiger King slowly squinted . He then asked in a dark tone, "What if I don't prostrate myself? What if I show more impudence?"

"What if you don't prostrate? What if you show more impudence? I will have your blood splashed before you can ever take five steps . I will turn you into a corpse on the spot!"Cheng De Cao was very angry . After all, he had never imagined that this person would ask 'what if I don't prostrate myself'instead of 'how do you want it'. What was the meaning of this? He obviously felt that his dignity had suffered damage . Therefore, he suddenly got furious, and started whistling to make his troops charge forward . After all, he wanted these two men captured since they were thinking too highly of themselves . It was possible that he may not go as far as splashing their blood before they had taken five steps . However, he certainly wanted to give them a sound beating before taking any further .

"Wait!"a majestic sound was heard as the Second Prince slowly started to walk towards them . He had a genial smile on his face, "Two heroes, I'm the Second Prince of Tian Xiang…"

"Heroes you mother!"Earth Cracker burst out . The Tiger King felt that he had suffered the greatest of insults . So, he got angry, "What is this 'Prince'nonsense? What is this bullshit? Is this Emperor's son that terrific? Fu*k! You dared to insult me? I want to… I want to…"

The Tiger King was very powerful, but he was kind of slow-witted . He genuinely 'thought of something to say'for a long time, but couldn't come up with anything . And, this left him to feel very depressed . [Forget it;setting into action is always the move practical thing to do] . So, he reached out with his hand with 'whoosh'. His arm stretched out like a spring when pulled open, while his shoulder and head remained motionless . He then suddenly grabbed that annoying Cheng De Cao . Then, Earth Cracker opened his mouth like a sacrificial bowl, and snapped the youngster's neck with a bite!

"I want to… do this!"

A fountain of blood spurted out . The Tiger King's mouth was soaked in blood, and he had a fierce-looking expression on his face . However, his Xuan strength was protecting his body . So, not even a single drop of blood landed on his body . He then opened his mouth, and spat out the lump of meat he had in his mouth . The piece of flesh fell on the ground with a 'plop'. He then cursed, "Bah! How can this man's flesh be so stinky!"


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